Free VPN in France: Comparison of the best solutions of 2023, VPN France Free – Surf on the Internet Incognito in France

VPN France Free allows you to navigate anywhere where

Free VPN Atlas authorizes an unlimited number of devices. You can therefore cover all your connected supports (PC, tablet, smartphone and even smart TV) without having to subscribe once again. Besides, note that registration requires only an email address and a password, nothing more. You will not need to enter the slightest means of payment. Nothing will ever be debited to you. The advantage of its free offer is that you can delete your account at any time or keep it for as much time as you wish.

Free VPN in France: comparison of the best solutions of 2023

If you are looking to equip yourself with a VPN for France, the choice can be difficult. And if you want to benefit from free software, it will further complicate things. The most qualitative services are of course paid, and their free counterparts are often (not to say all the time) less secure, slower and generally limited in additional features. So, in order to help you, we will devote this article to the best free VPNs for France. We will quickly explain the advantages of such a tool, then we will review the most efficient software that you can get free.

Why use a VPN (free) in France ?

Many Internet users are equipped with a Virtual Private NOTEtwork, and it’s no coincidence. With this type software, you will have access to many advantages, in France and elsewhere. Indeed, such a service will first ensure your safety on the Internet and on connected applications.

When you know the risks linked to the use of the Internet (hacking, usurpation, spying), it makes sense. Such a service will encrypt your navigation data (such as your passwords or bank details) and will hide your IP address.

Thanks to these two processes, it will allow you to navigate anonymously and in peace. Even your internet access provider will not be able to know what you are doing online. But using a VPN in France also has other advantages. The most interesting is undoubtedly the bypass of geo-blockages.

By equipping yourself with a VPN for France, you will be able to access servers elsewhere in the world. This will allow you to thwart geo-restrictions, and to unlock new content, such as streaming platform catalogs, certain websites or television channels from other countries.

But this advantage is twofold: a VPN which has servers in France will also offer you the possibility of accessing your French content and services when traveling abroad.

Finally, be aware that with such a service, you can get rid of any limitations imposed by your Internet access provider, especially in terms of flows.

ExpressVPN, a premium VPN for France accessible free for 30 days

Before going to our ranking of the best free VPNs for France, there is software that we absolutely want to present to you: ExpressVPN. This premium supplier has optimal parameters and servers in France. In addition, it turns out that you can enjoy it for free for 30 days.

3000 servers

94 covered country

30 days satisfied or refunded

5 simultaneous connections

Our opinion : One of the best VPNs on the market !

How to do ? Nothing could be simpler: use the refund guarantee offered by the supplier. Subscribe to its service, use it during this period, then request the cancellation of your subscription and its refund to customer service when you want, before the 30th day.

You will then be reimbursed without having to justify yourself. This will allow you to access all the advantages of ExpressVPN without losing money. You will therefore benefit from infallible security: Advanced encryption of your navigation and full masking data of your IP address.

Free Expressvpn France

Note also that ExpressVPN is a so-called “no-log” service. This means that it does not keep any data relating to you or your online activity. This software also has more than 3000 servers located in 94 countries, including France. This will therefore allow you to connect wherever you want, including on French soil.

Therefore, ExpressVPN offers you the possibility of unlocking video streaming platforms, but also television channels or foreign websites, as well as these same French content from other countries. To go further, ExpressVPN has excellent speeds, and does not limit your traffic in any way (bandwidth).

ExpressVPN has supported P2P traffic since its application. The latter is also easy to use and adapts to all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, console, smart tv, router) and allows you to connect up to 5 at the same time.

Expressvpn customer support remains at your disposal 24/7, which will also be advantageous to never remain blocked to request the reimbursement of your subscription. So, if you want to enjoy a free and quality VPN in France over a period of one month (or less), this is the best solution that exists.

Cyberghost VPN, a free 45 -day trial period

The second tip for enjoying a quality VPN for France and free of charge is to choose a Cyberghost subscription. This supplier based in Romania offers a 45 -day warranty valid unconditionally on its packages lasting 6 months or more. To benefit from this excellent service for free, it will therefore be necessary to subscribe to Cyberghost and advance the costs. Rest assured, you will be fully reimbursed for your purchase once the request is made from customer assistance. The service can be reached from a live cat or by e-mail.


Once your account has been created, you can enjoy all cyberghost assets for almost 45 days. And as much to say that he has a lot. First, the VPN protects you effectively on all networks (at your home, at your workplace, at university or in hotels) thanks to powerful encryption coupled with a concealment of your IP address.

If Cyberghost is considered the best free VPN for France (for 45 days), it is also thanks to its vast infrastructure and its 900 servers located in France. The latter cover 3 cities: Paris, Marseille and Strasbourg. With an account at Cyberghost VPN, you will therefore be spoiled for choice to simulate a presence on French territory from abroad (or from France).

To unlock international content, Cyberghost VPN is also optimal since it has more than 9,000 servers distributed in 91 countries. Some are even specialized in streaming and download of torrent. Of course, your bandwidth will be unlimited for free 45 days and the broadband connection. You will not have to change your navigation habits with this VPN, which is very good news.

Note also that all Cyberghost offers come with 7 simultaneous connections. It is ideal for covering all your devices without additional handling (apart from downloading and installing the software on your equipment). Go now on its website to take advantage of its 45-day reimbursement guarantee:

The best 100% free VPN usable in France

Although ExpressVPN is really the best VPN for France, you may seek a completely free and unlimited solution over time. So we are going to pass without further delay to our selection of the best free VPNs in France.

1. VPN Atlas

The first excellent free VPN for France in 2023 is Atlas VPN. Although it has been present on the market for only a few years, its service quickly won Internet users looking for anonymity and online freedom. If today it has more than 6 million users, it is also thanks to its 100% free, extremely attractive formula.


Free VPN Atlas authorizes an unlimited number of devices. You can therefore cover all your connected supports (PC, tablet, smartphone and even smart TV) without having to subscribe once again. Besides, note that registration requires only an email address and a password, nothing more. You will not need to enter the slightest means of payment. Nothing will ever be debited to you. The advantage of its free offer is that you can delete your account at any time or keep it for as much time as you wish.

The free version of Atlas VPN gives access to three locations worldwide: Amsterdam in the Netherlands as well as New York and Los Angeles in the United States. Although it does not make French servers available, you can however connect from France and obtain an American IP address in order to unlock US websites.

If free users face a more limited infrastructure than premium members, it is important to specify that they will benefit from the same security parameters. And Atlas VPN does not do things by half at this level. By applying the encryption of military grade AES-256 to incoming and outgoing data from your device, it prevents anyone from knowing what you are doing on the internet. That’s not all. Its application will also make your IP address by hiding it and replacing it with a network belonging to its network. Your confidentiality is therefore guaranteed, free of charge and at all times.

Last point to note, Atlas VPN Free is limited to 5 GB of bandwidth per month. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to your consumption if you want to continue to take advantage of the advantages of the service. However, know that its free servers are compatible with the P2P and the same cannot be said of all its competitors. This is partly what explains its position of best free VPN for France.

In addition to its version at zero euro, the prices of premium packages charged by Atlas VPN are very low. As we mention in our opinion dedicated to Atlas VPN, this provider is ideal for tight budgets. In the meantime, go to its official website to register for free to VPN:

2. Proton VPN

The second most efficient free VPN for France is that of Proton VPN. This Swiss supplier has renowned for its transparency and ultra reliable service. Like Atlas VPN, it is also one of those who offer a free VPN offer valid for life.

Free Protonvpn

As we said, Proton VPN is optimal to ensure your online protection. The software figures your end -to -end web traffic and masks your IP address. It is also good to know that Proton VPN is a free service that does not keep the navigation data of its users, which is a good point for your confidentiality.

Regarding servers offered via its free package, the supplier unfortunately does not include location in France. However, it has servers in the Netherlands, the United States and Japan. Certainly you will not be able to have a French IP address, but you can access American, Dutch and Japanese content from France and anywhere in the world. In any case, whatever the server chosen, you will be protected effectively.

Proton VPN displays another size advantage for a service to zero euro: it offers an unlimited bandwidth. However, if all this seems to make Proton VPN a very good free VPN for France, there are still a few shadows on the board.

First of all, know that the speeds observed with Proton VPN are average. Especially in the evening and the weekend, which is not surprising. Since the selection of servers is restricted for users of the free version, overloads are to be expected. Your navigation may therefore be impacted with longer loading times than usual.

Also, and this may put off more than one, free VPN proton does not support P2P traffic and does not unlock foreign content, especially on streaming services. This software is still a very good free VPN in France and its offer is permanently available. You just have to be aware of its faults before you start, otherwise you risk being disappointed.


To continue our comparison of the best free VPN for France, let’s take a look at This software is attractive on several levels. The security proposed by the latter is already very satisfactory: hide.Camoufles your IP address and encryption of your navigation information. France

For your confidentiality, hide.also applies a strict non-journalization policy. Hide.Me is also distinguished from Proton VPN by taking care of the P2P, which will delight the enthusiasts of torrents download. On the other hand, hide.Nor do I offer servers in France.

The locations available with this free VPN are the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada. To use it from France, you can therefore connect to the Netherlands or in Germany, servers which by their geographic proximity will offer you correct performance. However, do not expect exceptional flows. In this area, hide.I am quite average.

In addition, this software limits your bandwidth to only 10 GB per month, which turns out to be not very much for a recurring use of the service.

In addition, the release of geo-restricted or censored sites may be compromised with Thus, if you are counting on this free VPN for France in order to access catalogs of streaming platforms in other countries or global web content, you will inevitably be disappointed. If free is an important criterion for you, hide.I have a fairly qualitative service. It is now up to you to decide if it can stick to your needs.

4. Tunnelbear

The latest free VPN for France in our ranking is Tunnelbear. And the latter has an advantage over the other two that we have just seen: he has servers in France. This will allow you to access better performance and help you at the geo-blocking level if you go abroad, especially.

Tunnelbear France

Tunnelbear also has servers in around twenty countries, which is relatively substantial for a free supplier. Tunnelbear is also qualitative enough in terms of your security, because it applies to quantify your navigation data and hide your IP address.

However, if these elements seem very good, the rest unfortunately leaves something to be desired, and that is why Tunnelbear is last of this list of the best free VPNs for France. Indeed, with this software the flows observed are quite low. Latencies are more or less important depending on the time of connection.

Note that Tunnelbear does not support the P2P. Here, your bandwidth will also be limited, at only 500 MB per month, which is even less than with This restriction imposed by Tunnelbear on its free offer risks disappointing you a lot, because it will very quickly be reached and serve you the VPN regularly seems to be compromised.

Clearly, Tunnelbear has satisfactory security parameters and servers in France, but these are its only assets.

The limits of using a free VPN in France

During your reading of our ranking, you have probably realized that these software is not as qualitative as premium VPNs. Indeed, free VPNs in France have many limits, which you must have in mind before making your choice.

First of all, they are very limited in terms of servers and geographic coverage. The number of countries available is limited, and this also includes less good performance. Free VPNs offer lower connections of connections, and a less successful service.

Also, you could see that in most cases, the bandwidth allocated to you monthly is limited, which can block you in your use of software. In addition, note that if most paid services allow several simultaneous connections to cover all your devices and protect your whole family for example, this is often not possible with a free VPN.

But the disadvantages of a free VPN for France can be more serious. This is not the case we have presented to you here but know that with this kind of software, your protection can be undermined. Some free VPN suppliers do not take user safety seriously. It may even be that your personal information (connection logs and activity registers) are sold to third parties to finance the service, which completely flouts your confidentiality. You will agree, these defects take out any interest in the use of a virtual private network.

Therefore, think well before you start with a free VPN in France (or elsewhere), knowing that much more qualitative premium applications such as ExpressVPN and Cyberghost are accessible for only a few euros per month and even for a limited period.


Our ranking of the best free VPNs for France in 2023 is coming to an end. Through it, we could see that free solutions had a number of faults, especially in terms of speed, choice of servers, bandwidth and ineffectiveness on streaming platforms. If you want to get started with a free VPN, however, are primarily interested in Atlas VPN, number 1 in our selection. Its unsuccessful version is successful, secure and its VPN application includes many features.

If it does not suit you, you can also consider Protonvpn, or tunnelbear. That said, in order to benefit from a much better service for free with servers based in France, you can opt for ExpressVPN, the best on the French market. The subscription to one of its packages automatically comes with a free 30 -day trial.

The other possibility is to opt for Cyberghost, another very renowned VPN, which offers a valid reimbursement guarantee for 45 days. You can even combine these two tips to enjoy the most efficient VPN for France for more than 2 months.

VPN France Free allows you to navigate anywhere

As an UrbanVPN user in France, you will appreciate


Freedom to navigate everywhere

Public WiFi Protection

Stay anonymous when you surf the internet in France

Surf the Internet freely without fear of being blocked or detected with our VPN in France. Urban VPN has servers around the world, guaranteeing you a quick connection like lightning and thousands of IP to choose, so that you can easily take care of your things anonymously and safe when you are in France.

How does our VPN in France guarantee your freedom and your privacy on the Internet ?

Although the freedom of the Internet is well protected in France, access to certain websites can be limited by the regulatory authority for electronic communications, positions and distribution of the French government press. You can use Urban VPN to access all websites, streaming or YouTube videos that can be restricted in the region.

Urban VPN respects a complete non-registration policy, allowing you to access all websites and content without restriction and traceability of your activity. Urban VPN Cry your connection and allows you to replace your IP address with an IP address of the geolocation of your choice, so that you can sail safely on the Internet without fear that the government, your Internet access provider or any third party can monitor your activity online.

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