Fiber comparison: the best offers at less than € 19/month, fiber comparison: what is the best fiber box?

Fiber comparison: what is the best fiber internet offer


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Best fiber offer: comparator of the best fiber boxes in September 2023

You would like to enjoy an ultra-fast internet connection ? Optical fiber is distinguished by its very satisfactory flows and thus meets your need. Faced with the multitude of existing offers, it is understandable that making a choice is not obvious. After testing your fiber eligibility, go straight to the point and compare the best fiber offers of the moment with Jechange.

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�� Comparison of the 10 best fiber offers in 2023

�� What is the best fiber box ?

For many, the Best fiber offer from the moment is here Bbox Fit de Bouygues has € 18.99 per month the first year, then € 31.99/month. This is explained by a particularly attractive price in addition to offering most of what is expected of a connected fiber optic box: a good flow rate and unlimited calls in fixed telephony.

For others, the best box is the Freebox Pop free For its complete triple play formula at € 29.99/month (and € 39.99/month): 220 TV channels, descending and highly high steady fiber flows and an offer without engagement, Which is not always the case when you subscribe to a fiber subscription.

Whether you are eligible for fiber or ADSL, Compare Internet offers Available at suppliers. THE Comparison of Jechange Fiber East 100% free.

�� What is the best fiber and mobile offer ?

THE Fixed and mobile internet offers save you money. In addition to subscribing only one fiber subscription Including the Internet, fixed telephony and TV (therefore only one invoice at the end of the month), you benefit from a discount on the price of a 4G/4G+ or 5G mobile plan. By taking into account the different options put forward, while paying attention to the value for money, it is possible to establish a comparison of the best fiber + mobile boxes on September 24, 2023:

�� What is the best fiber offer without obligation ?

  • There Red Box Fiber at € 19.99/month for 12 months then € 29.99/month. Symmetrical flow of 500 Mbit/s. Unlimited calls to fixed + mobiles.
  • There Sosh fiber box at € 20.99/month for 12 months then € 30.99/month. 300 Mbit/s symmetrical flow. Unlimited calls to fixed.
  • There Freebox Fiber Pop at € 29.99/month then € 39.99/month. Flow rate up to 5 gbit/s in reception and 700 Mbit/s in emission. 220 TV channels. Unlimited calls to fixed + mobiles.

Unlike conventional offers whose price increases after 12 or 24 months, fiber offers without obligation have the advantage of leaving you the freedom to terminate when you want. In other words, subscribing a fiber box without commitment is the guarantee of being able to change offers at any time.

Compare the best internet box offers to:

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✅�� What is the best TV fiber offer ?

Is it worth taking a Fiber internet subscription with TV included ? The answer is yes if you often watch TV or use it to disseminate content from SVOD platforms like Netflix.

To find out which internet operator is waiting for you Best TV experience, You can compare TV bouquets (which offers the most TV channels), but also the performance of TV decoders of different ISPs:

  • Orange is distinguished with its decoder UHD TV Available for its entire range of Fiber Livebox.
  • Free made its TV decoder famous Freebox Pop Player, Available both in the subscription Freebox Pop (from € 29.99/month) and in the Internet package Freebox Delta (from € 39.99/month) without obligation.
  • Bouygues markets two TV boxes: the BBOX 4K and the Bbox 4K HDR. To have 4K at Bouygues, discover the BBOX Must ; And for 4K HDR, opt for the Bbox Ultym.
  • SFR finally offers two TV boxes: the SFR Box 7 and the SFR Box 8. The 7 is available in the subscription SFR Starter, While the 8 requires subscribing a box SFR Premium.

If you are looking for a Smart TV, that is to say a TV Connected to the Internet via fiber, Two options are available to you: Subscribe a box Bouygues fiber or a box SFR Fiber.

❌�� What is the best fiber without TV ?

You are not a big lover of television and you are going in your daily life ? For you, there are fiber internet offers without TV, including only internet access and the landline. To have Internet alone is not only possible, but you can above all take out a TV -free box fiber connected, the best access technology with incomparable performance on the telecommunications market.

And fiber for students ? Student return : fiber boxes for students were launched in late August and early September. Subscribe a student fiber offer !

�� How to choose your fiber box ?

For choose Best fiber box offer, You have to compare the boxes according to 3 main criteria Selection ::

  • There wealth of services (included in the additional fiber + offer);
  • The value of flows proposed;
  • THE prices displayed in promotion And out of promotion.

Fiber offer at the best price or best service quality ? You can also opt for a low-cost offer, with a Cheap fiber box Allowing to take advantage of fiber optic technology at low prices or rather choose a fiber box offer at a higher price with more key services (a greater number of TV channels, unlimited calls to mobiles. )).

Another criterion to take into account when you are in the process of finding the best fiber internet offer: the Speed ! Some suppliers offer flows exceeding 1GB/s and other operators offer less important but completely decent fiber optic flows, which can vary between 200mb/s up to 500MB/s. If you want an optimal connection speed, you have to be ready to review your budget upwards to be able to take out a slightly more expensive box that will allow you to quickly surf the Internet.

1 click fiber flow test ! You can Test your current flow and compare the values ​​obtained with the benchmarks of other ISPs to subscribe to the best fiber internet operator.

THE promotional prices Applied the first year of an internet contract are legion with Internet access providers (ISP). It is advisable to pay attention to the increase in the price of fiber boxes after the promotion ended. It can be dissuasive as for Freebox Fiber Revolution, whose price is ultra-competitive for 1 year (€ 19.99/month), then undergoes a 25 € increase by the way € 44.99/month from the second year.

Compare the best fiber box offers to:

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�� What is the price of a fiber offer in 2023 ?

THE Fiber offers price operators vary according to the content of the offer. Whatever the ISP with whom you subscribe to a fiber internet offer, there are entry -level, mid -range and high -end fiber boxes.

A TV -free fiber box is generally less expensive than Fiber subscription with a TV bouquet over 200 channels. Today there are fiber boxes from € 18.99 per month on promo, and € 29.99 per month excluding promo.

If your need is the most advanced service as possible to benefit from a premium experience with fiber, it takes € 49.99/month out of promo with the Freebox Delta Fiber, € 50.99/month for the Bbox Ultym Fiber and € 55.99/month for the Livebox Max of Orange.

�� How to test my eligibility for fiber optic offers ?

Before thinking of subscribing, a decisive question arises: the eligibility Fiber or ADSL. If you are eligible for optical fiber, you can Subscribe a box Fiber subscription up to 1gbit/s. And if you are not fortunate yet to be eligible for this technology, then you have to turn to an ADSL or VDSL subscription. To know your fiber optic eligibility, nothing could be simpler, you just have to test your address or landline number using our dedicated tool. Wait for a few seconds while he finds the offers to which you are entitled for your accommodation and voila.

Fiber eligibility test ! What internet offers are available to me ?
Simple, fast and free test.

Eligibility is a condition without which you cannot take out a fiber internet offer. Operators are increasing efforts to expand the deployment of their fiber optic networks on the territory. It is planned that in 2030, all households have fiber access. Good to know: once your fiber eligibility has been confirmed by our test, you can take out a fiber offer. The operator will contact you to set an appointment with regard to the fiber of your accommodation.

Ask us, we do it for you !

Call our advisers for your procedures (eligibility, change of operator. ) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Fiber comparison: what is the best fiber internet offer ?

You have recently become eligible for fiber optic or you just want to change the internet box ? We provide you with a comparison of the best fiber offers in 2023 to consult at any time to be helped in your approach and make an informed choice.

Compare fiber offers of the moment by phone

Comparison of the best fiber boxes from € 17.99 per month

We have developed a Comparative of fiber offers the most recent, so that you know in real time what is the essentials of Fiber box packages Marketed by Internet Access providers (ISP) in 2023. After having defined your expectations well (a fiber promotion, A good flow, a large number of TV channels included or the without engagement for example), you can get into the comparison of offers and select the one you like the most.

The Freebox Fiber Revolution: the free triple play fiber offer

THE Free fiber offers are :

You cannot miss the Freebox Fiber Revolution, Triple play equipment including the Internet, Fixed Telephone and TV. The legendary Freebox of the Free operator does not go unnoticed only € 19.99 per month the first year (then € 44.99 per month). By engaging for a year, enjoy the fiber Up to 1 Gbit/s in descending speed and up to 600 Mbit/s In rate rising. In addition to an ultra-fast connection, you have 270 TV channels free and best entertainment with TV by Canal Included in the offer.

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The SFR Power Fiber, the affordable mid -range of SFR

THE SFR fiber offers are :

There SFR Power Fiber stands out for good characteristics of what can be expected from a fiber box at the price of € 29.99 the first year (then € 39.99/month). It also includes a Android Connect TV Decoder, 200 TV channels, unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles, up to 2 Gbit/s shared in reception and 700 Mbit/s by sending, the internet guaranteed with a backup box, and 6 months offered On SVOD Netflix platforms (standard with ad), Disney+ or Amazon Prime (of your choice).

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The Bbox Must Fiber, an optimal performance from € 24.99/month

THE Bouygues fiber offers are :

There BBOX Must is considered the Bouygues mid -range fiber box. You take advantage of a high -performance wifi connection thanks to the modem Wifi 6, an enriched TV experience with in particular a very good image quality in 4K. Overall, this is one of the boxes offering one of the Best quality/price ratios of the market. Here are its main advantages:

  • Until 1 Gbit/s in downward flow and up to 700 Mbit/s in upward flow
  • Bouquet of 180 TV channels included
  • TV recorder 100h
  • 6 months offered On SVOD platforms Video and Universal Prime+
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles
  • 12 -month commitment

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The Fiber Livebox, the essential fiber offer of Orange

THE Orange fiber offers are :

There Fiber Livebox naturally appears in our Comparison of the best fiber offers in 2023. The timeless box of the Orange historic operator is available at the price of € 24.99 per month then € 42.99 per month. The speed reaches 500 Mbit/s with the wifi of the Livebox 5. 140 channels TV are included in the subscription, as are unlimited calls to fixed. Although you are committed to a minimum period of 12 months, you have access to the quality of Orange network.

Subscribe an online orange fiber box

The Sosh Fiber box, a fiber internet subscription without obligation from € 20.99/month

There Sosh box is here fiber box Sosh’s reference. The holes fixes the price of its Sosh box to € 20.99 per month for a year, then € 30.99 per month. At this attractive price, the Sosh fiber offer has a symmetrical flow of 300 Mbit/s and unlimited calls to fixed. You can choose between a bouquet of 72 channels to be viewed from your favorite device (telephone, computer, tablet) or subscribe to a option at 5 € moreover every month to have access to 140 channels on the same supports, as well as a HD compatible TV decoder and the Orange TV application. This is an offer without engagement.

Subscribe a SOSH fiber box online

The Red Box Fiber, the Low-Cost fiber model of Red by SFR

Without commitment as the Sosh box, the Red Box Fiber is the only fiber offer from the operator Red by SFR. It attracts attention by its price, located in the low fork of the fiber prices, at € 18.99 per month the first year, then € 28.99/month. On the other hand, its symmetrical flow of 500 Mbit/s is amply satisfactory and ensures you a quality connection. If you need a higher speed, you can also subscribe The WiFi 6 option (€ 7) which allows you to obtain a flow of 1 Gbit/s, twice as fast as the basic connection speed. Last advantage included in the Red Box Fiber offer: 35 TV channels Accessible via the application Red TV.

Subscribe a fiber red box

What is the best fiber box ?

There fiber box perfect does not exist. If you are looking for the best fiber box offer, different criteria can influence your final decision.

The most complete fiber box

If by best fiber box, you hear the most complete box on the market, then we advise you to choose the Bbox Ultym from Bouygues (€ 30.99/month for 12 months, then € 50.99/month).

It is distinguished by the great scope of its WiFi 6th, His bouquet of 180 TV channels, her HDR 4K decoder latest generation and its unlimited call offer to a large number of destinations in France and more than 110 countries. Finally, the Bbox Ultym Fiber also makes you benefit from 6 months offered On SVOD platforms Video, Disney+ and Universal premium+.

The fiber box without commitment with the best value for money

Perhaps by best fiber offer, you think of the one that commits you to nothing, available at a reasonable price in the first year and thus offering very good value for money. There Freebox Pop meets this expectation: without engagement, she is available from € 29.99 for 1 year then 39.99 € per month.

Supersonic flows and attractive price, WiFi repeater included, presence of many additional services: the Freebox Pop can easily be elected Best Fiber offer in the category without commitment.

The best fiber boxes at low prices

If ultimately, the ideal fiber box for you is the one at a lower cost that provides you with an essential daily internet service, without however the advantages of competing boxes, the Red Box Fiber at € 18.99 per month in the first year where the Sosh box at € 20.99 per month for 1 year are two excellent compromises.

Test your fiber eligibility by phone

The best fiber + TV offers

If you are a follower of television and have the Internet is good but insufficient for your daily comfort, then we recommend that you Subscribe a fiber offer with TV. In this way, you benefit from a quick connection and you can watch your favorite TV channels directly on your TV.

To put it simply, all internet operators offer Fiber box with included TV channels, Except two exceptions: the Bbox Fit de Bouygues and the Freebox Delta S of Free, two fiber boxes without TV service included.

On the other hand, certain fiber + TV offers offer certain additional TV channels as an option paid: this is the case with the SOSH box and its Option +140 channels (instead of 35) for 5 € additional per month, or Red Box from Red by SFR which asks 2 € more every month for a Bouquet of 100 channels Instead of the 35 channels included without TV decoder in the basic offer.

But then, what is the supplier who markets the Best fiber + TV offer ? Here is a summary table of the best fiber + TV offers of the moment:

  • 270 chains
  • including 50 TV channels by Canal
  • Replay, vod, direct control.
  • Oqee by free
  • Oqee cinema included
  • Netflix Essential + Video Prime included
  • 100H TV recorder
  • 4K HDR compatible
  • 220 chains
  • Replay, vod, direct control.
  • Oqee by free
  • Oqee cinema included
  • Optional SVOD services
  • 100H TV recorder
  • 4K HDR compatible
  • 200 chains
  • Replay, vod, direct control.
  • SVOD services offered 9 months from: Netflix, Disney+, Video premium
  • 100H TV recorder
  • 4K HDR compatible
  • +180 chains
  • Replay, vod, direct control.
  • SVOD services offered 6 months: Universal+, Disney+, Video premium
  • 100H TV recorder
  • 4K HDR compatible
  • 140 chains
  • MAX replay accessible for 12 months
  • Orange TV on connected TV (on request)
  • Multi-screen TV recorder
  • 4K Ultra HD compatible (Decoder on request)

Non -exhaustive list/up -to -date information at 07/24/2023

You want to take out a fiber + TV offer ? Contact a Lafibreoptique advisor to compare the offers and choose the box that best suits your expectations !

The best fiber offers for professionals

A few years ago, fiber was only marketed in individuals. Most of the ISPs have opened to a new customer segment: professionals. There are now fiber offers for businesses. They include two major services: telephony including appropriate mobile data volumes, and a Pro assistance to be solicited in the event of a technical breakdown.

THE Pro Internet offers are designed to meet the specific needs of each professional. SFR, Bouygues and Orange have designed full -fledged pro fiber offers, while Free has made the choice to make professional use their conventional fiber offers compatible with professional use.

Good to know: as for fiber box offers sold to individuals, pro fiber is accessible subject to eligibility. The premises of the company must be located in a area currently eligible for fiber optics so that a professional can claim the fiber pro offers.

: 1 Gb/s

  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France
  • Cloud 100GB storage
  • Pro pack and its advantages (professional customer service, guaranteed internet connection, 8 -hour guaranteed intervention, second fixed line on request. ))
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France / Europe / Switzerland and to fixed to more than 110 countries
  • TV on request
  • WiFi 6 repeater included on request
  • Pro Pack and its advantages (Internet Guaranteed PRO, Guaranteed intervention in 8 hours, Pro customer service. ))
  • Unlimited calls to fixed and mobiles in France / Europe / DROM / USA / CANADA / CHINA
  • TV on request
  • Airbox Comfort Pro Service in the event of a network cut
  • Pro advantages (technical assistance 24/7, guaranteed intervention in 8h, professional messaging, domain name on request, registration pro directory. ))

HT/up -to -date information at 07/24/2023

The price of fiber packages in 2023

Regarding very high speed fiber boxes, the price scale will from € 17.99 per month to € 50.99 per month according to the FAI. Thus, it is quite possible to find cheap fiber boxes as it is possible to buy a high -end box with a higher price. In general, the price of a fiber box is proportional to the power of the flow, the extent of the range of services included and the quality of the technical support provided by the operator.

Good to know: fiber box are at the same price as the ADSL boxes the first year when they carry the promotional offer at reduced prices the first 12 months of the fiber subscription. After 12 months, the price undergoes a fairly large increase.

How to compare fiber boxes ?

To make a Good comparison of fiber offers And Choose the best fiber offer Among the many possibilities of the market, there is no magic recipe. You just have to orient your final choice towards the criteria that look like you most. Depending on your needs, you will be at least one of the following elements:

�� Fiber flow : for some, a good flow is an essential condition, to the point of eliminating all the fiber boxes with too low flows compared to the use they intend to make. You can test your current flow and see depending on the result if it is best to change for better speed.

�� The price : the price is also a criterion of choice for fiber boxes. Indeed, customers wishing to carry out savings may tend to favor Current promotions To subscribe to a fiber offer, while those who have a higher budget will linger more on associated services For example.

�� Or without commitment : if the flow and the price are the two most mobilized criteria to compare fiber offers, the question of engagement is just as central. Some are ready to commit to a more or less long period (minimum 12 months, or even 24 months), while others prefer to keep the freedom to exilled at no cost at any time By anticipating a possible change of offer or even operator for various reasons (dissatisfaction, moving, need more complete services. )). You can refine your box search by comparing fiber offers without obligation.

Please note: Remember to check your eligibility for fiber optic if you are in a comparison of fiber offers. A simple eligibility test Allows you to know if you are entitled to fiber where you live.

Our eligibility test is free and will not take you more than a minute. Fill in your postal address and discover the result. Will you be one of the 35.3 million French households connectable to fiber ? The answer by filling the box below ��

Alternatives to fiber offers

  • L’ADSL. When you do not have fiber at home, there is a good chance that at least one operator offers you in the absence of an adsl box offer. Admittedly, the flow is lower than in fiber, but you can use the Internet at home without worrying about the difference in performance. If nevertheless the bandwidth is too saturated in ADSL, opt for one of the other two solutions presented below.
  • THE 4G box. These boxes operating via the 4G mobile network are a very good substitution solution to make you forget the fiber when you live in a white area where the ADSL has a too unstable signal. You can take out a 4G box offer from the operator of your choice, apart from the virtual mobile network operators (MVNO) who do not sell 4G boxes.
  • THE Satellite Internet offers. Not eligible for fiber, poor ADSL connection. Have you thought about having satellite internet at home ? Satellite broadband brings you a good connection and wherever you live, you are necessarily eligible for the satellite. If you are interested, do not hesitate to compare the satellite offers of Nordnet or Starlink, two specialized operators.

You are looking for an internet offer adapted to your needs ?

Compare all fiber optic internet boxes

It’s time to change your internet boxes ! Whatever the reason (bad experience, higher needs or moving), you need to be accompanied in this new research. What does he really hide behind the fiber optic ? What are these advantages ? How to subscribe to an offer ? Which operators allow to benefit from it ? So many questions we give you answers. In addition, thanks to our online box comparator, you will get an overall vision of adequacy offers with your needs to which you can subscribe. It only remains to take the plunge !

Orange logo

TV up to 140 TV channels included with the Ultra HD 4K decoder (on request)

Tel Unlimited calls to fixes in France and in DOM + 110 international destinations + Tunisia (on request) + 10h/month offered to fixed in Algeria (on request)

12 -month commitment

For 12 months

Bouygues Telecom logo

Spotify 4 months offered from Spotify Premium
Tel Unlimited calls to fixed in France and more than 110 countries

12 -month commitment

For 12 months

SFR logo

SFR Fiber Starter

Decoder TV with 160 channels offered

Tel Unlimited calls to the Fixes de France Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 100 destinations

12 -month commitment

For 12 months

Red logo

TV 35 channels + 8h recording with the Red TV application or on the TV (tablet)

Tel Unlimited calls to the fixeds of Metropolitan France and DOM TOM unlimited calls to the fixes of more than 100 countries
Calls to mobiles offered

For 12 months + one month offered

Coriolis logo

Tel unlimited calls to fixed in France +75 destinations

12 -month commitment

Bouygues Telecom logo

Special bbox fiber series

TV more than 180 TV BBOX 4K TV TV Record TV 100h
Tel Mobile phone and fixed internationally

12 -month commitment

For 12 months

Free logo

Freebox Revolution Fiber

TV by Canal TV by canal included

12 -month commitment

For 12 months

Coriolis logo

Fiber & tv prem’s by SFR box

Bouquet TV of 160 channels: a selection of thematic channels (youth, discovery, entertainment and cinema)

Tel unlimited calls to fixed in France +75 destinations

12 -month commitment

Free logo

Freebox Fiber Pop

Canal+ series 1 year of Subscription to Canal+ series included
Disney+ included 3 months

For 12 months

Sosh logo

Sosh box – Fiber

Orange TV TV TV (offered on request): 72 TV channels on mobile, tablet and PC/Mac

Tel Unlimited calls to the fixeds of Metropolitan France and DOM + 100 international destinations.

For 12 months

You want to subscribe to a new Internet box ? More particularly to a fiber optic offer ? You are in the right place. In this practical guide, you will get all the answers to the questions you ask yourself. The Internet supplier market is very competitive: both offers and brands are fighting to share customers. To do this, they are obliged to compete in ideas and to offer ever more attractive packages than the other. This multitude is in favor of the customer, but can quickly turn against him. Indeed, to find the box most suited to its needs, it must analyze each offer one by one on all the available sites. A waste of time which can often lead him to make bad choices.

To avoid this, we offer a tool specially designed to support you in your search: our online packages comparator. Depending on your selection criteria (price, debit, services, options, etc.), you get a list of packages that will suit you perfectly. This is valid for fiber optic internet boxes. Let yourself be tempted and guide to subscribe to your new package !

What is optical fiber ?

Optical fiber is a new internet connection mode to French homes. Since 2007, it has been deployed throughout the territory. The purpose of the State is to benefit 80% of households by 2022. Optical fiber materializes by a glass or plastic wire which will guide a light signal to transmit information and data to the home. Unlike ADSL, optical fiber limits network disturbances.

Users thus have a broadband connection. It offers a connection speed of up to several gigabits per second.

This new connection mode has several advantages and is intended to become the favorite connection mode.

What are the advantages of optical fiber ?

The biggest advantage to opt for optical fiber is the broadband internet connection. Loading times or bugs are of the past ! Thanks to this new connection mode navigation is fluid. Navigation but also the quality. Which is not a negligible point. It is possible to download remotely or to take advantage of the 4K definition. There is no limit.

Unlike optical fiber, the quality of the ADSL depends on the distance from the network compared to housing. The more the connection, the more the quality and the navigation speed can be deteriorated.

You are several in your home ? No connection problem either. The performance of the flow will meet the simultaneous expectations of each person. You can therefore connect to others on Wi-Fi and fully enjoy your Internet activities.

How to know if I’m eligible ?

Optical fiber is currently being deployed throughout French territory. Therefore, all homes are not yet eligible. Before opting for this type of connection, it is important and necessary to check its eligibility. For this, several methods are available:

  • By phone: thanks to your landline number, it is possible to know if the fiber optical connection is available for your home. Just call the number linked to your operator. By following the information given, you will know if you can subscribe to this type of subscription.
  • On specialized sites: Internet is full of possibilities. Several specialized sites have emerged to allow consumers to know their eligibility. Just enter the information about your accommodation: Postal Code, Address and the number and floor of your home if you stay in an apartment. In a few clicks, you will get the result of your eligibility.
  • On the sites of Internet service providers: obviously, ISPs offer a dedicated page to know its eligibility. Operation is modeled on the same principle as specialized sites: it is enough to enter the information relating to your accommodation.

Once this test is carried out, you will be able to know if you are eligible for a fiber optic subscription or if you need to orient yourself towards an ADSL internet box.

How to subscribe to a cheap fiber optic box ?

You have passed your eligibility test and you are sure to be able to opt for a fiber optic subscription. Now you have to choose which offer to turn to. It is at this precise moment that your budget comes into play. You wish to benefit from complete services without compromising or paying an invoice that is not in line with your budget ? To this there are alternatives.

First, thanks to our comparator, you have the possibility of sorting the available offers according to their prices. Thus, you have a clear and precise overall vision of the packages that suit you and to which you can subscribe.

In a second step, you have the possibility of directing yourself towards subscriptions on promotion. There are many operators offering regular offers to allow consumers to save money each month. These promotions are available in several forms: welcome offer, promotional code, refund or even good exceptional plan. It is possible to fall on it and take advantage of it to reduce the bill by several twenty, even hundred euros depending on the current offers.

Who are the operators offering optical fiber ?

Optical fiber is not reserved for one operator rather than another. This connection mode aimed at being deployed to all households, all operators on the market offer this type of subscription.

So, if you have a particular preference for one operator rather than another, you have the possibility of filtering the offers available to follow your personal affinities. It is up to you. The same goes for the criteria you want to find in your internet box. With or without commitment, with or without additional television channels, with or without additional services: you are free to choose the fiber optic internet box that suits you best.

Before choosing your new box, do not hesitate to list the real needs you are waiting for. Debit, budget or even services are all information that will allow you to make a serene choice and not regret your subscription a few weeks later.

All internet package offers have been selected and validated by Clic2Shop, partner of Lenumeriques.

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