How to contact Hello Bank? Customer service phone and contacts, Hello Bank! Contact: customer service, telephone, address

Hello Bank! Contact: customer service, telephone, address

A Hello Bank issue! special is intended for consumers who are not yet customers, but are potentially interested in Hello One or Hello Prime offers.

How to contact Hello Bank! ? Telephone and customer service contacts

Contact Hello Bank

A question about your supply or a special request ? Hello Bank! offers you a set of means to communicate with its teams. Hello Bank! Puts double butchers in terms of customer contact and propose of innovative and adapted devices. Find all the means of contact to send your requests to the Hello Bank teams!, Whether you are already a customer or not.

Hello Bank! : Take advantage of 180 € offered with Hello Prime and Hello One !

Here is the detail by offer:

Welcome offer hello prime

  • One: € 80 offered for any 1st account opening + € 100 in vouchers (for any bank mobility with Hello Start +)
  • Premium: 80 € offered for all 1st account opening + € 100 in vouchers (for any bank mobility with Hello Start +) + € 1 per month for 6 months

Take advantage of this offer from August 17 to October 9, 2023

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How to contact Hello Bank! ?

Hello Bank! offers a pannel ofTools to contact them : we will find the instant messaging and the phone service, But also a helloïz chatbot and a very complete FAQ for routine issues.

  • Available on the Hello Bank application
  • Available on the Hello Bank website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Updated data September 2023

Hello Bank phone! : how to join Hello Bank! by telephone ?

Need to speak to a hello bank advisor! ? For Join the hello bank customer service! by telephone, A free number is available to Hello Bank customers! : ☎️ 0800 848 400. THE HELLO BANK telephone customer service! is available Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Contact Hello Bank! in case of emergency

�� Flight or loss of your bank card: Contact Opposition CB

If you have lost your hello bank credit card!, It is essential to make opposition as soon as possible.

3 options are available to you:

  • Since the hello bank application! In the “Contact”> “Emergency” section> “Oppose my card”
  • By contacting the Hello Team
  • By contacting the national opposition center of all banks on 0 892 705 705 (Vocal server: service € 0.34 including tax /min + call price. If the loss occurred outside France, compose the +33 44 26 05 303.

✍️ Loss or theft of a check

If you have requests concerning loss of a checkbook, a claim or if you require assistance, The ☎️ 01 43 63 15 15Allows you to enter the Hello Bank team!. Recall that the call is not-survited and that the advisers can be reached from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays (excluding holidays).

Note that in the event of an error on the amount of a check issued from your individual account or hello bank joint account!, You can oppose by clicking on “opposition” in your customer area.

Contact hello bank customer service! from the application

Contact Hello Bank! From your mobile application: instant messaging is available to you. This one is seconded with a cat: a Helloïz virtual advisor will be able to answer your questions 24/7. And if necessary, a expert advisor will take over or will contact you as soon as possible.

The Hello Bank FAQ! Available on the Hello Bank website!, The Hello Bank FAQ! is distinguished by its exhaustiveness. Do not hesitate to consult it for a question on Hello Bank offers!, etc.

Contact hello bank customer service! via social networks

It is also possible to Contact Hello Bank! via his social networks ::

  • On Facebook
  • On Twitter
  • On Linkedin

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How to place a check at Hello Bank! ?

Place Hello Bank check!

There are three options to make a Check deposit at Hello Bank!::

  1. Go to a BNP Paribas automatic dispenser. Insert your credit card and then carefully follow the directives that are displayed on the screen
  2. Proceed with your deposit at a BNP Paribas agency. Accompany your check with a duly filled discount slip then go to the counter or place your check in a mailbox provided for this purpose.
  3. Send your check by post to address below

Hello Bank!
Free answer 89759
75443 Paris Cedex 09

Join a slip to your mail. Note that you can get discount slips from BNP Paribas agencies or ask the Hello team to send you a delivery booklet to your home. This kind of request can be done as well by phone as via the cat, during the times indicated.

How to contact the Hello Bank banking mediator! ?

In case of disputes, it is recommended to go through the contact methods previously mentioned. The banking mediator should only interveneAs a last resort, that is to say when no consensus could be established between the customer and Hello Bank!. The mediator is required to communicate his response within two months of his request. An admissible referral is necessarily carried out by mail shipped to:

BNP Paribas
The mediator with BNP Paribas
Clientele of individuals
TSA 52177
75318 Paris Cedex 09

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Hello Bank! Contact: customer service, telephone, address

Contact Bank Hello Bank

You wish to contact the online bank Hello Bank! But there are many means of contact and not very clear for you. Classic method, the phone, or for the most technophile, the chatbot, all means are good to reach Hello Bank. This guide allows you to see more clearly and find the necessary means to contact Hello Bank according to your requests, customers or not customers.

From 17/08 to 09/10: up to 180 € of advantages offered on Hello One and Hello Prime + 1 €/month for 6 months on Hello Prime
Here is the detail by offer:

  • One: € 80 offered for all 1 account opening + € 100 in vouchers (for any banking mobility with Hello Start +)
  • Premium: 80 € offered for all 1st account opening + € 100 in vouchers (for any bank mobility with Hello Start +) + € 1 per month for 6 months

�� I open my hello bank account

  • Available on the Hello Bank application
  • Available on the Hello Bank website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

Updated data September 2023

☎️ Call hello bank! When you are a customer

For people already clients at Hello Bank!, It is possible to enter into contact with your advisers by phone contact.

Whether it is a request concerning the modification of his personal data, a question on an offer or for additional information, the Hello team is available at ☎️ 01 43 63 15 15 – normal cost of a call in France according to the operator’s prices.

Hello Bank’s telephone service is available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

��PAS still customer, how to call hello bank! ?

Hello phone number

A Hello Bank issue! special is intended for consumers who are not yet customers, but are potentially interested in Hello One or Hello Prime offers.

Hello Bank advisers! answer by Teny phone phone ☎️ 0 800 84 84 00 – Free services and calls.

This number is also valid for a current file follow -up to Hello Bank!.

�� Hello Bank, the number in the event of loss of bank card or checkbook

In the case of a Hello bank loss of bank card!, Reactivity is key. It is therefore necessary to make the opposition as quickly as possible. Many solutions :

  • Contact the Hello team By phone at ☎️ 01 43 63 15 15 in order to start procedures;
  • Connect to the Hello Bank mobile application! and go to the “Contact” section, then “emergency” and finally, “oppose my card”;
  • Directly call the national opposition center for all banks to ☎️ 0 892 705 705 For a loss on French territory, or in ☎️ +33 44 26 05 303 out of France.

Finally, to get in touch with Hello Bank! concerning loss of checkbook, The phone number is the same as for the loss of bank card. It is also possible to oppose a check directly via the mobile application, in the “opposition” section.

Contact Hello Bank!, Watch out for fraudulent calls for any contact by phone in the name of Hello Bank! asking the customer to carry out online operations, it is important that the latter immediately hangs up and contacts the Hello team To inform him of the situation.

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�� Social networks, helloïz virtual assistance and hello bank forum!

It is possible to get in touch with Hello Bank! via the digital means made available:

  • By virtual assistance : Helloïz, he is the virtual assistant from Hello Bank!, Accessible from the website, the mobile application and social networks – Messenger of Facebook and Twitter. And since helloïz is an intelligent assistant, she also answers all consumer questions thanks to Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence equipped in vocal assistants of the Mountain View firm.
  • By cat : if a consumer prefers to get in touch with a hello bank advisor!, He can ask to be redirected by Helloïz in the cat;
  • On social networks : BNP Paribas online bank advisers are obviously available on social networks. It is possible to contact them via Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. In addition, through the official pages of Hello Bank!, Do not hesitate to subscribe to it. These are not only privileged spaces to contact Hello Bank!, But also to follow your activity to keep informed of all the new features, news and promotions;
  • On forum : in addition to social networks, Hello team Also answers consumer questions on its forum;
  • By secure messaging : For customers, secure messaging is accessible from their personal space, on the site and the hello bank mobile application!, by going to the “Contact” section, then “messaging”;
  • By the FAQ : the FAQ section of the official Hello Bank website! is a good way to find clear answers to common questions concerning its offer, without directly contacting the hello team.

✉️ HELLO BANK address! : Information, complaints and check deposits

The phone, email, cat or forum are quick ways to obtain information from Hello Team. However, it is often essential to go through the postal route, whether for a file constitution, a sending of supporting documents or even a request for termination. To send a letter to the head office of Hello Bank! ::

Hello Bank!
16 Boulevard des Italiens
75009 Paris

Hello Bank! : what address for customer service ?

If a consumer wishes to obtain information on the offers from Hello Bank, or he wishes to make a complaint with the customer service teams because he is not satisfied with the initial exchanges he had with the Hello Team, he can go by post and send a letter to the following address:

Hello Bank!
TSA 80 011
75318 Paris Cedex 09

Note that in the case of a dispute that would not be able to resolve despite exchanges with Hello Bank!, The last recourse available to the customer will be the banking mediator, who must be seized by registered mail. The postal address is not the same, and also changes according to the subject of the request, if it concerns the field of the bank or that of insurance.

Mediator for the bank Mediator for insurance
Mediator to the French Banking Federation
Clientele of individuals
75422 Paris Cedex 09
The insurance mediator
TSA 50110
75441 Paris Cedex 09

Hello Bank! undertakes to confirm the care of complaints within ten working days following the reception of the mail. It takes a maximum of two months for a final response. Regarding a complaint linked to a payment service, deadlines change significantly: fifteen working days of receipt of the complaint by Hello Bank!, even thirty-five days for exceptional situations.

Hello Bank!, The particular case of check deposits

Hellobank check deposit

Hello Bank! benefits from the advantages of the national bnp paribas agency network. This therefore allows him to offer his customers the alleviation of face -to -face check. Nevertheless, the Hello Bank model! For its offers is essentially based on their digitalization. Thus, as a customer of the online bank, there are various methods to deposit a check, including two very classic:

  • Using a self -service automaton in BNP Paribas agency;
  • By going to an agency to deposit the check in an urn, accompanied by a classic slip.

But at Hello Bank!, It is also possible to Remove your check via the mobile application. It is then enough to scan the check (with your smartphone, for example) and to put it digitally in the “Checks” tab of the “RIB, checks & documents” section. Then it will be necessary to confirm the approach By sending the check to Hello Bank address! dedicated, and by accompanying it with his slip in an unpreceded envelope:

Hello Bank!
Free answer 89759
75443 Paris Cedex 09

To obtain slips, simply go to an agency or contact Hello Bank! In order to receive a notebook.