Free review in 2023: mobile and freebox offers from the operator, free mobile review: what is the operator and its offers in 2023 worth?

Free mobile review: our opinion on mobile and freebox packages


Free was born in early 1999 as a subsidiary of the Iliad group, telecommunications giant in France. First internet operator, Free launches in 2002 its first freebox and hits very strongly on the ISP market with highly lower prices for a similar service, or even better than historic competition at Orange or Bouygues Telecom. In 2012, after obtaining 3G and 4G licenses, Free deploys its own telephone packages with Free Mobile and lowers the prices of a market so stagnant then.

Free: our opinion on the operator’s mobile and freebox offers

20 years as an internet operator and now 11 years as a mobile operator, Free has become a major player in the telecoms world in France. With an aggressive pricing policy that has permanently changed a stagnation market, what about the various offers of the Xavier Niel firm ? Answer in this global opinion on free.

Average descending speed 49 Mb/s
Average amount rate 9 Mb/s
4G population coverage 99%
4G Territory coverage 92%

The packages of the moment at Free


Free 4G and 5G package
250 GB


Free Mobile Package
2 euros


Limited series Free Package 4G
120 GB

Characteristics of free offers

Free presentation

Free was born in early 1999 as a subsidiary of the Iliad group, telecommunications giant in France. First internet operator, Free launches in 2002 its first freebox and hits very strongly on the ISP market with highly lower prices for a similar service, or even better than historic competition at Orange or Bouygues Telecom. In 2012, after obtaining 3G and 4G licenses, Free deploys its own telephone packages with Free Mobile and lowers the prices of a market so stagnant then.

At the beginning of 2023, Free has 4.5 million fiber customers and more than 14 million mobile customers. The operator now has more than 130 stores in mainland France, but above all counts on its online platform.

Free Mobile: efficiency and continuity


Launched in 2012, the mobile offer of Free has changed very little in terms of the packages offered. There are always two main packages as well as a ” Free Series », Assimisable to a promotion.

Free puts the price on the price, notably with in particular its most popular package at 2 euros per month and even free for freebox subscribers. For this unbeatable price on the market, you have 2 hours of calls and unlimited SMS/MMS all year round. This offer is sometimes “reinforced” during special offers that double the call time and the quantity of internet data, initially set at 50 MB per month. This package is particularly usable from Europe and the French overseas departments and allows you to enjoy the free Wi-Fi in mainland France.

The most expensive package at 19.99 euros offers excellent services, even in comparison with similar market offers. With 210 GB, this is the only 5G compatible package offered by the operator, even if users of a 4G smartphone can also offer it. Freebox Pop subscribers are even entitled to DATA 4G+/5G unlimited at 10 euros less to reach 9.99 euros monthly only, 15.99 euros monthly for other Freebox offers. Clearly, at this price, it is undoubtedly the most competitive offer on the market. All this without counting on unlimited calls on appeal, SMS and MMS everywhere in France, in Europe, DOM and towards more than 70 destinations, including the USA and Canada. Finally, to perfect the table, 25 GB can be used from these same destinations.

The last package is not fixed since dedicated to the promo periods. It generally turns around 80 to 140 GB for prices ranging from 8.99 to 14.99 euros per month. It has the same services on the communication side as the other plans as well as a data envelope abroad (Europe and DOM only) which varies from 10 to 18 GB. The price is mostly valid for a year before automatically switch to the package at 19.99 euros cited above. Do not hesitate to consult our tips page or our dedicated twitter account to be aware of the latest promotions for this package.

The network: 5G is progressing, but still below the competition

Free has not yet reached the longevity of its competitors on the market, but efforts have been made in particular in rural areas. If in the past certain regions and rural areas had a limited coverage compared to major agglomerations, the operator has made great efforts in recent years to have a substantial 4G/5G antennas park throughout the territory (near 40,000 in all).

On the network coverage side, according to ARCEP, Free Mobile now covers 99 % of the population in 3G and 4G. In 5G, Free is far from being lagging behind and has no less than 4,126 3.5 GHz antennas and has today widely caught up its competitors.

As for the quality of the network, Free has made efforts, to the point of climbing to the level of its competitors, at least in 4G+. According to the figures to date from ARCEP, the operator is today slightly above Bouygues Telecom and SFR, on average for internet data at national level whether in 4G or 5G:

According to LS NPERF barometer figures, Free is still on the 5G side, even if there is a clear improvement compared to its beginnings, in particular by the progressive addition of 3.5 GHz antennas on the territory. For example, there is an average of 183.83 Mb/s in descending speed where SFR and Orange are 265.63 and 339.95 Mb/s respectively. There is no doubt that this figure is led to climb over the months, but we are already on a strong improvement compared to last year.

Another point, the latency is still a little high with 39.85 ms on average, which is still a little just to consider specific uses such as the cloud gaming via its mobile.

Free still relies on the 700 MHz

Free uses mainly network antennas whose frequency band is 700 MHz in 4G and 5 g. In France, Free operates 23,611 of this frequency antennas out of the 44,216 available, for an occupation of around 60 % of the park.

Purchase of a mobile

In addition to buying smartphone at a cash price, Free recently launched another service called Free Flex. This is a platform to spread payment over a long period, in this case 24 months. If some entry or mid -range models benefit positively from the service, this is a little less the case when you go up to the top of the range with an initial payment far exceeding 700 euros as is the case with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for example.

Where Free Flex is distinguished from similar offers from SFR, Bouygues or Orange is that the purchase of a smartphone is decorated with a package with commitment. This platform only includes the rental of the mobile with the possibility of buying the smartphone at any time by adjusting the remaining monthly payments as well as the purchase option or making it after the rental period.

Internet: a wide arrival offer at maturity

Offers: 3 generations of Freebox

Free regularly changes its Freebox offer, approximately every two years, with the announcement of new boxes and new packages accompanying them. As with its mobile packages, Free offers its non -binding fixed offers, undoubtedly the element that has really changed the French market durably. You don’t know which freebox to choose ? We made a selection. Here are the current offers in progress:

The offer Freebox Pop is the most recent, but also the most interesting in the lot for the majority of the public targeted in the fiber category. This has the most optimal value for money. The subscription is on sale for 29.99 euros per month for a year before spending 39.99 euros, without commitment. In fiber mode, it especially offers up to 5 Gb/s in descending connection and up. The router has 4 Ethernet ports and has been under Wi-Fi since an update. A very easily configurable repeater is still included to extend its wireless network. Le Player Pop completes everything, it runs on Android TV with a custom interface by free.

If you want to know more, you can refer to our full test of the Freebox Pop offer.

Free mobile review: our opinion on mobile and freebox packages

Free opinion

Consumer opinions and notes on Free Mobile in 2023

Free Mobile is one of the operators that change its range of mobile packages and its prices, thus guaranteeing a certain stability and transparency with its subscribers. The operator is distinguished with all -time mobile packages without a duration, at very reasonable prices.

The operator’s customers leave opinions on subscriptions, customer service, or the quality of the free network. Customer reviews are quite mixed with an average note of 2.8 out of 5 for more than 1900 reviews left. Globally, Free customers recommend their operator.

Free’s main positive opinions concern Packages and Internet boxes for prices charged and associated services, as well as international services included on offers. On the negative feedback from Free customers, most concern the mobile network and the operator’s customer service. Before subscribing to a package or freebox at the operator, consulting recent free mobile customer reviews is nevertheless advised.

Customer opinions and feedback from Free Mobile subscribers argue that:

  • Free offers mobile plans and internet boxes among the most competitive on the market.
  • The operator has improved its network coverage, but the latter is still perfectible.
  • An average note around 2.8 out of 5 for free with positive and negative.

47% Users recommend Free Mobile

Free Mobile received 1963 assessments for an average note of 2.8 out of 5. 47% consumers recommend the operator.

  • Useful opinion
  • Recent opinion
  • Positive
  • Negative opinion

Free for me works well

FREE CUSTOMER since the start the box has always worked ‚if problem call for customer service and solved within 24 hours.
For the mobile since the unlimited call for ‚SMS‚ Internet work well in 4G with sometimes a little trouble indoors for 4G.
On the other hand since my change of mobile from Xiaomi at the time for 5g ‚everything goes better and especially inside.
Like what the smartphone must play a role in some concerns !
Very satisfied.

Daniel 02/06/2023 at 4:32 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?
Clear and without increase

Not 50 packages, more than further price and pass or other operators do not pass and vice versa. Easy abroad too and the small app to know its consumption in real time is perfect.
Thank you free

Eric 05/05/2023 at 4:44 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?
Forced to put a star is too much

What experience .
I wanted to change my offer for 5g misfortune.
I was at Sosh Networks Orange in 4G everything was perfect. TOP network, customer service accessible and capable of answering any questions.
I switched to free and there disaster. Customer service can be called it customer service, can we even call us customers.
I had the impression during these few months of being just a piggy bank. You write we send you a boat response, nobody is able to answer, to make a decision, in short it is lamentable.
I even tried in store even speech, it’s not my responsibility. So this is not the responsibility of online assistance, it is not the responsibility of the telephone assistance and it is not the responsibility of the employees in the store. Very well, no one is able to give a solution, or even a beginning of reflection.
You will understand a shabby experience.
I go back to Sosh in 4G while waiting for 5G to reach the worst I will pay more at Orange, Bouygues or SFR but never again again.

Kevin 05/25/2023 at 5:50 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?

I just subscribed to free. The box seems to me to be of very good quality. The remark I will make is the following, I was lucky to have two very professional and very competent advisers.
On the other hand, all other advisers are not in their place and block you when they cannot solve your problem.
I am at my 3ᵉ waiting day for the operation of my phone, in addition the refund after the purchase of a phone is endless.

Georges 01/23/2023 at 9:20 am
Was this opinion useful ?

Free happiness to go to Europe and in distant countries thank you free…. Strongly the next private sale to have a mobile package

Christmas 02/11/2022 at 12:42 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?

My opinion on Free Mobile

The content of this page was verified by an editorial expert on the date of 09/19/2023

The opinion of the editorial staff on free: offers (mobiles and freebox), network and customer service

The Monpetitforfae team tested the operator Free, whether it be mobile offers and freebox. Here is our return concerning the services of this operator, its customer service, and its network.

Note that the arcep reveals in its observatory of customer satisfaction (July 2021), that Free customers have granted an average score of 7.6 out of 10, Or the second position of the ranking just behind Orange (7.7 out of 10).

Free, where Free Mobile is an operator that has made its popularity by lowering the prices of mobile packages and Internet subscriptions. After testing Free Internet and Mobile offers, it is true that the price is a major argument. Our team thus recommends Free following the various tests carried out, by putting the note of 7.5/10.

Free has many advantages: Very low prices for very complete offers on both mobile and on the Internet, interesting advantages for subscribers, a very good fiber side and an increasingly effective mobile network. But Free also has disadvantages: Network coverage still to improve, prices that evolve after 1 year, and perfectible customer service.

  • A very good value for money
  • Many services included (SVOD, International. ))
  • Very good fiber flows
  • A network still to improve
  • Half shade customer service
  • Valid prices that 1 year

Our opinion on Free Mobile Packages: Price and Services

We generally judge an operator in the first place by its mobile packages. On the side of Free, it was his subscriptions that allowed him to have this fame, with offers without a duration commitment, at broken prices. Since its launch, Free Mobile has remained in the same low price strategy, by always offering very competitive offers in the face of increasingly strong competition.

Free Packages Opinion

The opinion of Monpetitforfa on the mobile plans of Free.

Our editorial team was therefore able to analyze and test the free mobile plans and the opinion is rather positive. The subscription value for money is very good, with very complete services (5G, ESIM, unlimited data, international services, etc.), and even very interesting discounts for freebox customers, with a free mobile package. The only small problem being that the range is little supplied, with only 3 phone packages.

Here are the three free mobile offers:

  • € 2 package: The offer at a very low price of free with 2 hours of calls, SMS/MMS unlimited and 50 MB. The subscription is even free for Freebox subscribers. An option at € 2.99/month allows you to obtain 5 GB of data/month.
  • Free series: This is the special free series which varies according to market offers. Always without commitment, the subscription is offered at € 12.99/month for 1 year with 120 GB. After 1 year, subscribers benefit from the Free 5G 250 GB package at € 19.99.
  • Free 5G package: The flagship package of the range and the most complete, with the whole unlimited and 250 GB in 5G. The offer is even displayed at € 15.99/month instead of € 19.99/month for Freebox subscribers, and even € 9.99/month for Freebox Pop customers with unlimited data. The subscription also includes calls and the use of 4G from many countries.

The free operator therefore offers 5G only on the last package of his Gamme, which can be regrettable for those who wish to subscribe to a more affordable 5G offer. Our editorial staff, however, appreciates the availability of ESIM Free for new and old customers. Likewise, the many international advantages are appreciable (data abroad, calls from certain countries …) depending on the offer chosen.

Positive customer reviews on Free offers

Customers are significantly of the same opinion as the writing of mypetitforfait. They appreciate low prices, while being able to enjoy a complete and functional subscription.

Free Flex: What does mypetitforuféfafafafafae the purchase system think ?

Free is an operator classified in the “non -binding” category. In fact, it is not basically possible to be able to afford a phone by taking advantage of a spread of payment over 24 months, with or without resetting purchase. For some time now, Free has launched its free Flex service which allows you to rent a new phone with a free package.

The principle is almost the same as operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Télécom, with a spreading of the price of the phone over 24 months, so that you can pay it cheaper. The idea being to avoid release a large sum to afford a phone. However, Free Flex is a little different since it is a rental system for 24 months, with a possible purchase option at the end of the period.

Free Flex Opinion

The Free Flex service has not convinced the writing of mypetitforfait.

One in the other, The customer will pay almost the entire price of the phone, But via a spread over 2 years. Thus, the mypetitforfae team appreciates the possibility of having such a service, but however regrets that the financial interest is not more interesting. By doing the calculations, The cost over 2 years is more attractive to other operators than with the Free Flex service.

Choose a smartphone with a package

Read also phone included with a mobile package: where to pay the cheapest ?

Free mobile network test: the coverage is correct ?

The Free Mobile network has often been criticized, Sometimes rightly so. The operator invests massively to catch up in order to be on equal arms with historical operators, however, it takes time. From now on, more than 40,000 4G and 5G antennas are active at Free in order to be able to properly cover all regions and rural areas.

According to Arcep, Free network coverage is 99% of the population in 2023 for the 3G and 4G network. Regarding 5G, Free is very well positioned compared to competing operators with more than 40,000 antennas (3.5 GHz). However, while the 4G+ flow is as good as that of competitors, this is not the case for 4G/5G. The operator uses 700 MHz antennas which are much less efficient For these networks, which explains the lower quality of the Free network.

Free is aware of this problem and invests in new 3.5 GHz branches to offer a quality 5G experience. The flows are in high improvement compared to the previous year. Monpetitforfait was generally satisfied with the tests of flows carried out in the heart of Lyon, even if by comparing to those of SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange, The difference was quite substantial.

Perform a 5G test

Read also 5G test: Locate the 5G antennas closest to home

Free Internet offers: the opinion of our editorial staff of experts

Freebox’s Internet subscriptions, called Freebox, are much less numerous than in the past. The Freebox One, Mini 4K, Delta S or Crystal are no longer marketed by the operator. From now on, Only 3 subscriptions are present in the Free Internet range. However, Free has kept the right offers to meet different needs and satisfy the majority of its subscribers.

Freebox review

The return of experience of the editorial team on the Free Internet boxes.

Free Internet boxes are displayed at competitive prices, With a first price at € 19.99/month for the Freebox Revolution, and a very high -end offer with many SVOD services included for the most complete offer (Freebox Delta at € 39.99/month). Monpetitforfait appreciates the fact that certain internet boxes are offered without acknowledgment of duration, but our editorial staff regrets the absence of a classic freebox, with only the internet without TV, at an even lower price.

Here are the three free internet offers:

  • Freebox Revolution: € 19.99/month for 1 year, then € 44.99/month, with fiber up to 1 Gb/s of flow. The box includes a TV decoder with TV by canal and 270 channels, as well as a Blu-ray player and a storage of 250 GB. In addition, telephony is included with calls to the mobiles and fixed France + to 110 fixed destinations.
  • Freebox Pop: € 29.99/month for 1 year, then € 39.99/month. This subscription offered with fiber and a speed of 5 GB/s descending (shared) is the flagship offer of the operator. It includes WiFi 6 with the Player One and 220 TV channels compatible 4K. In addition, Canal+ Series is included for 1 year, Amazon Video Prime for 6 months, and Disney+ for 3 months. On the telephony side, the services are the same as for the Freebox Revolution.
  • Freebox Delta: € 39.99/month for 1 year then € 49.99/month. This is the richest offer with up to 8 Gb/s of flow via fiber. The offer includes the same telephone services as the other two Freeboxes. However, TV level, the experience is enriched with 270 channels, Netflix and video bonus included, as well as Canal+ series for 1 year and Disney+ for 3 months. Amazon Prime and Prime Music are also included.

Free therefore has one of the wealthiest ranges in terms of fiber flows offered, and TV experience. The prices are certainly quite high, but if we consider all the services offered, Freeboxes are particularly interesting as the editorial staff of Monpetitforfait points out. The Amazon subscription is € 6.99/month and that of Netflix at € 8.99/month. The Freebox Delta returns to € 24/month in the 1st year if we deduce the cost of these two SVOD services. And this is without counting Canal+ series offered for 1 year (€ 9.99/month in normal times), and Disney+ for 3 months.

Freebox: Recommended for movies and series fans

Freeboxes are ideal for fans of movies and series to avoid paying several cumulative subscriptions separately (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ Series, Disney+, etc.). The operator offers real quality TV services, with 4K and many other advantages.

Internet flow (fiber) at Free: the promise is respected ?

MonpetitForfait chose the Freebox Pop to carry out its test. After receiving and installed the equipment, it was necessary to test the flow in order to verify that the latter was in accordance with the promises of the operator. You should know that the advertised flow is always the maximum possible flow, under the best conditions that are. As a reminder, the Freebox Pop allows a rate of 5 Gb/s shared (i.e. 2.5 Gb/s per machine) descending, and 700 Mb/s Amount.

Here are the fiber flows obtained for the Freebox Pop in Lyon:

  • Downspout : 1940.18 Mb/s;
  • Upright : 673.20 Mb/s.

Freebox Pop Flower Test

Freebox Pop Fiber flow test by the Monpetitforfait team.

As we can see, the MonpetitForfait team was particularly surprised by the results of these tests. The edges offered are close to the maximum promised by the operator. Note that this will not always be the case according to your location because it depends on the connection point and the distance with your accommodation. We are therefore very close to the 2.5 Gb/s possible (1.94 Gb/s) descendants, and the 700 Mb/s amounts (673.20 Mb/s)).

In addition, these data seem to be confirmed by the 2022 NPERF barometer which classified Free in 1ʳᵉ position on the flow. The average obtained was E 274.17 Mb/s for download against 183.29 Mb/s for sending. Of the same side ping where free was also in 1ʳᵉ place (20.16 ms).

Free customer service efficiency: our feedback

Customer service tests are only subjective. They depend on many variables, the type of assistance sought, and the severity of the problem encountered. Thus, it remains very difficult to assess and test a customer service on some elements. The editorial staff of MonpetitForfait lent itself to the game by making various requests from free customer service, for mobile offers and for freebox.

Free Customer Service Notice

Free is recommended by 94% of its customers, customer service is well rated.

We tested the different supports, namely the online chat form and the telephone number (3244), asking various questions following a few small worries. Generally, The answers provided were satisfactory. However, the waiting time was sometimes long enough, whether for online chat as for the phone. So you have to be patient before you have an interlocutor.

Customer service very well rated by ARCEP

According to ARCEP, customer service is rather well rated by free subscribers with a note of 7.9 out of 10. The operator is much better rated than Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom which oscillate between 7.2 and 7.5 out of 10. Customer satisfaction is therefore quite high if we believe the figures of the arcep.

Our final opinion on Free: the results of our tests

We were able to test the various offers and services of Free and our team of experts analyzed all the different aspects of this operator in order to grant a note to the latter. Following our various tests, mobile plans and internet offers received many favorable opinions, both in terms of services and prices displayed.

Likewise, the quality of the network and flows has received many positive opinions, with a small downside on the mobile network. Finally, customer service has met our expectations and the data collected are closer to Arcep’s results. So, The Monpetitforfait team grants the note of 7.5/10 to free.

Here are the strengths of Free according to mypetitforfait:

  • attractive prices both on mobile and internet offers;
  • Many services included with most subscriptions;
  • Offers without obligation for the Internet and the Mobile;
  • significant fiber flows;

Here are the weaknesses of Free according to mypetitforfait:

  • A still sensitive mobile network (4G/5G) but constantly evolving;
  • A useful free Flex service but with limited interest;
  • valid prices only for 1 year;
  • A little lack of diversity on offers;

Advice from myLittlePackage

Free had a certain bad reputation when it was launched concerning its unstable mobile network which always seems to continue it. However, the problems are no longer the same and the quality of the network remains good overall with 99% coverage of the population in 3G and 4G, as well as a good dynamic on 5G.

Free Mobile: quality of subscriptions and customer satisfaction

If we speak in free mobile opinions of a revolution on the telephony market, it is no coincidence. By offering its two packages, one at 19.99 euros per month, the other at 2 euros per month, The operator has contributed to a drastic drop in prices. The three historic operators then present on the market indeed offered packages at very high prices. Faced with competition from Free Mobile, they have had no choice but to make their own offers more affordable.

Free Customer Opinion

The various customer reviews on the operator Free Mobile.

Free Mobile has also revolutionized the market by offering its two packages without obligation to engage. Until the arrival of Free Mobile, a minority of packages were offered without commitment and customers are aware that Free is the source of this change. Many positive opinions highlight the non -commitment of free packages and price stability for several years.

Drop in prices, non -binding and portability offers are the main developments favorable to consumers that Free has brought. But apart from these changes initiated in 2011, What about free mobile offers and services ? What are the customer reviews on Free Mobile, whether in terms of internet boxes or phone packages ?

Mobile packages at low prices, free commitment

When it was launched, Free Mobile breaks with the mobile offers in place. The operator advances as aware of the fact that the prices used until then by operators are indecent. To counter this trend, Free Mobile thus markets a “social” package at only € 2 per month.

A range of limited but competitive packages according to free mobile reviews

While most operators offer a relatively high number of offers, Free Mobile originally offered two. A third ephemeral and promotional offer has completed the range, allowing you to take advantage of a large data envelope for an advantageous price during the first year of subscription. This offer often returns to free customer reviews of Free.

Opinion on the Free Package at 2 euros per month

This is the cheapest available package on the French market. At only 2 euros per month, it nevertheless offers all the characteristics necessary for a good package, in the general opinion. It thus includes 2 hours of calls in mainland France, unlimited SMS and MMS and 50 MB of data.

Rare contents in this type of € 2 package, it even includes international calls to mobiles in the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, China and DOM, as well as to fixes of 100 destinations, which is highly appreciated by customers reading opinions.

The price of this package has not moved since 2012 and is even displayed at 0 € (free) for freebox customers. Free opinions are particularly complimentary concerning this unique offer and the most competitive on its segment.

The main positive and negative opinions on the Free 2 € package:

  1. A particularly low and even free price for Freebox subscribers;
  2. The possibility of calling to 100 international destinations;
  3. A data volume too low to be able to enjoy the internet.

Free package notice 2 euros

The € 2 free mobile package is very popular and customer feedback is positive.

Opinion on the most popular package of free customers: the free series

The Free Mobile operator offers A special series subscription each week, which varies between 90 and 140 GB Data for a price that covers 9.99 to € 14.99/month. The price is however valid for 1 year before the member was transferred to the 250 GB offer at € 19.99/month.

This subscription is the most appreciated by the customers of the operator Free due to its attractiveness and excellent value for money. It includes 4G+, a good data volume, unlimited SMS and MMS and several GOs usable in Europe. Free subscribers recommend the operator at 93%, and this package plays a key role with the best quality / price ratio in its range.

The main positive and negative reviews on the Free Series Package:

  1. A subscription without commitment with a lot of data;
  2. A reasonable rate around € 10/month;
  3. The offer is unfortunately only valid for 12 months;
  4. Depending on the promotion, the offer is more or less attractive.

Free 120 GB Series Package

The Free series is a promotion package that changes every week and receives many positive opinions.

Reviews on the Free 250 GB package at 19.99 euros per month

This is the unlimited package of Free Mobile. Offered since its inception at 19.99 euros per month, it offers much larger content today. This package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France. From France, SMS are also unlimited to the French overseas departments, just like international calls.

This subscription also incorporates 250 GB of data, in 4G or 5G, 35 GB of which can be used for 100 destinations. Note that holders of a Free Internet box can even take advantage of unlimited 4G/5G with this package, all for a reduced price to € 15.99/month, and even € 9.99/month for Freebox subscribers Pop. This price is highly appreciated and is often mentioned in free opinions.

Free customer reviews are rather positive about this subscription With many international options. However, some regret not being able to benefit from 4G or 5G unlimited via an option, without necessarily being a freebox client.

The main positive and negative opinions on the Free 5G package:

  1. A very complete subscription with 250 GB of Data in 5G;
  2. Internet accessible in many countries up to 35 GB;
  3. The particularly attractive price for Freebox subscribers;
  4. Still too low 5G flow;
  5. The slightly high price of the offer despite the many services.

Free 210 GB

The Free 5G package is highly appreciated by the quality and the number of services offered.

Free Mobile Packages

Also read the mobile packages marketed by Free

Freebox Fiber and ADSL: opinions on Pop, Delta and Revolution offers

Free Mobile does not only offer mobile plans. Xavier Niel operator also offers internet boxes, among which are the Freebox Revolution, Pop and Delta. The three are available in ADSL/VDSL or fiber optics. The maximum rate of the ADSL/VDSL amounts to 50 Mbit/s, while that of the fiber can reach 8 Gbit/s.

Opinion on the Freebox Revolution: a complete offer and less than 20 €

For consumers who wish, the Freebox Revolution, offered at € 44.99 per month, is the most affordable internet box in Free. It includes in particular, TV by canal and a Blu-ray player, as well as other advantages like Amazon Prime Video included for 6 months and channel+ series included for a year.

The main customer reviews on the Freebox Revolution:

  • An affordable price at less than 20 €/month;
  • A binding commitment and a price that doubles after 1 year;
  • A wide choice of TV content: MyCanal, Video Prime, Canal+ Series…;
  • A good fiber flow for an affordable price;
  • The calls included to the mobiles of France.

Freebox Revolution Review

The Freebox Revolution is a good compromise: good services for an affordable price.

Free -range High -end offer: The Freebox Delta

There Freebox Delta, marketed at the end of 2018, is available for 49.99 euros per month, and offers a multitude of services. Unlimited calls is valid to the mobiles of France and DOM as well as to the fixed of a hundred destinations. The 10G fiber as well as the ADSL and 4G association are there, for a speed down to 8 GB/S.

The television offer is finally complete with 280 channels accessible with the OQEE by free interface, TV by Canal, Netflix or Amazon Prime. To take advantage of television with the Freebox Delta, consumers can get the Player Pop for free, Apple TV for € 2/month for 48 months, or Devialet player which costs € 480. This flexibility is often cited in opinions on freebox.

Recurring customer reviews on the Freebox Delta:

  • An exceptional fiber flow and efficient Wi-Fi;
  • A very wide choice of channels with Netflix, video premium and channel+ series included;
  • Many integrated services: Oqee, Prime Music, Cafeyn…;
  • A rate deemed too expensive by many customers;
  • An optional Deviart Player deemed expensive and not necessarily useful.

Freebox Delta review

The Freebox Delta is very complete, but the subscription is too expensive for many consumers.

Freebox Pop Freebox Opinion: Free Internet Box of Free

Finally, the current offer that most often comes up in opinions on Internet Free Boxes is the Freebox Pop. The latter costs € 39.99 per month excluding promotion. It therefore displays a very good value for money, since it is an offer triple-play who has nothing to envy to other offers on the market. It allows in particular to enjoy a Optical fiber of up to 5 GB/s, from a Wi-Fi Pop repeater, and POP Player with the OQEE by free interface.

In addition, customers of the Free 250 GB package can take advantage of an exceptional discount to pay only € 9.99/month instead of € 19.99/month their mobile package with the Freebox Pop.

Recurring customer reviews on the Freebox Delta:

  • An internet speed that is unanimous for fiber customers;
  • A limited choice on the TV side despite the high price;
  • A free offer of any very popular commitment;
  • The possibility of adding an unlimited package at 10 €/month.

Freebox Pop review

The Freebox Pop pleases a lot, but some aspects still seem insufficient.

Opinion on the 4G+ box of free to enjoy the internet everywhere

The Internet access provider markets a final internet box which is often quoted positively in free opinions. This is his 4G+box, which is therefore an internet box passing through the operator’s mobile network To provide a fixed internet connection. This subscription allows you to take advantage of the Internet at very high speed thanks to 4G+ from Free, up to the limit of 250 GB of data per month.

Concretely, members can download up to 320 Mb/s thanks to this Internet box. Two other characteristics of this offer often come back in free positive opinions: it is without obligation, and offers a satisfied or reimbursed period of one month. To take advantage of it, just be eligible.

The most frequent customer reviews on the free 4G box:

  • A sometimes unstable flow depending on the location;
  • A limited limited volume sometimes deemed insufficient (250 GB);
  • A trial duration of 30 days generally appreciated;
  • The non -binding nature of the very well perceived offer.

4G free box reviews

The Free 4G box receives mixed opinions according to network coverage in its region.

The Free Social Package at 0 € or unlimited 4G

To retain its customers, Free Mobile does not hesitate to further reduce the price of its mobile offers. So for Freebox subscribers, The package at 2 euros per month is free ! This should not pay a single euro to take advantage of all the characteristics of the classic 2 hour package. The 19.99 euros package also benefits from a discount reserved for Freebox subscribers. It is for them available at only 15.99 euros per month and allows access to unlimited 4G. For customers with a Freebox Pop, this package is even available for € 9.99 per month.

Why I go bad with free ? Operator’s network opinions

When subscribing to a mobile free mobile offer, many customers ask the question of operator’s mobile network. It is indeed a determining factor in the choice of his mobile phone subscription. In the past, free mobile opinions often mentioned the poor quality of the network, which made members often captured 3G badly like 4G.

Today, however, the operator has widely caught up in this area. THE negative opinions about the Free Mobile network are therefore much rarer, And some even mention this point in positive feedback from free mobile offers. In any case, it is advisable to take a look at https: // Monreseaumobile.arcep.FR/ Before subscribing to a Free Package, in order to check the operator’s network coverage in his region.

In terms of network coverage, here are the most recent figures for Free Mobile:

  • In 4G, Free covers 99% of the French population, which corresponds to 91% of the territory;
  • For 3G, more than 99% of the population is covered by Free, against 93% of the territory;
  • Finally, Free covers more than 99% of the population in 2G, and 92% of the metropolitan territory.

The most exhaustive Free Mobile offer also includes access to Free Mobile Network of Free. The latter is being deployed at the various operators, Orange in mind. This time, Free does not intend to take the same delay as at the time of 4G or 3G.

Free mobile network coverage

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Terminals, free shops and website: effective and accessible services

The secret of Free Mobile’s success, when it comes to its dazzling arrival in 2011 was based on its optimized operation. He did not have any physical shop, in fact, reducing operating costs and thus packages. This is why the operator’s customer service has long supported a mixed reputation.

From now on Free Mobile has free shops distributed throughout French territory, and a largely more accessible after-sales service. Free opinions for mobile and internet have thus changed positively thanks to the operator’s efforts.

Free mobile terminals reviews

Free Mobile terminals, an innovative solution appreciated by customers.

On the website, advisers can be reached via the classic channels of operators: by phone even on weekends, by e-mail, by mail and even from abroad. Assistance space, bringing together the most common questions/answers, should also provide a solution to most problems.

Terminals, free mobile asset to supplement customer service

This is not all since Free does in innovation by providing its free mobile terminals. These terminals allow customers to take out a new offer, to change its SIM card or simply its format, and many other steps still. All this, avoiding any queue and any delivery time.

What is the quality of free mobile customer service according to customer feedback ?

Like all operators, Free Mobile offers customer service to its members. The latter allows consumers to find assistance if necessary, or problem on their mobile or fixed line. Customer service is not to be overlooked in the choice of its telephone operator. It is therefore important to inquire about the Free Mobile Customer Service Reviews.

To attach free mobile assistance, subscribers have several solutions. They can in particular:

  • join customer service to 3244 for free mobile customers, Available Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m
  • For clients of a Freebox, customer service is available every day of the week from 7 am to midnight, except at Christmas and for New Years;
  • For people who are not free clients, you have to Call 1044 to reach free, Number available 24/7, all year round;
  • Otherwise, customer service can be reached Online or by post.

There are many ways to reach free mobile customer service, but customers believe that operator assistance is effective ? In fact, returns are rather shared on this subject. While some members have been improving services in recent years, it seems that Xavier Niel’s operator still has a way to offer a truly qualitative and efficient customer service. It is therefore not possible to say that it is a strong point of free.

All about the Free Mobile subscriber space

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Free customer reviews: why choose this operator for its internet or mobile offer ?

Reading this page and the various free opinions there, some consumers can still hesitate to take out a mobile plan or not at this operator. Yet, Free Mobile has many advantages in the competitive market that is that of mobile packages in France.

The first Free mobile strong point is obviously its pricing policy. The offers are actually very affordable, especially since the marketing of the Free series which costs only € 8.99 to € 14.99 per month. In addition to that, the international aspect of the two most complete offers of the operator very often returns to positive opinions on free. This is an advantage that does not offer all operators without obligation, far from it.

The Freebox is also rather interesting in terms of their value for money, although some customer feedback mention flows that could be better, even in fiber optics. Below, a Summary table of the advantages and disadvantages of free mobile offers According to customer reviews.

The advantages and disadvantages of free packages according to customer reviews
Benefits Disadvantages
The price of mobile packages and internet boxes The quality of the fiber optic sometimes insufficient
Offers without a commitment of duration A range of readable packages, but little supplied
The international aspect of mobile plans The mobile network, slightly less deployed than competitors
Discounts on the Free Package for Freebox customers A after -sales service sometimes considered not efficient enough

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