Electric motorcycles: List of electric motorcycles available in France – Cleanrider, electric motorcycles: what is the best model to buy in 2023?

Electric motorcycles: what is the best model to buy in 2023


– The battery: the electric motorcycle uses a rechargeable battery to store electrical energy. The size and capacity of the battery vary depending on the electric motorcycle and can affect its autonomy.

Electric motorcycles: all models, prices and performance

You plan to buy an electric motorcycle ? From the electric motorcycle to the urban motorcycle, including motorcycle motocross or electric motorcycles, find below a list of the different brands and models marketed and to come.

Cake, Harley Davidson, KTM, Livewire, Niu, Super Soco… Our catalog lists the models of electric motorcycles from the main brands on the market and integrates different filters to help you choose the one that corresponds to your needs.

Whether you are looking for an electric motorcycle for your daily trips, to make the road and beautiful speed tips, to walk with your family … All types of electric motorcycles are present in the Cleanrider catalog. To choose, different criteria apply: price, design, autonomy, type of use you want to make of it ..

Questions ? Need advice ? Do not hesitate to consult our purchasing guides to find out more about electric motorcycles.

Electric motorcycle: what is the price of a recharge ?

Electric motorcycle: What is the price of a recharge?

2023 electric motorcycle bonus: the bonus in detail

2023 electric motorcycle bonus: the bonus in detail

Electric motorcycles

Search and filter

Alrendo ts Bravo

Alrendo ts Bravo

Max speed: 135 km/h
Launch price € 11,200

Vector arc

Vector arc

Max speed: 241 km/h
Launch price € 99,000



Launch price 7750 €

Brekr Model B

Brekr Model B

Launch price € 5299

Bukk cake

Bukk cake

Launch price € 10,270

Cake Kalk Ink SL

Cake Kalk Ink SL

Launch price € 10,500

Cake Kalk &

Cake Kalk &

Launch price € 14,000

Trull Cake

Trull Cake

Launch price 3500 €

Can-Am Origin

Can-Am Origin

Can-Am Origin

Can-Am Origin

Can-Am Pulse

Can-Am Pulse

Can-Am Pulse

Can-Am Pulse

Caofen F80

Caofen F80

Launch price 7590 €

Easy-Watts E-Roadster

Easy-Watts E-Roadster

Launch price € 2489

Easy-Watts E-Roadster Max

Easy-Watts E-Roadster Max

Launch price € 4,249

Electric Motion Em Lite

Electric Motion Em Lite

Launch price 7512 €

Electric Motion EM Sport

Electric Motion EM Sport

Launch price € 8,784

Electric Motion Epure

Electric Motion Epure

Launch price € 8586

Electric Motion Epure Race

Electric Motion Epure Race

Launch price € 10,386

Electric Motion Escape

Electric Motion Escape

Launch price € 9586

Electric Motion Escape R

Electric Motion Escape R

Launch price € 10546

Frequent questions about electric motorcycles

How an electric motorcycle works ?

An electric motorcycle works using an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery.

When the battery is loaded, it provides electrical energy to the engine, which converts this energy into motion.

Here are the main stages of the operation of an electric motorcycle:

– The battery: the electric motorcycle uses a rechargeable battery to store electrical energy. The size and capacity of the battery vary depending on the electric motorcycle and can affect its autonomy.

– The electric motor: it is powered by the battery and converts electrical energy into motion.

– The accelerator: the accelerator is an electronic component which controls the power supplied to the electric motor. When you turn the accelerator handle, you increase the power supplied to the engine and accelerate the electric motorcycle.

– The controller: the controller is an electronic component which regulates the power supplied to the electric motor. It can adjust the power as a function of the demand for the accelerator and the speed of the motorcycle.

– The wheels: the movement produced by the electric motor is transmitted to the wheels of the electric motorcycle via a chain, a belt or a transmission shaft.

– Braking: Most electric motorcycles use a braking system similar to that of internal combustion motorcycles. Disc brakes, drum brakes or combined brakes are used to slow down the electric motorcycle.

What is the regulation of electric bikes ?

Here are the main rules applicable to electric motorcycles in France:

  • Driving license : you must have a driving license adapted to the displacement and the power of the motorcycle. The A1 license allows to drive light electric motorcycles, the A2 permit is for intermediate electric motorcycles. The license has authorized the conduct of all types of motorcycles. For L1E electric motorcycles (50 CC equivalent), you will have to be fitted with the AM license (formerly BSR).
  • Registration : electric motorcycles must be registered such as petrol motorcycles and carry a license plate.
  • Power limitation : In France, electric motorcycles are subject to a power limitation of 15 kW for holders of the A2 permit, and 35 kW for holders of the A license.
  • Parking : electric motorcycles are authorized to park on sidewalks and parking spaces dedicated to motorized two-wheelers, subject to respecting local rules in terms of parking.

How to recharge an electric motorcycle ?

As with a bicycle or an electric scooter, recharging your motorcycle is very simple. Some models have removable battery, such as Super Soco, very simple to recharge at home on a simple power outlet.

Fixed battery motorcycles must have simple access to a charging station or reinforced socket at home.

Here are the main steps to follow to recharge an electric motorcycle:

– Check the plug: Before connecting your electric motorcycle, make sure that the socket is compatible with your charger. In general, electric motorcycles are equipped with standard load, but there may be variations depending on the model.

– Connect the charger: Connect the charger to the socket and connect the other end of the charger to your electric motorcycle (or to the battery if it is removable). Make sure the connection is in place and that the load light turns on on the charger.

– Select the load mode: Some chargers make it possible to select different load modes, such as rapid mode or normal mode

Leave the motorcycle completely loading. The charging time depends on the capacity of the battery and the power of the charger

– Unplug the electric motorcycle and the charger once the battery is full.

How much is the recharging of an electric motorcycle ?

Home recharge

Base option, the average cost of kWh is € 0.20 in March 2023. To find out the charging price of your electric motorcycle, multiply its capacity in KWH by the price of electricity.

A Harley Davidson Livewire, for example, with its 225 km of autonomy, has a 15.5 kWh battery. Complete home recharge will therefore return to 15.5 x 0.20 = € 3.1.

A super Soco TC, with its 1.8 kWh battery, will be fully recharged for € 0.36.

You have a full hour / off -peak package ? Take the opportunity to load your electric motorcycle in off-peak hours and save money !

Public terminal recharging

Certain public terminals are free (supermarket parking lots and shopping centers), but they are not widespread and often taken by storm.

Paid charging stations are a good option when you are on the road and need to refuel. The average price depends on several factors:

– The price of electricity

– The type of terminal (the fast terminals are more expensive)

– The type of subscription you benefit from

– The time slot

Take care to check the billing methods before recharging on a public terminal to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What is the autonomy of an electric motorcycle ?

The autonomy of an electric motorcycle depends on several factors: the capacity of the battery, the energy consumption, the weight of the motorcycle, that of the passenger, the speed and the weather conditions.

In general, electric motorcycles have an average autonomy of 100 to 200 km with a single battery load. However, some high -end models can drive over 300 km !

It is important to note that actual autonomy can vary considerably depending on the factors mentioned above, but also the way in which the motorcycle is used. For example, large accelerations or unfavorable weather conditions can reduce the autonomy of the electric motorcycle.

Plan your journeys accordingly and do not forget to plan the return !

What aid for the purchase of an electric motorcycle ?

You can combine several aids to buy an electric motorcycle, depending on its power and your income level.

The ecological bonus: This is financial aid paid by the State for the purchase of a new electric vehicle. For electric motorcycles whose power is less than 2 kW, the bonus amount is € 100 and cannot exceed 20 % of the price of the vehicle. For electric motorcycles whose power is equal to or greater than 2 kW, the ecological bonus amounts to € 250 per kWh of battery energy, capped at € 900 or 27 % of the price including tax. These amounts are increased by € 1,000 for overseas residents. For more information, see our buying guide.

The conversion bonus: This premium is intended for owners of old thermal vehicles who wish to replace them with an electric or hybrid vehicle rechargeable. The amount of the premium varies depending on the tax reference tax income and the type of vehicle purchased. In 2023, very modest households can claim a conversion bonus of € 1,100. Frozes whose reference tax income is located between 14,089 and € 22,983 will only receive € 100.

Local aid: Some local authorities also offer aid for the purchase of an electric vehicle, in particular motorcycles. These aids can take the form of a subsidy or a zero -rate loan.

Note: the conversion bonus can be combined with the ecological bonus, thus giving rise to financial aid that can reach € 900 for the purchase of a new electric motorcycle, depending on the net power of the engine. The maximum aid that can be granted (conversion bonus + bonus) is € 2,000.

How to maintain an electric motorcycle ?

Maintaining an electric motorcycle may be different from the maintenance of a petrol motorcycle.

Regularly check the liquid levels: Although most electric motorcycles do not have cooling liquid, it is important to regularly check the level of brake and steering liquid if your motorcycle is equipped with it.

Clean your motorcycle regularly: A clean motorcycle is not only more pleasant to look at, but it also works better. And lasts longer. Clean your electric motorcycle often to eliminate dust and dirt that could accumulate in electrical components.

Monitor the state of the battery: The battery is one of the most important components of your electric motorcycle. It is important to keep it in good condition to extend its lifespan. Regularly check the condition of the battery (scratches, damaged cables, defective indicators, etc.) and load it correctly to avoid a deep discharge that could damage it.

Pay attention to your tires: Check tire pressure and make sure they are not used.

Call on a professional if necessary: You are not sure of you ? Do not hesitate to request the help of a professional, in particular for carrying out more advanced interviews such as verification of the state of the electric motor and the replacement of the parts if necessary.

How much is an electric motorcycle ?

There are electric motorcycles for all types of budgets. The cheapest starts around € 2,500, such as the Super Soco TS (€ 2,290) or the Easy-Watts E-Roadster (€ 2,489).

The most expensive electric motorcycles can reach € 20,000, or even much more depending on the equipment and the brand chosen. This is particularly the case with the Harley Davidson Livewire (€ 33,900) !

The average price of an electric motorcycle may vary considerably depending on the brand, model, battery capacity, engine power, characteristics and additional features. We can however consider that a basic electric motorcycle costs between € 3,000 and € 6,000.

Can we use an electric motorcycle in the rain ?

Yes, electric motorcycles can be used in the rain, just like petrol motorcycles, fortunately ! Here are some tips to ensure the safety and longevity of your electric motorcycle in the rain:

– Protect the battery of your electric motorcycle against water. Electric motorcycle batteries are generally sealed, but it is important not to expose the motorcycle to too high water levels which could damage the electrical components.

– Make sure you have Adapted tires driving in the rain, with good grip on wet surfaces.

– Reduce your speed and increase the braking distance from dry conditions. Wet surfaces can make driving more difficult, so be careful !

– Wear rain clothes To protect yourself from water and bad weather, and make sure that your safety equipment, such as headphones, are also suitable for driving in the rain.

By following these precautions, you can use your electric motorcycle in the rain safely !

Electric motorcycles: what is the best model to buy in 2023 ?

If the electric scooters are already well established, the electric motorcycles are struggling a little more. Manufacturers are trying to offer you new models combining performance and comfort. Here is our selection of the best electric motorcycles.

Harmey Davidson Livewire

With more than a hundred models on the market, electric scooters are much more numerous compared to Electric motorcycles. And it’s not really surprising. The scooter is above all a vehicle for urban use, which is not intended to make long journeys. The motorcycle is more leisure oriented, much more used on long journeys.

But it is above all the “passion” side that drives bikers, and all that goes with. From the noise of exhaust to driving sensations, the attraction of mechanics, including the pleasure of passing the relationships at the foot, without forgetting their undeniable dynamism, all bikers will be roughly agree to assert that Having a motorcycle is above all to appreciate your conduct.

This is probably why the universe of the electric motorcycle is still a little confidential compared to that of the scooter or even the car. But the times change, and we will see it through this file, even the emblematic manufacturers of motorcycles are electric. And even if the driving pleasure is different from a thermal motorcycle, there are still, as in automotive.

If you want to improve your experience with this vehicle, we recommend that you consult our guide for the best GPS tracers for scooters and motorcycles. And if you hesitate between motorcycle and big scooter, take a look at our selection of 125cc electric scooters.

Equivalent electric motorcycles 50 cm 3

Most electric motorcycles presented in this category share many technical elements with the electric scooters sold by the same brands. The only interest, compared to the electric scooter, is to have a slightly more aesthetic two-wheeler, but not necessarily very practical. Like electric scooters of the same equivalence, the maximum speed of the 50 cc motorcycles does not exceed 45 km/h, and are therefore only intended for an urban use.

Super Soco TC: The best value for money

In the 50 CC equivalent electric motorcycle category, the Super Soco brand has a substantial catalog. The Super Soco TC at first glance a very pleasant roadster look. She remains confined to her condition, namely impossible to exceed 45 km/h.

The removable battery can be recharged at home. Besides, it is possible to buy two locations to reach 80 kilometers of autonomy. The electric motorcycle starts with a Bluetooth key. In driving, the sensations are good and allow you to sneak anywhere without any problem.

  • Maximum speed : 45 km/h
  • Autonomy : up to 80 kilometers
  • Passenger at the back : Yes
  • Price : 3190 euros

Easy-Watts E-Roadster: the best price

This little toy motorcycle is approved and has been available in France since 2019. 50 cc equivalent, this model is available from 14 years old with the AM license. Thanks to its 1.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, you can travel up to 70 kilometers. Its only defect is its battery that is not removable. It will therefore be necessary to recharge the bike directly by parking it near a power outlet.

  • Maximum speed : 45 km/h
  • Autonomy : up to 70 kilometers
  • Passenger at the back : Yes
  • Price : 2489 euros

Super soco ts street hunter: the high -end electric motorcycle

The Sino-Australian manufacturer is very popular in France in particular thanks to models accessible for all uses. The Super Soco Ts Street Hunter is rather placed at the top of the basket since it is a 50 CC equivalent available at 3790 euros excluding ecological bonus.

Already, because visually the motorcycle throws it with a style which is its own and not modeled on its thermal cousins. Then because the proposed driving is impeccable. Street Hunter ts is not the most nervous in terms of acceleration, but turns out to be pleasant in the long term.

In autonomy, the load is carried out in 3:30 a.m., but above all the motorcycle is only delivered with a single battery of a 55 -kilometer endurance. If you want to invest a little more, a second battery can support you. Our motorcycle test is available for reading.

  • Maximum speed : 45 km/h
  • Autonomy : up to 55 kilometers
  • Passenger at the back : Yes
  • Price : 3,790 euros

Where to buy the
Super soco ts street hunter at the best price ?
4,190 € discover the offer

Equivalent electric motorcycles 125 cm 3

Here is a category that already offers a little more versatility, even if the autonomy will always be limited to have really extra-urban use. On the other hand, these motorcycles will offer a little more pleasure and will, for the most part, allow to go further with a single load compared to the category below. Once again, choosing an electric scooter of the same equivalence can make the extra for a slightly lower price.

Super Soco TC Max: The right investment at 125 cc

In the urban mobility sector, the Super Soco brand offers several models including TC Max. It is an electric motorcycle, equivalent 125 cc which appears in a vintage aspect without making concessions on performance.

The attractive appearance of this super soco TC max is also its price. It is an electric motorcycle sold below 5000 euros outside the ecological bonus. In use, the driving of the motorcycle is as efficient in town as outside. It offers a good turning radius and turns out to be very handy with a weight of 120 kg.

  • Maximum speed : 100 km/h
  • Autonomy : up to 100 kilometers
  • Passenger at the back : Yes
  • Price : 5590 euros

Easy-Watts E-Roadster Max: the electric motorcycle at a low price

As in the 50 cm 3 category, it is still easy-watts which offers the least expensive motorcycle. This is no more or less an evolution of the Easy-Watt E-Roadster presented a little higher, hence the addition of the “max” suffix just after the name. This small motorcycle is a 125 cm ³ equivalent and is available with an A or B license, plus 7 hours of training.

Thanks to its 2.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, you can travel up to 70 kilometers. Its only defect, like the model cited above, it is its battery which is not removable. The motorcycle is equipped with an electric motor brushless in the rear wheel and has a power of 4000 watts.

  • Maximum speed : 80 km/h
  • Autonomy : up to 70 kilometers
  • Passenger at the back : Yes
  • Price : 4,249 euros