Free applications to erase an object on a photo, how to remove a person on a photo in 2 clicks

How to remove a person on a photo


Launch the program and load your photo. Choose the most practical way: click Open a photo or drag the file from your image folder.

Delete people in a photo

Conclusion: Tips for choosing your photo software and deleting objects

Choosing your photo editor seems difficult in view of the choice offered. Just opt ​​for the one who offers you a wide range of tools that are easy to use.

Do not hesitate to choose paid software like Movavi Photo Editor. It will be more complete, more efficient and more reliable. Deleting objects on a photo will be for example a breeze.

Observe the software interface. If the design is attractive, your photos will also be. They will be in your image, colorful and creative.

Choose software offering smart tools to process your images to your liking. Easily remove people or elements.

Do not forget to orient yourself towards an application allowing you to easily share your photos with your loved ones.

Finally: turn to recognized, intuitive and simple to use software. Do you happy. Photograph and modify.

Movavi Photo Editor

Easily improve images and get professional results in the blink of an eye.

* Movavi Photo Editor’s test version includes the following restrictions: you can save up to 10 images with an added watermark and the screenshots are disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to erase a person in a photo ?

You look at your latest vacation photos taken from family or friends and suddenly, the disaster. A stranger is in your photo, next to the youngest. You think the photo is lost ?

Simply choose good image editing software and adjust the shot in a few moments. Intuitive software is the key to save a photo and improve it without the need for a professional studio.

Open Movavi Photo Editor, select your photo and click on “Erase objects”. Select the unwanted part with the brush and erase it. Your photo is like new.

What type of elements can I remove from my photos ?

The applications currently available on Google and Mac blinds are all more efficient than the other. It is possible to delete everything, cut, remove and modify everything.

Whether it is a building, a high tension line or a person next to your loved ones, the options are multiple. Movavi Photo Editor has enough features provided for this purpose.

Select your photo, the item to be removed, the details to delete and transform your image into a few brush strokes. Be creative and then create the photo of your dreams as if by.

What are the best applications to erase an object on a photo for free ?

Many applications make it possible to erase an object for free on a photo. The choice therefore seems difficult. In reality, it is enough to turn to the one that offers the most efficient tools.

Professional quality software like Movavi Photo Editor lets you in a few clicks Treat your photos as a pro. You can cut, remove, modify without any difficulty.

Let yourself be guided by an intuitive application, thanks to a dynamic interface. In a few seconds, improve your photos; Remove unwanted objects and optimize colors for a surprising end result.

How to delete something on an iPhone photo ?

On the AppStore, the choice of applications offering to remove an element on a photo is considerable. Do not focus on the price, but on the most efficient software and offering the most options.

Choose the most intuitive and easiest to use application. In a few steps, choose your photo, select the game or the detail to be cut and validate. The tour is played and you have the ideal photo.

Movavi applications, designed for Windows and Mac are certainly those that present the most intuitive interfaces and the most original options. It’s up to you to try them. Deleting an object on a photo has never been easier.

What are the essential features of an object deleting objects ?

On the internet, it is easy to find applications deleting objects. The application that will really be useful to you must offer enough tools. Software like Movavi Photo Editor has a number of efficient characteristics.

These are essential to any photo lover: how to do without automatic or manual correction functions, debriting and deletion of objects ? Movavi allows effortlessly to modify the background, to retouch the photos and even to add text.

So check before installing your software that it contains all the essential settings of a good element deletion application. Choose variety, quality and simplicity.

Do you have any questions ?

If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact our assistance team.

How to remove a person on a photo ?

Erase the intruders easily with an image editor in French !

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

For macOS 12 and superior

How to delete a person on a photo without Photoshop

When you click on the trigger for your camera, someone can penetrate the scene. Since you are looking for a solution, so you don’t think your photos are completely missed. And you are right ! With a powerful image editor, you can remove a person on a photo without leaving any trace. And it’s not about Photoshop: we offer you a simpler but just as effective method. You want to know how to make an affluent deletion of intruders ? Continue to read to discover how to proceed with photoworks – an easy image editor in French.

Method 1: Crop a photo to cut people

If unwanted people are near the edges of your photo or one of its corners, cut them simply by cutting the image. You can get an interesting result thanks to the cropping tool. This tool will help you improve the overall composition of the image.

Remove a person before reframing

Remove a person on a photo after cropping

Now let’s see how to cut strangers with photoworks step by step:

Step 1. Start Photoworks

Launch the program and load your photo. Choose the most practical way: click Open a photo or drag the file from your image folder.

Cut a person on a photo step 1

To start, start photoworks and add the photo to improve

2nd step. Use cropping to erase a person in a photo

Go to the Tools tab and select the reframing tool. You will find a wide choice of framing grids. You want to center the image on a person ? Use the third party rule. You want to leave space on one side while attracting the viewer’s gaze to the main subject ? The gold ratio will suit you. Adjust the chosen grid: adjust its appearance ratio and the angle of rotation. To remove a character in a photo, resize the grid by moving the cursor. With this option, you can remove someone from a photo and improve their global composition.

Cut a person on a photo step 2

Use cropping to eliminate unwanted people

Step 3. Save the image

After finishing, you can compare the modified photo with the original photo. Save the adjustments by clicking on Apply. Then press save to save the image on your computer or print it immediately.

Cut a person on a photo step 3

You like the result ? Save your modified image

However, withdraw a person from a photo sometimes is not that simple. For example, if a person is behind your back, you will need a more powerful gum. The correction brush will help you solve this problem. It is a perfect tool for deleting simple background objects.

Photoworks also has a powerful background change tool which allows you to remove a person and then place it on another image. Learn how to photomontage with an impressive result and how to put a face in a photo to make your friends laugh.

Method 2: Use the correction brush

Delete a person before

Delete a person after

Let’s see how to delete a person in a photo using the correction brush. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Launch Photoworks

Launch the program and add the photo to edit.

Remove the intruders with the correction brush Step 1

To try another method, add your image again

2nd step. Use the correction brush to delete a person

Open the Retouch tab and select the correction brush on the right panel. To remove objects from your photo, paint carefully above captivating their shadows and reflections. Before starting, adjust the brush size, progressive outline and opacity by moving the corresponding sliders. To make the brush larger and more transparent with softer borders, slide the sliders to the right.

Remove the intruders with the correction brush Step 2

Erase people with a photo quickly with the correction brush

Step 3. Save the image on your PC or MAC

Once the edition is finished, preview the result by comparing the 2 photos – the original and the modified photo. To do this, click Display the original at the bottom of the window. Now you can save the edited image on your computer.

Remove the intruders with the correction brush Step 3

Compare the result with the original – the person has disappeared !

Although the correction brush makes it possible to obtain a satisfactory result, it is not a universal tool. If the background of the image is more complex, you may need a professional level editing tool. We suggest you try the duplication stamp. With that, you can erase someone easily and without Photoshop.

Method 3: Apply the duplication stamp to remove people on your photos

To learn to master the duplication stamp in Photoworks, follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1. Perform Photoworks

Launch the program and import the image you want to edit.

Remove a person with the duplication stamp Step 1

Let’s try another method to remove intruders

2nd step. Use the duplication stamp to delete someone in your photo

In the retouch tab, click on duplication buffer. With this feature, you can easily make people disappear from your photos. Adjust the tools of the tool – the size, the progressive outline and the opacity. Then mark the place you want to erase, clone the similar area and replace the selection by it.

Remove a person with the duplication stamp Step 2

Remove intruders with the duplication pad is easy

Step 3. Save the result

Compare the original photo and the edited image. You can see the difference: two people have disappeared as if they had never been in the photo. Now apply the changes and save the photo on your PC or Mac.

Remove a person with the duplication stamp Step 3

People on the background have disappeared

It would tell you to see these methods in action in order to better understand all the techniques ? Watch this short video tutorial, and you will be able to remove people on your photos without any effort and with a perfect result:


Now that you know all the secrets, it’s time to go into practice ! Download the Free Photoworks Try version available in French and disappear all the non -Gratæ of your photos:

For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
For macOS 12 and superior

We have seen how to delete people in a photo with photoworks and save ruined shots. You want to improve your image even more ? For example, correct exposure problems, adjust the color and balance of whites or give your portrait a glamorous appearance ? Here are some professional tips for perfect photos:

Make your portraits like a magazine

You want to accentuate your eyes or lips on your photos? You no longer need complicated brushes and masks. Try a smart photo editor – You can now erase skin imperfections and improve your portraits in a few clicks ! Choose a predefined parameter in the integrated library or touch your photos manually.

Portrait embellishment

Make your landscapes exceptional

You have not managed to take photos at the golden time and your landscape photos are over- or under-exposed? The graduated filter will help you solve this problem in 2 clicks ! Adjust certain areas by making them clearer or more saturated. Define the color balance and manage light on your photos like a pro with a friendly image editor.

Improve landscape photos

Add legends to your photos

Looking for how to customize your images ? Writing on a photo is a great idea ! So you can transform your photos into original postcards, posters or greeting cards. It’s also a good way to tell a story. The addition of legends to Photoworks is simple and pleasant. You will surely like the diversity of text styles as well as the possibilities of personalization.

Add text to a photo

Want to remove people or intruders from your photos on your mobile or online ? Discover an application for iOS and Android and easy to use web service. However, editing the photos on a computer is much more convenient, especially if you do it with photoworks which was created to make the process of photo editing simple and efficient. You no longer need complicated software. Download Photoworks and touch up your images like a pro without Photoshop !

Delete people in a photo

First, choose the photo you want to delete an object. Download it in the photo editor. The format of your image can be PNG or JPG. We take charge of all image dimensions.

Select the unwanted object

Use the brush tool to select the object you want to erase from your image. Change the size of the brush to make your task easier. Our magic eraser automatically identifies the unwanted object and erases all the undesirable elements.

Download your photo

Download your image in PNG format and it’s ready ! You can also create a photoroom account on which store your work and use more photo editing options.

    E-commerce landscape Persons Object

An impressive tool to erase objects

Paint over the unwanted objects of your image and let the magic of photoroom operate. After selecting the object using the brush tool, it is automatically removed from the photo as if it had never existed. Use it to erase all unwanted content such as people, objects or text.

Discover the advantages

The best photo editing tool

The photoroom app is a free tool that will allow you to create superb photos. Many editing features are available, such as magic retouching or the basic deletion tool. Download the photoroom app to the App Store or the Play Store and edit your photos from your smartphone.

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Powerful tools at hand

Photoroom has completely changed the game for content creators. Having such powerful and intelligent tools at hand, whether on my phone or computer – it’s just incredible

François Fourmy

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I discovered photoroom a few months ago and and I use it all the time for my photo montage. But especially for youtube miniatures. It’s easy to use and the rendering is extraordinary. I recommend it, it is very practical to make life easier for content creators.

Flo Souhonnet

Content creator

Impressive reliability

The first time I used photoroom I was impressed by the speed and reliability of the clutch ! I quickly adopted the tool in my workflow, whether to improve the background blur of certain photos, or even to cut off elements that I then use in my YouTube assemblies 🙂

Benjamin Mollier
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Go further with photoroom

You want to unlock more features to make your photos shine ? With photoroom pro, you will have access to practical features such as the standard editor, HD quality, intelligent resizing, and many more.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to delete an element from a photo ?
Do I need Photoshop to delete unwanted elements from an image ?
How can I delete free elements from a photo ?

What are the use cases that may require the deletion of an element of a photo ?

One of the objectives could be to improve your visual aesthetics. Sometimes some objects or some people on an image can divert attention from the main subject or the global composition. By deleting them, you can create a cleaner and more pleasant image visually. The second use case is photo retouching: in portrait photography, deletion of imperfections or distractions such as defects, wrinkles or hair can improve the appearance of the subject and create a more careful image. The last potential objective is the isolation of an element: if you want to isolate a specific element or subject on an image, the deletion of other elements can help attract attention only to the focal point provided. This can be particularly useful for product photography or the creation of visual graphics.