How to migrate from SFR to Red by SFR?, Go from SFR to Red: the method to follow and the steps

How to go from SFR to red

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How to migrate from SFR to Red by SFR ?

You are SFR customer and want to go to a Red by SFR mobile package that you find more financially advantageous ? If you are no longer engaged at SFR, the manipulation is easy and fast. Here is the procedure to leave the operator in the red square and discover the low prices of his offspring.

Red is a subsidiary of SFR. The operator operates the same network as that of his parent company, but is distinguished by offers to the much more interesting value for money and which, moreover, are without commitment. In return, customer service is less developed than at SFR (no telephone customer service or access to a physical store) and it is not possible to buy a subsidized smartphone via Red.

Also, if you are only looking for a low -cost mobile package offering a large amount of mobile data, Red is much more attractive. To leave SFR and go to Red, the only prerequisite is to no longer be engaged with SFR. If you meet this condition, you can then migrate from one operator to another easily, as you will be able to see in the rest of this tutorial.

Why migrate from SFR to Red ?

To counter Free Mobile and its low prices, SFR launched a low cost operator: Red. The prices charged there are much lower than at SFR while the network is the same: downward speed, amount amount, latency. You will have the same factors at Red as at SFR. RED offers an excellent value for money for all those who want a substantial mobile data envelope and who do not have to take advantage of additional options or benefit from better customer service. In the end, the majority of SFR subscribers pay the high price for options and features that they never use.

In addition, RED mobile packages are without obligation, that is to say that you can easily terminate your subscription at any time. As soon as you see a better offer in a competitor, you can put an end to your contract and subscribe to another operator. Finally, promotions at Red are very interesting and regular. We communicate them to you in our section of good deals. For cross -border workers or users who travel from time to time, also be aware that you benefit from 8 GB of data in the countries of the European Union as well as in the DOM with the single Red Mobile Package. An argument not to be overlooked.

Migrate with an SFR mobile plan to red

SFR and Red being closely linked, the passage from one to the other is facilitated. Leaving SFR to go to a RED subscription leaves the possibility of keeping your phone number, without even having to request portability and enter your Rio number. Another advantage, you do not lose your seniority at SFR by tilting towards Red.

Change an SFR package to Red Package from the Customer Area

It is possible to make a change of package from your SFR customer area. After having connected, go to the “Offer and Mobile” section then click on “Changing package”. You then have the possibility of “choosing a red package” rather than SFR subscription. You just have to enter your phone number, an advisor will call you later to finalize the migration of the line. Handling can be carried out on the web as on the SFR & me application.

Change an SFR package to Red Package by phone

You can also call an advisor to 1023 from your mobile phone with a SIM SFR card. This will guide you and take care of concluding migration to Red. It may be the last time you have a phone advisor since Red does not offer this service. It is indeed necessary to go through the website of the website or the Red & me application to contact a Red Advisor.

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How to go from SFR to red ?

You are SFR Mobile or SFR box customer ? You can Continue to take advantage of the quality of the 4G network or the SFR fiber By opting for a RED offer. Red by SFR offers Data -rich mobile offers at reduced prices. You can also opt for entry -level packages at a low price or for a box offer. Conditions, procedures and advantages, we explain everything to go from SFR to red !

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Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Red logo

Take advantage of 1 month offered on RED fiber from € 19.99/month

Go from SFR to Red: what are the steps to follow ?

You are SFR customer, and you want to go to Red, the operator’s low-cost brand ? Here is all the useful information before making your change !

Change SFR package for Red

All SFR mobile subscribers that are no longer committed can take advantage of RED offers without obligation. To go from SFR to Red Mobile, nothing could be simpler ! Just make your request for a change Towards a RED package without obligation.

You can do it From your customer area or from the SFR & me application. You can also contact SFR customer service at 1023 To go from SFR to Red.

SFR box client: how to go from SFR to red ?

If you want to go from SFR to Red for the Internet part, you must first Refit your SFR box subscription to then subscribe to a Red Fiber or Red ADSL offer.

Follow our guide to find out how to terminate your SFR box.

How to go from SFR to Red while keeping my number ?

All SFR customers have no minimum commitment period can go for free to a RED Box. Whatever the old and the new offer, You keep your phone number. You keep the same Your customer seniority.

Be careful all the same, certain conditions will be modified if you go from SFR to Red:

  • You give up on engagement delivery and 24 -month loyalty advantage,
  • You give up the renewal of the subsidized mobile.

Good to know if you are still committed to SFR, It will therefore be necessary to wait to go on a RED mobile offer. However, you can turn to another mobile operator while keeping your number.

Please note, when you change operator by being incurred, you must pay termination fees. If you have taken out a contract with commitment, You are liable for the remaining months to your SFR contract. As part of a contract subscribed with a 24 -month commitment, with the Chatel law, you pay until the 12th month the total of the remaining months due. From the 13th month, you pay a quarter of the remaining months due.

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�� Mobile Redoff
from € 4.99/month without engagement !

Why go from SFR to Red ?

The low-cost packages of operator RED have many advantages for consumers. By going from SFR to Red, you benefit first of all Data -rich offers on the SFR 4G network and at the best price. Likewise, for the internet part at home, you enjoy the SFR fiber quality.

Another size advantage, the prices offered by RED are without duration of duration, that is to say lifetime. And this operator offers only non -binding offers, You are therefore free to terminate your Red by SFR line at any time and at no cost. As a reminder, to change mobile operator without changing the number, you just have to request the portability of your number.

For the box part, RED offers are also without engagement, But the operator applies € 49 in the event of termination.

To summarize, Red’s strengths are:

  • The advantageous value for money.
  • Without commitment for both mobile and internet packages.
  • The quality of the SFR network.
  • The possibility of personalizing your package with a lot of options.

Difference between SFR and Red

Be careful, all the same, by choosing a Red Mobile or Box offer, You no longer benefit from certain services proposed by SFR, namely:

  • Access to the SFR store network to carry out your procedures.
  • SFR customer service available by phone at 1023. The operator Red is 100 % online, You carry out your procedures from your customer area or from the Red & me application. You can contact the Red by SFR customer service by e-chat.
  • With a Red Mobile offer, you cannot buy subsidized mobile.
  • Finally, you can no longer pretend to Red for SFR Family offers. They allow you to share your content and gigas with your family members also SFR customers.


You want to go to Red by SFR ?
Discover the operator’s internet and mobile offers !

Call the:

How to go from Red to SFR ?

Conversely, if you are Red Mobile customer and want to go to SFR in order to Take advantage of the higher -end packages, You can do this from your customer area.

For the box, the approach is different, you must first Refit your Red Box subscription to then perform Your registration for the SFR BOX offer of your choice.

How to choose a Red SFR package ?

The operator Red by SFR markets a Unique mobile package declined in three offers according to the internet envelope chosen : 1GB, 100GB or 200GB. Regularly, this operator offers internet bonuses in France and abroad in order to boost its mobile packages in data.

Opt for a Red Box

For the Internet part, Red by SFR markets a Red Box Fiber or THD offer without obligation and without duration of duration. This subscription incorporates very high speed internet access up to 500 Mb/s on WiFi 5 as well as unlimited calls to fixes in France and more than 100 destinations.

If you are not eligible for fiber or THD, you can opt for this Red Box offer in ADSL version to 19.99 €/month without obligation. This price is guaranteed for life because it does not increase from the second year.

You can customize your Red Box offer with TV and entertainment options from € 3/month or Internet and telephone options from € 5/month.

So want to change for a red fiber box or adsl ? Contact our advisers to take out an offer adapted to your needs !

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