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IOS 16: The best tips and functions hidden to test on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch, Apple Pay configuration will help you make your smartphone useful in any circumstances (finally if your bank account is supplied). The Apple contactless payment platform works with Apple Wallet and offers many options. From the integration of payment cards to storage of loyalty cards, Apple Wallet can be extremely practical.

Five tips on iPhone 14 to save time on a daily basis

Here are five tips for boosting your productivity on the iPhone 14. They all work on older iPhone, as long as they have gone to iOS 16.

The iPhone interface, iOS 16, is full of small hidden features that we can no longer do without knowing them. We will present you five that save time. Available on the latest iPhone 14 and 14 pro, they are of course all Apple phones still updated.

Better manage screenshots and contacts

If you want to keep your smartphone in order, you can quickly find yourself hunting duplicates. Fortunately, iOS 16 added some new features that allow you to spare this tedious work.

Now when you make a screenshot, A new option allows ” Copy and delete capture »». Clearly, this allows you not to store it in the photo gallery, but to go copy it directly where you want to share it. On the other hand, do not forget to go and stick the capture, otherwise it will be lost.

Another element that saves space: when you go to your contacts, you are automatically offered to delete duplicates identified by the interface. Very practical.

Share Wi-Fi password

If you go to Wi-Fi options, by clicking on your network, you can now access your password.

Do not panic, it is protected by Faceid. Once visible, you can copy it, which facilitates password sharing to loved ones.

ICloud 4G and 5G backup

The backup on the data iCloud is truly reassuring. If it were to be woe on your phone tomorrow, you can find your photos, contacts, documents, in short everything you store preciously on your phone. But so far, there was a flaw on this system: we could not save the data that via Wi-Fi. The backup by cellular, 4G or 5G network, is now available.

To activate it, you only have to go to the iPlu’s iPlu menu and activate the save option via cellular.

Copy photo and video settings

If you enjoy changing your photos and videos directly in the iPhone, this tip can save you a lot of time. The idea is simple: after having perfectly retouching a photo, you can now copy the modifications and apply them to a whole group of other photos. This can be useful if you want to keep the same treatment on a whole series of photos taken in the same place.

IPhone 14 Pro Tip

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iOS iPhone tips and tricks

Your iPhone is full of hidden features. To optimize your user experience, we show you the best iOS 16 tips to test on your iPhone 14 or anterior.

This article is not a list of all the features of iOS 16, we have a dedicated article for that. It is rather a selection of tips and tips of iOS little or not known to most iPhone users. We obviously focus on iOS 16 since it is the latest version of Apple’s OS that the majority of pommists use. But some of the tips listed here are also available in previous versions of iOS.

Check the parameters in research

As you may know, when you switch the WiFi or Bluetooth buttons in the shortcut of the control center, this does not really mean that you have deactivated them. This action simply indicates that the wifi and the bluetooth of your iPhone are disconnected. However, the two parameters remain active.

Apple has designed this feature so that you can continue to use certain accessories and features, such as specific devices or services that allow you to share files and other media on several Apple devices.

On iOS 17 however, Apple added a shortcut allowing to deactivate parameters immediately such as WiFi, and even access the plane mode. As a user of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, this is a tip that prevents you from making unnecessary additional clicks. Here’s how to proceed:

Captures D

  1. Swing open quickly The search window
  2. Type “wifi” or the specific parameters you want to modify
  3. Disable Wi-Fi. It’s done !

Activate the locking of private safari navigation

With iOS 17, the first time you open Safari, you will see a private navigation locker appear. I advise you to activate it immediately. The reason is simple: it adds an additional layer of confidentiality to your smartphone.

To activate it, simply allow the browser to use your Face ID. Then, each time you slide from left to right, you can open your private tabs. Just you and no one else.

Captures D

Send a ping to your Apple Watch

Another incredibly practical feature recently added to iOS is the possibility of sending a ping to your Apple Watch directly from the control center. This function is particularly useful for people who frequently lead their device.

To activate the “Ping Apple Watch” function on your iPhone, proceed as follows:

Captures D

  1. Go to Settings> Control center> section No more controls, and press theicon (+).
  2. The icon will be moved to the section CONTROLS INCLUDED. You can then reposition it up, in the center or at the bottom of the control center
  3. It’s done! To trigger the action, simplypresson the watch icon in the control center And your Apple Watch will sound

How to use the camera level

It may seem very simple, but it is a functionality that was sorely lacking in the apple camera application. If you are a meticulous occasional photographer like me, you will like to know that you can add a level directly on the screen of the camera application. This makes it possible to ensure that any inclination in your composition is intentional and not accidental.

To activate the level icon in the camera application of your iPhone, proceed as follows:

Screenshots of level icon in the camera app on iOS 17

  1. Go to Settings> Camera> Composition
  2. Activate the option Level
  3. It’s done ! You can now use it every time you launch the camera application

Zoom to crop

Since we are talking about cameras, here is an additional tip on using the zoom to crop photos. Since the main objective of your smartphone can capture very detailed photos, the “zoom to crop” function can help you keep the quality of the image while enlarging it.

Here’s how to get the most out of the “Zoomer to crop” option:

Captures D

  1. Go to the Gallery> Choose an image> Do a front and rear zoom until you find the best composition size
  2. Press the CRADRER button top right of the screen
  3. It’s done! You have changed your image. Of course, you can use other publishing options before saving it.

Add several timer

Do we really need several timer? Well, I need it. Here in Nextpit, we are constantly testing smartphones and tablets, and sometimes autonomy tests can be quite laborious. If you lose the concept of time, you may have to redo the whole charging test.

The possibility of adjusting several timer simultaneously is therefore very useful in these circumstances. And now iOS offers this option. The configuration and execution of several timers are very simple:

Captures D

  1. Launch itClock application And access thetimer tab
  2. Press theicon (+) To add a new timer
  3. You canLabel and define the end of the timer
  4. Then press To start up
  5. You can create as much timer as you want. apparently. However, only five timers will appear as a live activity on your locking screen.

Reorganize the messages application

If customization is very important to you, you can now choose the features that interest you most in your messages, with the option of reorganizing them. The procedure could not be simpler:

Captures D

  1. Launch itApplication Messages on your iPhone
  2. Press theicon (+) bottom left of the screen
  3. Press on More To display all options
  4. Slide the options that you want to appear in the quick menu
  5. You can also reorganize them in the quick menu to facilitate communication

Protect your notes via password and/or face ID

The native application of Apple notes now allows you to protect your notes with a password and/or face ID. A very practical tip if you keep sensitive content such as identifiers and passwords or any other sensitive information.

You can either use your iPhone password (and synchronize it in your iCloud trousseau) or create a new password just for your notes. Once the password has been chosen, you can opt for a second degree of protection with Face ID. By opening the note, you can then lock it by pressing the padlock icon in the toolbar at the top. Its content will only be visible after having entered the right password or scanning your face to unlock it.

To lock your notes in iOS:

IOS 16 tips lock notes

  1. Go to the Notes application and open or create a note
  2. Press the Three -point menu top right and select Lock
  3. Choose it password And if you want to use Face ID or not
  4. Open the note and press thepadlock in the toolbar at the top

Stop hanging unwittingly with the locking button

If you are tired of hanging up on people’s nose unwanted after accidentally pressing the locking button on your iPhone, you can deactivate this option.

IOS 16 tips prevent hanging lock button

  1. Go to the Settings then in Accessibility
  2. Access the menu To touch
  3. Activate the switch entitled Do not hang on to the locking

Delete contacts more easily

Unlike Android, iOS does not like prolonged supports. Whether to select or access a context menu, Apple always prefers to make you do multiple actions rather than a simple prolonged support. This was the case for example to delete contact. It was first necessary to select the contact, have edited then press the deletion button.

Now, it’s much more intuitive, you can delete contact in iOS 16 with a simple prolonged support:

IOS 16 tips delete contact

  1. Go to your Contacts
  2. Select the contact you want to delete and make a prolonged support above
  3. In the context menu, select Delete contact

Share your WiFi password

This tip is designed for evenings where you invite people to you. Instead of dictating your password too long to your guests, you can easily share said password. Rest assured, the paper press to copy your wifi password is protected by Face ID and copy and paste walking even while keeping the hidden password on your screen.

IOS 16 tips Share Wi-Fi password

  1. Go to the Settings then in Wireless
  2. To the right of the name of your network, press theIcon in the form of “I” surrounded
  3. Press your password and it will be automatically copied in your paper press
  4. Send it to your guests

Connect your Nintendo Switch controller

You surely already know that you can connect a controller from PS4/PS5 or Xbox One S/X and Xbox Series S/X in Bluetooth to your iPhone.

But if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can also connect your joy-con to your iPhone. What is nice with this tip is that you normally have at least two joy-con. And each of them can be used as a full-fledged controller. And you can connect each joy-con, the one on the right or the left, independently to the iPhone.

Well, I don’t know a lot of local multiplayer mobile games, but if this is your case, this tip should please you. To do this:

  1. On your Joy-con, Press the pairing button Located in the middle of the two SL and SR triggers
  2. On your iphone, Open them Bluetooth settings And Appaire the Joy-Con

Merge duplicates in photos

The photo application offers a new utility function that allows you to detect and merge the photos you have in multiple copies. If you want to free up a little storage space:

IOS 16 tips Merge photos

  1. Go to the application Pictures
  2. Go to your Album Then scroll down in Others
  3. Press on Duplicates And select the photos to merge
  4. Press on Merge

According to Apple, the fusion of duplicates ensures that the image with the best quality and associate the metadata in a coherent way.

Hang a call with Siri

If you make a vocal or facetime call and have your hands full, you can hang up with Siri.

IOS 16 tips Call up calling with Siri

  1. Go to the Settings then in Siri and research
  2. First activate the function Detect “Di Siri”
  3. Wrap up to the bottom Hang up and activate the corresponding switch
  4. The corresponding voice command is then: “Say Siri, hang up“”

Copy/paste your photo and video assemblies

You have just edited a photo or video and you have found the perfect combo of filters and settings? If you do not want to lose your genius cut and apply the effect to other photos and/or videos without starting everything again, you can copy a montage.

IOS 16 tips Copy Photo and Video Changes

  1. Open the application Pictures
  2. Select the image or video you have just edited
  3. Press the Three -point menu top right
  4. Select Copy the modifications
  5. Select another image or video to which you want to apply your editing
  6. Press on To modify top right then on the Three -point menu (top right too)
  7. Select Copy the modifications

Activate the haptic return of the native keyboard of iOS

The haptic return is nothing new on iOS except for the native keyboard which was previously devoid of it. Under iOS 16, you can now activate vibrations for entry on your iPhone keyboard.

IOS 16 Tips Happy Keyboard Return

  1. Go to the Settings then in Sounds and vibrations
  2. Wrap up to the bottom Back to keyboard
  3. Activate the switch entitled Vibration

Pin a tab in Safari

The Safari application lets you open up to 500 tabs at the same time. I don’t know who really use as many tabs and it would make me totally crazy, personally. But let’s admit that you have ten openings, being able to pin them a few can be very practical.

IOS 16 tips pin tab Safari

  1. In Safari, Press the Bottom button to the right of the toolbar
  2. Select the tab of your choice and make a prolonged support above
  3. In the context menu, press éping the tab

Not only can you pin several tabs, but you can also pin tabs that are part of groups of tabs so that they are open permanently. Just repeat the same steps listed above, but after opening the chosen group of tabs.

Use shortcuts to create personalized icons, etc.

iOS is not the most customizable user interface on the market. However, it becomes undeniably becoming more and more, to the chagrin of many purists.

The shortcut application allows you to easily transform the icons of applications on the home screen of your iPhone, by creating combinations of unique colors and much more.

Of course, you can choose to use a third party application for this, but the shortcut native tool offers a range of options in accordance with Apple Tatillon Design Directives and, what is more, can be used for automation of routines in iOS, among others.

Screenshots Displaying How To Customize App Icons on iOS Using the Shortcut App

Transform your iPhone keyboard into trackpad

Of all iOS tips, transformation of your iPhone keyboard into trackpad is by far the most useful and I find myself using it almost every day. It is actually a very simple tip, which most iOS users do not know and which is perhaps even less popular than the function allowing to reduce the brightness of the iphone torch lamp.

To quickly place the standard Apple keyboard cursor in a strategic location, simply press the space bar for a long time and wait for the letters to disappear. After that, without removing your finger from the screen, you can move the cursor as you see fit, and you can edit text “like a pro”!

Turn Your IPhone

  • Consult our full guide to find out how to transform your iPhone keyboard into trackpad.

Add additional buttons to your iPhone with the back tap function

OK, this tip is as old as the activation of dark mode on the iPhone, but it still goes unnoticed for most people. Beyond the simple screenshot, the back tap function offers a multitude of features and shortcuts by tapping two or three times on the back of the iPhone.

What is practical with this function is that it supports models from the iPhone 8. In addition to being an important accessibility tool, it also serves as a shortcut to applications like the camera and, in my case, Shazam.

To activate the back tap function on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Screenshots showing the steps to remap the back tap on an iPhone

  1. Go to Settings >Accessibility >To touch, and press BackYour.
  2. Press on DoubleTap Or TripleTap And choose an action

How to activate the image mode in the image on youtube?

From iOS 15, Apple offers an advanced option to use YouTube in a floating window. The function is known as the picture-in-hit (PIP), and allows you to minimize YouTube videos on the iPhone screen. However, to activate youtube picture-in-track mode on the iPhone, a premium YouTube subscription is necessary.

If you are a bit like me, you are also subscribed to YouTube Premium. First of all, you must register as a tester user, then the function will be automatically available on your iPhone. On the other hand, if you want to stay free from YouTube, our advice is to download the pee -fry application directly from the App Store.

Screenshots showing the youtube pip mode working on an iPhone

  • We show you in this tutorial how to activate the Picture-In-Picture mode on YouTube, step by step.

Drag and drop texts, photos and files between the apps

The Universal Control function may not have arrived on the iPhone yet, but that does not mean that you cannot slide and place texts, files and different sir iOS apps. It is not a very popular function of iOS, but it is certainly an excellent multitasking function.

With iOS 16, you can even cut an image to put it in transparency (like a PNG) and drag it off from your web browser to one of your notes, for example.

Screenshots showing How to Drag and Drop Elements Among Apps on iOS

  • Follow our detailed guide to drag and drop text from the Notes to Mail Application

How to broadcast your iPhone on your TV

The diffusion of the content of the iPhone screen on the TV is possible thanks to the AirPlay function. Similar to Miracast, this function allows you to reproduce the screen of your iPhone on compatible or connected televisions to the Apple TV streaming device. To do this, you will need to access the iPhone configuration panel and activate the shortcut for Airplay and follow the following steps:

Screenshots showing How to Mirroring iPhone

  1. Open the Cbetween control
  2. Press the 2 bunk screens icon
  3. Select your Apple TV, your AirPlay 2 Compatible TV compatible or your Mac in the list. (If an AirPlay access code appears on the screen of your TV or MAC, enter the access code on your iOS device)
  4. To stop the mirror of your iOS device, open the Control center, Press on Screen copy, then not to copy

Note that the list of televisions compatible with AirPlay 2 is still reduced, including models released from 2018 by manufacturers LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL and Vizio. The update list can be checked on the Apple site and also includes some devices with Amazon Fire TV and Roku systems.

It should be recalled that, in the case of AirPlay and Miracast, certain applications can prevent the transmission of content to the TV, either for technical reasons or due to certification requirements. To find out more about the subject, see this tutorial on how to connect your iPhone to your TV.

Take the best party from the kinematic mode and photographic styles

Finally, from the iPhone 13 range, Apple now offers kinematic mode and photographic styles. As these two functions depend on your hardware, only owners of the iPhone 13/Pro models will now be able to fully benefit from it.

In our article dedicated to the kinematic mode, we show you how the video function works and the different ways of mounting the sequences during and after the recording. If you have a compatible device, you can learn to capture a video with a blurred background and understand how to automatically modify the object or the person in the foreground of a shot.

Regarding photographic styles, the latest generation camera of Apple smartphone allows you to apply the same shade, temperature and saturation changes as traditional filters, but derives from the iPhone equipment To offer a different result compared to existing methods.

Photographic Styles - Default

  • Here is how to optimize the use of photographic styles on the iPhone.

How to configure Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch, Apple Pay configuration will help you make your smartphone useful in any circumstances (finally if your bank account is supplied). The Apple contactless payment platform works with Apple Wallet and offers many options. From the integration of payment cards to storage of loyalty cards, Apple Wallet can be extremely practical.

With your configured credit or debit card, you can easily make purchases using only your iPhone to pay in store with Apple Pay. Whether you have just bought a new iPhone or configured a new debit or credit card in the Wallet app, it is easy to configure Apple Pay from your iPhone and have the advantage of performing transactions using only your phone. Follow our tutorial to configure Apple Pay.

Configure Apple Pay on an iPhone is simple as hello!

Check Apple Music remotely from your iPhone

Apple offers excellent integration between its products, and although the iPhone is not part of the devices that use the Universal Control function, using an application developed by Apple, you can control Apple Music on your PC or Mac From your iPhone – and even from your iPad. It’s a good tip for those who want to change playlists or albums from the sofa without having to get up (yes. we know you)!

Using the Itunes Remote application, you can easily control Apple Music remotely using your iPhone. The application is available for free on the Apple Store and offers you many other possibilities. Here’s how to control Apple Music on PC or Mac from your iPhone.

ITunes remote

Add a watch timer for your streaming applications

If you use an iPhone or an iPad, you can watch your favorite series on Netflix or Apple TV+ without worrying about killing the battery of the device because you fell asleep in the middle of an episode. Indeed, Apple offers a timer capable of standing up your multimedia readings. And the best part is that you can use it for all applications that read multimedia content on your Apple device. This can be useful for your children and limit their viewing time on iPhone or iPad, for example.

To use the function, simply go to the clock application. Learn more about our full tutorial on how to add a timer for standing for all the media on iOS.

Anleitung Zur Verwendung of the Sleep-Timers für Meddienhalte

These are some of the best iOS functions and user advice for iPhone users at the moment. What do you think of the functions presented here? What is your advice to get the most out of your iPhone? What function would you like to see in this iOS user guide?