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Free word processor: the 8 best software

Microsoft Word is not the only solution available to write and format written digital documents. This word processing software is paying, it is not accessible to all. Fortunately, many free alternatives exist for the processing of texts. This article presents a selection of the 8 best free word processing software.

5 free word processor software that will make you forget Word

word processor

Word has been the reference word processor software for several decades.

However, there are different alternatives of very good quality and much less expensive to the Microsoft solution.

Here is a selection of 5 free word processing software Online or offline.

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Free word processor

LibreOffice has established itself as one of the best free and free office suites.

Like the Microsoft Office suite, it has different software: from the spreadsheet to the presentation software, including word processing.

This solution without difficulty opens documents in formats .doc or .Docx, allowing you to easily go from Word to LibreOffice.

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WPS Office

Free word processor

WPS Office is an alternative to a full office while being very “light”: it includes free word processing software, a presentation tool and an Excel equivalent.

His word processing solution has nothing to envy to Word – it has little or prow of the same features, with even a few small more.

If the free version is very complete, it should however be noted the presence of a few advertisements.

Google Docs

Free word processor

As often, Google is there with its own online office automation suite including Google Docs for word processing.

Easy to use, accessible from anywhere (and any device) because based on the cloud, Google Docs also has the advantage of facilitating collaborative work on the same document.

An essential alternative, despite a little less rich features than other alternatives.


Free word processor

Although with a slightly more austere interface than its competitors, Freeoffice is indeed free and complete word processing software.

It supports most file formats and includes a very complete panoply of tools to create and customize your layout.

Fast, efficient and easy to use, it is an alternative to word that should not be overlooked.

Zoho Writer

Free word processor

Zoho Writer is, like Google Docs, a free online word processing tool: just create an account on the site (at no cost) to access it.

And similarities with Google do not stop there: the tool greatly facilitates collaborative work online and allows you to share documents securely.

Likewise, documents can be published offline and be saved as soon as the Internet is connected.

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Free word processor: the 8 best software

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Person using free word processing software

Microsoft Word is not the only solution available to write and format written digital documents. This word processing software is paying, it is not accessible to all. Fortunately, many free alternatives exist for the processing of texts. This article presents a selection of the 8 best free word processing software.

8 Free word processing software

  • Google Docs.
  • LibreOffice Writer.
  • OpenOffice Writer.
  • WPS Office Writer.
  • Freeoffice Textmaker.
  • Zoho Writer.
  • Dropbox Paper.
  • Abiword.

Free word processor

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is part of the Google online office suite. It is today an essential word processing tool, accessible from anywhere, from a simple Gmail address.

Google Docs being based on the cloud, backup of documents does not impact the storage space of the computer. The main advantage of Google Docs is its flexibility for collaborative work. Indeed, several users can modify a text simultaneously and add comments on the work of other members of their team.

In summary, Google Docs certainly presents simple features, but it nevertheless constitutes a complete solution for business collaboration.

Free Google Docs word processing tool

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2. LibreOffice Writer

Free LibreOffice Writer word processor

LibreOffice Writer has become a reference among free and offline word processing tools. In the same way as Microsoft Office, LibreOffice consists of several software, including LibreOffice Writer, its word processing software. LibreOffice Writer has the advantage of quickly downloading from any machine and accepting most formats, as .doc or .docx.

3. OpenOffice Writer

Free word processor software openoffice writer

OpenOffice is an office suite including 6 software, including OpenOffice Writer, a free and complete word processing tool. OpenOffice Writer is inspired by Microsoft Word’s features, the possibility of opening a document in PDF format without having to go through another software. In addition, OpenOffice Writer benefits from all the advantages of software open source. This tool is based on a large documentation maintained by the members of the community. Users thus quickly and easily have an help to which to refer, if necessary. Finally, OpenOffice Writer is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

4. WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer - Free word processor

WPS Office Writer is a very light word processing solution. The word processing functionality is supplemented by the possibility of developing presentations and setting up spreadsheets. WPS Office is compatible with Windows. Its free version has the disadvantage of displaying many advertisements that can hinder work on the software. On the other hand, the software is as complete as Microsoft Word in terms of features.

5. Freeoffice Textmaker

Freeoffice Writer

Freeoffice is efficient, fast and easy to use software, despite an interface reminiscent of old versions of Microsoft Word. It includes basic features, but nevertheless sufficient for current use, in order to create and personalize textual shaping. Supporting the vast majority of documents of documents, Freeoffice Textmaker gains to be known.

6. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

Like Google Docs, Zoho Writer is a collaborative online word processor platform. To access it, just create an account for free. Zoho Writer offers a secure online document sharing function, as well as the possibility of working offline and saving the changes made upon the next Internet connection.

7. Dropbox Paper

Free Dropbox Paper word processor software

Dropbox Paper is word processor software developed by Dropbox, a cloud storage specialist. To use it, you must first create a dropbox account. Regarding its use, this tool is presented under a simplistic and refined interface, making it possible to focus your attention on writing. Finally, Dropbox Paper offers a tutorial for new users. Its flexibility and ease of use make it very competitive word processing software.

8. Abiword


Abiword is a more recent word processor platform at the very refined interface. It includes both basic and advanced features, is compatible with the majority of documents of documents and settles down very easily. Abiword includes a powerful spelling and grammar corrector, which is not the case for all free word processing solutions.

How to choose word processing software ?

  1. The interface
  2. The advertisement
  3. Functionalities related to word processing
  4. The themes available

1 – The interface

The interface of software is an essential element of the user experience. When choosing free word processor software, you should look at what the interface looks like and wonder if it is possible to use the software for several hours in a row.

The interface must seem intuitive in order to spend a minimum of time looking for how to complete this or that action, and maximum time to create content.

Finally, the interface of the word processing software must also inspire a feeling of comfort, this will help maintain productivity.

2 – Advertising

Certain word processing software is free, with in return advertisements appearing in your interface. It may not bother some users. Otherwise, it will be necessary to eliminate the software concerned from the list of possibilities on this one factor.

3 – Functionalities related to word processing

The importance of features should not be underestimated in the choice of word processing software. Will it be necessary to have tools such as a corrector or an automatic backup of the different versions of the project during progression. Does the software have the writing policies necessary for the plans envisaged. Take stock of the features necessary for the project will be necessary in order to make the right choice.

4 – The themes available

Many word processing tools offer themes (also called templates) to make a project visually attractive with minimal effort. In the event that it is a function that can be used for the targeted use, one should not hesitate to take a look at the themes proposed by the various pre-selected software before making a final decision.

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Original publication April 20, 2023, update on August 23, 2023