Helmet test Bose QC45: Our opinion on the Flagship (2022), launched very recently, the excellent Bose Quietcomfort helmet is at -30% during the sales

Bose qc se vs 45

The new version of the bose noise reduction helmet always excels in noise reduction and now allows you to hear those around you if necessary. But is it enough to crack ?

QC 45 test: bose slightly evolved its excellent noise reduction headphones

The new version of the bose noise reduction helmet always excels in noise reduction and now allows you to hear those around you if necessary. But is it enough to crack ?

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Bose Quietcomfort 45

Writing note

Note published on 12/10/2021

Technical sheet

Bose Quietcomfort 45

Model Headache
Return of sound Stereo
Type of pads Circum-aural
Active noise reduction system Yes
Weight (with cord and batteries) 242 g

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For its new audio helmet, Bose had the choice between two types of design: that of Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 and that of Quietcomfort 35 II. As its name suggests, Quietcomfort 45 (or QC 45) is the successor of the second model. But what does he bring more ? This is what we will see in Our full test.

Those who liked the conception of QC 35 II will not be disappointed by the Bose QC 45 helmet, which looks a lot like him. It has the same command buttons on the right earphones, which allow you to start the helmet, adjust the volume and perform several functions. The left earpiece always has the action button, but its role changes, as we will see later in the test. The only notable difference is the presence of a Type-C USB port, which finally replaces the micro USB connector.


We also find the comfort that we appreciated in the QC 35 and QC 35 II helmets. The helmet does not tighten the ears and the hoop does not hurt the head. It will thus be possible to wear it for several hours without feeling the slightest gene.

Practice to transport

Another common characteristic between the bose QC 45 helmet and its predecessor: the helmet is folding, to easily store in the transport case provided. Which does not prevent it from being robust, even if the design gives pride of place to plastic.


Bose also delivers a 2.5 mm jack audio cable around 3.5 mm, as well as a USB cable for recharging.

The big difference between the bose QC 45 helmet and its predecessor is the arrival of a mode to hear the external sounds without having to remove the helmet. This is why the Action button changes function. On QC 35 II, you can choose between the call from the voice assistant and the three levels of noise reduction (the choice is made in the application). On the bose QC 45, the action button allows you to switch between the silence modes (the noise reduction is active) and attentive (transparency mode).


From now on, the call of the vocal assistant is made by the multi-function button of the right earboard and above all, you no longer have the mode with anc deactivated, which could have saved you battery. On the other hand, the direct switching between two modes is more practical than rotation in three modes found on other helmets. Good point, the wireless headset Bose QC 45 delivers voice messages that we were able to configure in French.

The sound rendering has character

Let’s go to the listening test: like the QC 35 II, the QC 45 headset offers a specific sound signature to Bose. The serious and acute frequencies are a little accentuated, which gives dynamics to the sound and the detail. The bass are present without being invasive and each instrument is audible. Purists will however be able to blame the lack of balance between different frequencies and large bass lovers will pass their way.

Admittedly, the bose qc 45 helmet does not deliver a “neutral” sound but we nevertheless found it very pleasant. No high definition or Aptx audio codec on the helmet, you must be satisfied with the classics SBC and AAC. And during telephone calls, we regretted that the voices are slightly metallic and lack a little warmth, probably because of a filtering of low frequencies to give more clarity.

A noise reduction always as effective

The QC 35 and QC 35 II models have an efficient noise reduction and this is also the case with the new Bose model. We have not noticed any particular difference with the predecessors in our bose QC 45 test. The ANC of QC 45 is still as effective in filtering disturbing noises, whether it be the train, the metro, the air conditioning or the street. Only very acute frequencies pass through the meshes of the net. The helmet also manages to strongly alleviate the votes, which is very appreciable in a open space, without making them completely disappear.

Let us again press the Action key and the attentive mode is activated to listen to those around you, with a very natural sound. It is just a shame that the level of music is not reduced. It will therefore be necessary to pause the last AC/DC (or Beethoven) to really hear what is happening around you. We also regret that the music does not automatically take a break if we temporarily remove the QC 45 from the ears.

Endurance slightly increasing

Did Bose improved the endurance of his helmet ? The manufacturer announces a 24 -hour autonomy for this QC 45 helmet. For our part, we measured for a time of 8 h 57 min in silent mode (Activated ANC) and 23 h 07 min in attentive mode. In comparison, the first QC 35 had provided 21 h 50 min of consecutive use (AC activated) according to our tests and the QC 35 II had reached a 20 h 14 min score. We therefore save a little time of use, without reaching the result of the first QC 35.

If the battery is flat, you can no longer use the ANC or Bluetooth, but the helmet can work in wired mode. According to Bose, 15 minutes of fast charging correspond to 3 hours of music, which allows you to enjoy the helmet again quickly.

The application turns out to be disappointing

The manufacturer offers the free bose music application to control the QC 45 headset with its smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) and also update your firmware if necessary. Alas, the app turns out to be rather minimalist. Indeed, it is not possible to adjust the level of power of the ANC, nor that of the surrounding sounds in attentive mode. We also regret the absence of an equalizer to personalize the sound according to your tastes.

It is nevertheless possible to adjust the volume, to switch between silence and attentive modes, to choose a possible inactivity period before automatic extinction (5 minutes to three hours) and to select the source during a multi -multi -multi connection -point.

To discover also on video:

A basic audio player allows you to pause, go to the next track, or return to the previous track. Finally, you can change the name of the helmet and the language of voice messages, as well as the intensity of your voice during a phone call.

Launched very recently, the excellent bose helmet Quietcomfort is at -30% during the sales

Launched at the end of last year and resembling as two drops of water at the Bose QC 45, the Bose Quietcomfort helmet is an equally effective model, but cheaper. And during the 2023 winter sales, this bose headset with active noise reduction is displayed at an even more attractive price.

Helmet bose qc is

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It is without great noise that Bose proceeded at the end of 2022 at the launch of a new headset with active noise reduction. THE Quietcomfort se is a model that has all the advantages of a good bose helmet. It is enough by a look to see its striking resemblance to the Quietcomfort 45, another emblematic model of the brand.

This resemblance is not only physical. Because the bose qc helmet is released good quality sound, double excellent active noise reduction To fully dive into your bubble. This helmet thus offers the right balance between silence, comfort and quality of sound.

30% discount on the bose QC SE helmet during winter sales

The reduction offered during winter sales is 31% very exactly knowing that the helmet is displayed at € 199 instead of € 289, Its recommended price. You will find it at this price on Amazon, but Fnac and Darty have also lined up on the same price. If you find the Bose 700 or the Sony Wh-1000XM5 too expensive, the Bose Quietcomfort helmet offers itself a very interesting value for money.

Our that it also offers an active equalization technology optimized according to the volume to balance the bass in order to offer the most balanced sound possible. Like most of the best active noise reduction helmets, it has a functionality similar to the transparency mode of the Apple helmets to let the noises surround you.

Finally, the Bose Quietcomfort helmet is offered up to 24 hours of autonomy in one load. And is also sufficient for 15 minutes of load to find 3 hours of autonomy. For wired listening followers, it also has a Jack port . The audio cable comes in the box, as is a transport case to store the helmet.

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