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Google Workspace: the point on the upcoming price increase

As a rule, Google Workspace was considered the following cheapest productivity tools, Especially compared to its main rival, Microsoft Office 365.

Google Workspace prices: what each package offers

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We all know Google, but if you are a professional, you have probably heard of Google Workspace at one time or another, although you probably knew him under his old name: G Suite.

What is Google Workspace exactly ?

Google Workspace is Google -based office tools based on the cloud. Originally, she only understood Gmail, Docs and Sheets, but in recent years, Google has added tools such as Google Drive, Hangouts and Meet Video (among many others).

Google Workspace prices

As a rule, Google Workspace was considered the following cheapest productivity tools, Especially compared to its main rival, Microsoft Office 365.

This is what made him popular with millions of small and medium -sized enterprises worldwide. The higher level packages offer advanced archiving, security and administration functions, which makes the continuation attractive for large companies.

The recent announcement of closing the GED CONNECTION LEGACY from Google caused a real shield, which could lead to a collective appeal. With users left in embarrassment and angry, many wonder: Is Google Workspace always a viable option ?

Discover Everything you need to know about the new pricing of Google Workspace.

Google Workspace prices: how much it costs ?

Google Workspace offers four main plans: Business Starter, which costs € 5.75/user/month and offers 30 GB of storage on Google Drive; Standard business, which costs € 11.50/user/month and offers 2 TB of storage as well as additional security and administrative controls; Business Plus, which costs € 17.25/user/month and offers 5 TB of cloud storage as well as enhanced safety; And Enterprise, which offers unlimited storage and advanced checks – you will need to contact the sales service to obtain a quote.

You will need to contact the sales department to obtain a quote. This can be manageable if you are a small business and you only have a handful of users.

On the other hand, If you are an average or large business And that you use Google Workspace for messaging, storage and productivity tools of your whole team, you may feel a little embarrassed.

Nevertheless, you might find that it is worth it if what you get for this price meets the needs of your business. So let’s see what are the tools and features to which you have access as part of each Google Workspace package.

What enclosed each google workspace package

Each formula gives you access to your own messaging account and all the productivity and collaboration tools of Google Workspace. The main differences are at the level of thestorage space, safety functions and administrative control level that you have on the products.

Google Workspace Business Starter Google Workspace Business Standard Google Workspace Business Plus Google Workspace Enterprise
Price € 5.75 /User /month € 11.50 /User /month € 17.25 /User /month Contact the sales department
Professional email (with your own field) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Workspace products (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Agenda, Hangouts, Meet, Forms, Sites) Yes Yes Yes Yes
File storage 30 GB/User 2 TB/User 5 TO/User Unlimited
24/7 assistance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application creator No Yes Yes Yes
Number participants by videoconferencing 100 150 500 500
Possibility to record and save video and vocal conferences No Yes Yes Yes
Live broadcast on Meet Video No No No Yes
Cloud Search (Advanced research on the scale of the company in Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc.)) No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced business checks (data loss prevention, security center, security keys management, etc.)) No No No Yes
Alerts in the event of modification of Drive documents No Yes Yes Yes
Google Vault security (archiving electronic messages and cats, export functions, etc.)) No No Yes Yes
Possibility of defining rules for the management of devices No No No Yes

Trick : a way to reduce your monthly costs is to create free redirection email addresses.

What google workspace package to choose?

Google Workspace Business Starter

This package is a good option if:

  • You are an self -employed worker, an entrepreneur or an owner who Manage a small team (that is to say less than 5 employees)
  • You want to have an email address on your own field
  • You want to use your office tools from Google (as opposed to Microsoft Office, for example)
  • You do not work with large file formats and do not have No need for a lot of space To store your files and emails
  • You do not need to archive your emails and chat messages, or Administrative and Advanced Security Controls

However, if you have a larger team and/or if you think that 30 GB of personal storage space will not be enough, it is worth considering one of the upper formulas:

Google Workspace Business Standard

The price difference of € 5.20/User/month between Google Workspace Business Starter and Standard Business means that the standard package may not be a realistic option for certain companies. However, we recommend this plan if:

  • You manage a large -scale team
  • You want to access all the features of Google Workspace Business Starter, but also at theArchiving emails and messages (Google Vault)
  • You don’t want to missstorage space For your files (2 TB should be enough for most small businesses)
  • Synchronization and wealthy sharing of files between teams and the company are essential for you
  • You plan to use Google Hangouts for videoconferences and you have less than 150 participants per call
  • You do not need administrative and advanced security checks (examples: prevention of data loss or security keys)

Of course, if you need an even more advanced control and more advanced security functions, you can opt for Business Plus.

Google Workspace Business Plus

At € 15.60/month/user, this package is aimed at large companies. We recommend it if:

  • You need more advanced security functions
  • 2 TB per user are not enough for you. The Business Plus plan allows you to have 5 TB per user
  • You regularly organize very large videoconferences with up to 500 participants

Google Workspace Enterprise

This formula is ideal for companies that need the features offered by Google Workspace Business Plus, but also if:

  • You have larger teams and therefore need more advanced controls and security On Google Workspace applications
  • You need advanced safety functions: devices management rules, safety keys management, data loss prevention, etc
  • In addition to access to email archiving via Google Vault, you need to integrate third -party archiving tools such as Barracuda or MailStore

The advantage is that you can Buy different plans for different users within your company. For example, if you only want the Enterprise offer for some of your users, you don’t have to mix your whole team. This can help you reduce the monthly cost.

Note : Special formulas are available for schools (Google Workspace for Education and Google Workspace Enterprise for Education) and non-profit organizations (Google Workspace for non-Profits).

The packages can be billed in the month or a year. Discounts can apply to annual packages, but In general if you register through a Google representative.

Google Workspace prices: final reflections

You may be wondering if Google Workspace is worth it. Google Workspace Business Starter and standard business remain more affordable than the comparable packages of Microsoft Office 365.

In addition, you have a fairly complete suite office productivity and electronic messaging applications, and a Generous storage capacity (especially for Google Workspace Business Standard).

As you have noticed, there is a whole range of formulas adapted to different budgets, which means that you have a good chance of finding one that suits you.

Of course, we would not recommend it if you born look for that An email hosting solution for your business (there are other much cheaper suppliers, for example Namecheap).

But in our opinion, you get a decent quantity for what you pay – enough to be able to fully perform most of the key functions of your business through Google Workspace.

You still have questions about Google Workspace or want to share your experience with us ? Leave us a comment below.


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Behind the scenes of this review

This article was written by our testers and experts according to a precise methodology.

Google Workspace: the point on the upcoming price increase

Google Workspace Denmark Chromebook

The prices of Google Workspace will increase on two levels: modular packages and one of the Enterprise editions.

Some Google Workspace subscriptions will soon pay more.

First date to remember: March 14, 2023. An increase will apply to the three Business editions (Starter, Standard and Plus). It will concern so -called “modular” packages. That is to say those without commitment, billed monthly with addition and deletion of users “à la carte”.

Public prices will increase by 20 %, not to mention the adjustments that will be practiced in certain currencies (not specified).

Google Workspace Business

In France, current prices are € 6 including tax per month and per user on Business Starter; € 12 on standard business; 18 € on Business Plus.

The generalized annual package on Google Workspace

The second scheduled increase concerns Google Workspace Standard Company. Its implementation will start in April and will go out until 2024, with notice of at least 30 days.

The level of increase will depend on several factors including the number of licenses subscribed, the billing method and the conditions of the contract. Google gives a deadline: for subscriptions comprising at least 10 licenses, the switch will not take place before January 2024.

In parallel with these increases, the “annual package” option will be generalized to all editions to which can be taken out online. It will be on March 14, 2023.

annual fee

To consult in addition:

Google increases the price of workspace offers by 30 %

Google’s professional office suite will be more expensive for all customers. As it announced last month, the company has just reviewed the price of its various workspace offers. For new customers, the prices of non -binding formulas are now:

  • Business Starter: € 6.90/month/user instead of € 5.20
  • Standard business: € 13.80/month instead of € 10.40
  • Business Plus: € 20.70/month instead of € 15.60

The increase therefore amounts to just over 30 %. At the same time, Google introduces a new possibility which consists in engaging over a year to lower the invoice a little. In this case, the starter formula costs € 5.75/month, standard € 11.50/month and the most € 17.25/month. This remains higher than previous prices without obligation.

For existing customers, the increase will take place somewhere between April and current 2024, Google deploying this change gradually according to the number of subscribers, the formula and its date of renewal. Those concerned will be warned at least 30 days before the increase.

Customers may console themselves to the idea that workspace will earn new features doped at AI supposed to save them time. The free workspace offer, which includes a personalized email address with your field, remains available.

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Gregelhombre | 03/15/2023 at 10:37

Sorry for the somewhat stupid question but it is for, who?
Only large structures?


Brad64 | 03/15/2023 at 10:50 am

Raoolito has summed up well, and I would especially say an email with reliability and top deliverability !


Glop0606 | 03/15/2023 at 11:42

On the contrary I find that it is especially the small structures with few computer resources that the Google offer is top. If you are like a startup on digital with a lot of collaborative work, it is an excellent alternative to Office 365.


Raoolito | 03/15/2023 at 10:42

Any structure, the more it is the more useful it is.
There is everything, it is online, only a smartphone is and each doc is automatically shareable, the drive can be unlimited if necessary, and many other things..
super useful


Ohmydog | 03/15/2023 at 11:11

One of the problems is still the layout … We have a Gmail Company, and frankly, compared to Outlook, it’s still much less pretty


Llugat | 03/15/2023 at 11:52

Outlook ?! Online or the office application ?
Because the two put on the same, apart from if you talk about the office application, since Google does not have one.


Fredouille14 | 03/15/2023 at 11:18

What interest in relation to Office365 and Teams ?


Vince29 | 03/15/2023 at 11:44

That it works ?
Teams what a wound.


Llugat | 03/15/2023 at 11:46


Biking Dutch Man | 03/15/2023 at 16:22

I subscribe, we have more and more problems with Teams, to the point of sometimes having to switch to Google Meet at the start of the session because Teams do its own!


Llugat | 03/15/2023 at 11:48

None. Everyone has their Cremerie. Each of these solutions has its advantage and disadvantages.
Personally I find 365 more complete and unspeakables like SharePoint, Powerbi have no equivalent.
Now we must admit that Google is simplicity about its use, which does not mean that O365 is complicated.


Kal | 03/15/2023 at 12:23

Well done. What a pleasure to read a thoughtful, relevant and objective comment 🙂


Cecile_aelita | 03/15/2023 at 13:22

” None. Everyone has their Cremerie. »»
Oh that ! If everyone could understand it for all areas … it would avoid a lot of silly debates on the Gueguerre iOS/Android for example ��


Koko256 | 03/15/2023 at 13:29

What is sharepoint ? I hear about all saves and in general it is limited to a shared file.


Llugat | 03/15/2023 at 13:42

I would like to answer you easily and tell you that this is only that, but in reality it is a set of product put together that gives SharePoint.

It allows among others
– to create a website, showcase or gate.
– To have project sites in a box and allow you to share, follow, collaborate … on documents in this group,
– to allow collaboration with internal and or external users in a box;
Allows the publishing of a company’s documents on site and off -site,

But its strength is that over the years 10000 extensions were born around it has become a Swiss knife.

Its grip is still boosting in Office 365 (M365 if you want to be up to date) where it is coupled in OneDrive, Exchange Online, Form, Powerbi, Sway,…
And that one can make him an aggregator for popular solutions such as Dynamics, Salesforce through HR apps, recruitment etc ..

In short, it is difficult to define it simply where its essential side.

Most major companies in the world use it.
There are many large structures operating almost exclusively on Google Workspace but which use O365 among others because of solutions like SharePoint.

In fact, it is also native or coupled with Office Extension of GED (Electronic Document Management, SIAD (Decision Aid IT system), etc


Koko256 | 03/15/2023 at 14:03