Google Pixel 7 Pro test | Techradar, Google Pixel 7/Pro review: Hard Problems? Software Answers.

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However, the images are not as impressive as those you would get with a “correct” macro lens. You should not expect invisible details to be revealed. Do not even expect to get better images than with the iPhone 14 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro test

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is a simply shiny smartphone in everything it is capable of accomplishing.

published 12 December 2022

Google Pixel 7 Pro on a table with a Queen Android toy

(Image: © Future / Philip Bern)

Techradar Verdict

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is as good as the best smartphones in Apple and Samsung. It is beautiful, take incredible photos and really stands out. Google has made great promises for this phone, and it holds the most important, even if certain features are not as satisfactory as we hoped (and others must still arrive). Google implements software features at the top of their art for its Pixel 7 Pro and improves its smartphone in areas about which we had forgotten that it was necessary to bring a revival.

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  • + Intuitive and easy to use
  • + Photo aburur really improves old photos
  • + Quick and reactive interface


  • – He does not offer some of the features of his competitors
  • – The battery and the charging time could be better
  • – The macro focus did not breathe us

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When Google Pixel 7 Pro was launched, Google has not only said it would be the best pixel phone of all time, as it did with previous Pixel phones. This time, he said that the Pixel 7 Pro would be the best smartphone you can buy, quite short. It would also cost, in one way or another, cheaper than the best.

Our guide for the best 2022 phones is, not surprisingly, dominated by the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with its cameras of all superlatives and its refined design. Next comes Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro, with its useful software and extreme performance. Can Google really surpass Samsung’s cameras and Apple software, without increasing the price with expensive components ? Yes, it is possible, but not as you might expect.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro takes incredible photos with ease, day and night, but it also pushes the photo experience further than ever since it makes our old photos more beautiful. For the moment, this is something that you can only do with a phone compatible with Tensor G2 like the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro; In fact, there are quite a few things that the pixel 7 pro can make any of its competitors even try.

The Pixel 7 Pro, with its Tensor G2 chipset optimized for specific AI tasks in Google, listen better – literally. He recognizes speech more precision, which makes Google Assistant more useful. It translates foreign languages ​​faster. He is not content to make the photos better, he makes them clearer, and more inclusive, using Real Tone technology to improve skin tones. Telephone calls will soon have a better sound thanks to the current update.

We finally see the advantages of Google which develops its own treatment platform to adapt it to its operating system. The Tensor G2, with better graphic capacities than its predecessor, is unshakable and fluid when it runs the Android 13 interface. Android seems to have reached its maturity and perfection on this phone, and it is intuitive and fast, which allowed us to go instantly where we wanted to go.

While Samsung adds more and more features and Apple continues to simplify and rationalize things, Google takes a step back and uses its software prowess to improve some of the most basic things that phones have been doing for a long time.

Price and availability of Google Pixel 7 Pro

  • From € 899 for the 128 GB version
  • Cheaper than iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Available since October 13, 2022

Alongside the Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel Watch, the Pixel 7 Pro was announced on October 6 for immediate pre -order. It has been available since October 13.

The price of the pixel 7 pro starts at € 899, which allows you to obtain 128 GB of storage. The price goes to € 999 for 256 GB of storage. Each pixel 7 pro model comes with 12 GB of RAM, regardless of the quantity of storage for which you opt.

Google likes to set the price of its phones just a little cheaper than competition, and the pixel 7 pro and Pixel 7 continue this trend.

The pixel 7 pro does not offer an EU stylus support, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra is delivered with an integrated stylus. Samsung’s phone also has five cameras, including a 10x superzoom. It’s really an amazing phone, but you pay it at a high price. Samsung generally launches new galaxy S phones at the start of the year, so this phone should be replaced soon.

We must note that Google is not rigid on prices, and we see sales and price reductions for pixel phones throughout the year. Google also likes to launch a mid -year refreshment, although often it is a less expensive phone and not a competitor of the Pixel 7 Pro. We have heard rumors on a ultra pixel 7 with even more cameras, but nothing precise enough to say that such a phone will come out.

Design of Google Pixel 7 Pro

  • A distinctive camera headband
  • Sage green, snow and volcanic black color options
  • Curved edges screen

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has a distinctive design compared to the rest of the smartphones market, and we love its look overall; But this is not our favorite phone to wear and show. The camera band makes the phone more balanced and symmetrical, but the shiny finish is subject to fingerprints and the colors are a little dated.

Google likes to praise its color options, but in reality, there is only white, black and a color. We prefer color. The white “snow” is pretty, but the black of this year, “volcanic”, is even darker and brilliant than before, and we are not fans. It is quickly covered with fingerprints.

The pixel 7 pro is water -resistant up to a deep meter with the IP68 protection, and the screen uses the same corning gorilla Glass Victus resistant to scratches that you will find on all the best smartphones today. There is a USB-C port for 30W recharge, and of course no jack to connect a helmet. Large stereo speakers come out of the lower part.

The phone is not the easiest to hold in hand. It is large, with a 6.7 -inch screen, and this shiny black glass makes it a little slippery. Fortunately, Google provides a case in the box, and we have kept our phone safe in the first day.

Among our favorite smartphones, the Pixel 7 Pro sports the design that we have appreciated the least, although it is not for lack of evolution and effort on the part of Google. Pixel phones seem more premium and more refined for each generation.

The iPhone 14 Pro is much less rounded on the sides, so it is not as easy to hold, but the level of polishing borders on perfection. The design is elegant and the screen borders are uniform. The Pixel 7 Pro does not reach this level of detail in its design.

Nor does he beat what Samsung did better. The ultra galaxy S22 is remarkably refined, sort of hiding the most advanced camera system behind the smooth plane of the rear panel without exaggerated protuberance. He manages to properly conceal the S Pen, and even this location is waterproof according to the IP68 standard. The phone is almost perfectly smooth along the edges of the frame. The Pixel 7 Pro is not yet there, either.

The first step will be for Google to accelerate its extravagant color ideas. The color “sage green”, a pale green, is by far the best in the lot, just like lemon green is the best of Pixel 7 phones 7. The snow and black volcanic colors are too polished and shiny, like piano touches. We left bright black and white phones behind us a long time ago, and we don’t want to recover them. Instead, we want more color options for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel 7 Pro screen

  • 6.7 -inch OLED LTPO screen
  • Higher pixel density than that of competitors
  • Very fluid 120 Hz refreshment rate

We were very impressed by the screen of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, and we could not require much more. Even if the iPhone 14 Pro can technically reach higher brightness, we always find the pixel 7 pro very bright and colorful. It is pleasant for reading, and easy to use for photos, even in full sun.

The pixel 7 pro uses an OLED LTPO screen, similar to the technology that you will find on the iPhone 14 Pro, and offers a resolution of 3120 x 1440, which makes it super net. In fact, the density of pixels of 512 ppi of the pixel 7 pro is greater than that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (500 ppi) or that of the iPhone 14 Pro (460 ppi), so that this screen is undeniably net.

The screen can be refreshed up to 120Hz, and although we hear many phone manufacturers boast of impressive refresh speeds, it is rare that we appreciate the advantages as we do on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Move in the interface and on the screens is faster. Menus and application lists seem more fluid on this phone than on our iPhone 14 Pro, which also has a 120 Hz screen.

Games are very good on this screen, especially more recent games like Diablo: immortal, with a deep contrast and many particles that fly in all directions. We also had a good time to look at our photos, and it was easy to inspect the old photos looking for detectable defects on the screen of the Pixel 7 Pro.

We are always skeptical about the fingerprint reader on the screen, but that of the Pixel 7 Pro was surprisingly rapid during our examination. We had to verify that it was not only using our face to unlock, because it behaved much better than what we had seen on the old Pixel phones.

Google Pixel 7 Pro cameras

  • 50MP Principal, 48MP ZOOM 5X, 12MP Macro Ultra Large
  • Macro focus and super zoom improved by the Tensor G2
  • Complete software assistance

The photos we took with the Google Pixel 7 Pro had the rendering we wanted, and it is a beautiful compliment. He never seemed to focus on the bad part of the scene, or underexpose our subject in favor of a brighter background. Our images were hot and dynamic, unlike flat and cold images that the iPhone camera sometimes makes “natural” pass.

The device excels in basic photos. Portraits, especially in low light, always give superb photos. The selfies are deep and attractive. It is very easy to quickly go to the camera and start taking photos with a single double pressure on the power button, a default functionality.

In a way, the Google Pixel 7 Pro has one of the best smartphone cameras of all time, while reminding us of their limits. Many of the big promises made by Google when it is announced, such as the macro and the super zoom, were not fully held. Other functions, such as the Unburur and Night Sight photo function, work even better than what we expected.

The macro focus mode, in particular, has been disappointing. Don’t get me wrong: the pixel 7 pro takes excellent photos, even when it approaches very close to a subject. The images reveal a lot of fine details without flagrant artifices due to a digital facility.

However, the images are not as impressive as those you would get with a “correct” macro lens. You should not expect invisible details to be revealed. Do not even expect to get better images than with the iPhone 14 Pro.

The superzoom is as good as what can be found on a camera that starts with a 5x lens. The images are better than the zoomed shots we have taken with our iPhone 14 Pro, which uses a 3X lens for the zoom. However, they do not approach what you will get with a real optical super-zoom, such as the 10x lens of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

We took our new phone phone to the best phones available on the market, and the Pixel 7 Pro still holds up, and sometimes even comes in the lead. Sometimes the images of Pixel 7 pro seemed more natural, with clear details, and sometimes they seemed a little too accentuated.

The camera has never been disappointing about competition, and it was often easier to use. The Pixel 7 Pro allows you to open the camera and start photographing much faster than a iPhone.

Google has live photos feature called Top Shot. While Live Photos of Apple Most Makes Movies, Top Shot helps to find a snapshot of the best possible time in a series of photos. She can also record small videos, as is the camera of the iPhone.

The Pixel 7 Pro offers better screen checks and Pro POSIVATION OPTIONS Easy than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is more complex. Easy manual control sliders allow you to adjust color temperature and brightness without too much effort. You do not need to manage tons of digital reflex type controls which hardly make sense in the context of a phone camera, as is the case on a Samsung.

The camera application could be better organized, however. You cannot reorganize the modes of the camera or delete the modes that you do not use. We also prefer the camera with voice control of Samsung phones, which allows us to take a photo by simply saying “shoot”.

Google has integrated interesting AI functions into the camera. In addition to the Night Sight mode, the Real Tone function of the camera also analyzes the tones of the skin to ensure that the images are exposed precisely. There is even a Top Shot button, which is looking for familiar faces and ensures that it is the people who remain clear if you take pictures of groups.

Take photos with the camera of the Pixel 7 Pro is only the first part of the photo with the Pixel – what the phone can accomplish in terms of software is almost as impressive as the images that the cameras can produce.

Google Pixel 7 Pro software

  • Android 13 seems to be successful and complete
  • Photo aburur changes the situation
  • Features to improve your calls

The Android 13 version used by Google offers a very clean, uniform and easy to use interface design. It is elegant and consistent, especially if you are counting on Google’s search tools on the phone to help you find what you need.

The fastest way to browse the phone is search. Whether you want to find an application, modify a parameter or directly access a feature, it is better to open a search window by dragging the mouse or saying “hey google” to get help. You can create reception screens with folders, but you don’t really need it.

There was a time when Google expected that users spend endless hours customizing and changing their phone to be perfectly in their image. You can always do it, but fortunately, Google realized that most of us don’t want to.

Most adjustments are fluid and automatic. The colors of icons and menus change to adapt to your themes. Applications and features are suggested in context. There are fewer widgets and home screen options, and they are more adaptable and less tatillon.

Android has matured a lot, as evidenced by the number of features that offer graphic sliders and intuitive commands, rather than lists and check boxes. Things could however be even more simplified.

The control panel is a real clutter compared to the Apple control center on iOS, which is cleaner. This means that useful features are buried, such as the live cation function that uses Google’s artificial intelligence to create subtitles for any video you watch.

In addition, it is easy to activate the Battery Share function, which uses the phone battery to supply other devices, while you want to activate Battery Saver, which saves battery. It’s a big mistake.

Some of the best features of the Pixel 7 Pro are integrated into Google applications. If you use Google Photos on the Pixel 7 PRO and the Pixel 7, you can deflect any photo in your Google Photos library, whether the photo has been taken with the Pixel 7 PRO or not. It is once again thanks to the new Tensor G2 chip.

We immediately set to work on everything, old family photos with photos taken on other phones that went wrong. We found the best results when we operated Google’s magic in photos from old smartphones. Digitized photos from dandruff were not also affected. Certain photos that we had taken on phones dating from the iPhone 3GS – among the oldest in our online library – have been considerably improved and now seem to have been taken on one of the current phones – perhaps with the front camera, at least.

The Unburur photo function seems important, as if it were too important to be kept on only two Google phones. Google swears that the function of “deflowing” is based on the equipment that is in the Tensor G2 chipset, so there are no plans announced to provide this functionality to older phones, or to leave it available to all Google Photos users.

We do not believe that this will be the case forever, but for the moment Photo Unburur is a convincing argument to buy a pixel 7 or a pixel 7 pro if you have a huge number of photos from old phones you hold and that you would like to improve.

Google adds additional features to its pixel phones after their launch – what it calls feature drops – and updates for the Pixel 7 Pro are very interesting. For example, Google has just added a clear calling functionality which makes the calls lighter when you call with the pixel 7 pro and the pixel 7. This feature will also arrive on old Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones.

Pixel 7 Pro will receive security updates for five years, but will only receive updates to the Android operating system for three years, according to Google. It is very disappointing, especially when the same company manufactures the phone and the bone.

Apple’s iPhone 8 can use the latest iOS 16 update, and this iPhone was released in 2017, which gives it five years of OS updates. Giving a phone a longer update lifespan gives it a higher resale value, which contributes to making a high -end phone a better phone you can buy your eyes closed.

Google Pixel 7 Pro performance and specifications

  • Google Tensor G2 improves graphics
  • The search interface is very fast
  • 12 GB of RAM at all storage levels

Do not be deceived by the technical sheets that make the pixel 7 pro appear as being an underessive, in particular compared to the best Android flagship phones like the OnePlus 10 Pro. The Google Tensor G2 chip may not embark on the last fastest arm cores in the processor, but Google gave a significant boost to the graphics compared to the platform of last year, and that makes a big difference.

While more effective processor hearts would have helped battery life, we never had the impression that the Pixel 7 Pro was missing pure performance. It may be because Google has such a narrow synchronization between bone and equipment, but we had the impression that the interface was much faster than the other devices we use. The simple fact of finding our applications or navigating our reception screens seemed faster to us.

There are now so many apps and features on our phones that the manufacturers of phones expect what we are looking for what we need rather than organizing the elaborate reception screens. The pixel 7 pro makes it very easy. You can open a keyboard when you open your apps selector. The entry reveals the results immediately, and not after a few moments of delay, as we see on other phones. The opening of the apps is also fast.

Each Google Pixel 7 Pro benefits from all 12 GB of RAM, regardless of the storage version you buy. This memory promotes performance, and we like to see that the first level of 128 GB is not left out. We had no trouble performing several applications both and going from one to the other, even if Google does not include the level of robust multitasking that you will find on a Samsung phone.

The Pixel 7 Pro obtains all the latest network technologies, including 5G for networks that use the SUP6 5G or the most exclusive MMWAVE 5G, more exclusive .

Google Pixel 7 Pro Battery

  • Up to a full day of battery life
  • The loading speed is average
  • Support for wireless battery sharing function

The battery life of the Pixel 7 Pro is good, more than one day of full use, but we needed to load the phone every day. However, we have not noticed disturbing battery problems on this phone, as we heard with iOS 16 devices. At the end of the day, we were generally between 10 and 20 % battery if we did not take a ton of photos that day.

The screen can become very bright, and the adaptive brightness of Google has done a good work of adjustment without being embarrassing. It is boring that it is necessary to make two gestures to adjust the brightness of the screen from the configuration panel, because it is our main measure of energy saving. The screen is set by default on a 1080p FHD+ resolution to save energy, and you will hardly notice the difference if you decide to stick to the lower resolution.

Google claims that the phone can recharge at 50% in 30 minutes, and in our tests, these statements have proven to be exact a few minutes. We would like to see an even faster load – maybe a turbo mode to recharge the battery in a few minutes, as on the OnePlus 10T. We managed to load this phone 100% in just over an hour.

Google does not include charger with its phone, just a USB-C cable and an adapter to connect the cable of your old phone to transfer the data. We load the pixel 7 pro with an anker nano 3 adapter supplied by Anker, a small load which can easily manage the required power of 30W.

There is a battery saving mode, as well as an “extreme” battery economizing mode. These two modes deactivate more and more features, although Google is not entirely explicit on what you lose. For extreme battery saving mode, you should choose which applications are allowed to operate in the background and display notifications, in addition to Google’s default applications; Google claims that this mode could save you up to 72 hours of phone time.

You can choose to activate the extreme battery saving mode each time you activate the battery economizing mode, or not. The battery saving mode can be configured to slow down everything when your phone reaches a certain percentage of low battery. You can also tell Battery Saver to learn your habits, and to slow things down if you seem that you will not be able to reach your normal bedtime with your phone.

The Pixel 7 Pro also supports wireless recharge in both directions. You can load the phone on a Qi- compatible charging tablet, or you can place another device, such as the Watch pixel, at the back of the pixel 7 pro and recover some additional current using the phone battery.

Assembly of the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Categories Remarks Note
Design Original camera headband but not enough color choice 4/5
Screen Large and bright, with an excellent response time 4.5/5
Software An Android resulted with exclusive technology 5/5
Performance A graphic boost for quick operation 4.5/5
Autonomy He holds a day, but nothing impressive 4/5
Cameras Superb photos every time, but it’s not a big step forward. 4.5/5
Value for money Cheaper than what competition offers 4.5/5

Should I buy the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Buy it if.

You want a more versatile phone.

The Pixel 7 Pro works well, no matter what you do with it. He takes great photos, he “listens” well, and he now improves the sound of our calls. It does a lot although other phone manufacturers have neglected.

You want to touch up your old photos

Buy a pixel 7 pro amounts to subscribing to a service that allows you to correct all the not terrible photos of your library. If your shots of the iPhone 4 have not aged so well, the pixel will modernize them. No other device is able to do this. for the moment.

You want to save money, but you still want the best.

It is undeniable that the Pixel 7 Pro is holding its rank in the face of the best phones that you can buy right now, even if it costs less. It is cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro, and much cheaper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In addition, Pixel phones are often on promotion.

Do not buy it if.

You want a phone that literally does everything

It does not have a stylus, a powerful zoom, a fast recharging or the fastest screen on the market. Google said this phone breaks all records, but he didn’t say he’s doing everything. If you are a fanatic of the technical sheets, find a Galaxy S22 Ultra or a OnePlus 10 Pro with a Qualcomm chip inside.

You want a phone that folds

Classic phones are increasingly belonging to the past. The phones that fold are the last and the greatest novelty. We love the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 for its design, but phones like the huge Galaxy Z Fold 4 also offer a large screen surface when you open it.

You will keep this phone forever

Even if Google manufactures the Pixel 7 Pro and the Android 13 operating system that it executes, this does not mean that Google will continue to support this phone forever. On the other hand, Apple still updates phones that are five years old. If you have problems for the five years you have this Apple phone, it is easy to find an Apple store where you can enter for help – this is not the case with Google phones.

Also consider

If you are looking for a high-end phone but you are not sure of the Pixel 7 Pro, here are some of our favorite alternatives that you should consult.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Google can perfect the pixel 7 pro as much as it wants, but it will never get imessage, iCloud, and all other specific services of Apple. If your entourage, or your business, demands Apple, there is nothing that a pixel can do to replace this.
Read our full test (in English): Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
Pixel 7 Pro cannot match the unique folding style and features of a phone like the Galaxy Z Flip 4. The Galaxy Z Flip does not even try to compete with cameras or processing power; He just looks cool.

Google Pixel 7
Like the 7 pro, the Pixel 7 benefits from the entire Tensor G2 chip, which means that it can use all the most powerful AI software functions of the Pixel 7 Pro, in particular Photo Unburur. Also like the pro, the Pixel 7 starts at a lower price than the competitors.
Read our full test: Google Pixel 7

  • First revision: October 12

Google Pixel 7/Pro review: Hard Problems? Software Answers!

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