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Cashback Boursorama



Boursorama discounts and codes

Description of the Boursorama Bank promotion Kind End date
Boursorama bank promo code: up to € 100 offered for any 1st opening of an account Valid promo code 09/30/2023
Manage your finances at the right price at Boursorama Banque Good plan 08/09/2350
With sponsorship bank account: Take advantage of a Boursorama Banque EXPERIAN with your loved ones Good plan 04/11/2350
Take advantage of all your banking services where and when you wish Good plan 08/09/2350
Boursorama Pro: Open an account for individual entrepreneurs at only € 9 including tax/month Good plan 05/11/2350
From 4.€ 92 per month, subscribe to Alabri home insurance Good plan 05/11/2350
Number of discounts 6
Cashback 0%
Number of codes 1
Best Boursorama Banque offer Boursorama bank promo code: up to € 100 offered for any 1st opening of an account

About Boursorama Banque

Boursorama is an online bank ranked the cheapest bank on the market. Launched in 2005, it is part of the Société Générale group and currently has more than 3 million customers.

Why open a Boursorama Bank account ?

If you are not yet convinced by online banks, Boursorama will make you change your mind. Fast, flexible and above all at a lower cost, Boursorama offers innovative services that meet your pace. Check your finances without moving from your home: instant payment, consultation of your sales, contact of a customer advisor and even the opening of an account. Discover all the advantages of online banking with Boursorama. In addition, it offers 80 euros as a welcome gift to any new customer.

What are the CODES Offer Boursorama ?

The stock market offer codes are promo codes that allow you to benefit from a welcome bonus or an additional advantage when opening a bank account at Boursorama Banque

Here are some examples of stock market offer codes:

  • BRS80: This code allows you to obtain 80 intern with the Welcome card
  • BRS80: This code allows you to obtain 80 intern with the Ultim card.
  • BRS80: This code allows you to obtain 8 months of subscription offered with the Ultim Metal card
  • Wee130: This code allows you to obtain 130¤ offered during the Pink Weekend period.
  • Bemo3791: This code makes it possible to obtain between 60 and 130¤ with the WELCOME card or the Ultim card.
  • Ado80: This code allows you to obtain 80 intern with the Freedom card.

What is the advantage of the Boursorama cashback thanks to ?

Economy. When you open a new account at Boursorama, go through EbuyClub to activate your Boursorama cashback. To do this, type the name of the bank in the search bar of the EbuyClub platform, then click on the reimbursement offer which appears among the coupons of reductions. You will be redirected to the Boursorama site and at the same time, your cashback is activated. You will receive the 15 euros promised in your EbuyClub kitty.

What are the Boursorama products and services ?

All the services offered by a classic bank, you will find them at Boursorama Banque. Current account, bank card, savings, bank credits, investments and investment and even more such as online brokerage. In addition to that, advisers are more available for all your questions. It’s easy to reach them via cat or by phone.

What are the Boursorama CB cards ?

  • The Welcome card: in addition to a card at a lower cost, you benefit from travel insurance up to 46,000 euros, a modular payment ceiling up to 5000 euros on 30 days sliding. And many other advantages for only 5 euros per month.
  • Ultim card : for 9 euros per month, you can grant a delayed debit of 1500 euros net of monthly income without domiciliation obligation. In addition, you benefit from a modular payment ceiling of 20,000 euros per month and a modular withdrawal of 2000 euros per week. Other advantages: your trip is ensured up to 2001,600 euros.
  • Metal card: you benefit from all the advantages of the Welcome card and the Ultim card. The little extra, your international transfers are completely free and your modular payment ceiling is 50,000 euros.

What are the Boursorama investments ?

Boursorama democratizes financial investments and gives individuals access to the scholarship. Now, Boursorama remains one of the few companies that offer its customers to invest in private investments. No need for a large background, just a minimum deposit of 300 euros and Boursorama gives you the opportunity to invest in different financial products such as life insurance. And this without entry fees, or law of custody, or subscription right.

Can we do a mortgage at Boursorama ?

Quite. Ask for the financing of your real estate projects at Boursorama. It’s simple, everything is done online and you should have an answer within 14 days maximum. You can benefit from up to 350,000 euros over 20 years for a conventional loan. A fixed annual TAEg loan of 1.12 %, the lowest rate of the market.

How does the management of your Boursorama account work ?

Another significant advantage of having a Boursorama account is to be able to manage your account without moving from home. The service is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. You can consult your account at any time. If you need help, advisers are available to answer all your questions.

How to easily change from bank ?

Changing Bank is easy with Boursorama. Thanks to the Easy Move banking domiciliation service, you don’t have to worry about administrative formalities. Boursorama Banque takes care of everything. In addition, she takes care of informing all the organizations concerned by the change (electricity, tax, telephony, etc.). What you have to do is communicate the RIB of your original account, download and sign the bank domiciliation request form available on your Boursorama customer area.

What are the payments offered by Boursorama ?

With Boursorama Banque, adjust your invoices with great ease wherever you go. You can choose between the transfer by SMS, easy and practical or instant Payment, very fast and efficient or even Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay.

How to contact Boursorama Banque Customer Service?

  1. You can contact them by phone at 0800.16.90.75 (free calls)
  2. Via the Boursorama site you can use the assistant tab
  3. You can use an online cat on the Boursorama site
  4. You can also reach Boursorama on social networks

What are the opinions of EbuyClub Internet users on Boursorama ?

Boursorama opinions are generally positive, users appreciating the availability and professionalism of advisers, as well as the absence of intrusion in personal and professional life. Today it is recognized that the Boursorama bank is cheaper than traditional local banks. With more than 400 Boursorama Bank reviews Internet users of EbuyClub attributes the note of 9 out of 10. We therefore recommend that you open a Boursorama Banque account would not be disappointed.

Summary of Boursorama Bank advantages with EbuyClub

Reduction information Limitation
⭐ Boursorama offer code 80 free for the opening of a bank account Opening an account
⭐ Boursorama Bank cashback ¤15 cashback reimbursement See the conditions on EbuyClub
�� Cumulative promo code + cashback ¤15 + 80 ¤ 80 = 95 ¤ won See details on EbuyClub

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The Corner

Offer reserved for adults and capable, and valid for any first effective opening of an individual stock market banking account (excluding Boursorama Banque professional account, excluding specific supply, see tariff brochure) with concomitant bank card request made from 08/01/2023.

The account opening request is reserved for any new customer beneficiary of the “BRS100” commercial offer code.

A bonus of € 20 for the opening of a Boursorama Banque bank account. The sum of € 20 will be credited to the bank account on the day of its effective opening.

A premium 80 € for ordering a WELCOME or Ultim bank card: € 80 of premium for any order of WELCOME or Ultim bank card carried out concomitantly at the request for a bank account opening, and accepted by Boursorama Banque. The sum of € 80 will be credited to the bank account on the day of its effective opening subject to acceptance of the bank card application file by Boursorama Banque.
Free of the first 8 contributions for the subscription of the Metal offer: you benefit, in accordance with the price brochure, from the free eight first contributions for the subscription of the concomitant metal offer at the request of opening a first Banking account (tariff in force on 08/01/2023, subject to change of pricing policy by Boursorama), subject to acceptance of your file by Boursorama. A payment of 80 cents will be paid on the same bank account in the 8th month.

In the event of subscription via the route in the application (eligible for Welcome, ultimous cards with systematic authorization only): the file must be complete and comply with the opening of the bank account via the application. Any incomplete file after 5 working days will have to be redone since the first stage of the subscription route. The first payment must reach Boursorama Banque once the electronic signature of the contract is made and the request for a bank card accepted by Boursorama Banque, to open the right to the payment of the commercial premium.

In case of subscription without the application (eligible for Welcome cards, ultimous with systematic authorization only): the file must be complete and conform within two months of the initial request: all supporting documents (outside the first payment, unless the latter is made by check in the event of paper subscription) must be attached before this date. The first payment will have to reach Boursorama Banque no later than 5 working days after receipt of the email which will indicate to the new customer that it can proceed to this first payment to open the right to the payment premium.

Offer limited to a single offer per person and not combined with any other Boursorama Banque offer.

In the event of closing of the customer’s account, either on the initiative of the customer himself, or on the initiative of Boursorama Banque in the event of seriously reprehensible behavior of the customer, during the 24 months following their effective opening, Boursorama Banque reserves the right to deire the amount corresponding to the premium or welcome premiums from which he benefited within the framework of this commercial offer.