Free virtual bank card: banks that don’t pay!, Virtual bank card

Using your new bank card, immediately after subscription and even before having received it, it is now possible for Customers of Boursorama Banque

* Under the conditions of ceilings of the subscribed bank card

Free virtual bank card: banks that don’t pay !

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You are looking to get a free virtual bank card ? In this article I explain to you how a virtual bank card works and what are the banks that offer this service for free.

The principle of a virtual bank card is very simple. Your body gives you virtual and temporary card numbers, avoiding giving the number of your classic blue card. You must have in mind that this virtual card does not in any case replace your physical blue card. It is nevertheless essential for people making regular online purchases.

Before going into more detail on the operation of the virtual bank card, let’s see which banking organizations offer this service for free.

  • 1 What banks offer a free virtual bank card ?
    • 1.1 The free virtual bank card of fortuneo
    • 1.2 The Free Virtual Bank Bank Bank

    What banks offer a free virtual bank card ?

    You should know that the virtual bank card service is paying in the majority of banks. The cost is about twenty euros per year. However, two banks (to date) offer a free virtual bank card: Fortuneo and Boursorama Banque.

    Fortuneo’s free virtual bank card

    free virtual bank card

    The virtual bank card is called Internet secure payment at Fortuneo and it is no more and no less than a blue gap. Unlike conventional banks (Crédit Mutuel, Banque Populaire, Société Générale, etc.), Fortuneo offers all its customers this service completely free of charge. To get it, simply request it on the bank’s website by clicking here.

    This virtual card can be used on all merchant sites which offer the classic bank card as a payment card. To use it is very simple. You just have to Generate your virtual bank card by binding it to your classic blue card. For this, the amount of your transaction, and the period of validity must be informed.

    To obtain your free virtual bank card at Fortuneo, you must first request it on their website

    The Free Virtual Bank Bank Bank

    Facing success Virtual bank cards, Boursorama Banque has decided to launch its own service: the Payment by Paylib. This new system works from same way than that of virtual bank cards. During the internet payment, Paylib allows you to pay each order without entering your bank details. Only your e-mail address and password are required when connecting to the Paylib service

    To make the request, go to the Boursorama Banque site.

    The strengths of the service:

    • Gratuitousness : registration, access to the service is completely free. No fees is generated
    • Simplicity : your payments are validated and accepted in a few clicks. Only your username and password are to be informed during your payment
    • Security : your bank details are never informed. None of your personal data is stored on your computer and nothing circulates on the internet.

    To obtain your free virtual bank card at Boursorama Banque, you must request it on their website

    What is a virtual bank card ?

    This is a card allowing people to online. You have found the product that suits you ? You only have one desire, buy it ? With the virtual bank card, take the plunge ! The principle is very simple: the bank provides its customers, wishing to buy a product on the internet, A unique number linked to their physical card. This ephemeral issue is only valid for a only merchant website and for a fixed period.

    How to pay online with a virtual bank card ?

    All holders of a virtual bank card can online their purchases. This new means works as a classic blue card but it has the advantage of being ultra secure. Indeed, as soon as you spotted the product of your dreams on the net, all you have to do is buy it. With your free virtual card, you have a so -called number short-lived valid only for a Only merchant site, A unique amount and for a certain period.

    Note: each new purchase on a merchant site, an e-numéro is awarded to you.

    For online payment via this virtual card, two options are available to you:

    • Upon subscription to the virtual bank card service to your bank, the download software dedicated to this card is offered to you. Access to the interface is from any support (computer, mobile and tablet) and is done directly via the tab Available in your browser toolbar. You can connect with the identifier and password that was provided to you when registering.
    • On each bank’s website, a secure interface Give access to the site dedicated to the virtual bank card.

    How does this famous virtual card work ?

    You have registered in the service dedicated to the virtual bank card ? Place now in practice ! First, it is necessary to Generate your virtual bank card which is attached to your real credit card. For this, the Amount of your transaction, the period of validity chosen for your virtual card must be indicated. Rest assured ! These two data is given by yourself. Everything is in place ? Now buy the product you want.

    Virtual bank cards, a very secure means of payment

    Free virtual bank cards are a Excellent means of payment which minimizes the risk of hacking and fraud. As explained previously, during your online purchases, No need to enter your actual bank details. An e-numéro is awarded to you for each merchant site, for a fixed period and for a given amount.

    Do all online sales sites accept payment by virtual bank card ?

    On all cybermarchands accepting payment by bank card, the Virtual bank card regulation is possible. eh yes ! Keep in mind that your free virtual card is a complement to your real credit card. It is therefore possible to make your online purchases safely. In France and abroad and in All currencies, Your free virtual bank card works. However, if a merchant requests a document to check your identity when delivery, your virtual bank card cannot be considered as proof.

    What are the advantages of the free virtual bank card ?

    As indicated in its title, some banks like Fortuneo or Boursorama Banque offers a virtual bank card completely free. A real asset because No fees is generated.

    The second advantage, and not the least, is that this type of blue card is ultra -secure. Thanks to the ephemeral number attributed, no personal data is not informed, Nothing circulates on the internet And is not stored on the computer. This virtual card is also used on The majority of online sales sites Offering payment by bank card. Nowadays, everything can be bought on the web, all kinds of products are available. In a few clicks, choose the product you want and pay it in all serenity. With this virtual bank card, pay for a quiet mind !

    Finally, with a virtual bank card, you can set up in several times. An interesting system when you don’t want to pay everything at the same time, no ?

    Why is it interesting to opt for a free virtual bank card ?

    In today’s society, the number of online purchases continues increase. New payment methods also appear. On the other hand, a problem persists: more and more people are suspicious when online payment as attempts at fraud and hacking are multiple. In order to deal with this phenomenon, banking establishments offer free virtual bank cards.

    Very effective and simple in their use, these virtual cards work like conventional bank cards. You will not see any difference !

    The free appearance Of these cards is of course, too, very interesting. Zero euro is not to be spent for a virtual bank card. Interesting, isn’t it ?

    Some advice for use and safety

    • The virtual bank card is a good way for people wishing to be reassured on their online payments. Your e-numéro is very hard to hack Since this is unique And usable only on a single merchant site and for a single transaction.
    • Before using a virtual bank card, find out about the guarantees, insurance and even assistance. Most of the time, these are the same conditions as your conventional blue card but it is, all the same, important to learn well before.
    • As indicated above, the number of your virtual bank card is only valid for a single transaction. It is therefore important to clearly indicate the exact amount of your purchase.

    Virtual bank cards have become, today, full payment method very useful and effective. Fast, they ensure online regulations with a risk of minimal hacking and fraud. Their subscription is also very easy. In a few minutes, your virtual bank card is activated. On the price side, it is completely free. With this free virtual bank card, surf, buy And pay off safely !

    Using your new bank card, immediately after subscription and even before having received it is now possible for Boursorama Banque customers

    Customers of Boursorama Banque can henceforth enlist their bank card in real time in the iOS and Android wallets as soon as they subscribe.

    Wednesday April 29, 2020

    Visual of the Virtual Bank Bank Card of Mobile Bank

    In the current context, the deadlines for shipping bank cards are uncertain and most often elongated. Boursorama Banque offers customers who have just subscribed to a new card, an immediate solution to allow them to make their payments before they even received the bank card at home.

    For this, as soon as the bank card is subscribed, the customer receives, on their customer area of ​​the Boursorama Banque mobile application, its virtual card and can then, in a few clicks, enroll it in a wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay ) for future mobile payments in equipped traders. Thus, the customer makes his purchases immediately without limit of amount*.

    Benoit Grisoni, CEO of Boursorama, said: “With the increase in the payment ceiling without contact card to € 50, effective since April 27 for the Boursorama Banque customers, and the virtual bank card available from its subscription, in real time and without amounts limit, Boursorama is strengthening The simplicity of access to mobile and contactless payment for its customers. »»

    * Under the conditions of ceilings of the subscribed bank card

    After N26, Boursorama Banque announces its “virtual” bank card

    Boursorama Banque facilitates the first steps of its users.

    Published on April 29, 2020 at 3 p.m. 19 min

    Apple Pay

    At the beginning of April, the German neo-banque N26 announced the launch of a virtual card which allows its new users to take advantage of the solution before they even received their physical card at home.

    A virtual and temporary card

    In the current context, while card shipping times can be extended, it is the Boursorama Banque turn to announce a measure to accelerate the procedure for its new customers. After their subscription, a virtual bank card is automatically offered to them in order to be able to use the latter, without waiting for their final card.

    This virtual card is temporary and it must be added to an Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet to be used. These mobile payment solutions make it possible to transform a smartphone into an alternative to the bank card. It will then be enough to bring the latter closer to a contact terminal without contact. Unlike a contactless card, mobile payment does not, however.

    The Director General of Boursorama Banque told us a few days ago that the online bank had strongly prompted its customers to turn to mobile payment to reduce the risk of propagation of the virus a maximum. The establishment notably sent a notification to its users to record their card on Apple Pay or Google Pay. She also validated an “increase in the ceiling of payment without contact without contact at € 50, effective since April 27,” confirmed Benoit Grisoni.

    If this virtual card does not make it possible to make withdrawals in a distributor, it nevertheless allows you to pay for purchases – both in shops and on the Internet. Outside this subscription period, Boursorama Banque does not offer its customers the possibility of creating a virtual credit card. To do this, it will be necessary to turn to actors like Revolut, a neo-banque which allows you to create in all simplicity.