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Super Soco CT-3: what we know

On the handlebars as on the on -board screen, we also find a cruise control and connectivity, such as niu electric scooters. On the left commodo, you can see a button whose icon is a camera. Will the Super Soco CT-3 equipped as standard with a camera, a dashcam ?

Vollkommen Elektrisch

ElekTRoroller und -MOTORRäder Super Soco | Super Soco Schweiz

Entscheiden sie sich für die nächste generation des umweltfreundlichen pendelns.

Vollkommen Elektrisch

Entscheiden sie sich für die nächste generation des umweltfreundlichen pendelns.

ElekTRoroller und -MOTORRäder Super Soco | Super Soco Schweiz

Neuigkeiten Super Soco

Hol dir deine Sommer Vibes!

Um dir dir den Einstieg Ins neue Schul- und Studienjahr Zu towardsüssen Haben Wir Uns Etwas Ganz Besonderes Ausgedacht Für Dich. Wir Haben ausgesuchte Modelle von vmoto und super supersoco für dich bereit.

Vmoto & Super Soco

Die Neue Gemeinsame Produktlinie von Super Soco und Vmoto Soco Wird Bei Unserem Ausgewählten Händlernetz Erhältlich Sein.

Neue Kollaboration!

Als Champions in Ihren Jeweiligen Bereichen Sind Vmotosoco und Young Boys Die Perfekten Partner. Möchten sie teil dieser legendären zusammenarbeit? ERGREIFEN SIE IHRE LUCK UNDEN SIE EINER DER WENIGEN, Die Ein Special Edition Motorrad von vmotosoco und bsc Young Boys Besitzen!

Super Soco CT-3: what we know

Super Soco CT-3 on its central crutch with a helmet placed on the saddle and its driver standing behind

To November 21, 2022 – The EICMA 2022 has just taken place, and the VMOTO group did not not given news of his super soco ct-3. No pre-series models or even a prototype was presented to the public. This electric maxiscooter will never see the light of day in this brand, but will be released under the Sarkcyber brand, with the Sarkcyber HC10. Super Soco has unveiled new photos of its CT-3. To date, we know His technical sheet and have a lot of information on its design and capacity. But for the moment, No price nor availability date were communicated by the brand. About price, It could be between the one requested for the Super Soco CPX with two batteries: € 5,590 and that of the BMW C-EVO, when it was still available: € 15,700. We will also note the price of BMW CE 04: 12,150 €. To be competitive In view of the information we currently have, the Super Soco CT-3 must be below the symbolic bar of € 10,000. But everything can still change !

Super Soco CT-3 technical sheet

  • Its maximum speed would be 125 km/h.
  • Its central engine would deliver 18 kW and has a torque of 71 Nm.
  • Its battery would have a capacity of 72V / 100 Ah, or 7.2 kWh.
  • The maximum autonomy announced would be 170 to 180 kilometers.
  • The charging time from 0 to 100% would be 3 hours.
  • The Super Soco CT-3 would be equipped with ABS.
  • The on -board screen would actually be a 7 inch, and would notably be equipped with facial recognition, a rear view camera.

To September 15, 2021 – The Super Soco CT-3 has just been revealed. He will be an electric maxiscooter. For the moment, only a short video has been broadcast. None of the official characteristics have been released, nor any price. We also do not know his date of availability or if he will one day be available in France. Despite everything, the video published by Super Soco is very interesting: She is rich in information.

Super soco ct-3 gray on its crutch

The Super Soco CT-3, probably equivalent 125 cm3…

…See more. So far, this manufacturer has accustomed us to two “displacements”: the 50 and the 125. In view of its size, the Super Soco CT-3 will not be a 50 cc equivalent. At least, if he arrives one day to France, It should be a 125 cc equivalent. The B license with 7 hours training to drive a scooter or a “125” motorcycle provides significant customers to the various manufacturers. Super Soco knows this, so it’s a safe bet that despite its build of T-Max or Forza, the Super Soco CT-3 is limited to 125.

Super Soco CT-3

A log screen that teaches us a lot

On this video, we can see the vehicle on -board screen. Entirely digital, color, it seems to measure something like 7 inches diagonal, see more. This one displays the time, the instant speed, the selected mode, a odometer, a partial trip and the “rage”: the distance that can be traveled with what remains of autonomy. Where things become interesting, it is in the presence of Two battery charge level indicators. The Super Soco CT-3 therefore receives two batteries. Why two ? To make them removable ? Where are they positioned ? The future will tell.

Find below the Super Soco CT-3 Introduction Video

Super Soco CT-3: an instant speed graduated up to 180 km/h

Scooter presented at the stop and on its side crutch, the digital needle on the super soco CT-3 edge screen indicates “0”. Right, very small, We see “180”. This confirms – we do not doubt it – the power that will be offered by this future electrical maxiscooter.

Close-in-the-level side of the super soco CT-3

Some equipment to facilitate driving

On the handlebars as on the on -board screen, we also find a cruise control and connectivity, such as niu electric scooters. On the left commodo, you can see a button whose icon is a camera. Will the Super Soco CT-3 equipped as standard with a camera, a dashcam ?

The very wide saddle of the Super Soco CT-3

The most attentive of us will have noticed that by certain aspects, the overall design of the Super Soco CT-3 recalls that of the Honda Forza and the BMW CE 04. The CT-3 seat makes us think of the saddle of the Yamaha Xmax. They are the same shape. Although it is still too early to decide, the one that interests us today we appear wider. For the passenger, the video reveals long and solid support handles.

the saddle, from above, super soco ct-3

A central electric motor

Except to know a large change in its design, the engine of the Super Soco CT-3 will not be installed in a rear wheel. It should be central, with a transmission probably carried out by a belt. Via several plans, the video seems to insist on one point: this turbine which turns could indicate that the engine would be forced air cooled. This therefore means that the power it delivers requires cooling in order to avoid overheating. Awkwardly, marketing obliges, it could more simply represent “the power” delivered by last ..

the electric motor operating

The Super Soco CT-3 could be offered in 4 colors

The video presents 4 different variants: the Super Soco CT-3 is displayed in white, blue, gray and black. Finally, among a thousand small details, thus designed and positioned, the bubble will only protect the on -board screen. Rear amortization could be carried out via two gas shock absorbers. There is a central crutch, and lateral. All the lights will probably be LED. The front and rear brakes are on disk. Impossible to announce if ABS will be present, or not. The wheels could measure at least 14 inches, certainly more.

What will become the CT-3 ? As soon as its manufacturer tells us more, we will keep you posted !

While waiting for the CT-3, discover the reference of the maxi electric scooter

Pink Mobility Pink Fly

Pink Mobility Pink Fly

The Pink Mobility brand, known in particular for these electric scooters with a vintage look, offers its first maximum equivalent scooter 125: the Pink Fly. It is a powerful two wheels, well finished, practical and comfortable. Presentation photos are likely to contain optional elements.