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We invite you to favor contact by email. Go to the “Help & Contact” section presents at the top right of our site or from the mobile application by clicking on “Menu” then “Help & Contact”.

How to contact Customer Service ?

Your customer service is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

We invite you to favor contact by email. Go to the “Help & Contact” section presents at the top right of our site or from the mobile application by clicking on “Menu” then “Help & Contact”.

It is not possible to make an appointment to be recalled by a customer service advisor.

You have communicated security data (identifier, password, security code, card number, etc.) where you notice a questionable activity on your account ? Click here.

Our sales team is available by phone on 0 800 09 20 09 (green number) Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or by e-mail at the address [email protected]

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Contact us

Boursorama Banque has always made the quality of service a priority. Your opinion, your remarks or the expression of your dissatisfaction are a source of continuous and privileged improvement of the relationship that we have with you.

Customer Service and the Boursorama Banque complaints are committed to acknowledging receipt of the complaint within 10 working days (unless an answer has already been provided within this period) and to provide it as soon as possible with a maximum 2 months.

If the complaint relates to a payment service (transfer, levy or card) the processing period is 15 working days of receipt of the complaint, except exceptional situations where the response will be provided at the latest within 35 days.

If you happened to meet a situation that did not suit you or that you do not understand, several interlocutors are at your disposal.

You are a customer

You are not a customer

Commercial service

Commercial service

You can share your difficulties in a sales advisor at: 0 800 09 20 09

Commercial service - 0 800 09 20 09

The Complaints Service

The Complaints Service

If you disagree with the answer or solution provided, you can contact the complaints service.

To contact the complaints service, use the secure form .

If the dispute persists, you can enter the competent mediator for free, within two months from your first written complaint.

The dispute concerns a banking operation (title II of the General Conditions of Boursorama)

French banking federation mediator (FBF):

Madam Mediator

75422 Paris Cedex 9

This banking mediation service is aimed at personal personal customers acting for non-professional and professional needs.

  • https: // lemediator.fbf.Fr
  • Find the Charter of the Mediation Service of the French Banking Federation
  • Find the mini guide “how to set a dispute with my bank ?””

The dispute concerns an operation on the financial markets (title III of the General Conditions of Boursorama)

Mediator of the Financial Markets Authority (AMF):

Madam AMF mediator

Contact Boursorama Customer Service

Here are the details to call the Boursorama customer service free of charge with its non -surcharged phone number. This information was found on the site, the CGV of the company or provided by the NonsurtaX Tell us via the voting system below if the number worked so that we correct if necessary !

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Contact means
Disputes and complaints
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An important question or complaint?

An important question or complaint?

Call Boursorama and register at

An important question or complaint? Call Boursorama and register at

Non -surcharged number:

This non -surcharged phone number to call Boursorama is free from a landline and mobile and reachable from abroad

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All means to contact Boursorama

Boursorama has only one phone number. He has social networks, emails, etc . Depending on your situation one line can be more suitable than another. To help you contact Boursorama, here is a summary table of different channels to reach customer service:

The best ways to reach Boursorama
✈ Call Boursorama from abroad +33146094949
�� Boursorama Assistance 0146094949
�� Twitter Boursorama Boursorama tweet
�� Facebook Boursorama FB Boursorama
�� Boursorama contact form Send a message
�� Deaf and hard of hearing LSF – LPC – Your

Other means replacements The Telephone Block ————>

Dispute or complaint:
Boursorama consumer service and mediator

In the event of a Boursorama problem, you must first attach Boursorama customer service to the telephone number 0146094949