French Iban arrives at N26, the RIB N26 is now French

French Iban arrives at N26

*French IBAN will soon be offered to existing customers.

Bleu Blanc Rib: French Iban arrives at N26

French IBAN

From now on, all new customers in France will have access to a 100% Made in France N26 account, associated with a French RIB.

05 July 2023

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Today, the N26 bank is pleased to announce a big news concerning its French market: now, all new customers in France will have access to an N26 account 100% made in France, associated with a French RIB.

Very soon, our nearly 3 million customers in France are in turn will be able to benefit from it.

An important step to simplify the bank on a daily basis

The launch of French IBAN is an important step for N26, as a bank with a European banking license and offering its services in 24 countries to more than 8 million customers.

So far, all N26 accounts have had a German Iban in France, starting with “de”. Despite the obligation in the SEPA zone to accept all European Ibans, it happens that N26 Ibans are refused by certain organizations or traders. Now, N26 has a branch in France and can offer bank accounts associated with a French RIB, with an IBAN which therefore begins with “FR”.

The launch of French Iban will simplify the way our customers manage their daily money. With the French RIB, N26 customers will be able to make N26 their everyday bank account, and easily domicile all their transactions there.

After the launch of the Italian and Spanish Iban, N26 proudly carries the colors “Blue, White, Rib”. Moreover, N26 can boast of becoming the first European bank which offers local Ibans in the 4 main countries of the European Union (Germany, Spain, France and Italy).

French Iban to manage its budget directly in its N26 application

Today, no more refusals or difficulties in setting up a direct debit or receiving a refund on your German account. With your N26 account made in France Associated with a French RIB, you can now directly provide your IBAN N26 to your employer, your insurance, your mutual insurance company, your gym etc ..

“French Iban is the start of a new chapter with our customers and future customers ! Domiciliation of salary, management of automatic levies or monthly subscriptions, empowerment of banking mobility, so many key points that will become a children’s game for customers who want to make N26 their main account !», details Jérémie Rosselli, the director general for the French market.

You can manage your transactions in the blink of an eye or almost from your N26 bank account. From your phone and thanks to your French IBAN, you can thus set up all your automatic samples to pay your invoices automatically or your rent, but also receive all your social benefits, wages, and reimbursements.

From now on, a banking domiciliation service is also available for all new customers who wish to make N26 their main bank account: the procedure is automated and is also accessible from the N26 application.

A blue background, a smart card, a smartphone that shows French Iban

A gradual deployment of the French RIB for all N26 customers

As of now, all new N26 accounts open in France have a French RIB. We know that many of our existing customers are waiting today to be able to go to a French IBAN too. Our teams are fully mobilized to allow them to do so as soon as possible. Of course, we will inform all of our customers in due time. We also invite you to follow us on social networks @n26fr so as not to miss any information about us.

You too join the bank we love

If you do not have an N26 account yet, it’s time to discover the bank, better and now with a French IBAN. Equipped with your phone, an identity document and proof of address accepted by our services, you can open your bank account in a few minutes and start using it immediately.

You have the choice among several accounts, the standard N26 offer, without monthly expenses or income or use conditions, but also premium accounts, with even more features to manage your budget more easily, and even insurance.

Whatever account you choose, you can start managing everything from your phone: your PIN code, your ceilings, your card settings and all your transfers, samples and payments. In addition to receiving notifications with each transaction, you will access the monthly statistics of your expenses, to advantages from partner brands and more … Above all, our customer service remains available when you need it, 7 days a week.

To find out more, go to N26 and discover the bank account that suits you.

French Iban arrives at N26

Discover a bank account designed for your daily life, now associated with a French IBAN, to always simplify the management of your money*.

With N26, a few minutes are enough to open an account and enjoy a RIB Made in France Valid for all your daily operations.

*French IBAN will soon be offered to existing customers.

Card N26 Smart and Parisian roofs

Home screen of the N26 app

Advantages of the N26 account with a French RIB

Get a French IBAN now by opening an N26 account, and enjoy a banking experience that saves you time by simplifying:

  • Payment of your invoices (internet, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Payment of your subscriptions (streaming platform, sports club, etc.)
  • Your automatic samples and other recurring transfers
  • Receipt of your salary or social benefits

Why choose N26

✓ Manage all your operations from your phone, with a French RIB
✓ Make withdrawals at no cost in the euro zone
✓ Receive instant notifications and follow your balance in real time
✓ Access the statistics of your expenses and sub-accounts to save
✓ Take advantage of advanced safety settings to protect your account
✓ Protect your funds up to 100,000 euros

French iban: what is it ?

French IBAN is a unique international number associated with your bank account which allows it to be identified and begins with “FR”. This one appears on your rib.

Your IBAN is necessary to make rapid and secure national or international payments and transfers.

French IBAN, N26 card and shopping basket

Phone showing the virtual card

Find the N26 card that looks like you

With the standard N26 standard account, get a virtual card for all your purchases. You prefer a physical card ? Order yours as an option, or choose a premium account associated with a colored or steel card.

You can customize your PIN code, lock your card from your phone, and add it to your wallet to make Apple Pay or Google Pay Mobile Payments

Manage your budget with innovative tools

How to save ? With tools and features designed to facilitate the management of your budget: statistics of your expenses, monitoring your balance and personalization of your expenditure ceilings in real time ..

With a premium account, you also access spaces, to put money aside at your own pace.

Shared Spaces Screen

Share your RIB N26 and receive your salary

Communicate your RIB N26 to your employer and directly receive your salary on your new bank account. Nothing can be easier than managing your entire budget directly from the N26 application.

N26 Metal - Carbon black

Standard N26 transparent card

N26 You, Petrol card

Open your N26 account associated with a French IBAN

N26 offers a secure banking experience that facilitates the management of your daily money. N26 Standard, N26 Smart, N26 You or N26 Metal: like nearly 3 million customers in France, find the N26 account adapted to your needs.

How to open a N26 account ?

To open an N26 account, you must be over 18 years old and live in France. You must also have a compatible phone. You will be asked to provide an identity document accepted by our services as well as a valid proof of address. Click here to open an account now.

How to get a rib n26 ?

Since the 29th.06.2023, all our customers who open a bank account automatically benefit from a RIB N26 with a French IBAN N26, that is to say that begins with letters fr.

Where can I find my French IBAN N26 and my RIB ?

To display your IBAN N26, go to the mobile application, in the my account section by pressing your initials at the top right of the home screen. You can easily copy it paste to share it. To download your RIB N26, go to your online customer area.