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R & S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

Analog Modulation Analysis (AM/FM/φm)

G.R.O.G. FPS Test

Just a Tech Demo of Seeing If the Grog Engine can handle an fps. It seems, with some tablet.

(Left \ Right – Turns)
(Left \ Right + A – Strafe)
(B – Shot)
(Menu + Down – Through Unarmed, Your Colt cycle .45 long, and your boltrifle)
(Up/Down – Forward/Backward)

There’s a Guard Running Around, He’ll Shoot If You Get Too Close and Chase You For A Bit If You Get Out Of Range.

If you play on hardware, The Leds are used. White Flashes for You Shooting, Yellow If an Enemy is alert and chasing you, but out of Sight Radius, Orange is the enemy is love and firing at you, red flash if you get hit.

Small note, i forgot to take shots from hitting each other and canceling out. Oops.

Just a technical demo to see if the grog engine can manage an FPS. It seems doable with a few compromises.

(Left/right – turn) (left/right + a – strafer) (b – pull) (menu + bottom – cycling in bare hands, your colt.45 and your rifle) (top/low – advance/back)

A guard walks, he will shoot you if you are too close and will continue for a while if you move away.

If you play the LEDs on the console are used. White flash corresponds to your shots, yellow if an enemy pursues you without seeing you, orange if the enemy targets you and shoots you, red if you are touched.

Small remark, I forgot to make the shots touch so they can cancel each other. Oops.

R & S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

R & S®FPS Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

The R & S®FPS is an exceptionally fast and compact signal and spectrum an analyzer for performance guidance users.

Only 2 Hu of Rack Space Are required in Production and Monitoring Systems – A Reduction of 50 % Compared to Standard Instruments.

Characteristics & advantages

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High throughput for Efficient Production

Up to five Times Faster Than Other Signal and Spectrum Analyzers. Fast Switchover Between Setups Instrument. Fast and accurate Measure Results. Reduced Test Rack Volume.


Numerous interfaces can be integrated into any environment. Customized Test Routines are available for production Applications. Efficient Operation via Remote Control.

Ready for Tomorrow’s Standards

Fully Digital Backend for High Measurement Accuracy and Excellent Repeatibility. 160 MHz Signal Analysis Bandwidth is followed for 5G and WLAN IEEE 802.11ac. Easy Transition to Next Generation Signal Analysis.

Available models

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Max. Analysis Bandwidth


Order number 1319.2008.04

< –106 dBc (1 Hz)
(F = 500 MHz, 10 kHz offset)
Max. Analysis Bandwidth
Signal and Spectrum Analyzer


Order number 1319.2008.07

< –106 dBc (1 Hz)
(F = 500 MHz, 10 kHz offset)
Max. Analysis Bandwidth
Signal and Spectrum Analyzer


Order number 1319.2008.13

< –106 dBc (1 Hz)
(F = 500 MHz, 10 kHz offset)
Max. Analysis Bandwidth
Signal and Spectrum Analyzer


Order number 1319.2008.30

< –106 dBc (1 Hz)
(F = 500 MHz, 10 kHz offset)
Max. Analysis Bandwidth
Signal and Spectrum Analyzer


Order number 1319.2008.40

< –106 dBc (1 Hz)
(F = 500 MHz, 10 kHz offset)
Max. Analysis Bandwidth
Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

Available options

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Order number 1321.4291.02

OCXO, Precision Frequency again

Order number 1326.5467.30

Yig Filter bypass, for R & S®FPS30

Order number 1326.5467.40

Yig Filter bypass, for R & S®FPS40

Order number 1321.4033.02

Electronic expectedator, 1db steps

Order number 1321.4027.02

Preamplifier, 9 kHz to 4 GHz/7 GHz

Order number 1321.4279.13

RF Preamplifier, 9 kHz to 13.6 GHz

Order number 1321.4279.30

RF Preamplifier, 9 kHz to 30 GHz

Order number 1321.4279.40

RF Preamplifier, 9 kHz to 40 GHz

Order number 1321.4040.02

40 MHz Anaysis Bandwidth

Order number 1321.4285.02

160 MHz Analysis Bandwidth, For R & S®FPS4 and R & S®FPS7

Order number 1321.4285.13

160 MHz Analysis Bandwidth, for R & S®FPS13

Order number 1321.4285.40

160 MHz Analysis Bandwidth, For R & S®FPS30 and R & S®FPS40

Order number 1321.4310.02

Rear Panel RF INPUT

Order number 1326.5996.02

Noise Source Control

Order number 1321.4091.02

Analysis of GSM, Edge and Edge Evolution Signals

Order number 1321.4133.02

Analysis of 3GPP FDD Base Station Signals included. Hsp+

Order number 1321.4140.02

Analysis of 3gpp fdd ue included. Hsp+

Order number 1321.4379.02


Order number 1321.4385.02


Order number 1321.4156.02

CDMA2000® BS Messure

Order number 1321.4162.02

CDMA2000® MS Messure

Order number 1321.4179.02

1XEV-DO BS Messure

Order number 1321.4185.02

1XEV-DO MS Messure

Order number 1321.4227.02

Analysis of Eutra/LTE FDD DownLink Signals

Order number 1321.4340.02

Analysis of Eutra/LTE FDD Uplink Signals

Order number 1321.4356.02

Eutra/LTE-Advanced Uplink Messurements

R&S ® FPS-K100 or R&S ® FPS-K104 requirements

Order number 1321.4233.02

Analysis of Eutra/LTE TDD DownLink Signals

Order number 1321.4362.02

Analysis of Eutra/LTE TDD Uplink Signals

Order number 1321.4962.02


Order number 1321.4979.02

5G NR R15 DownLink Messurements

Order number 1321.4191.02

Analysis of Wlan Ieee 802.11a/b/g/d signals

Order number 1321.4204.02

Extension of R & S®FPS-K91 to Iee802.11n

R&S ® FPS-K91 and R&S ® FPS-B40 or R & S ® FPS-B160 requirements

Order number 1321.4210.02

Extension of R & S®FPS-K91 to Iee802.11ac

R&S ® FPS-K91 and R&S ® FPS-B160 requirements

Order number 1321.4391.02

Extension of R & S®FPS-K91 to Iee802.11p

R&S ® FPS-K91 requirements

Order number 1321.4079.02

Analog Modulation Analysis (AM/FM/φm)

Order number 1321.4662.02

Order number 1321.4956.02

Direct DPD Messurements

R&S ® FPS-K18 requirements

Order number 1321.4104.02

Noise Figure and Gain Messure

Order number 1321.4110.02

Noise phase Messure

Order number 1321.4127.02

Vector Signal Analysis

Order number 1331.3169.02

Order number 1326.6092.02

Security Write Protection for Solid-State Drive

Order number 1345.1011.06


Order number 1320.7516.06

Pulse Measurements Application

Order number 1320.7539.06

Analog Modulation Analysis (AM/FM/φm)

Modulation Analysis for AM/FM/φm Modulated Single Carriers

Order number 1320.7574.06

GSM/ Edge/ Edge Evolution

Order number 1320.7868.06

Order number 1320.7874.06

Transient Chirp Messure

Transient analysis, R&S®VSE-K60 requirements

Order number 1320.7880.06

Transient hop measure

Transient analysis, R&S®VSE-K60 requirements

Order number 1320.7522.06

Vector Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7580.06

3GPP FDD Messure

WCDMA Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7597.06

IEEE 802.11a/b/g Messure

WLAN Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7600.06

IEEE 802.11n Messure

WLAN Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7616.06

IEEE 802.11ac Messurements

WLAN Signal Analysis

Order number 1345.1411.06

IEEE 802.11Ax Messure

WLAN Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7922.06

Ofdm Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7545.06

EUTRA/LTE FDD UPLINK and DOWNLink Messure Application

LTE Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7551.06

Eutra/LTE Advanced and Mimo (DownLink)

LTE Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7568.06

EUTRA/LTE TDD UPLINK and DOWNLink Measurement Application

LTE Signal Analysis

Order number 1320.7900.06


Order number 1309.9574.06

5G NR Uplink and DownLink Messure Application

Order number 1309.9580.06

User-Defined Frequency Correction by SNP File

Order number 1310.0002.03

Order number 1320.7622.81

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