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How to have a free virtual number


Inventory calls made to your fixed virtual number will arrive directly on your mobile line. If you want to make calls, you will need Download the Callpad application and select the number you want to present before calling your correspondent. Finally, you should know that Keyyo offers you Geographical fixed numbers (with an indicative 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05) or Non -geographic numbers.

How to benefit from a virtual number ?

You want to have several phone numbers on your smartphone ? Pass calls to any country ? Pay your communications at the cost of a local call ? Or preserve your privacy by only sharing your professional number ? If yes, you can use a mobile or fixed virtual number. Discover in this article how the virtual number works in France works.

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  • The essential
  • A virtual number is Not linked to a telephone line classic and can therefore be used from any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet.
  • Three technologies are used: mobile telephony networks (GSM), the Cloud Numbers and the Voip.
  • To get a virtual number, you can Subscribe a subscription to a DID number (provided by a service provider) or to a virtual number application.
  • Keyyo, OVH, Kavkom and Onoff are four platforms that can allow you to take out a Online virtual number.

What is a virtual number ?

A virtual phone number is not linked to a telephone line.

You can receive and make calls through virtual numbers, From your smartphone, computer or tablet since any object connected to the Internet is able to make a call using a virtual number.

What is a virtual phone number for ?

If we talk about the virtual number here, it is because its use is practical for consumers. Indeed, thanks to a virtual number, You avoid buying a second smartphone And Centralize two different phone numbers on the same smartphone and only one SIM card.

In addition, it remains particularly useful for make calls at lower cost abroad. By traditionally passing through your classic phone number, you start additional costs during international communication. With the virtual number, you avoid substantial costs and benefit from calls and SMS for local communication.

Another very interesting point with this new number: the safeguard of your privacy. Indeed, thanks to this virtual issue you will no longer be forced to communicate your personal number.

Finally, having a virtual number can Use a professional number And you avoid sharing your personal number in your entire professional sphere.

Are you a professional ?

ONOFF also offers solutions for professionals, with its offer ONOFF Business.

Technologies used for virtual numbers

Mobile telephony networks

First of all, a virtual number uses the mobile telephone network also called GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) to be connected to a classic number on a SIM card. Within it is a small chip containing a IMSO number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). It is this IMSO number that allows Locate the virtual phone number and connect to the GSM network. As soon as it is activated, you benefit from the mobile package and the options to which you have subscribed.

Cloud Numbers technology for virtual number

The Cloud Numbers

If you benefit from several numbers within the same smartphone, it is because a virtual number is Cloud hosted. We then talk about Cloud Number. This is technology Invented and patented by the Openoff operator, with which you get an online phone number. Concretely, the numbers on the cloud remain similar to those provided by conventional operators, with the only difference that The SIM card is disconnected to be placed in the cloud.


Finally, for a virtual number to work, technology VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or voice on IP is used. In fact, Voip technology converts data (such as voice) into digital signal and transforms the signal obtained into several digital data Available via Internet.

Note for Use VOIP, You will pass mainly by mobile applications. However, with Some smartphones, You can spend Calls via the Wi-Fi network without the need to install an application.

How can we get a virtual number in France ?

Subscribe a subscription to a DID number with a service provider

THE DID number (or Did Number) will allow you to designate one or more existing numbers to which your calls will be transferred. To benefit from it, you will have to Subscribe a subscription to a service provider which will best suit your needs and expectations.

Subscribe to a virtual number

Subscribe to a virtual number application

The best known virtual number application remains undoubtedly Onoff. Created by the triple world champion of rollerblading Taïg Kris, with her, you have several phone numbers without even having to change your SIM card. YOU Keep your operator and current mobile package. Then you Download the application And can choose a new phone number, French or foreign, as well as the package adapted to your needs.

Free virtual number: how to benefit from it ?

A final solution may be to go to internet platforms on which a Free virtual phone number (or even several) is indicated. This option can be used when you want Bypass the checks at the time of registrations on applications or websites and thus not communicate your real laptop number. A phone number is often requested in order to send you a verification code and therefore allow you to validate a particular registration or action. However, this verification step is necessary to confirm your identity.

The solution then remains to give a virtual number. Concretely, you go to a platform dedicated to free virtual numbers, you Choose one of the numbers proposed, Copy the number And Get a code free access (and therefore visible by all online).

Free virtual numbers are used by thousands of people, So you have No clean number. In addition, the use of such a number may not work to carry out all your procedures, and These numbers are not always secure. This practice is therefore Avoid as much as possible . Let us also remember that using a free virtual phone number can only be done in legal purposes.

What are the advantages of the virtual number ?

Get several numbers on a single smartphone and a single SIM card

SIM cards

The primary advantage of virtual numbers is undoubtedly The acquisition of several numbers on a single smartphone but also on one and the same SIM card. The use of several numbers on the same support is therefore very practical since you can Instantly switch. When you want to call a particular person, it’s up to you from which number (main or virtual) your call will be made.

Easily activate your phone number

Activation of your second phone number is a Simple and quick process. If you opt for virtual operators applications, activation will be carried out in a few clicks.

Call from anywhere

Regardless of the country in which you are, you can call abroad and to the destination of your choice (within the limit of the available countries offered by the provider or the application) with the International virtual number. So if you call to Germany while staying in France and have a German virtual number, Your interlocutor will not know your real location.

price of a local call

Benefit from the price of a local call

If you use an international virtual number, you will avoid dialing the two figures commonly used for the country to which you wish to correspond but above all You will avoid paying considerable costs. Indeed, thanks to virtual numbers, you will communicate at the price of a local call and pay at lower cost, which is not negligible.

Preserve your privacy

The use of a virtual number can in particular you serve as a professional number. Thus, you will no longer be forced to communicate your personal number to everyone and will be able to more easily dissociate your privacy from your professional life.

Are you a professional ?

ONOFF also offers solutions for professionals, with its offer ONOFF Business.

To inspire trust

For self -employed workers, virtual fixed numbers remain A boon to get a good image from their customers. But inspiring confidence is just as important for individuals. Indeed, if you wish to contact a person living in a foreign country, An international number will reassure it and encourage it to answer.

Offer good quality calls to your interlocutor

With a Good internet connection and one Adequate audio equipment, You will benefit from a Call in HD quality (broadband) and offer optimal quality of call for your various interlocutors.

The offers offered to benefit from an online virtual number

Go two to benefit from a virtual number

Keyyo: a fixed and mobile telephony supplier for professionals

Let’s start with Keyyo Communications, a fixed and mobile and high speed internet provider, which is eminently addressed to professionals, however nothing prevents you from using it. Besides, to benefit from a virtual number, you will need Complete your main or mobile Keyyo main line with the virtual number option. Without having to create new lines, you will have access from 1 to 100 numbers.

Inventory calls made to your fixed virtual number will arrive directly on your mobile line. If you want to make calls, you will need Download the Callpad application and select the number you want to present before calling your correspondent. Finally, you should know that Keyyo offers you Geographical fixed numbers (with an indicative 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05) or Non -geographic numbers.

OVH: a service provider for professionals

Let’s continue with another digital service provider for professionals: OVH. By subscribing a mobile virtual number offer, You will be able to Return your mobile number to a phone number, email address or domain name. You can then dematerialize your mobile on your PC to receive your SMS by email and answer them. By this offer, 100 SMS/month are offered to you.

You can Test the virtual number offer for free mobile while benefiting from 20 SMS offered.

Kavkom: an operator based on VoIP

We then continue with Kavkom: an operator based on VoIP technology. This one offers a geographic number from 10 €/month per number. Thanks to the geographic number, that is to say at the foreign number, you can contact who you wish and be contacted at the price of a local call. Thus, if you wish to reach an interlocutor living in a specific country, with a local number you will increase his level of confidence towards you.

You are looking for a mobile offer adapted to your needs ?

ONOFF: a mobile application for virtual number

We finish our presentation of virtual numbers with ONOFF, a virtual operator, at the origin of Cloud Numbers technology. Thanks to the ONOFF application, you can:

  • Choose the number that you want (French or international)
  • install Your second issue
  • get a contact list and a number separated from our usual telephone number
  • save Two messaging ads For each of your numbers (classic number and virtual number)
  • protect your numbers Thanks to a password
  • Program SMS For a delayed shipment
  • Set your calls and sms on ON or OFF
  • send some Photos and videos

The virtual number generated thanks to ONOFF is accessible via All devices Whether it’s another mobile, a tablet or a computer.

Namely know that between Members of the ONOFF app, all your exchanges are free On the ONOFF application.

Comparative table of offers to subscribe to a virtual number

  • Choice of the number to present
  • Number management from the Callpad application
  • Several possible numbers for this package
  • Fixed virtual numbers
  • Mnemotechnical virtual number (optional)
  • Mobile virtual number in 06 or 07
  • 100 sms/month
  • Reception of emails by email or SMS
  • Reference of calls
  • Voicemail
  • International call number
  • Free call registration
  • Calls in Europe
  • SMS/MMS in France
  • Voice Messaging
  • Contact synchronization
  • ON / OFF mode
  • Mobile and web application
  • Microsoft Teams integration

Frequently asked Questions

How to have or get a fixed virtual phone number ?

To obtain a Fixed virtual phone number, It is possible to go through services such as Keyyo. Thus, we contact you on a fixed position when you can very well be nomadic and receive communications on your mobile. This can be a useful and comforting tip in terms of image for your customers.

How to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp ?

To benefit from a virtual number via WhatsApp it is possible to go through a service such as Hushed.

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How to have a free virtual number ?

How to have a free virtual number

Technology, and particularly the Internet, has revolutionized the telephony sector. From now on, it is possible to make calls, send or receive messages without going through the fixed line. This innovation is advantageous for companies. Indeed, it allows you to have a free virtual phone number anywhere in the world. Which considerably reduces communication costs while optimizing telephone support. But how to get a free virtual number ? Discover the solutions in this guide !

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What is a virtual number ?

A virtual number is a phone number that works via the internet. He is hosted on the cloud and therefore does not use a physical telephone line or a SIM card. Concretely, it works thanks to VoIP (Voice on Internet Protocol) technology which converts the voice to digital signals in order to transmit it on the internet in the form of digital data.

The virtual number is Accessible from any terminal, Whether it’s a landline, a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Thanks to this telephony solution, companies have the possibility of centralizing their calls. Indeed, those who have passed on a virtual number can be redirected to other existing numbers. All the departments of the company can therefore be reachable on a single number.

Why use a virtual phone number ?

Companies favor virtual numbers because they provide a good number of assets. First, softphone technology gives the possibility of Have numbers in any country in the world. For a company that activates on the international market, it turns out to be a great way to mark its presence in a target country without having to take out a telecommunications subscription.

Then, for an self -employed worker, having a virtual number presents itself as a Good alternative not to disclose your personal number As part of a professional activity. It is particularly useful for users who wish to preserve their private number in WhatsApp Business or other application. Indeed, this technology has the possibility of associating the two lines with a single phone. In this way, the professional is not required to enter his personal number to activate WhatsApp on his smartphone. Likewise, he is not obliged to buy a second device or another SIM card to manage his professional contacts. In addition, the use of a virtual number gives a more professional and more credible image. This is valid for both individual entrepreneurs and large companies.

Other than that, the virtual number presents itself as a real marketing lever. It’s a Choice support to carry out Marketing SMS campaigns.

In addition, this telephony solution considerably improves the quality of customer service by facilitating the reception of call flows. Thanks to it, communication with prospects and customers is more fluid. Which makes it possible to satisfy customers and to retain them.

Finally, the virtual number is more economical to make calls abroad. Indeed, communication costs with a Cloud number are lower than those of physical numbers.

How to get a free virtual phone number ?

After learning about the advantages given by a virtual phone number, you probably want to obtain a. Various applications exist to have a free virtual number. One of the best known of them is undoubtedly Google Voice which can be used with an iOS, Android smartphone or even in web version.

Launched in March 2009 by the search engines giant, this application allows you to create a virtual number for free. This telephony solution provides companies and individuals a unique number which Allows you to receive or make VOIP calls as well as vocal and textual messages all over the world.

To generate a virtual telephone line, you must of course download the Google Voice application, but also have a fixed or mobile number in the United States and a Google account. If this is the case, it remains to follow the stages below to create your number:

  • Go to the Google Voice website and connect with a Google account;
  • Enter a location (city name or postal code);
  • Choose a phone number from the proposed list;
  • enter the transfer phone number to redirect calls and messages;
  • Enter the verification code received by SMS from Google;
  • Click on “Request” to link the transfer number to the Google Voice account.

Note that calls are free in the United States, while international calls benefit from a reduced rate. In addition, most features are free. This is the case of filtering calls, blocking of calls, SMS, teleconference, transcriptions, etc. Some that are more advanced are paid.

In addition to Google Voice, a plethora of virtual number applications can be downloaded for free on Play Store and App Store. We can cite among others:

  • Telos Free Mobile Number;
  • Esim;
  • Powerful call;
  • Onoff;
  • etc.

How to choose your virtual number supplier ?

Virtual telephony offers abound on the market to the point that it is difficult to make a choice. If the free number made available remains a criterion appreciated by users, it is essential to Take into account certain factors when selecting a VoIP supplier. Act thus gives the assurance of benefiting from a quality service. Here are some elements to consider:

  • the quality and reliability of the network;
  • the proposed features;
  • the scalability of services;
  • simplicity of use;
  • technical support;
  • The support service provided.

Free virtual number: Secure your personal data ?

Putting calls and messages through the cloud certainly gives a multitude of advantages. However, this alternative presents risks, particularly in terms of confidentiality and data security. Therefore, it is advisable to Protect the connection against any hacking attempt Before using virtual numbers. To secure your virtual telephone standard, it is advisable to:

  • encrypt communications;
  • encrypt passwords and use multifactorial authentication;
  • Set up a monitoring tool to detect unusual behavior.

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Free virtual phone number

In this article, we will explain how to get your own free virtual phone number.

A virtual number is a real phone number

A virtual phone number is an ordinary local number which is not linked to any physical phone or SIM card by the telephone operator.

If you have a virtual number, you can answer incoming calls with an internet application. You can also send incoming calls to the mobile or fixed phone number of your choice worldwide.

Calls from virtual phone numbers can be made from anywhere in the world.

Learn more about virtual numbers in this article.


How to get a free virtual phone number

For a free virtual phone number – which will always remain so – follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a number
    Choose a “free website” number in a country of your choice in SONETEL registration.
  2. Registration
    Register for a free account.
  3. Add a free chat to your site
    Add the SONETEL Business Messenger free to your site to allow visitors to ask your team questions. You can do it for free using the WordPress Plugin or by adding the SNIPPET code.

The phone number is now yours for free, and will remain so as long as you use the free cat function on your site.

You can answer calls for free with free applications.

You can, as an option, transfer calls to a mobile or fixed phone number all over the world.However, this option is not free, it costs the price of a local call.


Are there limitations ?

Yes, free SONETEL virtual phone numbers have certain limits:

  • You should also use the free chat
    The free number will only remain so if you also use the free customer chat function on your site.
  • The appellants hear an advertising message
    People who call your free virtual number will mean a message indicating that Sonetel connects the call.
  • No outgoing calls
    The free number cannot be displayed during a call.
  • No sms
    It is not possible to send or receive SMS with a free number

Learn more about the here.

You can delete them at any time by converting the number to a normal paid number (from $ 1.79 per month).


How can it be free ?

Most of the supposed “free telephone numbers”, offered by other companies, are actually only free short -term trials, or numbers that can only be used if you also buy a paid pack.

SONETEL offers you a solution from an end of professional quality that you can use for free – indefinitely.

How is it possible ?

  • Part of users become paid customers
    We expect some of the users of free virtual phone numbers later to become paid customers. Either by transferring their calls to mobile and fixed phones, or by becoming premium customers..
  • We have free marketing
    The cat function of your site displays our logotype in a discreet way. Your customers will also know that Sonetel connects the call. In practice, you help us promote both our phone number and chat services.
    By ensuring that more people use our free chat function, we get more data in order to improve our artificial intelligence solution, which allows us to provide even better service.

We are therefore more than delighted to count you permanently among our free customers.