What are the best photo printing services? Comparison 2023, comparison test: mobile applications for photo printing (Cheerz, Lalalab, Photoweb and Printic)

Comparison test: Mobile applications for photo printing (Cheerz, Lalalab, Photoweb and Printic)

Cheerz is a mobile application and a photo drawing site that allows you to print your favorite photos directly from your phone and receive them at home in the form of magnificent quality prints.

What are the best photo printing services ? Comparison 2023

In any case, your photos most often take the form of an easy to share digital file by internet. Except that the display on a screen does not always do justice to your summer masterpieces (or winter, by the way). Also, why not print them on good old paper ? If so much printing is of quality, the photos come out sublimated and will also be able to please parents, grandparents or friends who may not use the Internet with your natural virtuosity.

But how to be sure that the result is of quality ? To answer this thorny question, we turned to online printing.

We have therefore submitted to six online printing services a set of images to print in postcard format (10×15 cm or approaching), and requested an enlargement in average format (between 30×45 or 40×60, depending on the options offered). In addition to the print quality, our criteria are also based on compliance with delivery times, solidity of the packaging and the final cost price.

Concretely, it gives what ? One thing is certain, printing services take the quality of order packaging very seriously. On our six tests, none has happened to be deteriorated despite the sometimes harsh treatment of carriers. If the boxes were from time to time, no print has happened damaged. And if it has still happened, each service tested proposed replacing deteriorated products through dedicated customer service.

The second observation, this time much less pleasing, concerns the prices. Indeed, those displayed on the site rarely correspond to what we actually pay at the exit. Between processing costs, participation in shipping costs, sometimes compulsory purchase of packs or different options (matt paper, shiny, with or without border, format 4: 3 or 3: 2, etc.), it is almost impossible to get a precise idea of ​​the cost price before switching to the cashier.

Finally, the majority of printing services offer standard prints or premium, The difference between the two qualities is not always obvious, especially since they all use the same printing materials (of Fuji origin or Kodak most of the time) and similar consumables. To be honest, we find ourselves thinking of the verdicts of the school of fans of the late Jacques Martin, where all the competitors came out victorious from the test. But we will be delighted in the end, since the quality is always there.

  • 1. Cewe
  • 2. Cheerz
  • 3. Freeprients
  • 4. Myfujifilm
  • 5. Photobox
  • 6. Service photo
  • How to make a good impression ?

1. Cewe

  • Overall quality of the service
  • Format 1: 1 to 16: 9 at single price
  • Ease of use

The European leader in photographic print provides a very good quality service as well as a significant variety of formats.

The European leader in photographic print provides a very good quality service as well as a significant variety of formats.

European leader in photographic print for the general public, German Cewe has been operating for a few years in its own name in France.

The company also provides the functioning of a dozen white marquet services (Fnac, Darty, Boulanger, Intermarché, Cdiscount, etc.). Like most of its competitors, Cewe offers a large number of products related to the impression of images, the most popular being by far photo albums.

Whether it is simple prints or more elaborate products, you will be able to go through the website, PC software (Windows and Mac) or an application to install on smartphone. Rather pleasant to use, the application only uses local or imported files from Google Photos, Apple Photos or Facebook. Your creations are stored locally on the computer or smartphone. The website allows you to host your images and creations (photo albums, for example) for six months maximum. If no order is made at this time, online storage will simply be emptied.

Furthermore, if you want to retouch your photos with precision, do not count on the application or the website for this, no sophisticated tools being available. However, it is possible to choose the width of the printed image, the length being automatically calculated as a function of the photo format (format varying between 1: 1 and 16: 9).

For each draw, you will be asked to choose the type of paper (standard or premium), the format (variable or fixed) and, possibly, to activate colorimetric optimization.

The prices charged by Cewe are at first sight competitive. The 10×15 draw (or up to 18.2 cm in length) is billed 0.14 € per unit in standard quality (0.17 € in quality premium), the price varying according to the quantity of prints ordered. By buying a printing pack of 1,000 prints, the unit price will increase for example at € 0.10. Note that the pack can be used in several times, over a period of 12 months.

For the purposes of this test, we ordered ten 10×15 prints in standard quality as well as a 40×60 enlargement. The first was logically billed at us € 1.40 in total, while the second cost us € 5.95. However, we must add to this price the shipping costs, calculated not on the overall order, but by type of draw: € 2.95 for 10×15 and € 4.95 for enlargement. In our case, this practically doubles the invoice: it therefore appears more advantageous to order larger quantities in order to minimize the proportion of shipping costs, which remain identical if you order 10 enlargements and 100 prints).

Finally, Cewe announces a delivery time of up to ten days. In fact, our order was delivered to us less than a week after its validation. No complaints on the quality of the packaging that has perfectly protected our prints and enlargement of the possible brutality of the carriers. The print quality gives full satisfaction, at all levels.

2. Cheerz

  • Ease of use.
  • Exceptional print quality.
  • Personalization options.

Cheerz is a mobile application and a photo drawing site that allows you to print your favorite photos directly from your phone and receive them at home in the form of magnificent quality prints.

Cheerz is a mobile application and a photo drawing site that allows you to print your favorite photos directly from your phone and receive them at home in the form of magnificent quality prints.

If Cheerz shows flexibility and originality for most of his photographic products, it is not the same for conventional prints.

In 10×15 (or rather 11×15), the site requires ordering at least 20 prints. This limit goes to five prints in 15×20 and 20×30, the other two formats ” classic »». The order procedure takes place from the website or from the application on smartphone. In one case as in the other, the interface is very intuitive.

The preparation of the command is limited to the choice of photos, to the adjustment of a few parameters (reframing, with or without white border, matt or shiny paper) and possible application of one of the filters offered. We suspect, a passage through a retreat application is essential if you wish to rework more precisely your photos beforehand.

Print photos must be on your computer’s hard drive, in your smartphone’s memory or on an Instagram, Facebook or Google Photos account. When constituting the order, an assistant indicates the possible problems you can encounter, in particular concerning the print quality in the event of a low definition of the image. In short, the support is effective and any person knowing a little bit of use a smartphone or a web browser can get out of it without problem.

On the other hand, it seems impossible to create a classic enlargement on Cheerz. To do this, it will be necessary to go through the “Wall Decoration” section and ask to make a poster (minimum dimension of 40×60 cm). The creation tool is then expanding on layout options to add several images on a draw. We lose in passing the possibility of applying a filter: but is it really a loss ?

At the time of this test, Cheerz invoiced the classic draw 11×15 to 0.35 € per unit. A decreased rate allows you to lighten the bill a little (€ 0.29 from 50 prints, € 0.25 per 100 prints then € 0.19 from 300 prints) the minimum remaining always 20 tests per order. Surprisingly, the minimum number of prints required descends to 10 as soon as you go through the smartphone application (without price change).

The 40×60 cm draw was billed for € 17, a sum that we consider excessive compared to what competition offers. In addition, the invoice, already salty, increases significantly with shipping costs: € 2.50 for the conventional prints to which are added € 5.90 for sending the enlargement enlargement. Just that … let us note all the same that the shipping costs are offered for any order of 50 € and more.

Cheerz announces a maximum delivery period for standard shipping: the deadline is held despite a warning concerning any delays related to the health crisis. The prints and the enlargement are delivered in two separate packaging, none of the two having suffered during transport. Our test images are perfectly restored: we were not waiting for the price requested from it.

3. Freeprients

  • 45 free prints per month
  • Effective smartphone app
  • Quality of prints

By offering a free basic service, Freeprints has serious assets to assert in order to attract occasional users.

By offering a free basic service, Freeprints has serious assets to assert in order to attract occasional users.

Free photographic prints, you are interested ? This is the promise of online service Freeprints.

In theory, its operating principle is simple: every month, you can order up to 45 free 10×15 prints, only shipping costs being the responsibility of the customer. Depending on the order, they vary between € 1.99 and € 5.99.

In practice, it will be necessary to compose with a few restrictions: the service is only accessible from a smartphone, via the free eponymous application; You can only order a single copy of the same image for free, the following ones being paid; Finally, only the 10×15 format (3: 2) is free, the others are paid.

Like most smartphones shoot images in 4: 3 format, it will be necessary to make a crop or pay an additional

The economic model of freeprints is therefore based on formats other than 10×15 (13×13, 13×18, 15×20, 20×25, 20×30, 25×38, 30×45, 60×90, 76×100, wallet), on multiple prints, but also on the different options offered throughout of the command process.

In fact, these are not really expensive per unit, we often let ourselves be tempted and the addition gradually climbs. The impressions are by default made on shiny paper, but it is possible to opt for a matte finish without supplement. Finally, a sponsorship mechanism allows any user to add free photos to their monthly quota (maximum 17 images, valid over six months).

The application is pretty well done. In addition to the images of the smartphone, it is possible to recover those of its Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Snapfish, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive accounts. A very summary publisher offers some basic functions (cropping, rotation, mirror, black & white filter): it is better to go beforehand by a more advanced application (like Snapseed, for example) in order to prepare its images or to add elements.

As part of this test, our order included 45 prints and was billed at € 5.99 (or € 0.13 per copy). It was delivered to us six days after being recorded. The tests comply with what we had ordered and perfectly excited. On the printing side, the colorimetry of the photos is respected and the result gives complete satisfaction. Finally, the 30×45 cm enlargement has arrived in a cardboard roll, one day after the 10×15 prints. Perfectly protected, he also met our expectations.

4. Myfujifilm

  • Simple interface to master
  • Quality of prints

Simple interface and quality of prints are the strong point of myfujifilm. We mainly regret the high “processing costs”.

Simple interface and quality of prints are the strong point of myfujifilm. We mainly regret the high “processing costs”.

Recognized actor in photographic industry, Fujifilm designs cameras, cameras and professional printing equipment.

It was therefore logical that the Japanese offers its own online printing service, witness to its know-how in the matter.

The Myfujifilm service works exclusively from a web browser. It will therefore be necessary to go through a computer, including to order photo prints made from a smartphone.

Here, drag and drop is required, which greatly simplifies the task. You will also be able to import images to Myfujifilm from the main social networks. Some rudimentary, but effective tools allow you to crop and slightly retouch the images. The option ” Improve the image “Boost the colors to make the draw more flattering to the eye. And in the event of a problem that can affect printing such as too low resolution or poor reframing from the format, a message warns you.

At the time of this test, the 10×15 draw was billed € 0.16 (or € 1.60 for our image game) and the enlargement 40×60 cm was worth € 8.90. The shipping costs are free for any order greater than € 36; In our case, we had to add € 4.90 for shipping, to which is added € 1.90 of ” Processing fee »». And we who were naively thought that these were included in printing costs ..

Once registered and settled, our order has reached us in five days, the indicative period being eight working days maximum. A double cardboard envelope protected 10×15 prints, when the enlargement was delivered to us rolled in a cardboard tube. The result is impeccable: the colorimetry is faithful (as long as we do not use the option of automatic image improvement) and the printing is neat.

5. Photobox

  • Very complete web interface
  • Creation sharing function
  • Quality of prints

Photobox shines with the exhaustiveness of its web interface, the possibilities of sharing its creations but also by the quality of the prints produced.

Photobox shines with the exhaustiveness of its web interface, the possibilities of sharing its creations but also by the quality of the prints produced.

Photobox offers a multitude of customizable products, including online photographic prints. They can be ordered from the service website or from an application.

By pure charity, we will not extend to the application, which would deserve the Grand Prix of the most badly fucked up of the decade. The website, on the other hand, offers interesting possibilities. The photos sent are stored on the user’s account and can be organized in albums. You can share them with friends by email or give access to other Photobox users. Good point for the label mechanism that we attach to each image in order to facilitate its research.

Photobox also offers the possibility of importing images from a computer, but also from an online storage service (Google Photos, Dropbox, Flickr) or even from a social network (Facebook or Instagram). However, it is impossible to edit or touch them online, no tools being offered for this. Damage.

Without being a model of ergonomics, the tool for creating and sharing albums as well as the printing procedure are simple to master. Obviously, Photobox achieves most of his profits on the creation of photo books. For good reason, as soon as we make a selection of images to print, the site proudly announces that a personalized book has been created, inviting us to visualize it by clicking on an image. Failing to be effective, this method is revealed, in the long run, a little boring.

Despite a lack of publishing tools, some slowness attributable to the website coding and a heartbreaking smartphone application, Photobox is still to be taken into account. It is indeed one of the few services to offer free storage of your photos without real time limit (we have for example always access to images imported on our account five years ago). The sharing of albums with friends (or on Facebook) also offers interesting possibilities. Finally, the prices charged are in the average of what the competition offers.

Ordered in small quantities, the 10×15 prints return to 0.20 € each (or 0.17 € in standard quality). The prices decrease according to the quantity of prints ordered to reach the record price of € 0.09 from… 1,500 prints, all the same. Fortunately, prices are starting to drop well before this threshold: € 0.16 for 20 standard prints, € 0.19 for 50 quality prints premium, etc. In all cases, Photobox ensures that the shipment is carried out on working day according to the acceptance of the order. Let us specify in passing that the prints can benefit from a brilliant or matte finish. The 40×60 enlargement cost us € 19.99 in standard quality.

During our test, we were able to verify that Photobox compared the time to send a working day for the 10×15 prints, our order having taken two additional days to be sent by La La Poste. The 30×45 enlargement has reached us four days later, with the private parcel carrier, selected by Photobox. To our surprise, the order was divided into three shipments: one for the enlargement, therefore, and two for the photos 10×15 depending on whether they were ordered in matte or brilliant finish. This undoubtedly explains the high shipping costs: 2 x € 1.99 for prints 10×15 and € 5.95 for the expansion.

On arrival, the order corresponded to our expectations, both in terms of the quality of the packaging (photos and posters arrived intact in irreproachable cardboard packaging) and printing, that we consider excellent.

Comparison test: Mobile applications for photo printing (Cheerz, Lalalab, Photoweb and Printic)

You want to print your Holiday photos Keep on your smartphone ? Or send Souvenir photos to a friend with a small side retro ? So them mobile applications To print your photos are made for you ! All offer various drawing formats, from standard 10 × 13 to square, as well as other various products such as posters, photo books, calendars, etc.

But what is a great success today, especially with the return of instant devices are the Polaroid square prints. We tested for you 4 of these applications with photos taken with a Motorola G4 Plus ::

Small gift sent by Lalalab with the pack: an origami fox

  • Cheerz, formerly Polabox, probably the best known on the market,
  • Lalalab, formerly Polagram and launched in 2012,
  • Photoweb, the oldest with its 80 million draws each year,
  • and finally Printic Launched in January 2013.
  • Handling of applications
  • Features and layout
  • Finished product quality: packaging, printing and paper
  • Cost and delivery time
  • Conclusion

Handling of applications

Winner: ex aequo (with a penalty for Photoweb for the lack of access to social accounts)

All these applications are rather intuitive And easy to use. After having downloaded them for free, simply select your type of draw from the menu: Vintage prints 8x10cm For Printic And 10x12cm For Lalalab, retro prints 8x10cm For Cheerz, and finally the vintage draw box in pole format 9x10cm For Photoweb.

From left to right: Cheerz, Photoweb, Printic and Lalalab

They have the same scrolling menu, then the same type of interface to choose your photos. Cheerz, Printic and Lalalab offer you, in addition to choosing your photos present on your smartphone, of you Connect to your social media accounts Like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Flickr (for Printic’s case), and your Dropbox (Printic and Lalalab). Alone Photoweb neglects this connection, Yet essential today.

Possibility to recover photos on your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc. accounts, etc. - from left to right: Cheerz, Printic and Lalalab

Note: when you choose your photos in one of these applications on an Android smartphone, the photos may be longer to load than on an iOS smartphone.

Features and layout

Winner: Printic (and Photoweb for the layout option)

Cheerz, Printic and Lalalab present the same features for theedition of your photos to a few differences. You can crop your photo, apply a filtered (Cheerz only), choose the border color around the image among a palette of more or less wide colors and add text below your photo with the possibility of changing the font. A little extra for Printic which also allows you to move your text on the picture (and not just below) and to change its color.

From left to right: cropping D

In addition to the simple cropping and a larger choice of colors and patterns for the border, the application Photoweb presents an in addition functionality. It is possible to apply a varied layout In your photo: on the same draw, you can put two photos one below the other, create a mosaic of 3 or 4 images, etc. You can crop each of them. This option is not necessarily very useful for those looking for an authentic pole appearance. Besides, Photoweb does not include the option to add text… It’s up to you by hand if you want to add a note !

Possibility of creating a different layout of

Finished product quality: packaging, printing and paper

Winner: Cheerz, for its print quality better than others, and Photoweb for the impressive quality of paper and respect for the POLA effect

These photo printing applications play a lot on the design brought to their packaging. Offer a nice, welcoming and neat packaging to its customers, is also a good way to bring them to share the result of their order on Instagram or Twitter. Cheerz, Printic and Lalalab send prints to Colorful envelopes. Only Lalalab does not protect its packaging with an additional cardboard-type mail envelope, which may be a bit light. The little bonus of Photoweb It is that it includes in the price of its vintage print pack, regardless of the number of prints, a pretty Colorful cardboard box that you can choose Among a dozen. Cheerz also offers several boxes but they are not immediately included with the purchase of pole prints.

Small nice packaging with colorful envelopes, and a pretty box for Photoweb - from left to right and from top to bottom: Cheerz, Photoweb, Printic, Lalalab

Among these 4 applications, the Printing quality difference is visible. It is Cheerz who prevails with his hand with his net rendering And respectful of colors and black and white. The image seems more defined and neat. Just behind, Photoweb does not deserve its second place with a print quality less clear than that of Cheerz, but a Good color rendering.

From left to right and from top to bottom: Cheerz, Photoweb, Printic and Lalalab (10x12 format) - The best quality of Details of the 4 rendered D

Images printed in Printic appear more blurred, with a slightly greener rendering for black and white and darker for colors. But it’s Lalalab which wins the palm of the worse printing : the images are much more blurred, colors less intense, and gray grades saw in Green. And the fact that the print size is wider (10 × 12) is not sufficient reason.

Blacks and whites have a better rendering at Cheerz, a correct rendering for Photoweb and a little more blue-green for Printic. But gray grades are greenery at Lalalab, as you can see in the sky Details of the black and white rendering between Lalalab and the other applications

The quality of the paper is also distinguished between the 4 products, although all use a satin paper. Printic And Lalalab use the same Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme, standard in quick and economical photo printing. On this paper, the protective varnish is more fragile, and the photos more easily striking. Cheerz Choose the top of the range by printing on the very good paper Argentic Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II (Digital Paper), a little thicker and with a more protective varnish.

Back of prints: Cheerz's silver paper is brand -free; that of Photoweb includes a black setting behind L

But it’s Photoweb which impresses the most with sound Paper almost similar to that of a real polaroid with his textured and his rigidity : the paper used is a white, satin coated paper, the brand and the model of which were not communicated to us. To this is added a Good protective varnish scratch. The texture preventing from writing on the front border, it is possible to write on the back with a pen or a pencil, especially on the black setting present just behind the image.

Textured paper for a more authentic pola effect

Cost and delivery time

Winner: Cheerz (economical and fast)

For an order of several retro / vintage prints, the one who has been shown The most profitable and the fastest, It is Cheerz without hesitation. By unit (at least 10 prints), the price amounts to € 0.40, which is therefore a penny more expensive than the price to the unit of Printic and Lalalab … a very meager difference so ! But Cheerz offers a pack of 50 prints at 15 € only. For quality and quantity, it is an interesting matter. HAS € 1 delivery, It was also Cheerz who was the fastest, for an order of 45 prints taken on Friday and arrived on Tuesday after.

Although having identical prices for their printsunit (0.39 €), without proposal for the choice of pack, Printic And Lalalab seem to differ in the delivery time. In the case of our order, it is Lalalab, at € 1.99 delivery, which was the faster For an order of 10 prints placed on a Monday and arrived on Thursday of the same week; The 10 printic prints took a week to reach us.

Pack sent by Printic and received within 1 week

Finally, Photoweb stands out a bit from the other applications because there is no unit command: the only option of retro photos is their “Vintage draw box” which cost € 9.95 For 12 photos minimum; Beyond that you have to add € 0.39 for each additional draw until you reach a maximum of 36 photos per box. A box of 36 prints thus costs 19 €, more expensive than the 50 of Cheerz pack. The delivery price varies according to the chosen modes: Simple sending at € 3.99, Colissimo at € 4.99 and express shipping at € 17.99. In Colissimo, the package arrived in 4 working days.

Pack of 45 prints sent by Cheerz, with a few little words D


At the end of this comparison, and as part of our order, we can say that we have a Preference for Cheerz and Photoweb. Of course, your preference will depend on the use you want to make of your retro prints, if you favor quantity (for a room decoration for example) and economy, or on the contrary quality (for a gift).

But in terms of print quality and of value for money, It is Cheerz most. This service can therefore contact those who would like to develop vacation photos and memories, while giving them a little retro.

As of Photoweb, In view of the exceptional quality of sound textured paper (but from its slightly higher price), it will be able to satisfy those who want to offer an original gift or want to get as authentically as possible from the pole effect.

Here is our final podium, with Cheerz and Photoweb in mind for their quality listed just above. Printic is placed in second position for a slightly less blurred print quality than that of Lalalab and more successful layout features . Lalalab arrives last due to its little clear printing and its slower delivery time.

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Easily do it in the app

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Pay via Google and Apple Pay

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