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Super Soco TC Wanderer

Super Soco TC Wanderer

Super Soco TC Wanderer

Motorcycle lit and on crutch in a garage

Super Soco TC Wander, Electric Motorcycle equivalent 50 cm3. Major evolution of TC, it has an advantageous template, a 2,500 watt engine and a maximum autonomy of 80 kilometers. It is only offered with a battery.

+ Neo -retro design, template, quality of finishes, fast load.
– Slightly high price for a 50 cc equivalent.
AM license, without a license
The super soco TC Wanderer, the revival of the super soco tc !
Categories: Cafe Racer, Motorcycle without Label license: Equivalent 50 cm3
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The Super Soco TC Wanderer is a neo -retro and equivalent electric motorcycle 50 cm3. It is a frank evolution of the super soco tc. With an advantageous template, it can be accessible without a license if you were born before January 1, 1988. Born from this date, it will be accessible from 14 years old with the AM license.

The super soco TC Wanderer in a garage, in the middle of the desert

The super soco TC Wanderer is a renewal

The Super Soco TC Wander succeeds the Super Soco TC, marketed in France since 2018. While taking up what made its success, this new electric motorcycle is better on all points: autonomy, template, comfort, equipment and motorization.

An electric motor of 2,500 watts

The engine of the Super Soco TC Wander develops 2,500 watts. The maximum torque is 180 Nm and the maximum speed of 45 km/h is reached rather quickly. This motorcycle does not have the most powerful engine of the electric equivalents electric, but its performance is however satisfactory. Thanks to the positioning of its rear wheel engine, the trips are made in almost total silence. This engine does not know any transmission: there is therefore no chain or belt. In addition to the absence of noise, this engine will virtually require any maintenance. he is also very economical in use : make 100 kilometers on the Wanderer handlebars will cost you about 0.50 € electricity. For more information, you can consult our economy simulator.

Perfectly suited to city driving

Three driving modes are available: 1, 2 and 3. The first mode is the equivalent of an economic mode. It will limit the speed around 25 km/h and save the battery, and therefore, the autonomy. Mode 3 allows you to reach the maximum speed offered by the Super Soco TC Wanderer and allows you to release acceleration and recovery. In this mode, this electric motorcycle will be at its maximum. Mode 2 will present a balance in 1 and 3 by limiting acceleration and speed around 35 km/h.

Super Soco TC Wanderer View from an old garage

A removable battery

As on the previous generation, the battery is housed under the false tank, and easily accessible. It is removable and can be recharged from the motorcycle or, after extraction, on any classic 220V socket. We can therefore recharge the Super Soco TC Wanderer at work, at home, with friends or in a parking lot with such a catch. But also, on all the charging stations equipped – and they are legion. The battery of the Super Soco TC Wander has a capacity of 60V / 32Ah or 1.92 kWh.

A real autonomy of 50 kilometers

According to its manufacturer, the maximum autonomy of the Super Soco TC Wander is 80 kilometers. In reality, in town, with an 80 kg pilot, with a temperature of about 15 ° and driving normally, it will be possible to reach maximum autonomy of 50 kilometers. By driving only in zone 30, we can reach the 60 kilometers. For more information, you can consult our autonomy simulator.


The charger provided as standard has an intensity of 10A. Fast, He is able to fully recharge the battery in a little less than 3:30 a.m. It offers maximum autonomy of 60 kilometers. Although it is found in the high average of its category, the Wanderer is therefore not, as standard, the equivalent electric vehicle 50 cm3 with the best autonomy.

A long lifespan

This battery has a state -of -the -art computer management system including ten security and protection levels. Properly maintained, the lifespan of a battery exceeds 50,000 kilometers. After these 50,000 kilometers on the handlebars of the Super Soco TC Wanderer, its initial capacity will gradually decrease. If you realize 30 kilometers a day, five days a week, 52 weeks per year, this represents a lifespan of around 7 years. What make a number of non -polluting journeys and in silence !

The counter of the Super Soco TC Wanderer

An advantageous template

Although equivalent 50 cm3, the Super Soco TC Wander presents the volume of a motorcycle with much more power: it is a great evolution compared to the TC of 2018. The Wanderer is longer, wider, a little heavier without being too much … its design is advantageous : it is not a “little motorcycle”. The saddle is long enough to be able to travel in two comfortable ways. Its tires are wide: 100 mm at the front and 120 at the rear.

The super soco tc wander receives modern equipment

The lighting is entirely there LED. Mi Vintage, Mi Modern, the super soco TC Wander in a way brings together the best of all worlds: offering a certain and supported style of motorcycles of yesteryear with the advantages offered by the electric motorization. Its on -board screen is significantly identical to that of TC. Both on style and on readability, it has proven itself. There is all the necessary information, then its instant speed needle and its white back lighting. This counter is perfectly readable, both in broad daylight and in the middle of the night. It is also a very modern electric motorcycle. Equipped as standard with an alarm, a remote control key, a unique start -up button, coupled braking, the Super Soco TC Wander checks almost all the boxes. Only fitted with a side crutch, we can regret the absence of a central crutch. You can’t install a top case on the Wanderer, because Super Soco does not offer support. Finally, the Wanderer does not have The Super Soco application.

The Super Soco TC Wander is guaranteed for 2 years, parts and labor and is eligible for ecological bonuses and bonuses.

Super Soco TC Wanderer


TC Wanderer is an improved version of TC. Fans of a cafe racer model will be satisfied with this new more powerful version for 2022.

This design was the first proposed by V-Moto, and this increased power proposal will appeal to those who hesitated because of the more basic specifications of TC. Same pleasure in driving, even maneuverability, but with a little extra that will make you smile.


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  • 12 ”Bosch nominal power 2000W, 3500W in peak power, maximum torque 150nm


  • External focus with dynamic vector algorithm for couple/speed management coupled with BMOS