Free or paid tinder: is it paid to use Tinder in 2023?, Tinder without paying: how it works and what we can do

Tinder without paying: how it works and what we can do

Tinder is an application that is constantly evolving and you are therefore entitled to ask if Tinder is free or not ? Do you have to pay to have access to Tinder ? Or to speak via messaging ? Is it possible to have access to the paid features of Tinder without having a subscription ? All the questions you ask yourself about Tinder Free, we will answer it.

Free or paid tinder: is it paid to use Tinder ?

Tinder is an application that is constantly evolving and you are therefore entitled to ask if Tinder is free or not ? Do you have to pay to have access to Tinder ? Or to speak via messaging ? Is it possible to have access to the paid features of Tinder without having a subscription ? All the questions you ask yourself about Tinder Free, we will answer it.

Some information will be explained in more detail in our Tinder review and we will also offer you concrete examples to know whether or not Tinder is an effective application.

Is the Tinder application free ?

To start our article, we will answer this question that is enormously asked. Yes, The Tinder dating application is completely free ! Whether it’s registration or basic use of Tinder, you will not be asked to pay.

The Basic Tinder operation, which allows you to find profiles and having matches is 100% free. It is the same for messaging after a match.

Is that

Of course, you will have some restrictions and limitations, such as For example the number of swipe you will have every day. And with the basic version of Tinder, you will obviously not have access to the more advanced features of the application.

How to use free tinder ?

To use free tinder, Just download the application or create an account on the online site. After creating a profile, you will be able to start directly to swipe right or left on profiles ! Registration is 100% free and the application download is also.

It’s the classic and basic way to meet around you without paying a single euro.

How to talk about Tinder without paying ?

To speak with someone on Tinder without having to pay, A match will have to be made with the person who interests you. When you use the application, you will swipe right on some profiles. That is to say that you like the profile. If this person likes your profile in turn, a match occurs and you can then send the first message Tinder.

How to speak on Tinder without paying?

What moreover offers the paid version of Tinder ?

As I said above, with the free version of Tinder, you will only be able to swipe profiles and talk to the people you have match. It’s simple, of course, but this free version of the application can most certainly satisfy you.

On the other hand, If you want to increase your game chances And to have likes on your profile, Tinder provides you with features that will help you. Here are some features that are only available with Tinder’s paid version:

  • The Super Like: It is a paid functionality of Tinder (purchase per unit or available in a subscription) which Allows you to show that you are really interested in a particular profile. The Super Like Tinder is an option being chargeable, using it on a profile you like, considerably increases your game chances with this person.

  • The Boost Tinder: As its name suggests, the Boost Tinder is simply a feature that allows you to boost the visibility of your profile for 30 minutes in a circle around you. Tinder promises that a profile that is boosted will have 10x more visit than a profile without boost.

  • See who to like us:: Only available with Tinder Gold or Platinum, you can simply see who you like in the “Likes You” tab. The profiles that have like will also be displayed when you scroll.
  • Rewind: If you’ve already swipe too quickly on a person and you regret it, it is now possible to go back with the return button that erases your like. It is also possible to go back if you swep out too quickly on the left on a profile that you would have liked to like.

Rewind Tinder

  • Priority likes: Exclusively available with Tinder Platinum, your likes are highlighted, which increases your game chances with the person you have liked.
  • Passport functionality : It allows you to place yourself anywhere in the world in an attempt to obtain affinities in another city, to prepare a trip for example. Perfect for those who want to continue to meet people, even on vacation for example.

Tinder Passport Functionality

Of course, with a Tinder subscription, You will have as much swipe as you want as well as no ad in the application. Even if a subscription is an investment in itself, it is a very good way to considerably increase your chances of the match.

And if you still don’t know how to flirt on Tinder, the Online Seduction team is there to help you.

How to have free paid ?

Unfortunately It is not possible to access the paid features of Tinder without paying. To date there is no offer or other tips for accessing Tinder paying for free. It will be necessary to pay a subscription to use these features. Unfortunately, there is also no free trial to see if a subscription could please you.

In the case of Super Like or Boost, you will be able to buy them per unit or by pack. And it is not necessary to have a subscription to buy these products per unit.

What are the Tinder prices ?

To have access to Tinder Premium features, the meeting application offers 3 different types of subscriptions: Tinder +, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum ::

  • Tinder +is € 4.99/month And for this price, you will have access to unlimited likes, reversing unlimited as well as 0 advertisements.
  • Tinder Gold is € 16.49/month And for this price, you can find out who has liked your profile, 5 super like per week, 1 free boost per month as well as all Tinder features +.
  • Tinder Platinum is € 21.99/month And for this price, you will be able to send a message to a profile without even needing a match, access to priority likes, see the likes you have sent in the last 7 days. But also all the features of Tinder + and Gold.


Do you have to pay on Tinder ?

No, you don’t need to pay to use Tinder ! Registration and use of Tinder is 100% free. You will not have access to all features such as the Super Like or the possibility of going back. This is just a sample of the possibilities that you can unlock with a paid Tinder subscription.

But for the normal use of the application: Swiper and Liker of profiles, as well as to speak with your games, it’s completely free ! You will have around 50 and 100 free swipe per day, depending on certain factors. To be able to swipe without limit, it will be necessary to subscribe to a subscription.

Is Tinder paying for girls ?

This is a question that is often asked on online seduction and we can understand why. It is true that some paying dating sites offer preferential rates or even offer their services for women for women. However, It’s not on Tinder.

As for men, Women don’t need to pay to use Tinder. They also do not have access to special offers. If they want to unlock all the features of Tinder (Super Like, Rewind, etc.), they also have to subscribe to a subscription like Tinder + or Tinder Gold.

How to see who to like us on Tinder without paying ?

Without paying subscription, There is, to date, no way of knowing who has liked us on Tinder without paying. There was indeed a few years ago a small tip in the application to deflect the images in the “Likes You” tab. But this tip was quickly spotted and corrected by Tinder.

To see who you like on Tinder you will have to subscribe to a subscription. Be careful, This feature is only available with Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum.

Tinder without paying: how it works and what we can do

Tinder without paying: how it works and what

Tinder is an application that allows users to search for appointments according to their own conditions and interest. Thanks to an extremely useful series of dynamics, this application has become the main reference in terms of meetings.

How Tinder works for free

Each user must Create a profile in which he presents a personal image and provides some references on his personality and history. In your information, you must add some basic questions that will allow you to establish satisfactory correspondence with other users.

  • Age
  • Location
  • Sexual orientation

You will also have to select certain interests, as shown in the image below.

Choose your interests when creating your profile

Choose your interests when creating your profile

Everything above will be essential and will not require any payment. Thanks to this data, other users will be able to see your profile appear on their screen and decide if they wish to be approached. If the impressions of the profile consulted are positive, people will be able to love and wait for a reciprocal reaction. If the two users give themselves Likes mutually, they make Match. Whenever correspondence is established, people can start a conversation and get to know each other better.

Get a match and start a conversation

Get a match and start a conversation

In cases where the profile that appears in the interface is not at the convenience of the user, the latter can dismiss it. As you can see, The essential features to start meeting people on Tinder do not require paying or enter your credit card.

Can I see free correspondence on Tinder ? What we can do for free

To start using Tinder without paying, just download the application, which is free. With free membership, you can do everything that is essential to meet people and get appointments. The option allowing giving Likes or not to like profiless, as well as Match And the possibility of chatting via Tinder are transversal elements at all subscription levels, so you don’t have to worry about it. The same goes for the function Passport, which allows you to change places and meet people from other places than yours.

Use L

Use the location that suits you best

What you can’t do for free on Tinder

What you will not be able to do on the free version is:

  • Consult them Likes which were allocated to you before deciding whether or not to reject a profile.
  • Give Super likes
  • Receive a Boost, which allows you to become a top profile in your region and to gain visibility.

Another option which also requires a paying subscription is the rewind. This allows you to cancel your last action. In other words, if you liked or rejected a profile and you regret it, you can go back and change your decision. Now that you know how Tinder works, we hope you can use it without problem and make the most of it.

Free or paid tinder: you have to pay to use it ?

Tinder quickly became the reference in terms of mobile dating applications. With several million users around the world, it has become very simple to discover new singles: by simply swilating from left to right the photos that will appear on your screen. Long 100 % free, Tinder now offers a paid version, Tinder Plus. It makes it possible to unlock certain features and to be able to use Tinder in a completely unlimited way, which is no longer possible for free. Between the possibility of canceling a swipe (a like or not like that you would have done mechanically, unwittingly) or to change your geolocation, the free Tinder may become less attractive for singles who wish to maximize their chances of making met. So what are the different between free and paying tinder ? Why this new strategy and users win or lose it. We explain everything about the new cogs of the most popular meeting application in France in our advice from Tinder.

Can we use Tinder for free ?

Use Tinder for free is still quite possible. And yes, to stay the most downloaded meeting application in France, impossible for the team behind Tinder to make it 100 % paid. You will therefore always have the possibility of creating your account and contacting singles near you without paying a penny. But however, you will not completely have your hands free, in any case more as much as in the past. So what do you have right by using the free tinder ? You will no longer be able to like indefinitely the photos of singles in your region. When you have reached the 50 -like threshold, Tinder will force you to wait 12 hours before you can continue to swipe on the application.
With free tinder, you can always chat with singles. Finally, the principle remains the same and You have practically access to all the main features of Tinder. The difference with the paid version, Tinder Plus, will be done on premium options which are not frankly necessary to meet people, but can nevertheless improve your experience on the application.

Tinder 100 % free: it’s over !

Should we use Tinder Plus?

Because yes, free Tinder at 100 %, it’s now over (since March 2015 to be more precise). As you understand, by confining yourself to the free version of the application, you will no longer be able to like as much profile as you want. But finally, 50 likes, especially if you live in a small town, it is not so easy to reach. It will just force you to show you a little more selective. And not to like all the photos in the hope of winning an appointment (a strategy that does not always bear fruit). And for those who are nostalgic for the period when Tinder was 100 % free, You just have to understand that the application remains a business, and therefore needs income sources To pay for his teams. Some make the choice to placade advertising panels on each page (which makes our experience rather unpleasant): Tinder makes the choice to offer a premium version, while maintaining a classic free operation. A good compromise, therefore. Result : The services offered are of much better quality than other 100 % free apps. And Tinder can maintain its status as a leader in mobile meetings.

Download Tinder for free

Free Tinder application

In order to use Tinder, you have two choices. The first is the use via the website. To do this, go to your Google, Crome, Mozilla or Safari browser and type in the “Tinder” search bar, you will be redirected to the website. If you want to use Tinder on a smartphone or tablet, just go to your blind and download the application. Tinder is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Thus, whatever the brand E your phone, you can use Tinder at any time.

What will you be entitled to pay to use Tinder ?

  • Change your latest Like : if you swep out the photo of this beautiful brunette in the wrong direction by accident,
  • you will have the possibility of go back ;
  • Like as much profile as you wish and without time limit (unlike free Tinder);
  • Disable advertisements and swipe without interruption;
  • Make your profile more visible (depending on your preferences or profiles you have liked);
  • facilitate your research By showing the profiles of single girls according to your research criteria or according to their date of registration on Tinder;
  • get to 1 Boost Tinder offered per week.

By regularly using Tinder Plus, you will quickly realize that among these new features, two are really interesting. The first is the possibility of going back. If you use the application frequently, you know that it often happens not to like the photo of a sublime girl by mistake. Result: we bite our fingers, because it is then practically impossible to find it. With Tinder Plus, you can go back.

Do you have to pay to use Tinder?

The second is the 5 super likes that will be offered to you (if you do not use the app too regularly). For those who do not know this option, a super like Tinder allows you to be more visible and to be able to talk to a girl on which you really fell in love, that she has matched in return or not.

Finally, the free Tinder Boost per week is also quite useful, since it allows you to make your profile more visible for 30 minutes and therefore collect more games. Without subscription, you will have to pay 2.70 euros for 10 boosts and 4.93 euros if you buy them per unit.

Can we test Tinder more for free ?

If some paid dating sites offer free tests for several days (as is the case for Meetic with a premium trial for 3 days), this is not yet the case with Tinder. If you want to test this paid version of Tinder, you will have no choice but to pay.

And if you were tempted to “hack” the application, review your position because these are generally scams that never work. Indeed, following numerous hacking attempts (in particular by passing men’s singles for women) after the passage to the paid version of Tinder Plus, The application has strengthened its system and removed existing flaws. It is therefore no longer possible to get around the system.

Free tinder for those under 18 ?

Other bad news. Until recently, Tinder had been 100 % free for singles under the age of 18. This is no longer the case and all free has been deleted on the application, for the premium version. So you arrive too late if you hope to enjoy Tinder free thanks to this tip.

Should we pay to unlock Tinder plus ?

So should you really say goodbye to Tinder free and go to the paid version. Is Tinder more worth it. Well there is no ready -made answer to this question, and it really depends on what you are looking for on this meeting application.

Free tinder: should you pay to be able to use the

To start, you should know that the Tinder Plus price will vary (between 2 and 30 euros) depending on an algorithm taking several criteria in account:

  • your age ;
  • Your number of match.

For example, if you are under the age of 30, Tinder Plus prices will be:

  • For one month: 7.83 euros;
  • For a subscription to Tinder more than 6 months: 6.15 euros/month (or 36.90 in total);
  • For a subscription to Tinder more than 1 year: 5.08 euros/month (or 61 euros in total).

If we compare these prices to the amount of a subscription on another dating site, the prices are particularly low. This is explained by the operation of the application, which is already complete in its free version. If the prices were much higher, one can imagine that few people would choose the paid version and not Tinder free.

This is also why prices increase according to your age, since‘There are a majority of singles under the age of 30 on the application. The chances of attracting girls being less (with the strong competition that reigns about this application), it takes more likes to hope for a good number of games, and therefore meet.

How to see Likes on Tinder without paying ?

If you wish to consult the likes you have received on Tinder, you will have to go through a paying subscription. However, some time ago, a trick appeared.

It is now possible to see who has liked your profile on Tinder. To do this, it is imperative to use Tinder on the browser Google Chrome. After entering the necessary elements for your connection, go to the Like tab. A pop-up appears by offering you to go to the Gold version. Refuse the proposal. So you will see all the photos of the profiles that have liked you. Take the first photo and right click. A drop -down menu will appear and you will have to choose “Inspect”. The screen will then be separated into two parts: one will be the page you consult on Tinder and the other will be a page of HTML code.

Subsequently, record straight a second time on the Tinder page. A new box with codes will then be available. Look carefully the word “Flow” And delete it. So you will see the photo of the person who liked your profile appear.