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Super Soco / Vmoto Stash black electric motorcycle

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Electric motorcycle: a Vmoto Stash ultimately more powerful and faster than expected

Electric motorcycle: a Vmoto Stash ultimately more powerful and faster than expected

The final version of the Stash was unveiled during the EICMA show in Milan. The Sino-Australian manufacturer clarified the technical characteristics and, good news, maximum power and speed have been revised upwards. We tell you everything … or almost !

It is in an Italian show atmosphere at the EICMA show in Milan that the manufacturer VMOTO has unveiled the design, but also the final characteristics of its VMOTO STASH. This is the new 100% electric motorcycle which had already been revealed in a first iteration still in the development phase during the 2021 eicma edition.

Since then, the style has evolved somewhat, the technical characteristics too, but what does not change are the ambitions that the brand places in this product. Cleanrider’s writing was on site to collect the latest information – even if some still lack. The opportunity to deliver our first impressions to you.

Vmoto stash: a character that can make the difference

You probably know, but Vmoto also holds the Super Soco brand, known in particular for TC Max, very popular on the segment of 125 cc equivalents. The Stash Port responsibility to meet a slightly more premium expectation from users. Above all, it capitalizes on a different style, with a more typical sporting character.

Recall that to achieve this, Vmoto has partnered Adrian MODON, director of the Italian design studio C-Creative behind the design of MV Agusta. The stash therefore adopts the style codes, with rated lines, an incisive fork head, a slender rear train and a slightly tilted driving position forward. If we look forward to testing the machine to appreciate its performance and comfort, we were challenged on site by a specific design element. The fairings located under the “reservoir”, either between the pilot’s legs, adopt a design probably conducive to the aerodynamics of the motorcycle, but perhaps nothing uncomfortable for the pilot with this protruding line in the upper.

To tell the truth, it has not really changed compared to the preversion of the stash, but approaching the motorcycle so close was enough to install a doubt on this subject. Among the other elements of style which have been preserved and which, in our view, work rather well, let us quote the small mudguard at the back which lightens the style a little and contributes to sportiness.

XXL storage space

To end the design, let us also remember that the stash has a fairly large storage compartment. Under the equivalent of the tank hood, it would thus be possible to store a full helmet. Vmoto does not give more precision on the subject. Dimensions would have made it possible to know a little more than the size of the helmet that this compartment can accommodate.

In addition, if the initiative is good, we hope that the reservoir cover in this transparent plastic design will not be preserved for the real final version of the motorcycle. Indeed, if we understand the stylistic side of the thing, in use it would be a big mistake to offer such a design. Whether to store your helmet or some business (the imposing charger, a motorcycle GPS, etc.), having visibility through it could be an incentive for certain malicious people. Stash owners may not wish to expose their property to the sight of all. In short, a practical compartment but ultimately poorly materialized.

The helmet compartment

Quick charging time

Let’s talk recharge. Vmoto indicates that the stash will be delivered with a 20A charger, which is also a good thing. Nevertheless, when we know the brand’s transformers, this should give rise to something quite imposing to transport. For once, the compartment cited further takes on its full meaning. Anyway, this one would make it possible to fill up on the battery of 7.2 kWh (72V – 100 Ah) in 5 to 6 hours.

Always on this subject of recharge, if we had to take stock of what we saw at the EICMA fair in Milan, we can only regret that brands have not yet advanced on the idea of ​​standardizing the connection, Why not with a type 2 socket, which would make it possible to refuel on public limits without having to walk with its mains charger – often unsuitable, because it is unsecured for use on public roads.

More efficient, but nothing less enduring

The changes in this final version are therefore rather on the “mechanical” part with a size evolution for the power of the engine which goes from 6 kW (initially announced) to 8 kW in nominal power and 15 kW in peak. And when we know the rather sanitized driving typing of electric motorcycles and electric scooters of the brand – which in our opinion are not machines that grow very hard – we can only consider that it is a good thing.

Especially since it allows you to respond to a strong demand from customers, namely better top speed. Initially announced there too at 105 km/h, the final V max is announced at 120 km/h in sport mode. A major improvement, also welcome, but which naturally impacts the autonomy which should cap at some 150 km – against 205 km estimated last year. Some other good news has been added to the list, such as the presence of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Sport tires mounted on 17 -inch rims at the front (100/80) as at the rear (120/70).

These should offer a much better handling than the “cordial” brand (yes, it is their name) that particularly equip motorcycles and scootersuper soco and whose efficiency on wet terrain is limited.

At a time when we write these lines, we are still expecting some information from Vmoto, whose availability and the price of the stash which is still kept secret.

Autonomy, performance, price, marketing. Discover his technical sheet in detail.

Super Soco / Vmoto Stash black electric motorcycle

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