Free flow test: measure the actual speed of your internet connection, how to do a flow test of your free internet box and interpret?

Free flow test: how to know the performance of your freebox

In some situations, the solution may not be quickly. It is therefore necessary to Contact the customer service of its Internet access provider. Before landing your phone and reaching Free, it is still recommended to check that a general breakdown is not in progress. To do this, you have to turn to the side of a site like DowndeTector. This device allows you to quickly read the current failures from operators and access providers.

Free flow test: measure the actual speed of your internet connection

You are wondering what is the real performance of your Internet connection at Free ? Find out below how to do a debit test and how to analyze the results of this internet speed test.

When subscribing to a very high or high speed internet subscription with Free, the operator gives you a maximum theoretical internet speed available according to the offer but also the technology accessible in your home. It is therefore not the real flow of your internet connection but an estimate. So to know the real speed of your bandwidth at home with free, you can perform an internet connection test also called speed test.

Free debit test: why do ?

Free flow test

You have a freebox subscriber and you notice a drop in the quality of your connection or a decrease in your Internet speed ? Carrying out a free flow test allows you to know, in just a few moments, the actual speed of your internet connection at home. The internet debit test thus allows you to learn more about the condition of your line.

Remember that when you subscribe to your Freebox subscription, like each Internet access provider, the Free operator gives you a Theoretical internet speed Maximum available depending on the type of connection accessible in your accommodation, namely ADSL, VDSL or optical fiber. Be careful, this is only an estimate of flow. In real conditions, your Internet flow free can vary.

Note that whatever the technology available in your accommodation with the Free operator, you can do a free fiber test or an ADSL test for your connection to find out your real internet debit.

In summary, making a flow test on your free internet line allows you to precisely measure the performance of your connection by obtaining:

  • The downhill flow,
  • The amount of speed,
  • Latence time (ping).

How to perform a free internet debit test ?

Free Flow Test Operation

To measure The exact flow of your free line, The process is simple, free and fast. To make this internet connection diagnosis with your freebox, you must:

  1. Access the Debit test page,
  2. Click on the “Launch the test” button,
  3. Wait a few seconds while the tool tests your free connection.

Once the Internet Free Internet connection test is completed, the results are displayed directly on the speed test page.

What to do before launching the free connection test ?

To carry out the free flow test under optimal conditions, And measure the exact speed of your internet connection with your freebox, it is important to take some precautions before launching the speed test:

  • Close all open web pages except the connection test page,
  • Stop current downloads,
  • Stop open software on the computer that can use flow,
  • Connect your computer to your freebox with an Ethernet cable for an even more fair result.

It is advisable to Redo the free debit test several times at different times of the day but also to different days to obtain an average value. Indeed, certain factors such as the time you do the test affects the results of the speed test.

How to interpret the results of the Free flow test ?

For Interpret the results of the Free flow test, It is initially important to understand the functioning of measurement indicators.

To determine the performance of your internet connection at home, the flow test performs in a few seconds:

  • a ping test namely the measurement of latency time of your connection,
  • A reception debit test, that is to say the measurement of the speed down on your line,
  • A shipping test, that is to say the calculation of the rate amount on your connection.

Note that the more the speeds measured on your free line are high, the more your internet connection with your freebox is efficient.

Did you know ? The speeds are measured in megabit / second (MB / S) and Gigabit / Second (GB / S). The ping test is calculated in milliseconds.

The ping

The latency namely the ping corresponds to the time which flows between the sending and the reception of information. The ping thus measures the reaction time of your internet connection. The lower the latency time, the more reactive your internet connection at home is.

The downhill flow

The downhill flow also called download or reception debit corresponds to the transmission of data you receive from the Internet to your device. The Internet debit test thus examines the download speed from the network. The speed of websites of websites or even downloading files use the speed of internet access.

The amount of speed

The amount of speed, Called upload or even shipping, corresponds to the data flow that you send from your device to the Internet network. This amount amount is necessary to transmit files into attachments to your emails for example, or when you load photos on social networks.

What is the jig ?

Another measure available on an ADSL or fiber flow test, the jig. This measure is expressed in milliseconds (MS) and corresponds to the variation in latency. Concretely, if the measure of the jig is raised on the debit test, it means that the latency time varies and therefore, therefore, that your internet connection is difficult.

Internet connection flows available with free

The Free Internet Access Provider offers a very complete catalog of freebox offers. Apart from the Freebox Crystal subscription accessible only in high speed with ADSL, all Freebox offers from Free are accessible according to your fiber optical, ADSL or VDSL eligibility. Depending on the Freebox rate, flow rates may vary.

Free fiber flows offered

Free fiber flows Descendant flows Start fees
1 Gb/s 700 Mb/s
Freebox Revolution 1 Gb/s 700 Mb/s
Freebox One 1 Gb/s 700 Mb/s
Freebox Pop 5 Gb/s 700 Mb/s
Freebox Delta 8 Gb/s 700 Mb/s

In the event of eligibility for the Free Fiber network, the supplier offers a maximum theoretical drop -down flow of 1 GB/s and a maximum theoretical amount rate of 700 Mb/s with the Subscriptions Box Internet Mini 4K, Revolution and One.

With the offers Freebox Delta and Freebox Delta S, the maximum falling down speed is 8 GB/s thanks to 10G Epon technology and 600 Mb/s in pruction up.

Consult our guide on free fiber eligibility to find out if your accommodation is compatible with fiber.

Did you know ? The flow record in France is held by free. Indeed, a Freebox Delta Fiber subscriber has obtained a descending flow of 8190 MB/s, or 8.2 GB/s !

Free ADSL flows available

Free DSL flows Descendant flows Start fees
70 Mb/s in VDSL
20 Mb/s in ADSL
1 Mb/s
Freebox Revolution 70 Mb/s in VDSL
20 Mb/s in ADSL
1 Mb/s
Freebox One 70 Mb/s in VDSL
20 Mb/s in ADSL
1 Mb/s
Freebox Pop 70 Mb/s in VDSL
20 Mb/s in ADSL
1 Mb/s
Freebox Delta Up to 300 Mb/s in 4G
70 Mb/s in VDSL
20 Mb/s in ADSL
1 Mb/s

If your accommodation is not yet eligible for the free fiber, you can benefit from freebox offers in high speed with ADSL or with VDSL technology which offers, for its part, boosted flows.

  • In ADSL, depending on the length of the line, the free drop -down flow is generally between 1 Mb/s and 15 m/s and the amount of speed is most often less than 1 Mb/s.
  • In VDSL, the downward downward speed is between 15 Mb/s and 50 Mb/s and the upright speed can reach 8 Mb/s for the shortest lines.

The Freebox Delta is an exception. It is indeed the only internet box to benefit from an XDSL+4G aggregation technology. When your ADSL Internet connection is too slow, the 4G router integrated into the Freebox Delta automatically takes over. So you can reach, by combining the two technologies, up to 300 Mb/s debit.

Why are different test outlet results ?

There are several factors that come directly influence the results of the free flow test. They are to be taken into account when reading its results.

First of all, you have to take into account the time when the Free Debit test is carried out, especially for ADSL connections. Indeed, during certain “hours of spikes”, the connection delivered by Free can be slower than during the day, a consequence of a connection peak.

Then it is obvious that you will not obtain the same flows between an ADSL connection and a fiber connection. It is the same if you do the free flow test from a free mobile line.

How to improve connection speed with my freebox ?

For Improve your free flow And thus enjoy a more fluid and faster navigation, it is possible to carry out several simple and fast operations:

  • You can reset your Freebox to restore a better internet connection. This operation allows the Freebox to properly perform its updates and therefore therefore solve certain connection problems. Note that to reset an internet box, you just need to turn it off and turn it on.
  • You can also use an ethernet cable rather than the WiFi network to avoid interference which generates degradation of the flow.
  • The most recent internet boxes (Freebox Delta, Freebox Pop) have more efficient wifi. Thanks to the “Smart WiFi” technology, the WiFi settings of your Freebox are automatically configured for better optimization.

Recently, Free has been offering an application to control your Internet box: the “Freebox Connect” app . On this application, you will find all the information concerning your Freebox and its flows. You have access to all devices connected to your Freebox, and the possibility of disconnecting them in one click.

Freebox Connect

And finally, you may use a Internet amplifier To benefit from a better connection with your Freebox and this especially when your device is in a place far from the one where the free modem is located. You can, for example, install a CPL kit (included with certain freebox boxes) or even acquire a WiFi repeater to increase the signal within your accommodation. With its Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta, free you provide a free wifi repeater.

FAQ on the Free flow test

How to do a free flow test ?

CablereView has designed a free speed test to assess your freebox internet connection. Go to this page, then click on the “Start test” button. Our tool will be responsible for measuring descending and uprights, as well as ping and jig.

How to improve my free flows ?

There are many solutions to improve your free connection: Ethernet connection, WiFi repeater, optimization of box settings … We explain everything to you in this article.

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Free flow test: how to know the performance of your freebox ?

Flow test at Free

After imposing itself with a selection of inexpensive packages, Free decided to diversify its offer by offering different Internet boxes. It is now possible to find seven different internet offers in the catalog of the access provider. This allows him to cover all consumer needs. In fact, it is possible to find Optical fiber internet boxes, ADSL boxes or even a 4G box.

When you want to change your internet boxes, the main concern lies in the quality of the flows. Although free highlights the most interesting flows available on the market, especially regarding fiber optic offers, we must keep in mind thatThese are only theoretical values. In practice, only a debit test allows you to know what it is is. Here is everything you need to know about debt tests on the Internet Free Boxes.

Realization and interpretation of a freebox flow test

All Free subscribers can Perform a speed test quickly and simply. In fact, this test comes to measure three essential values: the downhill flow, also called download, the rate rising, also called shipping, as well as latency, generally designated by the term ping. By carrying out a free flow test, it is therefore important to know precisely what these three values ​​are and what they indicate. Here is the procedure to carry out this analysis quickly at home.

The procedure to do a flow test with its free internet box

All consumers have the possibility of carrying out a flow test directly at home when they are connected to their free internet box. For that, you have to turn to the side of a speedtest that will take care of Measure the three essential values ​​of the Internet connection.

Speedtest: Testing the quality of its free internet connection

To find out the performance of your Free Internet box, you need a debit test.

For this test to take place in the best possible conditions, several essential points must be taken into account. At first, you have to make sure that no external element uses connection at this precise moment. This can for example be devices connected to Wi-Fi such as smartphones, a printer or a tablet. When too many devices use the network at the same time, the flow test can be biased.

Note that it remains imperative to Differentiating the connection via an Ethernet cable and the Wi-Fi connection. In fact, the flows are always greater when the connection is made by a cable directly connected to the Internet box. Conversely, Wi-Fi flow rates can be much less important.

Once all the conditions met, it is possible to launch it speedtest below by simply clicking on “Launch the test”.

Free flow test: how to interpret the results ?

Once the debit test is carried out, different values ​​are displayed. As mentioned above, it is important to know precisely what they express to get a concrete idea of ​​the real flow of its free internet box.

The measurements of a debit test in summary:

  • The descending speed: This is the download speed of a connection. In fact, the higher the value, the faster a download is made. It is generally the most important value during a flow test.
  • The amount of speed : Conversely, this value allows you to know the state of the Free Internet connection by sending. The value is generally lower than download.
  • Latence time: also called ping, This is the time that will put information to make a return trip between the computer and the server concerned. Unlike the flows, this value is not expressed in MB/s, but in milliseconds. In addition, unlike the flows, this value must be as low as possible to be considered optimal.

Theoretical flow and real flows: what differences ?

By subscribing to an internet box, the Internet service provider displays a debit associated with its offers. This is a theoretical flow. In fact, when Free displays a flow of 1 GB/s for download for its Freebox Revolution, subscribers are not guaranteed to take advantage of this cited flow. Different factors come into account. Theoretical flow rates only indicate the maximum reachable speed. On a daily basis, it is common to notice less important real flows.

Internet box: what are the possible flows for its freebox ?

To get an idea of ​​the quality of its internet connection, you have to Take into account the theoretical values ​​highlighted by fixed networks. In fact, to take advantage of a particularly attractive flow, you have to be able to benefit from fiber optic technology. The latter highlights connection speeds much superior to ADSL. Another point is also to be taken into account: the theoretical speed of the access provider. Depending on the Internet box, this point can indeed vary. This is particularly true in the free catalog.

ADSL, VDSL, optical fiber and 4G box: what are the reachable flows ?

Depending on the technology used, which depends on the eligibility of the household, the reachable speeds are not the same. Consumers already enjoying fiber optics can for example Hope out of speeds of up to almost 1 GB/S. Of course, this is only a theoretical speed and other factors are to be taken into account. Here, however,, as an indication, the flows reached by the various networks used by Internet Access providers.

Speedtest Free

Internet connection flows obviously depend on the technology used.

  • ADSL: the maximum reachable flow is to 15 Mb/s for download and 2 Mb/s in sending. However, it is possible, sometimes, to note a downward flow that can reach 20 Mb/s. About the ping, ADSL generally allows latency located Between 50 and 60 milliseconds.
  • VDSL: VDSL technology concerns ADSL lines that make less than a kilometer and allowing more attractive flows. If necessary, subscribers can take advantage of a theoretical speed of 100 Mb/s for download and 15 Mb/s in sending. THE ping is fixed Between 40 and 50 milliseconds in the best conditions.
  • Optical fiber : Optical fiber has allowed the boom in what is commonly called “very high speed”. The connection speeds highlighted are much higher than the ADSL offers with theoretical flows that can reach 1 GB/s for download, even in some cases 10 GB/s, and 600 Mb/s in sending. THE ping is less than 10 milliseconds, which is far from negligible.
  • 4G: Consumers who have subscribed to the free 4G box can also benefit from optimal connection speeds. In this case, the theoretical flows are set to 300 Mb/s for download and 50 Mb/s in sending. THE ping has proven to be between 30 and 50 milliseconds For those who benefit from the best possible conditions.

Optimizing Internet box flow

Also read the procedure to boost your Internet connection

What are the theoretical flows offered by the different free internet boxes ?

All Free Internet boxes do not offer the same theoretical speed. In the case of ADSL boxes, the speeds put forward will be much less important than with the fiber optics. In addition, Free has decided to offer internet boxes premium particularly interesting in terms of connection speeds. On the side of the most exhaustive boxes of the Internet service provider, it is indeed possible to note flows up to 8 Gb/s for download.

The flows highlighted by Free for its different fiber optic internet boxes:

  • Freebox Mini 4K: 1 Gb/s for download and 600 Mb/s in sending.
  • Freebox Revolution: 1 Gb/s for download and 600 Mb/s in sending.
  • Freebox One: 1 Gb/s for download and 600 Mb/s in sending.
  • Freebox Pop: 5 Gb/s shared for download and 700 Mb/s in sending.
  • Freebox Delta S and Delta: 8 Gb/s for download and 700 Mb/s in sending.
  • Free 4G box: 320 Mb/s for download and 50 Mb/s in sending.

What about adsl flows ?

On the side of the ADSL, the theoretical flows highlighted are the same for all internet boxes. ISP offers connection speeds that can reach 15 Mb/s for download and 1 Mb/s in sending. With regard to the VDSL network, theoretical flows are 50 Mb/s for download and 8 Mb/s in sending, No matter the chosen internet box.

Bad internet connection on a freebox: what to do ?

Some subscribers unfortunately face bad daily flows. When this type of problem sets in length, this can be particularly handicapping. There are some solutions for try to overcome a problem of bad internet connection With its freebox. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Ensure the proper functioning of its free internet box

First, a bad internet connection can be due to equipment that does not work properly. Before contacting Free Customer Service, it remains essential to Ensure the proper functioning of your internet box. To do this, here are some tips:

  • Make sure the cable connecting the internet box and the ADSL/fiber optic fiber socket is a good condition and correctly connected;
  • In the case of an Ethernet cable connection: check that the connection is properly done and that the cable is a good condition.

If everything seems in order from this point of view, then you have to turn to other solutions available to overcome a bad connection to the Internet.

Modify free wi-fi key

To read also how to change your free Wi-Fi code ?

Reset your Free Internet box to solve a connection problem

In the event that all equipment seems to work, the solution can be the Restart of its internet box. If this simple manipulation is not enough, it can then be interesting to reset its equipment. Contrary to what some might think, this manipulation is rather simply and does not require much time.

Free Internet box: Reset

Resetting its Free Internet box can allow connection problems to be solved.

Anyone can therefore reset their free internet box quickly and try to solve a problem of bad internet connection.When restarting your internet box, it is always advisable to wait at least ten seconds Before turning it back. This waiting time is necessary when you want to solve a connection problem.

Contact customer service in the event of a problem with its freebox

In some situations, the solution may not be quickly. It is therefore necessary to Contact the customer service of its Internet access provider. Before landing your phone and reaching Free, it is still recommended to check that a general breakdown is not in progress. To do this, you have to turn to the side of a site like DowndeTector. This device allows you to quickly read the current failures from operators and access providers.

If no breakdown is in progress, contact Free Customer Service is necessary. For this, it is possible to compose 3244. Note that it is also possible to reach an advisor via a visio-conference system. To do this, you have to connect to your free customer area.

Is it possible to terminate your internet box in the case of poor internet connection ?

In the event that Free Customer Service fails to find the optimal solution to the problem, the termination remains for many the most adequate solution. However, important points must be taken into account before putting an end to your contract. First of all, The commitment period imposed by the firm is essential. In fact, subscribers do not have the possibility of terminating before the end of this period, unless they pay termination costs.

However, there are Conditions where termination is possible before the end of the commitment period and at no cost. This is to highlight reasons considered to be legitimate. To do this, you have to turn to the side of your subscription contract. The latter stipulates what are the reasons that may leave a subscriber to terminate for free. Among these reasons, there is the fact that the operator does not manage to provide correct service. This point must however be proven.

The different possibilities for terminating your Free Internet box:

  • Send a registered letter to its Internet access provider providing the termination request.
  • Contact Free Customer Service.
  • Connect to your free online subscriber space.
  • Let its new access provider make the termination via the portability of the fixed number.