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How to open a joint account

The automatic synchronization process can take a few seconds (depending on the banks or your connection).

How to add a bank account or an external savings account ?

Wicount is a tool allowing you to centralize the movements of a bank account or a savings account that you hold in another establishment. Every day, we will automatically update the movements of all your bank accounts on the summary of your accounts.

You can access it by clicking on “my services” then “wicount – heritage” and “add an external account”.

The automatic synchronization process can take a few seconds (depending on the banks or your connection).

You can also recover all the bank statements from the account you have added by checking the planned box. You will be able to find all the bank statements of your external accounts from the “My Services” section then “My documents” and “External account reports”.

Your accounts will also be integrated into our budgeting, or diagnostic tools for your savings accounts, from the “My Services” section then “Wicount – Heritage”. Also be aware that you can initiate a transfer from your external bank account, without leaving your Boursorama Banquerama customer area.

You also have the possibility, once the external bank has been selected, to manually add the information. In this case we will not be able to carry out the automatic update of your movements. To do this, select “Download manually” at the bottom of the page.

Trick : If the automatic updating of your external accounts no longer works, check that your username and password have not been modified on the interface of your external bank. You can follow your automatic synchronization settings in the “My Profile” section, “My Customer Space” and “My Banks and Organizations”.

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How to open a joint account ?

To open a joint account, it is necessary that the two holders are already customers of Boursorama Banque individually. They can then open the joint account directly from their customer area.

Go to the “Products” section then on “bank account”. Once the opening request has been validated by the two holders, the account will appear in everyone’s customer area within 3 working days maximum.

The opening of a joint account is free, only the bank card order is subject to conditions. To check them, see the “Products” then “Bank Card” section of your customer area. Each of the holders can have a bank card on this type of account.

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