How to find your fixed line number (NDI Orange, SFR, etc. ))?, Fixed phone numbers: more geographic constraints from January 1

Fixed phone numbers: more geographic constraints from January 1

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How to find your fixed line number (NDI Orange, SFR, etc.)) ?

NDI number

What is my fixed line number ? What can it be used for, and above all, where to find my ndi orange or sfr ? Should we create one when you settle in a new accommodation ? If you are wondering where and how to locate your installation designation number, you are in the right place !

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  • The essential
  • THE Ndi (Installation designation number), makes it possible to distinguish accommodation among all the others.
  • Find your line number is essential to subscribe to an internet access subscription or change operator.
  • You can find your line number in several ways: by contacting Orange or the former occupants of a house.
  • A Fixed line number Starting with 08 or 09 is called “non -geographic” (box number).

Find your fixed number: how to do ?

As a rule, finding your line number is upstream of the procedures necessary to subscribe to a contract from an Internet service provider. If, for example, you plan a move and wish to take out a new offer, transfer your current subscription (without having to terminate it) or simply change supplier.

It is also precious information to determine, beforehand, Your eligibility to a particular offer. An NDI Free or Bouygues will notably be required from the operator to be able to establish an internet contract in your name.

Anyway, there are several ways to obtain, for example, its NDI SFR number or associated with any operator, depending on the accommodation situation in question.

Find your line number in old house

You will move to a previously busy house; It is therefore very likely that this already has a fixed telephone line. After checking well that this is the case, find your ndi can be done as follows:

  • Contact the former occupant of the premises so that he communicates the fixed number associated with the accommodation in question.
  • Contact Orange To let him know the exact address of your home: name and street number, building and floor if necessary, postal code ..
  • Examine your home: it is not uncommon for an indication or a label to the image of the old supplier remains in the accommodation, accompanied by the Ndi required by your operator.

Maybe you will not know who lived in the house or apartment before you put your feet. You still have the possibility to contact the agency or the owner of the property in order to detail the situation and ask him for the identity of the previous tenants.

Of course, they can reluctant to communicate such information to you, but by explaining to them that it is a question of finding your Installation designation number, it is worth trying.

There is one last way of find your fixed line number. It consists in using the Rex method, but it does not offer 100% guaranteed results .

Bring a fixed phone station and connect it to the Wall telephone socket of your accommodation (that in the shape of a reverse T). Then compose the +33 123 456 789 to hear your Installation designation number stated by a vocal server.

Find your fixed number / change supplier

You will live in a new house

When you move into new accommodation as the first occupant, it is necessary to create a fixed line to be able to take advantage of an internet connection in ADSL (note: on the other hand, the optical fiber does not require opening a line).

This approach will allow you, at the same time and in a second step, to take out the internet subscription of your choice.

Again, two solutions are available to you to Determine the NDI number of your new accommodation ::

  • Contact Orange (formerly France Telecom) by phone, by email or directly in store, to request a line construction. Your line number will be communicated to you quickly
  • Select it Internet service provider of your choice to take care of the installation procedures himself.

By choosing this last option, the Internet provider for which you will have opted will communicate with Orange and arrange a technical intervention in your home.

Following the creation of line by Orange it may be interesting to know that, even if you ask the historic operator to intervene at home to build a fixed line, You are in no way forced to take out an orange offer afterwards.

The usefulness of the NDI number


As mentioned above, a Installation designation number above all serves to make you benefit from internet services in your place of life.

When you have finally found your fixed line number, remember to note it in a safe place . This could indeed be useful to you again in the future.

  • Want Change internet access provider without necessarily changing accommodation.
  • Know if you are eligible for an adsl or fiber optic offer.
  • Communicate it to the next occupants of your current accommodation, who will be grateful to you.

What do we recognize a geographic number ?

One ndi, Installation designation number necessarily starts with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. It corresponds to a so -called number ” geographical »». The first two figures can actually be used to locate the location in France of said number.

Phone numbers that start with 08 or 09 are never support lines, Another name of the NDI. They are associated with an Internet box subscription. To find your line number, you should not look on this side.

The expression “fixed line number” is the generic name used to designate the number which is used to make and receive calls from a fixed station. It can also start with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05; as well as 08 in the case of an SVA number (” Value -added services ») Or 09.

NDI number: What are we talking about ?


The NDI number, for Installation designation number, simply designates the number associated with a fixed telephony line. Little used by individuals, it is generally brought to their attention when they need it.

Like smartphones (we think in particular of the IMEI number used to identify each device in circulation), the fixed phones are also linked to a combination of specific figures.

In other words, a NDI number allows you to recognize a particular home among all the others. Historically, it was the France Telecom operator who was responsible for the management and inventory of installation designation numbers .

For several years, however, France Telecom has changed its name to become the French historic operator Orange. It is therefore the latter who deploys his own technicians in the field to build the fixed phone lines.

It also has the official lists listing All fixed line numbers of the same region.

NDI number and fixed number attention, it may be tempting to imagine that NDI number and fixed line number are synonymous. However, this is not the case. It may happen that the fixed number is identical to the NDI when it also starts with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05; But that is not systematic.

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Fixed phone numbers: more geographic constraints from January 1

Orange increases price

The numbers starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05 can be kept if you move to another geographic area than that in which you were initially installed. This “degeeography” begins on January 1, 2023.

The beginner fixed telephone numbers 01 (Île-de-France), 02 (North West), 03 (North-East), 04 (south-east) or 05 (southwest) will benefit from a new rule in from January 1, 2023: they will no longer be linked to a geographic area. This measure will be particularly practical for users who have a traditional fixed line and wish to move. For example, a resident of Grenoble (prefix 04) can keep his number if he moves to Paris, an area that normally uses the prefix 01. In addition, a new subscriber will be able to ask his operator that his number does not start with the two figures initially linked to the geographic area. Note that the preservation of the number is also valid for those of the Internet boxes, starting by 09, because they are not linked to a specific area.

This change results from a decision taken by ARCEP, the telecoms gendarme, to modify the national numbering plan. Since 1998, it is possible to keep your beginner phone number by 01 to 05, except in the event of a move outside a certain perimeter. Indeed, the numbers are associated with elementary numbering zones (ZNE). There are 412 ZNE in metropolitan France, which are grouped into five major geographic areas. But thanks to the generalization of the voice on IP for fixed telephony, the constraint linked to the ZNE disappears. This will especially please businesses which were previously forced to change the number if they changed ZNE, even in the event that the old and the new premises were only separated by a few kilometers. This constraint was a little softened in 2020 with the possibility of changing Zne and keeping its initial number, provided you stay in one of the five large areas indicated in the map below.

Geographic areas telephone

On the other hand, this flexibility will not apply to DOM and TOM. Thus, it will not be possible for an overseas subscriber to change territory or department by retaining its number. Nor can he keep his number if he moves to mainland France. However, ARCEP has planned to merge the two ZNE constituting the territories of Guadeloupe, Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin. Finally, a second merger concerns the seven zne of the territory of Guyana.

A fixed number on mobile

You are a mobile entrepreneur still on the go ? You wish to professionalize the welcome or a department of your business ? Place a professional fixed number that will reassure your customers and keep all calls on your mobiles.

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Nomad entrepreneur, still on the move ? However, you need a fixed number to reassure your customers and boost your business image. Easily activate a fixed number and Indicate in one click on which mobile calls will be transferred. Add additional mobile number (those of your team for example) if necessary).

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You have a company and want to improve the efficiency of your support, technical, commercial, logistics service. Use a fixed fixed number and benefit at a lower cost from a dedicated number and an online standard. A virtual fixed number with Standard is the perfect telecommunications tool in the event of telework or for the management of several simultaneous incoming calls. Finally our services are also adapted to Entrepreneurs with several activities.

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Choose your fixed number

Choose a easily memorizable local number Starting with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 09 for your local location. You also have the possibility of choosing a National number 08, free or surcharged. Finally you can receive your calls from more than 50 countries without additional cost.

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With your fixed number you have an interface allowing you to consult all the calls received, issued and missed. Other features are available such as recording conversations or sending your voice messages on your email.

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You can call and receive your customers’ calls with your new number. Also filter transfers on your mobile according to your schedules: avoid receiving calls on weekends or evenings. Go into “unavailable” mode in 1 click in your account if you do not want to be disturbed during the day.

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A French fixed number

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SVI type 1, type 2

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Simple configuration from the web

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Activate my virtual phone number in a few clicks !

Activate my fixed number in a few clicks !

Standardfacile, a reference of the virtual number

Specialist in virtual numbers, Standardfacile has more than 22,000 users and delivers hundreds of fixed numbers every month. These numbers are used by entrepreneurs, VSEs, SMEs, and see even by large companies ! Its simplicity makes its strength and its low cost allows anyone to be able to afford a high -end standard telephone. Standardfacile is also recognized for its reliability, the French company created in 2010 is noted at 4.7/5 on the Ekomi verified opinion platform.

Our FAQ for virtual numbers

Do I have to have a telephone line ?

Yes: since you use your usual phones, you must have at least a fixed or mobile line to receive and make your calls with Standardfacile.

Can I keep my current number ?

Yes, just choose portability. When registering, you just have to tell us about your number.

Does the standardFacile number belong to me ?

Your Standardfacile number belongs to you at the same time as a traditional number at any operator. If you are no longer used standardFacile, you can ask your new operator to carry out the portability of your Standardfacile number. The number you choose by registering for Standardfacile is indeed a phone number that you can keep for life.

Is the service long to set up ?

No: your number is activated immediately and it takes a few minutes to customize your telephone reception (reception ad, waiting music, opening hours. )).

Can I call with my fixed number?

Standardfacile is a hardware -free solution and works with your usual phones.If you call directly with one of your phones, the number presented to your correspondents will be the one on the phone and not your standardFacile number. If you want to call your customers by presenting your Standardfacile number, you can use the “Call in 1 click” function from your interface. The “Call in 1 click” function allows you not to broadcast your customers the telephone numbers of your private lines, but only your standardFacile number.

Can I use my fixed number if I am abroad ?

During a trip abroad, or if you are established abroad to process calls from your French customers, you can receive your customer calls on your French mobile laptop or a local or mobile local number. More than 80 destinations are included in your hours included in receipt of calls (see the list). If your destination does not appear in the list of destinations included, you must buy credits to receive your calls. These credits will be deducted according to the price in force for the destination. (see the complete list of prices).

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