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Everything about Freedom: the Boursorama bank account for minors

It is the parents who proceed to the opening of account but they have the possibility only if they are themselves holders of a bank account at Boursorama Banque.

What type of account can I open to my child ?

Boursorama Banque offers 4 types of accounts for minor children:

  • Freedom offer: reserved for teens aged 12 to 17: this offer includes a bank account, a card and a dedicated application to consult the account
  • Young booklet
  • Young booklet account
  • Minor life insurance

If your child is not yet eligible for the Freedom offer, you can still open a savings account; A bank account will then be opened at the same time. There is indeed no minimum age to subscribe to these accounts.

The openings can be made 100% online, follow the instructions in the “Products” then “young” section.

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Everything about Freedom: the Boursorama bank account for minors

Kador Boursorama

Boursorama Banque has created Freedom, an account specially dedicated to children aged between 12 and 17 years old. The Freedom account is without account holding and equipped with a free card without conditions. This is an without discovery account. Freedom is a reserved offer: only Customers of Boursorama Banque can open this account for their children.

Freedom, a 100% mobile offer for 12-17 year olds

Boursorama Banque has set up a formula intended specifically for minors between 12 and 17 years old entitled Freedom. The offer is simple and quick to subscribe: in a few clicks, the account is operational.
For parents, this is the means ofTeach their children to manage their first bank account, while keeping an eye attentive to the movements made on the account.

The teenager can pour on his account His pocket money, possible checks he received for his birthday or Christmas, or any other back to school that can come from a little job or a sale on the Internet. Thanks to his bank card, he can then withdraw money liquid to an automatic distributor, or Set your expenses to a merchant or on the Internet.

A free bank card

THE Freedom account includes a Visa Classic bank card completely free which allows the minor to manage his finances independently. He thus learns to administer his money, not to spend more than he has and to save for a specific objective: something he wants to buy, a gift, a trip … in his majority, he will already have acquired good habits that will avoid many mistakes and overdrafts that can cost dear.

To guide the young person in his first steps, The Freedom bank card is at systematic authorization and without overdraft : with each transaction, the payment terminal questions the bank and checks if the necessary balance is available. If this is not the case, payment is simply refused. For parents, this is guaranteed safety.

The bank card offered with the Freedom offer has several advantages:

  • The bank card is free;
  • withdrawals are free, as long as it is the euro zone. Outside, any withdrawal is subject to a commission. Payments remain at no cost;
  • The modification of the ceilings is also a free operation, both for parents and for the child;
  • The free bank card automatically includes Travel accident insurance Visa card in partnership with AXA France;
  • Finally, watch out for stunned, if you have to replace and refarke a bank card, it will cost them € 10.


Adolescents being mainly equipped with smartphones, Boursorama Banque has created an application that allows its Freedom offer to be 100% mobile. It is compatible on Android and iOS.

This banking application allows Consult the account to check the balance. It is possible to categorize expenses and add a comment or an image to them. It allows you to perfectly manage expenses and have a global vision of the use of money.

Finally, the application allowsEdit RIB/IBAN And send them to a third person directly by text, email, Whatsapp, messenger, etc.

Freedom empowers teens . Under the parents’ control

Boursorama Banque has thought of both parents and children by defining Freedom’s terms: the account offers interesting and relevant features but always under the control of parents.

Features to manage your daily life

Boursorama Banque has thought of its formula taking into account the behavior of minors. This is the reason why it added features that are adapted to them:

  • “Quick, I need money” : If necessary, the teenager can ask for an instant transfer from his parents. The operation is facilitated thanks to pre -filled transfer forms. As long as they give their agreement, money appears on his account;
  • SMS alerts are customizable : the minor can receive alerts to signify certain operations to him, such as a movement on his account or if his balance goes below a certain threshold that he himself will determine;
  • contactless : as a conventional bank card, the FREEDOM card allows contactless payment of up to € 20;
  • completely secure identification : apart from the password, identification can be done by Touch ID or Face ID.

Touch ID is a fingerprint sensor that allows you to unlock the application with ease. Face ID is the facial recognition system developed by Apple to have access to the application.

Parents keep an eye on account movements via their personal space

In addition to the safety of the systematic verification card, Parents have access to the movements of their child’s account from their own Boursorama Banque customer area. This allows them to keep an eye on expenses.

They have the same options as their child, namely the possibility of receiving notifications by SMS which inform them of the movements of the account and they can modify the payment and withdrawal ceilings associated with the bank card. On the other hand, they can deactivate contactless payment. They are also authorized to intervene remotely in case the bank card needs to be blocked or unlocked.

How to open a Freedom account ?

It is the parents who proceed to the opening of account but they have the possibility only if they are themselves holders of a bank account at Boursorama Banque.

Only a legal manager of a minor is authorized to open an account and, to benefit from the Freedom offer, this account must be the first of the adolescent.


  • If parents do not yet have a Boursorama Banque account, they must open one;
  • From their online customer area, parents directly request the opening of a Freedom account for their child;
  • Once the account has been created, a first payment of € 10 is compulsory to validate its opening. The sum is immediately available on the account.


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