Google is coming after samsung with a full range of smartphones, included forced – Sammobile, Google Pixel Fold: the foldable smartphone is incredibly fragile, this resistance test proves it

Pixel Fold

Between these two very high-end foldable models, a notable difference easily places one above the other.

Pixel Fold

A Few Weeks AGO, Google Showcased its Upcoming High-End Smartphones, The Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. They can compete with high-end phones from Apple and Samsung. But that not it. Google is planning to take samsung head-on with a full range of high-end devices that can compete with best-of the-best galaxy smartphones, include foldable.

According to a New Rumor from China, Google has decided to launch its first smartphone, and the Famous Contract Manufacturing Foxconn Has Already Started the Mass Production of That Device. The Device COULD BE Named the Pixel Fold or the Pixel Notepad. The Device was already seen in the google camera app via a hidden code.

The Device Resembles The Oppo Find n More Than The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Reportedly Features A 5.85-Inch Cover Display. The Pixel Foldable Phone is also expected to feature the same set of cameras – 12.2MP+16MP – Found on the Pixel 5.

The other phone that foxconn has started working on is claimed to be the pixel 7 ultra, which could be a step above the pixel 7 pro. It is said to feature a 2k display and a ceramic body. Rumors Claim it also features the Sony IMX787 Camera Sensor, Which Could Be A 100mp Sensor. It could also feature a 50mp isocell gn1 periscope camera.

If this report is correct, it will be Challenging for Samsung to Sell its High-End Phones in Markets like the Uk, where google has decent recognition.

Image of Galaxy Z Fold 3

SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 3

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September 2023 Security Patch

Google Pixel Fold: the foldable smartphone is incredibly fragile, this resistance test proves it

The Pixel Fold is the most expensive smartphone ever marketed by Google, and at a price of 1899 euros in Europe, we expected the device without defects. Unfortunately, this is far from being the case according to a new video of JerryrigeverYing.

Pixel Fold

Google promises that the hinge used on the Google Pixel Fold is the most advanced in the foldable smartphones market, and the Youtuber Jerryrige rider obviously wanted to put this assertion in a new video. Foldable smartphones are often more fragile than traditional devices, but some models like those of Samsung are particularly resistant.

The problem is that the Pixel Fold apparently cannot be considered a champion in the field. As soon as the video is introduced, Jerryrigeverhyme notes that unlike Google claims, The smartphone cannot even hold an open position at 180 degrees, but rather to 178 degrees.

The Pixel Fold is far from the most resistant foldable smartphone

The scratch test proves first of all that the smartphone uses a first layer of plastic, The screen then already undergoes damage from level 2. However, Google announces that its smartphone uses ultra fine UTG glass, such as Samsung devices. The external screen is not surprisingly much more durable.

By applying the flame of its lighter near the internal screen, The Pixel Fold reacts in a fairly strange way, since it simply turns off. No device had previously been scheduled to stop in the event of too high temperature. So this is not necessarily good news.

The Pixel Fold goes up the slope when it comes to resisting sand and pebbles, that it prevents to enter inside the device without too many problems. The interior of the smartphone therefore seems well isolated from the outside, Google also announcing IPX8 water resistance.

The last part of the test, folding, is probably the hardest to watch. While other foldable devices resist without flinching, A single press to the rear is enough to destroy the main screen of the smartphone.

The hinge seems to be well, as Google promises, but the rest of the phone just does not support being folded in the opposite direction. You can see The totally cracked frame at the network antennas, which are often the most fragile points. We cannot therefore advise you to be very careful if you use a pixel Fold, because the latter is not one of the most resistant devices on the market.

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Google Pixel Fold test: finally the first real competitor of Samsung foldable smartphone

Practical: this is exactly what fans of Google’s homemade smartphones were waiting, even if the manufacturer has bizarrely injured on certain specifications and features.

By June Wan | Wednesday June 28, 2023

Google Pixel Fold test: finally the first real competitor of Samsung foldable smartphone

I remember the arrival on the market of the very first foldable smartphone-table, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. I was still at university and the idea of ​​paying at least € 1,800 for a device that I would inevitably use to scroll through reddit posts and watch YouTube videos was stupid. But I was also a big enthusiast of technology, and I fell in love.

Made by the promoter of Android himself, it is undoubtedly the most important foldable device of 2023.

Four years later, Google finally releases a foldable vintage device, powered by a home and Android processor. On paper, Pixel Fold seems to be a dream smartphone for Google fans. But the entry price, € 1900, has enough to keep you anchored in reality.

At this price, Google is in direct competition with the Samsung device, the price of which is similar. But the important thing here is not so much the price requested by Google for its first foldable smartphone as the way it makes it.

I tested the Pixel Fold last week and I am almost convinced that it is probably the most ambitious product of the company for years. here’s why.

Benefits of Google Pixel Fold

  • The wider format is ideal for the display of content
  • Fluid and transparent software
  • Impressive battery for a foldable device
  • Pixel cameras that take advantage of the foldable design

Disadvantages of Google Pixel Fold

  • The absence of a stylus !
  • Limited multitasking capacities
  • Loading at 30W just passable
  • € 1900 is to ask a lot.

Google Pixel Fold specifications

  • Screen : exterior, 5.8 ” (2092 x 1080) OLED with 120Hz and interior, 7.6 ” (2208 x 1840) OLED with 120Hz
  • Weight : 283 g
  • Processor : Google Tensor G2
  • RAM/Storage : 12 GB with 256/512 GB
  • Battery : 4,821 mAh with 30 W and 5 w wireless load
  • Camera : 48MP F/1.7 Large, 10.8MP F/2.2 Ultra-Large (121 °), 10.8 f/3.05 Telephoto, 8MP F/2.0 at the front (interior), 9.5MP F/2.2 (exterior)
  • Sustainability : IPX8
  • Price : 1900 €

News from the Google Pixel Fold model

Again, a week is not enough to assess and give a final verdict on a product, and even less on a foldable smartphone from the promoter of Android himself. Aspects such as the resistance of the hinge and the flexible screen after 1,000, 25,000 and 200,000 folds remain unanswered. After-sales service is another large gray area. So listen to other upcoming assessments.

For the moment, however, here is my report of the experience of Google Pixel Fold after seven days, starting with its greatest successes and pursuing with the areas in which it could improve.

1. A format that I would like to see more often

Thanks to the broader format of the Pixel Fold (on the left), most applications seem less cramped than on the Z Fold 4 of Samsung (right). June Wan/ZDNET

From the unpacking of the Google Pixel Fold, you will notice how short, wider and finer than the other foldable smartphones. Using the 5.8 -inch external screen in 17.4: 9 format, we no longer have the impression of using a classic smartphone than, let’s say, a remote control. Naturally, I felt comfortable with the external screen; Scrolling down social media does not give the impression of a confined flow of images and texts, and watch videos (16: 9, 18: 9, or even 21: 9) gives the impression of being on A normal smartphone.

This is a good thing, because the assimilation of the foldable experience is already a fairly steep learning curve; Having to relearn your most popular applications and services is an additional constraint.

By unfolding the new pixel, we discover a 7.6 -inch OLED screen that corresponds to what is expected of a foldable flagship smartphone. Its 120 Hz slab reproduces the images and videos with just what it takes to radiate and color, and there is the inevitable line that radiates in the center of the screen, the fold of the smartphone. If you pass your finger from one side to the other on the screen, you will certainly feel the curvature. Visually, however, it did not bother me at all.

What frustrated to me was the lack of brightness of the Pixel Fold, and it is not the first pixel device with which I have problems to distinguish the text and use the viewfinder outside. During a sunny afternoon where I tested the machine, the maximum brightness of 1,200 nits of the Pixel Fold (1550 nits in crest) was not enough for me to see clearly what was displayed on the screen when I captured images and videos.

Aside from that, and the fact that this smaller smartphone weighs heavier (283 g) than the Pixel Fold (263 g), I am a fan of the design of the Pixel Fold. It is easier to store and unfold, the interior screen has letterboxing (adding black bands to adapt to the original format of a video) smaller when watching movies, and the hinge is strong enough So that I can with confidence position the smartphone in Tent mode for a hand -style viewing.

2. A pixel camera system, supported by design

If you are a follower of technical specifications, you may be disappointed to learn that the Pixel Fold does not have the same camera system as the flagship pixel 7 pro. At the back of the new phone is a 48MP main sensor (against 50MP for the Pixel 7 Pro), an ultra-large lens of 10.8MP (against 12MP) and a 10.8MP telephoto lens (against 48MP). In practice, Pixel Fold’s cameras remained efficient, in particular with regard to HDR treatment, flesh tones and color balance.

Little Island in New York, captured by the 48 megapixel main sensor. June Wan/ZDNET

Where the Pixel Fold is really good, and largely compensates for a “lower” quality camera, it is in long exposure photography and selfies. By nature, the Pixel Fold is its own tripod. It is impossible to do better than put a phone, tilt half the screen (and the cameras behind) according to the desired angle, press the capture key and let the magic of light make the rest.

The images taken with super res zoom are impressive sharpness. June Wan/ZDNET

I am based in New York, so astrophotography is out of the question, but I see the Pixel Fold as an all-in-one camera if you find yourself in the north of the state or in a region full of Stars and objects from the deep sky.

As for selfies, this is the best camera for selfie from all Google Pixel, and it’s not a surprise. By unfolding the viewfinder and displaying it on the outdoor screen, you can use the rear cameras (including the ultra-worker and the telephoto) of the Pixel Fold to take net and suitable selfies for groups. In this case, the gesture command “showing the palm to capture” of the phone is the most effective. Otherwise, you will have to have your longest fingers to reach the shutter button when the device is unfolded !

3. The whole Google Software, today and tomorrow

The favorite functions of fans such as call screening (call filter), Magic Eraser (sort of magic eraser) and the free vpn service of Google are present on the Pixel Fold. I am therefore happy to see that the company has not lost its identity in the process of developing the new type of smartphone. Such characteristics are the ones I have learned to appreciate and that I always look forward to reusing each time I test a pixel again.

Similarly, elements like the flashlight with warmer tones, double tape on the back (of the device) and the nice animations (the icons of the applications, the widgets and the wallpaper which are slowly sucked in the center of the screen when you close the phone – clearly show that Google is ultimately a company focused on the software and which acts at the very level of the system.

What really excuses me on the software side of Pixel Fold is the next double -screen translation mode. By taking advantage of the two faces of the phone and the Google Tensor G2 chip, you will soon be able to communicate with other people who speak a different language, seeing the transcriptions translated in real time. This functionality, as well as the optimizations of YouTube in Tabletus mode (device folded by half), are some of the software promises that I will keep in the eye, and which I will most certainly test, as part of an exam long term.

What I would like to see in the next model

It is laudable to see how Google has managed to infuse the best aspects of the Pixel phone experience in a new factor of form. But keep in mind that these reference devices cost less than half of what the company invoices for Pixel Fold. And it would be a fault on my part not to highlight the opportunities that can benefit the device.

1. Better continuity of applications and multitasking

To take full advantage of the large 7.6 -inch screen of Pixel Fold, the shared screen is your best friend. A simple shift in the top followed by a support from the navigation bar shows a task bar, which presents your anchored applications and the most recent applications. From there, you can drag and drop to place the applications to the left or right of the screen, slide the separator to adapt the scale of the two halves, and double-cut to switch on one side to the ‘other.

It was when sharing images via messages that the shared screen turned out to be the most useful. With Google Photos open on half and messages on the other, sharing an image is as simple as sliding from the gallery to the field of text.

The problem is that it is not possible to share the screen with more than two applications at a time, and there is no way to predefine apps for applications. It is rare that I do multitasking with three applications, but I have encountered many foldable phones users who are more imaginative, especially drivers who want to consult information while displaying navigation.

And when I find myself reopening certain combinations of application, it may seem unproductive not to be able to open the two at once – as I could do on the Galaxy Z Fold.

Finally, from what Google indicated to me, the continuity of the applications from the internal screen to the external screen only works with applications intended to operate in the background, which means that YouTube and Camera will reappear automatically on the external screen when I fold the phone, while Google Chrome and Instagram will not do it. I would like to be able to authorize this transition with all applications and services.

2. Give me a pen, a stylus, something !

If there is one thing that is really lacking in Pixel Fold, it is a owner stylus for taking notes, sketches and other graphic applications. Samsung has filled this gap by delivering the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with the S Pen, and the use of the larger screen of the Pixel Fold made me regret that it is not also equipped with stylus.

Does it surprise me that Google did not associate its very first foldable phone with a stylus ? No way. The recent company Pixel of the company, which has an even larger surface for notes and scribbles, is not equipped with this accessory.

And the fact that Google has chosen to launch the Pixel Fold with a G2 Tensor chip – while a Tensor G3 is potentially planned for the fall – makes me say that this € 1,900 device will not be the most powerful smartphone of the company in 2023.

What to think of Google Pixel Fold in the end ?

For a first generation foldable device, it has more good than bad points. After a week of testing, I have not yet seen a bizarre application or deformation of the images when I go from one screen to another. This one gives way the Pixel Fold at the top of my list of the best foldable phones.

Should I buy one ?

To summarize, I would recommend the Pixel Fold to two types of users. Fans of the Pixel phone experience. And those who want a foldable smartphone-table with the smallest learning curve.

If you are a student who has a limited portfolio, then no, a phone that costs € 1900 because it can bend and double a tripod is not worth it. But if you are currently using a phone and a tablet for work and leisure, and you prefer the convenience and features of the two devices in one, then this phone is made for you.

My last purchasing advice is to go to your local operator store and see the offers it offers. You could leave with a Pixel Fold benefiting from a reduction.

Between these two very high-end foldable models, a notable difference easily places one above the other.

Follow all Zdnet’s news on Google News.

By June Wan | Wednesday June 28, 2023