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Large Bug Boursorama at Boursorama on Interest Creditors of LDD


On the other hand, it is also necessary to be of age to open a LDDS, it is not possible to open such an account for your child. There is an exception – which remains unusual, it is the fact that a minor can take advantage of this savings product only if he has personal income and he has separate taxation.

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Large Bug Boursorama at Boursorama on Interest Creditors of LDD

Good morning,
I put a message from them yesterday, for the moment I have no answer.
On the morning of January 2, 2019, the amounts and dates were incoherent.
The most disturbing is that that of the two LDDs who receives – apparently – the most interest is the one that seems (at first glance, because I have not been cumulation of the sales) the one who was rather fulfilled.
On the evening of January 2, the inconsistent amounts and dates are still there, as an annex information, but account credits were volatilized.

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Yes there is a bug and a message in yellow appears on the personal space to inform customers.

From there to get excited for the € 90 of annual interests reported by an LDD on the ceiling, you should not be moved to so little.

I just checked at the moment and everything seems to have come back to normal. Besides, I’m very annoyed now because I don’t know what to do with all these interests.

Last modification by a moderator: January 3, 2019



I did not have a message in yellow (maybe blocked by my anti-popup).
90 € or not, I don’t like when my bank gets brushes into accounts.

They have also had an unresolved bug for years: an exact balance but which takes into account credit operations which will only appear the next day.

Ldds Boursorama Banque: Why choose this savings booklet ?

LDDS Bank Boursorama

Boursorama Banque has been one of the most competitive online banks for several years. Given this leader status, it is not surprising that the establishment is focusing on a full range of banking products. In the list of savings booklets, we find the LDDS.

LDDS, or sustainable and united development booklet, is a savings product that allows the public to contribute to the financing of SMEs as well as the social and solidarity economy. In order for it to be attractive, it was designed to be secure, remunerated and regulated by the State.

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Bank less expensive

Apple Pay, Google Pay

Premium card free

Free abroad payments

Conditions: without income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual costs: 0 € • Initial deposit: 300 €

Check deposit: ✔ • Specific deposit: ✘

Monthly card cost: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Payments EURO Zone: Free

Currency withdrawals: 1.69% • Invitation payments: free

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Characteristics of the LDDS booklet in Boursorama

Whether at Boursorama Banque or elsewhere, the LDDS presents itself as a supplement to the booklet A. It can be useful if you have reached the ceiling of the latter or that you have not yet closed it and you want to have another savings book simple to use.

At the end of February 2022, the total savings placed by the French on their LDDS reached 127.4 billion euros. Historically, this is the replacement for the Codévi that has existed since the 1980s. Subsequently, it was replaced by the Sustainable Development Booklet (LDD) in 2007 and then by the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet in 2016. With its hegemony on the online banking market, Boursorama Banque offers this banking product in its offer.

A livret regulated by the state and secure

Like booklet A, LDDS allows you to enjoy your savings at any time. You can make payments and withdraw money as you wish at Boursorama Banque. If you have projects or you just want your money to sleep on a current account, it’s a great option.

The LDDS is free at Boursorama Banque, you have no fees for opening and managing the booklet or commissions on operations. Moreover, all the holding of this account is carried out directly online at 100%, you can make transfers and deposits 7 days a week and 24 hours a day from your personal space on the mobile application (iOS and Android) or The official online bank website.

In addition, the LDDS of Boursorama Banque is a secure and regulated booklet by the State. Thus, the capital is entirely secure and it is impossible to lose its savings with this banking product.

Then, the LDDS is tax exempt, all the earnings of interests are exempt from income tax and social security contributions, which is also the case with booklet A, but not all the savings booklets put forward by banks as a bank Boursorama.

To this must be added that the Boursorama Banque LDDS is not connected to a bank card – it is the same thing with all banking establishments. If you want to use savings, you must make a transfer to your current account.

The LDDS ceiling is 12,000 euros – against 22,950 euros for the booklet A.

A remunerated booklet

A strong point of the LDDS is that this is a paid booklet. Its annual remuneration rate is 1% net per year, it aligns with that of the booklet A. In short, you earn interest every year. This rate has been in force since February 1, 2022, it can be brought up to twice a year to the decision of the State.

Since the end of 2020, all people who have a LDDS can also donate to the actors of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS). Boursorama Banque allows you to give one or more associations for a minimum amount of 10 euros, the whole list is available on its official website – there are major players like Unicef, Handicap International and other.

How to open a LDDS at Boursorama Banque ?

In the same way as booklet A, you can only have a single LDDS. If you want to open a booklet of this type at Boursorama Banque, you must close your booklet elsewhere even if it is inactive. To do this, you must send a closing letter to the bank concerned, a model is available on the official online bank website.

More generally, you are entitled to a single LDDS per taxpayer, two for spouses in common taxation. It is not possible to have a sustainable and united development booklet joined.

The prerequisites to open a LDDS

In addition to the fact that each person is limited to a single LDDS, there are other elements to know to open a booklet in this category at Boursorama Banque. First, you must necessarily be a French resident – which is not the case for a booklet A, for example.

If you become a non -resident after opening the LDDS, you can keep the booklet, but you will not be able to do any operation (withdrawal or payment). In case you want to recover the funds, you must close your LDDS.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to be of age to open a LDDS, it is not possible to open such an account for your child. There is an exception – which remains unusual, it is the fact that a minor can take advantage of this savings product only if he has personal income and he has separate taxation.

Otherwise, you also have to be a customer at Boursorama Banque to open a LDDS, which means that you must have a current account at least at the online bank to access this savings product – that’s valid for everyone the others (booklet A, account on booklet …). If you are already a customer of the online bank, you only have to fill out the dedicated form directly online from your customer area.

The steps to open a ldds

If you are not yet a customer at Boursorama Banque, here are the steps to follow to open a LDDS with online banking.

  • Check that you don’t already have an LDDS booklet.
  • Complete the online form on the Official Balance Banking website.
  • Validate and sign the contract electronically.
  • Provide digital supporting documents (photography or scan).
  • Wait for validation of the account opening by the online bank.
  • Proceed with the compulsory initial payment of 10 euros to validate the opening of the LDDS booklet.

Generally, the opening of your account at Boursorama Banque takes a few days, until the online banking validates your file. After which, the opening of an LDDS is done more quickly and you have access to all your banking products from the mobile application or the official website.

For the opening of an account at Boursorama Banque, then a LDDS, you must provide some necessary elements for registration. Remember that all these elements are transmitted directly online without you having to send paper version by post, here is the detail.

  • A valid official identity document (identity card or passport).
  • Proof of address or a tax document of less than 12 months.
  • A bank identity statement (RIB) of an establishment domiciled in France.
  • A handwritten signature on white sheet.

Our opinion on the Ldds of Boursorama Banque

Our opinion on the Ldds of Boursorama Banque is about to end, it is time to conclude. In our opinion, the sustainable and united development book is a perfect complement of the booklet A. Besides, it has the same general characteristics, so that it is secure, regulated and remunerated. If its ceiling is lower than that of its counterpart, you have the right to combine both for the same rate of remuneration.

If the Ldds of Boursorama Banque seduces the world in France, it is also because it is free and free of charge. You can carry out all your operations directly online from the application or the site, ranging from the opening of the booklet to its management (transfer and deposits). It differs from Boursorama Banque life insurance, which can also provide risk-free return, but which is not as flexible.