Dyson V12 Slim Test Absolute: A vacuum cleaner -balai which has it in the Slim – Numériques, Dyson V12 Slim Absolute: Test and reviews 2023

Dyson V12 Slim Absolute: Test and reviews 2023

But how did he behave during our tests ? Discover Our opinion on Dyson V12 Slim Absolute ��

Dyson V12 Slim Test Absolute: a vacuum cleaner-balai that has it in the slim

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Presented as a reduced version of the V15 Detect, the V12 seems rather inspired by the V11 released more than 2 years ago. Smaller, lighter and theoretically more handy, will he show up at the height of his glorious elder ?


The Dyson V12 Slim was presented a few months ago, with the V15. Strong of the aspiration lamin boarding the laser-to-see-la-pouter, we had concluded a little hastily that this V12 wanted a kind of mini v15. And yet, a glance on the technical sheet shows us that it is rather on the side of the extra V11 (with removable battery therefore) that you have to look for the similarities. With a particle sensor, this multi-cyclonic filtration-filtration vacuum cleaner accommodates a screen at the back of the main block, especially used to monitor the remaining autonomy thanks to an estimate to the second second. More compact and lighter than the V11, Dyson had to reduce the size of the collector which goes from 0.76 liters to “only” 0.35 liter. In a word as in a hundred, the V12 Slim seems to erase the defects of the extra V11. To the point of becoming The dyson to have ?

Writing note: 4 out of 5

Convenience of employment

Even without being a balais vacuum cleaners, we immediately know that the V12 Slim comes out of Dyson’s study offices because of its garish colors, even if this time the suction tube plays the sobriety card thanks to its metallic black of good aloi. As always, the materials seem to be quality and ready to face many muscular household sessions without showing too quickly signs of wear or breakage. The different pieces fit perfectly, without leaving interstices; The tightness is therefore perfect and there is no risk of spitting dust during aspiration.

In 2019, we criticized a weight in the v11 after all, since the main block reaches almost 2 kg (1.99 kg very exactly) to climb up to 3 kg when it goes into soil aspiration mode, that is, -Dire provided with the tube and the hard brush “High torque”. The V12 Slim has undergone a drastic weight loss treatment and the weight of the main block does not exceed 1.48 kg. With the suction tube and the suction head with hard brush, the scale indicates 2.34 kg and even 2.10 kg if you choose to put on the soft brush fluffy, that with the laser. Conclusion, we pass the V12 Slim without too much effort, even if the household tends to drag. In addition, the joints of the suction head are very flexible and we can take very tight turns without seeing the head slip on the ground; it’s not always the case.

As a Balai aspirator, the V12 Slim is not really a complicated device to master, but it marks a break in the little world of Dyson. Indeed, the omni-glide aside is the first stick model of the British brand to use the continuous suction method. So just press the red button above the engine block to turn it on; The aspiration will continue as long as a second support has not stopped it. So far, it was necessary to maintain a continuous pressed relaxation so that the vacuum cleaner does not stop working. Thus we gained independently since it was not necessary to turn off the device to move a piece of furniture or a trinket, to the detriment of comfort however, since it was necessary to constantly press the relaxation.

If everyone sees noon at their door and it is therefore difficult to decide in favor of continuous or split suction, we would have liked the general food button to be better placed. Indeed, we can “pilot” the vast majority of the balais vacuum cleaners of our comparison with one hand, that is to say to turn them on, extinguish them, if necessary modify the suction power. If this last operation is also possible on the V12 Slim, you will have to use your second hand to press this famous Shape/stop button. It looks like nothing, but it is not uncommon to press a relaxation in a vacuum before remembering that this is not how V12 Slim works and use the adequate method; annoying.

The rest of the control panel therefore consists of a key to vary the suction power. Minor change, it is not round and metal, but rectangular and plastic; We lose a little in prestige, but the operation remains exactly the same. We press the key to switch from one level to another and the screen displays, in addition to the name of the power (Eco, Inter, Boost) the estimate of the remaining autonomy. You can plan your cleaning session without fear of seeing the V12 Slim stop in the middle of it.

We received the V12 Slim in its absolute version, therefore equipped to the end of the suction pipe. Apart from the main block, the soft head with the laser and the suction tube, the box contains a motorized brush with hard-haired and a self-demolish motorized minibrosse. Recall that these equipment is not compatible with other Dyson-Balais vacuum cleaners. There is also a sewn tube to facilitate the use of the V12 Slim under the furniture, a rigid brush, a long sucker, the brush acting as a flat sucker, a storage clip to fix on the suction tube and a wall base for storage which also acts as a recharge base. Indeed, as aspirator-balai in stick format, the V12 does not stand alone.

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Writing note: 5 out of 5


Like any vacuum cleaner-balai dyson worthy of the name, the V12 Slim shows excellent suction performance, but it will have to be put on the right brush to reach an optimal result.

On long hair carpet, for example, in two minutes of suction in Boost mode, equipped with the soft brush, it already collects 99 % of the rice that we have spread. But by connecting the hard brush to it, with the nylon hairs which beat the textile fibers to extract the dirt, we arrive at an impeccable result in 1 minute in Boost mode on this surface, generally complicated to get rid of the trash that Emberlifying in woolen loops.

On fine carpet, on the other hand, it is better to mount the soft brush since it reaches an efficiency rate of 100 % in 30 seconds, regardless of the level of power chosen. The hard brush tends to push the rice grains behind it and this time it takes a minute to hope to recover everything (96 % in “inter” mode in 30 seconds and 98 % in Boost mode in the same period of time).

Finally, on hard floors, it is still the gentle brush that is the most effective by sucking 100 % of waste in 30 seconds in intermediate mode or in Boost mode. The hard brush (in intermediate or boost mode) leaves 1 % of the rice dragged after 30 seconds of use, still because of the rejection phenomenon backwards.

For further :

Writing note: 5 out of 5


Dyson renews the drain system of the “Point & Shoot” collector, no doubt what is best in this area. You just have to push on the red lever to see the tank advance while a rubber blade scrapes the filter grille to remove the debris that could have hung there. Arrived at the end of the race, the articulated bottom opens and drops the trash in the trash: simple, fast, clean.

One might think that this system complicates the withdrawal of the waste tank for cleaning, but this is not really the case. By pushing a red button on the collector, the latter was dissociated from the engine block before putting it back in place, with a little difficulty, however; Nothing insurmountable that said.

Another satisfaction, the multicyclonic filtration of the V12 Slim is as efficient as those of other dyson-bales vacuum cleaners. Fine dust is entirely directed to the collector and it remains contained there. As proof, after weighing the part on board the foam and HEPA filters with the precision balance, we had 20 grams of cocoa powder to dyson v12 slim swallowed 20 grams. After a few seconds of operation, we carried out a second weighing. The weight of the purple part remained the same to the nearest thousandth of a gram. The powder did not reach the filters. In fact, they therefore do not risk being saturated too quickly.

Nevertheless, so as not to lose aspiration power, it remains necessary to maintain filters from time to time. This operation is most practical since the filtration system is contained on the purple part previously mentioned and that it is enough to unscrew it from the back of the main block to clean it.

Finally, the maintenance of the soft brush should not be a problem since no tool is required to remove the roll from the head and that it is also easily rewarded. Therefore, one wonders why the same system is not used on the hard brush since it is necessary to equip yourself with a room or a spoon handle to unscrew a plastic part and access the rotary brush.

Writing note: 3 out of 5


As often in Dyson, autonomy seems a bit limited to us.

The battery of the V12 Slim also deserves this qualifier since it is more compact than that of an extra V11 V11 in particular. Admittedly, it is not necessarily the size that counts in this area, but it is clear that this V12 is not a marathona.

He runs out of steam after only 7 min 15 s to maximum power. We can hope to vacuum for 34 minutes in intermediate mode when a model like the Rowenta Air Force 760 can officer for 66 minutes without interruption. Note that the V12 Slim has a completely usable eco mode and that its autonomy reaches this time 49 min 40 s.

Like the omni-glide before it, the V12 Slim is fast enough to recharge the batteries since it only takes 120 minutes to have its 100 % full batteries.

Writing note: 4 out of 5


At the intermediate power, the sound level of the V12 Slim reaches 64 dB (a) if we use the soft brush and 68 dB (a) with the hard brush. The noise of the engine covers the noise of the rotary brushes if we push the V12 Slim to the maximum power and the soundometer then climbs up to 73 dB (A).

We have known more discreet, but the sound level of the V12 Slim is quite bearable.

Dyson V12 Slim Absolute: Test and reviews 2023

Dyson V12 vacuum cleaner: Avis 2021

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The new dyson v12 slim absolute vacuum cleaner is efficient and efficient ��

This wireless vacuum cleaner is a Lightened version of Dyson V15 DETECT Absolute. Smaller, he still has a strong suction power ��

It is equipped with many innovations which will facilitate cleaning your interior. In addition, this is the first time that Dyson vacuum cleaner has been equipped with a Lockable power button ��

But how did he behave during our tests ? Discover Our opinion on Dyson V12 Slim Absolute ��

Dyson V12 Reviews

We like ��

  • Very good cleaning results
  • Laser detection
  • Light
  • Good battery life
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner 2 in 1
  • Lockable power button
  • Many accessories

We regret ��

  • High price
  • Small dust tray

The strengths of Dyson V12

  • High -end wireless vacuum cleaner
  • Wireless vacuum cleaner 2 in 1
  • Innovative technologies
  • Measures the texture and quantity of dirt

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Wireless vacuum cleaner, air purifier and hair stylizer at special prices ��
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From € 799

Dyson V12 vacuum cleaner: cleaning test

In order to test their performance, Each wireless vacuum cleaner must pass through our arena. We use 3 different types of dirt: sand, red lenses and oatmeal. We weighed them before and after each passage of the V12 to measure its suction power.

Cleaning test on hard floor with Dyson V12

For this test we used:

The Fluffy brush

The motorized brush

Dyson V12 is a expert on hard floors. He did not meet no problem To collect all dirt ��

However, the standard electric brush has no adjustable opening on the front As for other models in the V Dyson range. Therefore, a dirt is pushed in front of the device. Nevertheless, they always end up being sucked.

Cleaning cleaning test with Dyson V12

It takes a lot of power for a wireless vacuum cleaner to deeply clean this type of surface. However, the Dyson V12 Slim has obtained from very good results ��

Indeed, in turbo mode, he sucked 96 % of dirt on a flush hair carpet and 95 % on a long hair carpet. In standard mode, it is less efficient but it remains correct.

Daily cleaning test of Dyson V12

To clean up every day, Dyson V12 is very good. Light, he is easy to manipulate. In addition, it perfectly cleans the plinths and the angles ��

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with truly extraordinary performance, we present the Dyson V15 detect Absolute.

Dyson V12 ™ Slim Complete

Dyson V12 ™ Slim Complete


From & NBSP € 629

A laser reveals invisible dust on hard floors. With mini self-demolish brush to pick up long hair and domestic animal hair.

A laser reveals invisible dust on hard floors. With mini self-demolish brush to pick up long hair and domestic animal hair.


From € 629

Dyson v12 slim absolute broom vacuum cleaner

Dyson v12 slim absolute broom vacuum cleaner


From & NBSP € 699

Compact and powerful, the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute Balai vacuum cleaner cleans your whole home. Easy to handle, it does not let any dirt pass.

Compact and powerful, the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute Balai vacuum cleaner cleans your whole home. Easy to handle, it does not let any dirt pass.


From € 699




From & NBSP € 699 (€ 799)

Dyson V15 is an all -terrain vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 3 kilos and has an autonomy of 60 minutes. It is perfect for maintaining all your spaces.

Dyson V15 is an all -terrain vacuum cleaner. It weighs only 3 kilos and has an autonomy of 60 minutes. It is perfect for maintaining all your spaces.


From € 699 (€ 799)

The characteristics of the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute

A powerful suction

The Dyson V12 Slim Absolute is equipped with a engine Hyperdymium. Powerful and light, It performs up to 125,000 rpm. The 11 root cyclones which constitute its engine generate centrifugal forces in order to capture dust and debris, without any loss of suction ��

The broom vacuum cleaner has 3 suction levels :: eco, standard, and boost. Boost mode is ideal for getting rid of stubborn. Standard mode is sufficient for a daily cleaning. Eco mode can be used on Sensitive surfaces and light dirt.

A multi -end filtration system

THE filtration system Dyson V12 is completely hermetic. It captures 99.99 % of microscopic particles and allergens as small as 0.3 micron. Thanks to this, he aspires then rejects a healthy and cleaner air ��

The wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter. These types of filters allow separate the particles from the air. This innovation is a real advantage for allergic ��

A practical LCD screen

The LCD screen displays, in real time, the following information ��:

  • Performances
  • The remaining autonomy
  • The load level
  • Error messages
  • Current power mode

A locking button

Until now, Dyson vacuum cleaners have not been equipped with a lockable power button. Today, the brand is launching its first model with a lockable step button: the Dyson V12 Slim Absolute.

You no longer need to keep the trigger to make it work. A single pressure on the large red button is enough �� so you can change your hand to get around the obstacles and clean more easily.

A hand vacuum cleaner

Dyson V12 is a device 2 in 1. It turns into a wink into hand vacuum cleaner wireless ��

Light, It only weighs 1.5 kg. So you can Use it with one hand. Its many accessories make it possible to clean cars, mattresses, ceilings, etc.