How to access Canal with Bouygues?, Bouygues canal: how to take advantage of channel offers?

Bouygues canal: how to take advantage of channel offers


The advent of streaming exploded the consumption and production of films and series. The audiovisual market has evolved a lot with SVOD platforms. Canal Plus adapted its offer to reach an increasingly cinephile and series of series. The Canal group has thus developed partnerships with all VOD giants to stand out from competition.

How to access Canal + with Bouygues ?

All subscriptions have a month’s testing month and a 24 -month commitment.

The subscription can be done:

  • On the Bouygues customer area
  • On your Bbox
  • On the Bouygues application
  • On the Canal site +

How to access Canal + with Bouygues ?

To have access to Canal + with Bouygues You must subscribe to a subscription Channel + .

During your Bbox subscription, By phone or in a Bouygues store, you can subscribe to the channel channels+. You just have to specify to your interlocutor you want Add Canal + to your Bouygues offer. Canal + will then be automatically accessible from your Bbox.

If you are already a Bouygues customer and want to complete your offer with Canal + you can:

  • Subscribe to Canal + from your Bouygues customer area
  • Subscribe to Canal + thanks to the Bouygues application
  • Use your TV to activate a channel offer +
  • Subscribe to Canal + from the Canal store with Bouygues

Subscribe to Canal + from the Bouygues customer area

Here are the steps to subscribe to Canal + from your Bouygues customer area:

  1. Connect to your Bouygues customer area with your identifiers
  2. Select the fixed line concerned
  3. Go to “My options” and click on “Add options”
  4. Open “TV bouquet” and select “Canal +offers”
  5. Click on “Discover”
  6. Choose the Canal + offer and click “Choose this offer”
  7. Inform the requested information and confirm
  8. You will receive an SMS and a subscription confirmation email containing all the contractual information

Compare Canal + offers for free in a few clicks !

Announcement – Non -partner service of Canal +

Subscribe to the Bouygues canal offer from the Bouygues mobile application

The subscription to Canal Plus with Bouygues from the mobile application is simple and quick.

The approach for Subscribe to Canal Plus via the Bouygues application is the following :

  1. Open the Bouygues application
  2. Click on “Box options” in “Home” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Go to “TV bouquets” and choose Canal +
  4. Select the Bouygues Plus Canal offer of your choice
  5. Click on “Choose this offer” then “Subscribe this offer”
  6. You will receive an SMS and confirmation email

Subscribe to the Bouygues canal offer from TV

The subscription to Canal + with Bouygues can also be done directly from your Bbox:

  1. Access the Home Menu by pressing the TV key on the remote control
  2. Open the “TV subscriptions” menu> all thanks to the arrows of the remote control
  3. Choose the channel bouquet and follow the instructions
  4. Confirm the subscription
  5. Press the TV key on the remote control and relaunch the application

Subscribe to the Bouygues canal offer from the Canal site +

Finally, it is also possible to subscribe to a Plus Bouygues canal offer from the Canal + Boutique site:

  1. Go to the Canal page +
  2. Consult the available offers and choose bouquet
  3. Click on “Select”
  4. Choose the subscription formula with 24 -month commitment
  5. Complete the Bouygues registration and identification form
  6. Create your channel account+
  7. Indicate the billing data and confirm

What are the Canal + Bouygues offers ?

The different offers available

The Canal + bouquets available in subscription with Bouygues are:

  1. 100% channel + : a general public pack created by Canal Plus. An offer made up of an exclusive selection of Canal Plus. You can view cinema classics, new French and international productions, original creations, documentaries, various programs and youth content.
  2. Canal + Ciné Séries : moviegoers and series lovers will find their account. A multiple offer including OCS content (with HBO series exclusively), Netflix, Disney + and Starzplay
  3. Canal + Sport : to enjoy with Bouygues of a great varity of sports. Take advantage of the world’s tournaments of several disciplines (Champions League, F1, Grand Chelem tournaments, Olympic Games, etc.) as well as sports news programs.
  4. Canal + Friends and Family : this pack gives access to all programs of all the more united channel offers. To subscribe to this bouquet with Bouygues you have to go through the Canal Boutique site +.

“You will understand the +”
With this Canal + bouquet you will have access to your Bbox has :

  • Channel +
  • Canal + Large screen
  • Canal + Series
  • Canal + Docs
  • Canal + Kids
  • Channel + quirky

This selection of channels gives access to a wide range of various and exclusive content. For example, the Canal + chain diffuses on average 300 new films each year.

“The + large of the castings”
Canal + Ciné series gives access to the contents of: Disney +, Netflix, Ocs, Starzplay And Channel plus series. The universe Marvel, THE Disney, Animated films Pixar, all the Star Wars, Netflix original creations and the HBO series Complete the Canal creations +.

The advent of streaming exploded the consumption and production of films and series. The audiovisual market has evolved a lot with SVOD platforms. Canal Plus adapted its offer to reach an increasingly cinephile and series of series. The Canal group has thus developed partnerships with all VOD giants to stand out from competition.

Plus cinema series with Bouygues will allow you to take advantage of the original canal creations but also the greatest films (old and recent), and successful series.

“Don’t stay on the key”
This Canal + bouquet includes the channels oin And Eurosport. Canal Plus has sought to build the offer with the most content among all sports programs. With Canal + Sport you can take advantage of your Bbox a wide variety of tournament and D’Sports shows.Without forgetting that the pack also includes All channel chains +.
To find out in detail all that this channel pack contains more, read our article Canal Plus Sport.

  • The Canal + Friends and Family pack

“Why settle for the best, when you can have everything?»
The Canal + Friends and Family bouquet includes all the programs offered in the packs 100% channel+, Canal + Sport And Canal + Ciné Séries.

An ideal pack for the content of your BBOX offer to satisfy all the inhabitants of the house!

Prices and options

Canal + Bouygues rates (September 2023)

Offer Rate Terms Chains
100% channel + € 20.99/month the first year € 24.99/month then 1 month of trial offered 24 -month commitment Canal+, Canal+ Large screen, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids, Disney+ and Canal+ quirky
Canal + Ciné Séries € 34.99/month the first year € 40.99/month then 1 month of trial offered 24 -month commitment Canal+, Canal+ Large screen, Disney+, Netflix, OCS, Starzplay, Canal+ Cinema, Ciné+, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids and Canal+ quirky
Canal + Sport € 34.99/month the first year 45.99 €/month then 1 month of trial offered 24 -month commitment Canal+, Canal+ Large Screen, Canal+ Sport, Beinsports, Eurosport, Multisports, Canal+ Series, Canal+ Docs, Canal+ Kids and Canal+ quirky
Canal + Friends and Family € 64.99/month the first year € 79.99/month then 24 -month commitment All that mentioned above

Good to know : The TV option is included for 2 months with all bouquets. She is then billed 10 €/month without commitment. You can therefore terminate it at any time without additional costs. .

The TV option gives access to almost 60 channels Of which Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Comedy +, TCM Cinema…

Canal Plus Series is also available as an option with all subscriptions Canal Plus Bouygues. Canal Plus Series with Bouygues will give you access to the streaming platform of the Canal Plus group.
You can view:

  • Original canal creations + (The legendary office, hippocrates, gears, Versailles, black baron, Kabul Kitchen…)
  • American series available in vost The day after their broadcast in the United States (Dexter, Gomorra, etc.)
  • Documentary series (The Cooker Globe, the new explorers)
  • Mini-series (In short, Connasse, Kaïra Shopping …)

The Plus Series canal option is paid unless you have a Xbox Ultym subscription. Find all the information on this option in our article “Plus Series” channel “.

To activate the Canal + series paid option, you must imperatively use your BBOX:

  1. Select “TV subscriptions” with your remote control
  2. Choose the “Plus Series” option
  3. Click on “Choosing this offer”
  4. Confirm your choice
  5. Indicate the requested information and authorize the transfer of the IBAN held by Bouygues
  6. Validate the subscription

In a few clicks subscribe for free the Canal + bouquet which suits you !

The Bbox Ultym subscription includes the Plus Series bonus. It will not allow you to have the Canal + channel on your BBOX but to access the streaming platform of the Canal group.

Bbox Ultym is an offer available in ADSL and optical fiber, from € 29.99/month for one year (then € 40.99 or € 49.99 if you opt for fiber). It therefore allows you to take advantage of the channel more series option on all compatible devices for 24 months. After 2 years, this option is automatically terminated.

To activate the Plus Séries option for free with the Bbox Ultym you need:

  1. Connect to the customer area with your identifiers
  2. Go to the “How to enrich my offer?»
  3. Click on “Add options”
  4. Choose “Canal + Series” in “Your bonus offered”
  5. Click on “activate this bonus”
  6. Validate and confirm the subscription
  7. Canal + will then send you an email to finalize the bonus activation.

How to use Canal + on your Bbox ?

Activate Canal + on Bouygues TV

To activate Canal + on Bouygues TV, just subscribe to a channel bouquet +. Canal + will be available maximum 48 hours after subscription.

The activation of Canal + on the BBOX does not require any particular approach. Just carry out the subscription of a Canal + bouquet as described above above. Canal + channels will be directly available on your Bbox.

Canal subscriptions + without engagement are 100% digital offers. This is why, they do not allow you to watch the subscription programs directly on the BBOX. To view the content of your channel offer without obligation, you will have to use theMycanal application.

Mycanal is available on all devices connected to the Internet and allows you to watch the programs by lively or in replay. THE Smart TV allow you to download the MyCanal application, to be able to have the content on television. If your TV is not connected to the Internet, you can use a Chromecast or one HDMI cable To share your computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

How to associate your Canal + account with Bouygues ?

The activation of Canal + and Bouygues accounts is automatically. However, there are certain cases of figures for which the two accounts will have to be associated.
If you change operator, if you go from ADSL to fiber, if you move or if you change BBOX offer, you will have to transfer your rights to the new BBOX.

  1. Connect to your Bouygues customer area
  2. Click on “Get my tv canal identifier” in the “My offer” section
  3. Recover your IBC (Bouygues Canal identifier)
  4. Then connect to your Canal Customer area +
  5. Open the “Material” section
  6. Choose “declare a change of operator” or “declare a change of reception cable, fiber or ADSL” as case
  7. Restart your decoder with an electronic stop

In the event of a problem you can contact the Canal Customer Service + At 08 92 39 39 10

How to terminate your Canal + Bouygues subscription ?

During your free trial month, you can cancel your Bouygues canal offer directly on your CANAL customer area.

Attention ! Once the first month of trial is finished, you are engaged for 2 years. It will not be possible to terminate the Bouygues Canal + offer before the end of your contract.

Once the duration of engagement has passed, you can terminate your Canal Plus subscription with Bouygues. To do so, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address:

Channel +
Termination service
TSA 86712
95905 Cergy Pontoise Cedex 9

Note that if you have subscribed to a Canal + offer with Bouygues and you are solving your Bouygues subscription, the Canal + subscription will remain active. If you want to terminate Canal + at the same time as your BBOX offer, you will have to request the canal service +.


How to have Canal + for free with Bouygues?

Bouygues canal offers include 1 month of free trial. By subscribing to a Canal + bouquet with Bouygues you can enjoy the content of the Canal + bouquet of your choice free.

You can terminate the Canal + subscription from your CANAL Customer area before the end of the trial month, at no cost.

L’Ultym Bbox Subscription includes the option free Series plus channel. If you have subscribed to the Bbox Ultym offer you will have access to the Plus Canal streaming platform to enjoy the original exclusive films, series and creations.
This option does not give access to the Canal +channels, simply to the SVOD platform of the group.

What are the Canal + channels on the Bbox?

Canal + is available on channels 4, 40, 41, 42, 43 or 44 of the Bbox.

What are the Canal + offers available with Bouygues?

Canal + offers available with Bouygues are:

  • 100% Canal + (original creations, films, exclusive series)
  • Canal + Sport (bein, Eurosport, etc.)
  • Canal + Ciné series (Disney +, OCS, Netflix, Plus Series Canal)
  • Canal + Friends and Family

With all these bouquets you will have access:

  • At channels Canal +, Canal + quirky, Canal + Large screen, Canal + Kids and Canal + Docs
  • With specialized content
  • At the TV option offered for 2 months (with 62 additional channels)

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Bouygues canal: how to take advantage of channel offers ?

How to subscribe to a bouygues canal offer ? Should we move to the store or can we subscribe to the internet ? Are there special conditions to take advantage of the Bouygues canal channel ? Are all decoders compatible with a channel offer+ ? To subscribe, terminate or find out about the Canal+ Bouygues offer, it’s here !

  • The essential
  • L’Bouygues canal offer currently on promo is € 22.99/month for 1 year.
  • Take out a Canal Plus Bouygues Telecom subscription engages you for 24 months.
  • To access the content of channel plus from your Bbox and BBOX 4K decoder, Go to channels 4, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 106 and 130.
  • In the event of dysfunction, it is recommended to Contact CANAL PLUS Customer Service AU +33 892 39 39 10.
Bouygues canal offer: the summary

Subscribe Bouygues Canal Plus 01 86 65 29 98
Bouygues technical assistance number 1064
Canal Customer Service Number+ +33 892 39 39 10
Starting price From € 22.99/month

What are the more bouygues channel offers on promo ?

Bouygues canal

Every week, The operator Bouygues Telecom offers its subscribers and future customers good deals allowing them to benefit from offers and services at reduced prices. TV options are no exception to the rule, this is why you are currently finding a Bouygues canal offer on promo On the operator’s website.

Available for a limited period, this allows you to subscribe to Bouygues more canal for € 22.99/month for twelve months. After this trial period, the monthly subscription rate increases to € 27.99 . The initial commitment is two years.

An offer that includes access to feature films and series (notably thanks to the chain Bouygues series plus channel), but also documentaries, reports and children’s programs. Three other Canal+ offers are on sale at Bouygues Telecom

€ 22.99/month for 1 year then € 27.99/month

Canal+ Ciné Séries

€ 34.99/month for 1 year then € 45.99/month

€ 25.99/month for 1 year then € 39.99/month

100% UEFA Champions League

€ 25.99/month for 1 year then € 35.99/month

These offers are subject to a 24 -month commitment.

Canal+ Bouygues: What are the offers ?

Subscriptions and chains included

Bouygues TV box

Apart from the promotional offer mentioned above, it is possible to Subscribe a channel plus subscription When you are Bouygues Telecom customer, throughout the year.

There are three main bouygues channel offers to which you can currently subscribe:

  1. Channel+, € 27.99/month with access to four thematic channels.
  2. Canal+ Cine Series, € 45.99/month, includes OCS, Netflix and Disney+.
  3. Canal+ Sport, € 39.99/month, with access to Bein Sport and Eurosport.

You should know that whatever the subscription you opt for, you will always have access to the same 5 basic thematic chains, of which Bouygues Series channel ::

  • Channel+
  • Canal+ Large screen
  • Canal+ Series
  • Canal+ Docs
  • Canal+ Kids
  • Canal+ Sport 360

Thus, you directly access all programs as part of theBouygues canal offer From your Bbox. These are offered live, but also in catch -up (if you have missed the start of a broadcast, for example). You also access a catalog of Programs on demand and in VOD To view your favorite content at any time.

Canal subscription conditions plus

On the other hand, a certain number of conditions must be met to establish a contract with the French audiovisual group:

  • You must be 18 years old when subscribing to a Plus Bouygues canal offer.
  • You have to reside in mainland France or in the Principality of Monaco.
  • You must rent a Canal+ decoder as part of your subscription, even if it works with your operator box.

Of course, to subscribe to Canal+programs, it is essential to also hold a Bbox offer.

How to subscribe to Canal Plus Bouygues ?

Membership of a Bouygues canal offer can be done online, from your customer area. You do not have to go to the store or to contact customer service to subscribe, but these remain two possible methods if you wish.

I become a customer for the first time

If you subscribe a Bouygues canal offer At the same time as a Bbox because you were never subscribed before, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your customer area on the operator’s official website.
  2. Enter your identifiers to log into and click on the ” Internet box »».
  3. Select the offer Fiber, ADSL or 4G of your choice.
  4. Add the options you want: in this case, channel plus.
  5. Then click on the “Validate the basket” button to make the payment and finalize your subscription.

Be careful, with any Bbox subscription, Setup fees apply. These amount to € 48 and are automatically added to your basket when subscribing.

How to subscribe to the Bouygues Canal Plus option ?


You are already a Bouygues customer ? It is quite possible to Add a plus channel offer to your internet subscription.

Only conditions to take out an option to your Bbox package : be the holder of the line and do not have any payment of payment in progress. Otherwise, you will need beforehand Regularize your situation Before you can take out a paid option.

  1. Connect to your customer area using the corresponding identifiers.
  2. Then select the fixed line concerned and click the “Add options” button.
  3. Choose the option Bouygues canal And confirm your selection.

The addition of TV services is effective immediately, which means you don’t need to wait before enjoying your Bouygues options.

With the BBOX 4K Bouygues Telecom decoder, You will find all the programs of your Canal+ offer directly on your modem. In addition, live films, series and documentaries are broadcast in 4K Ultra HD quality on chains 4 and 62 of the Plus Canal application.

You have a miami or bbox sensation bbox ? Good news, the Canal+ application is also compatible with these decoders.

Fancy a Bbox with canal+ ?

Terminate BBox options

Whether it’s putting an end to theBouygues canal offer or to any other option, this action can also be carried out in your subscriber space.

To do this, you must connect and choose the offer you are holder, then select the option you want to stop. The descriptive sheet has a button ” Terminate »On which you must click.

Confirm your choice with the Bouygues remote control.

Go through the Canal store+

You can also subscribe to a Bouygues canal offer From the Canal platform.

You have the choice between:

  • Canal+, from € 22.99/month.
  • Canal+ Cine Series, from € 34.99/month.
  • Canal+ Sport, from € 25.99/month.
  • Canal+ Friends and Family, from € 49.99/month.

This last Canal+ pack allows access to all channel programs in Four simultaneous users.

The rates indicated are with a 24 -month commitment, Even if you have thirty days to change your mind. An additional cost of € 15 is applied regardless of the subscription chosen if you subscribe without obligation.

  1. On the supplier’s website, choose the offer that suits you;
  2. Inform your postal and banking details then click on “Validate”.

L’Canal Plus subscription is compatible with your operator’s box. If you have a BBOX 4K or Miami, You access Canal Plus via channels 4, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 106 and 130. In the case of a Smart TV, the Canal+ application is directly integrated into the TV and accessible from the home screen.

You are also interested in theTV option+ ? This is only subscribed after subscribing to a canal bouquet.

The TV+ option is free for two months, then billed € 10, but it does not engage on duration. With it, you benefit from around 60 additional channels, for the whole family.

Want a Bbox from Bouygues ?

How to activate your Bouygues TV Bouquet TV Plus ?

When receiving your channels and services channel plus is done via a TV decoder provided by an operator, it is necessary to activate your rights before you can enjoy it.

This approach also applies in case of:

  • Change of offer (passage from ADSL to fiber, for example)
  • Change of operator
  • Change of decoder

However, before proceeding activation of channel chains, You must first make sure you receive television via your decoder. Otherwise, it is necessary to get in touch with your supplier at first.

Here’s how to open your rights to Bouygues canal channels ::

  1. Go to your CANAL PLUS customer area, section ” Material »;
  2. A “declaring” drop -down menu is displayed: select the case concerning you;
  3. Finally, reset your TV decoder or your internet box if you have changed operator.

Canal+ problem: What to do when access to channels is impossible ?


You have subscribed a Bouygues canal offer But nothing to do, you cannot watch the programs included in your offer ? There are several points to check for yourself to try to solve the problem.


To start, make sure that all the cables are well connected as it should be, both in terms of devices and sockets. Once the hypothesis of an electrical defect has been set, go to the following point.

Are the lights of your Bbox ? If they flash and are orange or red in color, it may be the sign of an incident on your line or the network in general. You can also try to reset your Bbox.

It can finally be useful to compose the 1064, Available every day of the week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., to join the Bouygues technical service and check the state of the network.

Ask for help from Canal Plus

On the other hand, if you notice that your installation is working properly, but that you cannot look at the channel 4, 40, etc., It is better to contact the Canal Plus Customer Service. From your subscriber space, you have the option of filling out an online form, or sending an email to the address Canalplus @ ServicesClients.canalplus.Fr.

Function Canal+ Assistance is a self-diagnostic tool to identify and resolve a technical problem yourself, it concerns your decoder or remote control. Instructions are displayed on the screen to guide you in solving the problem.

To maintain yourself directly with a Plus Canal Advisor, you can type the +33 892 39 39 10, From Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. too; and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Note that this call will be billed to you € 0.35 per minute in addition to the price of the call.

I terminate my bbox subscription: how to keep your canal bouquet ?

You want to put an end to your Bouygues Telecom internet subscription ? Just contact Bouygues Telecom by the means that suits you the most.

Sending a registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt is another possible option:

Bouygues Telecom TSA customer service 59013 60643 CHENTILLY CEDEX

You can very well Keep your canal offer plus If you stop your Bbox subscription. If you change operator directly, you will need to carry out the change of change in order to to activate your rights, as previously mentioned.