How to delete your Amazon – Numerama account, how to delete an Amazon account: the procedure to follow

How to delete an Amazon account: the procedure to follow

Discover the steps to say goodbye to the famous e-commerce platform.

How to delete your Amazon account

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It takes only a few clicks to delete your Amazon account. But beware: the procedure affects the entire ecosystem of the e-commerce giant.

You have already terminated your subscription to Prime Video ? If you want to cut bridges with Amazon any short, you can delete your account fully. Please note: this is a procedure without return. Once you have launched the request, you will not be able to go back. You will need to recreate a new account to recommend on the site.

The deletion procedure is quickly accessible – it takes only two clicks to access the page dedicated to closing the Amazon account.

The merchant also takes advantage of this display to remind you of the implications of your request: this will also close access to the AWS cloud, to Amazon Pay, in Amazon Prime, in Amazon Music, Audible, Kindle, at his application shop and to all other products and services of the Amazon ecosystem. Ditto for all other foreign sites in Amazon, like

Delete your Amazon account

Amazon abolition

The deletion of the account can directly be done from this page, if you are already on your Amazon profile. Otherwise, the path to follow is as follows:

  • Go to and connect to your account.
  • Create the “Account and lists” section at the top right to display a drop -down menu.
  • Click on the “Your Account” line.
  • Go down to the “Personal Data” section and choose “Close your Amazon account”.
  • Read the page to find out what it will induce;
  • Check the option ” Yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data. »»
  • Then press “Close my account” and follow the final steps.

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How to delete an Amazon account: the procedure to follow

Discover the steps to say goodbye to the famous e-commerce platform.

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You no longer want to order on the Amazon site ? Your account has not been used for years ? Or on the contrary, you want to close an account to create another ? Discover the procedure to delete your Amazon account.

How to permanently delete your Amazon account

Here is the procedure to follow :

  • Connect to your Amazon account,
  • Go to the account closing page,
  • Select the reason that pushes you to delete your account at the bottom of the page,
  • Check the box Yes, I want to permanently close my Amazon account and delete my data,
  • Choose Climb my account.

Following this procedure, Amazon sends you a confirmation link by email or SMS to obtain validation of your request and deleting your data. You will then have 5 days to confirm the closure of your account.

Good to know : The fence of your Amazon account implies the closure of associated services and accounts, among others: Amazon Prime, Amazon Associates, Amazon Gift Cards, Amazon Coins, Amazon Seller Central, Kindle Direct Publishing. You are therefore advised to take note of the products and services related to your account before deleting it.

The reasons that push to delete an Amazon account

Different reasons can push you to close your access to Amazon. During the account deletion of account explained above, the e-commerce site suggests several closing reasons for which we provide some examples:

  • I no longer use this account: If you no longer want to use Amazon services or consume the products on the site,
  • I have another account: If you already have an Amazon account that duplicates,
  • I want to create a new account: If you want to benefit from free offers for example,
  • Concerns related to account safety and/or an unauthorized activity: If you are not confident with regard to the safety of your access,
  • Concerns related to data protection: If you are concerned about the management of your personal data,
  • I have unresolved problems with Amazon: If you are in conflict with the platform.

Obviously, other personal reasons that are not offered by Amazon can push you to leave the e-commerce site. You can also decide not to provide any reason to delete your account by selecting I don’t want to provide a reason In the drop -down menu.

Delete Amazon account

Go to the Amazon menu on

Step 4: Formulate your desire to delete your account, then follow the other customer service instructions.

Delete an Amazon account via a computer

Via the link to the data protection space

Step 1 : Connect to your Amazon account and go to the Amazon link.FR/Privacy/Data-Deletion.

2nd step : Scroll down, select an applicable deletion pattern or the pattern of your choice and check the box to confirm your wish. Then click on “Close my account”. Your data will be automatically deleted after a while.

Indicate a deletion pattern and check the

Via customer service

Step 1 : Connect, then see the customer service page via the Amazon link.FR/GP/Help/Customer/Contact-US from Amazon. Click on the symbol representing a padlock with “Data protection questions”.

2nd step : Click on the theme “Information on the data”, then on “Close the account and delete the data”. Click on the button ” E-mail “ which appears.

Click on

Step 3: Enter your name or username in the Amazon data protection termination form and indicate a pattern for deleting if you wish. Then click on “Send an email”.

Step 4: Within about twelve hours, you will then receive an Amazon confirmation email containing important information on deleting your account. The deletion will only be carried out when you have responded to the email.

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