Fruitz Opinion: Our opinion and the testimony of users, Fruitz: Very mixed user reviews on the forum

Fruitz: Internet users and consumers give their opinion on the forum

This is the whole concept of the meeting application, a fruit symbolizes from the start what singles is looking for:

Fruitz reviews: our opinion and the testimony of users

Meeting applications are more and more present in the dating market, competition is therefore tough. However, Fruitz stands out with its rather fruity concept. Is it worth its place in our ranking of the best meeting applications ?

We answer this question today by sharing you OUR Reviews on Fruitz, its features, prices and user testimony.

Our opinion on Fruitz in short

In summary

Fruitz is a great dating application for young people. Its original concept won the hearts of millions of singles and it is completely justified.
Honesty is essential and that is what makes it its strength. Here, all the meetings are possible and everyone knows it. Well done !

Our opinion on Fruitz is positive. His concept has attracted us and the idea of ​​getting the message across with fruit is very original. This allowsto go straight to the point Without claiming it loud and clear.

The present features are original And efficient, This allows the application to stand out greatly from the biggest competitors such as our opinion on Tinder or our opinion on Bumble.

Presentation of Fruitz

Launched 2017 And 100% French, Fruitz is undoubtedly one of the most recent dating applications on the online meeting market.

How to register on Fruitz ?

Registration is 100% and very fast to do. The application is Available on Android and iOS, and is compatible with all smartphones.

Fruitz Meeting App

Here are the steps to follow to register on Fruitz:

  1. Download the Fruitz app to your phone;
  2. For the creation of your account, just manually enter some information, or use your Facebook account to go faster.
  3. It will be necessary Indicate the fruit corresponding to your desires and your research.
  4. Once the registration is completed, it will remain Add a profile photo. We put on: photos of yourself alone, where you smile, well -framed and sufficiently clear photos.
  5. Finally, it will be necessary Add a description to your profile. A crucial step to attract singles and maximize your chances of meetings.


Fruitz Request for dating

Fruit communication

The foundations of the Fruitz application, communication by fruit. Here you share your intentions with one of the 4 fruits offered:

  • There cherry for a serious relation
  • There bunch of grapes For a simple meeting over a drink
  • There watermelon To have a regular and without headache
  • There fishing For an ephemeral relationship

There messaging provision is simple but essential and allows singles of the community to be able to exchange freely once they have a match.


A feature that allows us to know what fruit the other users have chosen. Female singles can Discover unlimited fruits profiles that interest them. Male singles are only allowed to 3 Fruit discoveries every 12 hours.

Fruitz Avis

Juicy questions

Unlike the majority of dating applications, Fruitz does not abandon you once you have matched with a profile. It provides you with Hanging sentences to break the ice And allow you to have an answer in return. This manifests in the form of Dilemma questions To encourage the interlocutor to answer and be curious.


Otherwise called “Match”By most applications, the smoothie juice here refers to the reciprocal interest of two profiles. Once the two profiles have read each other, a match is formed and the discussion can then start.


An interesting feature for protect yourself from all types of malicious profiles or not respecting the CGUs of the Fruitz application. “Pass” allows you to block an unwanted profile at any time.


A functionality that really stands out for competition, Crushnote allows Write on your profile a very specific message for a targeted user. He will be the only one who can see him and will receive a notification indicating that a crushnote has been made for him. A great opportunity to declare your flame discreetly.


The latest feature is only available if you subscribe to a paying subscription. Pollen allows trigger a targeted and geolocated event and propel the member’s profile holding him as a priority with other members of the community.

The community on the Fruitz application

Fruitz Apps Meetings

Even if the dating application remains very recent, Fruitz has a very dynamic And reactive. The age group goes from 18 to 25, So she is younger that competitors, and she knows exactly what she wants thanks to the fruits.

Fruitz’s major asset is reward system for the most active members. For retain your community, The application sends gifts such as Additional Crushnotes or some discovery.

Also, Fruitz provides badges. These are obtained whenever you make a goal as for example: Match with 10 people. A good way to retain singles and make them stay longer on the platform.

Fruitz subscription prices

Fruitz Avis

As with all dating applications, it is possible to use Fruitz for free. However, if you want to take advantage of all the features and maximize your chances of meetings, a Premium subscription is available.

  • € 7.99 For a month of engagement
  • € 6.49 per month for 3 months of engagement
  • € 4.99 per month for 6 months of subscription

Rather correct rates that make the application accessible for all.

Note that Premium subscriptions are automatically renewed, So if you no longer want to take advantage of Fruitz’s services, you will have to unsubscribe manually. Finally, the price of renewal is done by edge, That is to say that for the 3-month subscription, you will be deducted directly from € 19.49. For the 6 -month subscription, it will be directly € 29.99.

Crushnotes pack

Although the crushnote is available under the free version, this feature remains quite limited. Indeed, only 1 crushnote can be used every 12 hours Whether you are a man or a woman. If you want more, it is possible to have them 10 for € 3.49.

The advantages of the Premium Fruitz subscription

By subscribing to a subscription, you can benefit from many advantages immediately making your experience on the more interesting application.

  • You can Unlimited Liker
  • Use the functionality unlimited discovery
  • Have access to the option Pollen
  • Get More juicy questions
  • Sort the profiles According to the same chosen fruit

Stores notes

In addition to the testimonials on the Internet, the notes of the blinds of the mobile application are also available.

  • App Store : 4/5 for 21,000 reviews
  • Play store : 3/5 for 7,000 reviews

The notes of the Fruitz application blinds remain relatively high. The remarks present in the users of the application uses certain bugs encountered when they subscribed to a premium subscription.

Fortunately, theFruitz customer service team is very active on networks and does not miss a single comment to help members of the community.

Fruitz opinion

How to contact Fruitz customer service ?

As specified just above, the Fruitz customer service team is very active on the web. This is why, if you have a question concerning the operation of the application, a Faq is available directly on the official website.

But if you encounter problems when registering, your subscription or your experience on Fruitz, it is possible to contact them directly at the following email address: [email protected].

Fruitz: user reviews

To perfect our opinion on Fruitz, we share the opinions of users of the application. These are very positive and confirm how very promising this application is in the dating world.

This testimony is instead positive. He insists that it is quite possibleUse the application free Without having to subscribe to a subscription. In addition, the Fruitz loyalty system allows, even users of the free version, ofget bonuses To perfect their experience on the platform.

This second testimony is also positive and confirms the free use possible and without difficulties in the application. He also underlines the reactivity and the Availability of the moderation and customer service team. A real highlight that confirms efficiency and work behind the Fruitz application.

Fruitz Avis

The advantages and disadvantages of the Fruitz application

Before sharing our final opinion on Fruitz, we invite you to come back to the strengths and weaknesses of the Fruitz dating application.


  • Original and unambiguous concept
  • Many features
  • Interesting loyalty system


  • Community still too small
  • Only reserved for millennials
  • Possibility of knowing the fairly limited fruit

Our final opinion on Fruitz

Our final opinion on Fruitz is very positive. We fell in love with the concept and its originality. There quality of features and the community makes the application a major asset in the face of competition.

Although some features deserve to be more developed for the free version, our opinion is still as much favorable. Fruit communication allows you to have A simple, clear and efficient experience. A seriousness time saving appreciated in our society today.

Fruitz is, according to our opinion, the ideal dating application For millennials looking for a relationship without headache and in all honesty.

Fruitz: Internet users and consumers give their opinion on the forum

Fruitz site

Fruitz: 4 things to know about the meeting application

Fruitz apps

1- Fruitz: intentions displayed from the start

This is the whole concept of the meeting application, a fruit symbolizes from the start what singles is looking for:

Fishing: for a desire to fish with you #TESOIR
Grape: for a glass of wine without taking the cluster #pasde coupduningsoir
The cherry: to find your half #serious
Watermelon: for recurring hugs without seed #sexfriends

Fruitz app

2- The covid pandemic helped the growth of the application.

All the attraction of the application lies in the fact that we can find on the application of singles that we met on the street or public transport in your day.

But one wonders if you have to spend your day for a walk to meet more people and how close you have to be to end up in the “radar” of another member.

The perimeter is actually 250 meters which makes you do not have to meet the person properly said And that you can even meet people staying at home.

Fruitz hook phrase

3- Fruitz you chew the work to break the ice

You no longer even have to dig your head for the famous hooking sentence once you have “matched” with someone.

Fruitz offers you a list of already written questions, you just have to choose one to then start the cat with the person. Perfect for lazy people.

Fruitz opinion

4- Rather mixed customer feedback

On the AppStore or on Googleplay, we realize that feedback is rather mixed.

Among other things, there are many false profiles, bugs of the application with matches that stop net of day, or fairly high prices of paid versions (up to 170 euros all the same).

History of the Fruitz meeting application

Fruitz app presentation

Launched in 2017, Fruitz is an application of French meetings, Cocorico ! It was created by three young entrepreneurs: Romain Cohen, Alexandre Labbe, and Charles Messina.

They found that Many meetings of meetings were based on superficial exchanges and meetings without a future, and wanted to create an application that emphasized the quality of relationships. They wanted the concept of fruit to be an application that allows users to find people with similar interests and personalities.

Fruitz works on the principle of “natural selection”: users answer questions that allow them to better understand their personality, their interests and expectations in terms of relations. The application then uses these responses to offer compatible profiles, focusing on common interests rather than profile photos.

The application has enjoyed rapid success in France and other French -speaking countries. In 2019, it had more than 1.5 million users.

In 2020, Fruitz was bought by the Meetic group, the online meeting giant, owner of many brands (Okcupid, Pof, Tinder. )). The founders of Fruitz continued to work on the application within Meetic, seeking to develop new features to improve the user experience.

Fruitz application reviews

Fruitz user reviews

Opinions of Internet users on Fruitz

Share your feedback on the Fruitz dating site to help Internet users make the right choice your last name and email will not be displayed. You may have more information on our review policy here.


Posted on: 02/03/2022 – Date of experience: 02/15/2022

falsely free
Yes, finally a site to denounce this Apple Fruitz deception.

Happn, Bumble, Badoo. Same fight, free free apps for invoices that are, unlike meetings, very real .


Posted on: 02/09/2022 – Date of experience: 08/02/2022

If you consider that your IQ is greater than someone who will put an icing or an apricot to define their search for a partner then you will quickly understand that this application will not help you find the pearl. Everything is said in the very concept of the application, a magnet at Nobels lol price


Posted on: 07/02/2022 – Date of experience: 01/12/2021

too expensive
Fruitz is just super expensive. I paid 50 € for a subscription for 2 months with the vast majority of profiles that are false, it’s great anything.


Posted on: 08/10/2021 – Date of experience: 08/10/2021

not for me
Totally agree with the opinions, pay up to 170 euros for an app where you put a fishing if you want ken and a cherry if you want to make style we are a lover, we walk on the head !

As long as there are gogos to pay for that at the same time, people behind this application would be wrong to deprive themselves !