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Zoom Cloud Meetings

The platform, whose interface is available in several languages ​​including French, offers the possibility of sharing messages, documents, images, videos and other types of data with the participants of a discussion group. It also supports certain cloud storage services, in particular Google Drive, Dropbox Or Boxes for data sharing. The service integrates screen sharing to simplify your work meetings (meetings). Finally, its invitation system offers the possibility of simply reaching a videoconference using your contact list.


Zoom, an instant messaging service and multiplatform videoconference, mainly oriented for professionals, but which offers a free version limited to 40 minutes and 100 people that individuals can use.

Why use Zoom ?

What are the news of the latest version of Zoom ?

How to activate encryption and safety on zoom ?

With which bones is it compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to zoom ?

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Zoom is an instant messaging and multiplatform video-conference platform, cloud-based and available for download in the form of applications, PC software, but also accessible from a web browser.

Available free of charge in application on mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad), on Windows or from your web browser, Zoom allows you to collect up to 100 users around the world in a single discussion salon, as well as to realize calls for two. Simple for installation and use, the mobile application operates via the Internet on a Wi-Fi network, but also on 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks.

Why use Zoom ?

The platform, whose interface is available in several languages ​​including French, offers the possibility of sharing messages, documents, images, videos and other types of data with the participants of a discussion group. It also supports certain cloud storage services, in particular Google Drive, Dropbox Or Boxes for data sharing. The service integrates screen sharing to simplify your work meetings (meetings). Finally, its invitation system offers the possibility of simply reaching a videoconference using your contact list.

So much for the main characteristics. But zoom is much more than that. Indeed, the program offers various products according to the use you need to make it. Thanks to him you can modernize your meetings.

Thus, Zoom allows you to manage meetings and discussions: HD, audio videos, collaboration and discussion in instant messaging. You can also create meeting rooms and workspaces that will become digital conference rooms, ideal when users who have to participate are not physically there (telework, employees in another country, etc.)). You can also create video webinars (seminars on the web, online) with all the necessary features and which can accommodate thousands of participants simultaneously.

Zoom meetings programming

Zoom is an ideal product for all companies and professionals in general. You can use it to carry out remote training by creating virtual classrooms on the cloud, you can improve your exchanges and communications with your customers by conferences, etc. Ideal for distant courses for students and high school students.

Your employees can be on telework or you can have branches abroad, you will always need to make work meetings. Zoom is therefore the ideal tool for establishing remote communication via the internet, regardless of the solution adopted.

Registration at Zoom is free, some services require membership of a paid subscription adapted to your needs. The free version allows you to group 100 participants for 40 minutes and is unlimited for face -to -face calls. Easy to use and fully secure, it allows you to raise work in collaboration at a new level.

What are the news of the latest version of Zoom ?

Zoom has evolved according to the demand of its customers. Among the latest notable innovations we note first of all the possibility that is given not to have to download software to install, but to be able to connect directly via the online service or with the extensions of browser. Zoom also supports the multi-caméra for companies that are equipped with it, and allows the textual transcription of the records. It is now possible to share only part of your screen (to keep the rest private).

In May 2020 Zoom continued to insert safety improvements at its interface. So we can greet the automatic arrival of the waiting room (as in Google Meet) and the obligation to protect the meeting by a password. These two parameters should make it possible to solve the problems of unwanted connections (by malicious persons who have stolen access identifiers in the room). These parameters are now implemented not only for paid accounts, but also for free.

February 2021 still sees new options arriving on the videoconferencing service. Most are linked to the use of compatible devices (Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom for Home). But not only since Zoom continues to develop his studio Effects to make the videoconferences more fun. You will indeed be able to add to your face a beard, a mustache, make up, etc. To do this download the Studio Effects effects.

Since its April 2021 update, Zoom plans to bring together all participants in a videoconference in the same immersive collective decor. This new feature allows the Reunion administrator, to choose a collective background by activating the new immersive View mode. All the portraits of the interlocutors will be gathered in a virtual meeting room, a classroom or another background of its choice, instead of being displayed in a classic grid. To find out more, see our article: Zoom deploys immersive video funds for more realistic videoconferences.

In August 2021, the new version of Zoom focuses on the start of the school year with its new feature called Focus and specially designed for distance education. It improves concentration by preventing participants from seeing themselves between them and therefore distracting themselves. Students can only view the video of the organizer and participants selected by the teacher.

September 2021: Zoom offers you a whole new functionality: automatic translation. To know more : Zoom launches a live automatic translation functionality

December 2021: a new feature now allows the organizers of a meeting to see who joined the meeting and who are absent in the participating panel. This novelty is available for hosts who have activated the integration of Google Agenda and Outlook. Other options and improvements have been made to the zoom survey tool and for online courses.

In March 2022, Zoom deploys a new avatars feature for its Desktop and iOS Zoom Meetings and Zoominar applications. This feature allows you to replace your appearance with a virtual animal that will resume your facial expressions and your head movements. Zoom already had fun filters and customizable backpatings, but there, all your appearance is modified.

How to activate encryption and safety on zoom ?

Since version 5, security is highlighted with in particular a new icon which allows you to access the safety tools more quickly as to lock a meeting and delete a participant, click on it to display the list of available settings. Zoom now offers AES 256 BITS GCM to strengthen the security of the privacy of its users.

Launch of

Regarding paid accounts, we will note the possibility for the administrator to configure the length and composition of the password to connect. In addition, password protection for shared cloud records is now activated by default for all accounts. Finally, the administrators of the paid accounts will have the possibility of or not to activate certain datacenter to regulate data traffic.

Zoom continues its security developments in November 2020. It is for example possible to the hosts and co-hosts of the conferences to put the conference on a break while reporting the presence of individuals who have nothing to do there. In addition, Zoom has set up a system that detects the presence of conference links on public sites and sends a notification to the host to prevent it from its link. The whole is there to avoid the famous Zoombing (users who connect to conferences where they have not been invited).

Activate encryption

Since the update of October 26, 2020, it is possible for all zoom users, to activate the encryption of exchanges in end -to -end. This option has long been reserved for paid users of videoconference software.

To do this, connect to your Zoom account and click on your avatar at the top right. Then go to the settings, accessible in the left side menu.

Scroll down the different configuration options to the adjustment: encrypted end -to -end meetings (E2E).

End -to -end encryption option

To activate the encryption service, a validation code will be sent to you by SMS.

This option adds an additional safety layer, but some features are no longer available such as using telephone lines. It will also be necessary to restart this option with each call.

With which bones is it compatible ?

Zoom is available in a mobile application to download compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) which allows you to reach meetings from your mobile device as if you were on a computer.

Regarding the computer, you can download and install Zoom in Application Windows dedicated. For other operating systems know that there are two extensions for browsers, one for Mozilla Firefox and one for Google Chrome. With these extensions, you will have access to any zoom from any system (Linux, Mac, etc.)).

You can also connect to your Zoom account directly from the online service, from any system and internet browser.

What are the best alternatives to zoom ?

The products (software and applications) of communication which allow remote meetings in video (videoconferencing) and audio (call) group conference. Most are for free download and offer sufficient basic features for most meetings: video, audio, instant messaging, screen sharing and, sometimes file sharing. The ones we offer are all multiplatforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS: iPhone, iPad).

We can talk about Microsoft Teams, The remote meeting solution of the Microsoft firm which allows file sharing (photo, image, etc.), the cat and the publishing in collaboration.

At Google, you can use Google Meet, direct competitor of Zoom. Easy to use, accessible to all users with a Google account (that is to say at least users with Android mobile device). It allows videoconferencing, screen sharing, etc.

In the same spirit oriented business meeting, we can name Slack which allows collaboration on file and has a complete meeting tool.

If you want to stay in the slightly simpler videoconference, you can orient yourself towards Skype, And if you rather want an instant messaging system with transfer of secure multiplatform files, you can go see Telegram.

Jitsi is also an interesting alternative to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other Meeting and Cat platforms online. Free and open source, it is possible to download a desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux) or mobile (Android or iOS) customer or take advantage of the online service.

As part of telework, there is a tool that allows you to make meetings and as a bonus to work remotely on your computer thanks to a distant control system, it is a question of Teamviewer.

To go further, you can also read our files on videoconference applications (video calls):

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