Freebox Delta S: the fastest box on the market at € 39.99/month, Freebox Delta or Delta S: which free Box Choose Choosing?

Freebox delta or delta s: which internet box free to choose

Another difference is at the level of Maximum amount rate in optical fiber: this is 700 Mbit/s for the Box Free Delta S, against 700 Mbit/s for the Delta.

Freebox Delta S: offer price and characteristics

There Freebox Delta S is the version double play From the Freebox Delta. This offer therefore integrates the Internet and fixed telephony, but not television . This Free Internet box is compatible with ADSL, VDSL2 and optical fiber.

Freebox Delta S

Its price is 39.99€/month, without engagement. This is the only free offer whose price does not evolve at the end of the first year of subscription.

In the table below, you will find the benefits And disadvantages offer:

  • Until 8 Gbit/s debit with the 10g Epon fiber !
  • ADSL : a flow until 10 times faster with the combination DSL+4G
  • Wi-Fi 6th : Take advantage of the latest generation of Wi-Fi with flows to 3 times faster that in Wi-Fi 5.
  • A fixed price and an offer without engagement
  • Television not included, Too bad there is no TV option
  • THE price remains relatively high knowing that there is not the TV included

Update on 05/06/2023.

The Freebox Delta S equipment

On the equipment side, the Freebox Delta has the same server as the Freebox Delta.

The only difference in the equipment is the absence of Delta player in the first box, since the Delta S does not integrate television in its formula.

With the Armv8 quad-core processor, The Freebox Delta S has the most powerful and most efficient processor on the market.

THE Server Delta S remains constantly at the forefront with Automatic and free updates which allow him to improve continuously with new features.

Finally, you will never run out of storage space: this box can integrate until 4 hard drives. You can also order an internal hard drive from 1 to For 40 €.

Here is what is the box of the Box Free Delta S ::

  1. Freeplug : USB-C connector and power cable
  2. Optical garter, SFP module for the Freebox Delta S fiber
  3. RJ11 cable and T adapter for the version ADSL.

Internet with the Freebox Delta S: the fastest speed on the market

Freebox Delta S Fiber

The Freebox Delta S (just like the Freebox Delta) claims the most fast of the market with the following internet flows in optical fiber.

If you are eligible for free fiber, the descending speed of your Box Free Delta S can go as far as 8 Gbit/s While the upright flow can reach the 700 Mbit/s. The connection speeds below are obtained thanks to the very last fiber 10g Epon which allows to obtain an unprecedented power and speed:

Freebox Delta S Adsl

Your accommodation is not connected to free fiber ? You can subscribe to Delta S in version ADSL And enjoy flows up to 10 times upper thanks to the new combination DSL+4G.

With this new feature, as soon as the ADSL slows down, it is 4G that takes over (within the limit of 250 GB per month) without even having time to realize it and above all, unpredictable !

Unlimited calls with the Delta S

Like the Other Freebox, there Delta S Allows you tounlimited THE Mobile and fixed of Metropolitan France And Dom.

You can also join in unlimited THE fixed over 110 destinations, notably Europe (including Switzerland), Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia (with among others China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos) and Central America.

Good to know you can enjoy Discounts on free mobile packages as’Freebox subscriber : THE Free 2h package goes from 2 €/month has 0 € per month, while the Free 210 GB package has 19.99 €/month becomes a Unlimited free 5g package has € 15.99/month.

TV with the Freebox Delta S

The Freebox Delta S is an offer Dual Play, That is to say, it is limited to the Internet and on the landline: television is therefore not included in the offer (unlike the Delta, which integrates television into its formula).

The delta s is aimed at users not having No need for TV offer But wishing to have a Ultra fast internet connection. To take advantage of television with Internet flows of the Freebox Delta S, you can take out a Freebox Delta.

How to watch TV with the freebox delta s ? Although the offer does not include a offer or TV option in its formula, it remains possible to watch TV through alternative solutions such as Channel websites (MyTF1, France.TV, 6play, Arte.TV, . ) or IPTV paid IPTV services such as Molotov TV.

What differences between the Freebox Delta and the Delta S ?

The main Difference between the Freebox Delta and the Freebox Delta S is the formula:

So she does not include the many services that make up the Delta TV offer such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Cafeyn subscriptions included, the test offered for 12 months of Canal+ series and 3 months for Disney+.

Another difference is at the level of Maximum amount rate in optical fiber: this is 700 Mbit/s for the Box Free Delta S, against 700 Mbit/s for the Delta.

THE Differences between freebox delta and delta sta therefore repercussions at the level of price With a double play offer like the Delta S necessarily cheaper than the Freebox Delta.

All Internet offers with

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Comparison of the Freebox Delta S with its competitors

The Free Delta box therefore belongs to the category of offers in double play, with Internet and phone.

With maximum flow of 8 Gbit/s, The Freebox Delta S is the fastest box on the market. However, its price of 39.99€/month is relatively pupil.

The table below compares equivalent formulas to other operators:

Freebox Delta S Test: Our opinion on the Double Play offer

The Free Delta S box has many advantages, particularly at the level of the quality of its Internet connection. Indeed, with the 10g Epon fiber and the Wi-Fi 6th, It is equipped with the latest technologies. These allow him to reach a maximum speed of 8 Gbit/s : It’s simply the Internet box the fastest of the market !

The version ADSL of the Freebox Delta S also has one of the highest connection speeds on the market, thanks in particular to the DSL + 4G combination Integrated in the Server Delta S. According to Free, this technology would make it possible to obtain ADSL flows up to 10 times higher !

However, The Delta S does not include television in its offer and does not offer No TV option in its formula. As such, its price of 39.99€/month may seem high when you know that for 10 euros more per month, it is possible to take out a Freebox Delta with notably Netflix, Amazon Prime and more than 270 TV channels.

Freebox Delta S, is it made for you ? It all depends on what you need. If the quality of Internet connection And the speed of the flow are your most important criteria when choosing your Internet box, then Go on the Freebox Delta S offer. Indeed, at this price (and even for more expensive), you will never have a higher speed ! This formula is made for users not looking at TV with their box. If you want watch TV With your freebox While keeping an ultra high speed connection, we advise you to opt for the Freebox Delta has 39.99 €/month the first year (then 49.99 €/month, without obligation). Otherwise, you can choose the Freebox Pop, less efficient but also cheaper with a Price less than 30 € per month the first year.


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  • The Free Package at € 19.99
  • The BeIN Sports option with its freebox
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Freebox delta or delta s: which internet box free to choose ?

Free is recognized for the speed of its Internet boxes. A new box is added to the operator’s catalog: the Freebox Delta S. What differentiates it from the freebox delta and which to favor ? We help you see more clearly.

Freebox Delta or Delta S Que Choisir

The editorial staff Ariase – published on 04/16/2023 at 11:26 am

The Freest Box Delta, the fastest box on the market

With its flow of up to 8 Gb/s descending and 700 Mb/s Amount offered by 10G Epon technology, the Freebox Delta explodes all its fiber competitors ! It is therefore ideal for downloading files and movies at lightning speed and enjoying it fully, without slowing down. This triple play fiber offer gives access to:

  • 270 TV channels including TV channels by Canal
  • Replay and registration services
  • Essential netflix and video premium included
  • The cinema vod platform
  • An optional 1 TB storage space
  • Calls to French fixes and mobiles and calls to international fixed
  • A Pop Wi-Fi repeater on request

Optionally, it can also be accompanied by a safety pack for accommodation made up of a remote control, a Wi-Fi security camera and a movement detector.

Freebox Delta S, La Box Free without television

The Freebox Delta S is an intermediate box similar to the Delta, with a few exceptions. Like her big sister, she prides herself to offer a maximum of power and speed with the fiber 10g Epon and its 8 GB/s flows for download and 700 Mb/s in transfer. It also benefits from the latest generation of Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi 6th, which allows you to connect even more devices and gives access to the same telephony services as the Delta as well as a NAS storage server of 1T optional.

The difference is that the Freebox Delta S does not give access to free TV channels. No player or speakers therefore, but in return a fixed price at € 39.99/month, which makes it long term more affordable than the freebox Delta subscription.

Freebox Delta or Delta S: which one to choose ?

These two internet boxes with the right value for money are without commitment, with activation fees of € 49, similar speeds and services, but they will not suit the same people. If the budget is a main criterion, the consumer will be more tempted by the Freebox Delta S. On the other hand, for those who do not wish to restrict themselves and have access to the TV, it is the Freebox Delta that will have to be favored.

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