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A safe place for your most precious memories

Stay in touch with those you love and share your important moments with each other thanks to direct sharing. Share your photos with your loved ones in a private conversation, to find them easily, in the same place.

Google Photos Using Tips

Discover our tips to use the full potential of Google Photos.

Relive your most precious memories

Rediscover your favorite photos thanks to the memory functionality. Look at your best photos of you and your grandmother over the years, or simply the highlights of the past week. Thanks to the machine learning, Google Photos selects your best photos and presents them to you in the form of a video editing.

They grow so fast

Create a film by your children at different ages with Google Photos and watch them grow. You can even add a musical background. It is a wonderful way to plunge you together in your memories. Children grow up so fast !

Create shared albums

Easily create albums shared with your loved ones, even if they do not have the Google Photos app. To do this, simply insert a link to the album shared in an email, SMS or a blog article. Your loved ones can then add their own photos to the Shared Google Photos album and see the ones you have added yourself.

Share your photos as you take them

Share your memories as you capture them thanks to albums in real time. Choose people (or pets) that you want to include. Google photos automatically add the photos you take from them to your album. You can then share this one with your family and friends so that they share these precious moments in real time.

Stay in touch with your family through photos

Stay in touch with those you love and share your important moments with each other thanks to direct sharing. Share your photos with your loved ones in a private conversation, to find them easily, in the same place.

Sharing with contact

Share photos of specific people from a specific date thanks to sharing with contact. The photos will be shared automatically as soon as they have been saved in your account.

A safe place
For your most precious memories

With Google Photos, all your photos and videos are stored in the same place, organized automatically and easy to share. We invest in an advanced security infrastructure and easy -to -use privacy parameters to allow you to keep and share your memories in a secure manner.

Find out how Google Photos protects your memories
Protect your memories

Custom data centers, transcontinental fiber cables permanently monitored. To protect your memories, we use one of the most advanced security infrastructure in the world.

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Secure storage

Google services are permanently protected by one of the most advanced safety infrastructure in the world. This integrated safety makes it possible to detect and prevent online threats to secure your personal information.


Encryption preserves confidentiality and data security in transit. When you store photos, the data you create go through your device, Google services and our data centers. We protect this data with several safety layers, including in particular advanced encryption technologies such as HTTPS protocol and rest encryption.

Process data responsible for

Many of you interact with your photos on different devices and in several applications. We always offer you more possibilities to use your photos. We must therefore process your data in a responsible manner, beyond the application and the Google Photos website.

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Face grouping

The grouping of faces allows you to automatically group similar faces and sort them for you, so that you can easily search and manage your photos. Face groups and labels are only visible by you. It is you who decide whether or not to activate this feature. If you deactivate it, the facial groups are deleted from your account. We do not sell facial recognition technology for general use. Learn more

Partner program

We work closely with partners and developers who use the Google Photos API to make sure they create relevant integrations that improve your experience. The partners with whom we collaborate are required to respect our rules and cannot access any of your data without your authorization.

No advertising use

Google Photos does not sell your photos, videos or personal information to anyone. We also do not use your photos or videos for advertising purposes.

Give you control

The data makes it possible to improve the usefulness and relevance of Google Photos, but we want to give you the means to control your experience. To place yourself in controls and let you define the settings of your choice, we have integrated easy to use tools into our product.

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Selective backup

You can save your photos and videos in Google Photos, or proceed selectively by saving only the photos you want to keep in your Google account.


Relive your best moments in complete confidentiality. You can deactivate souvenir display including certain people or periods, or completely deactivate this feature.

Display on a card

Display your photos by location on an interactive card that you alone can see. This view is fed with the location data recorded in your Google account. You can modify and delete this data on the Photos If you do not want your next photos to appear on this card, you can deactivate position history and location data in the camera application.

Google assistant

Ask the Google assistant to help you search, display or share photos. In the assistant settings, you can choose the content to display and share from your devices with the assistant, such as Google Nest Hub or an Android phone. To select and control the photos that appear on connected screens or devices connected to Cast in particular, you can use the settings of these devices in the Home application.