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October 2020: Spotify allows you to create collaborative reading lists between users, ideal for sharing your playlists directly with friends and family and allow everyone to add music to it. Practical when you plan a themed evening, create the reading list in advance and share it with everyone present so that they can enrich it with their ideas, and the same evening you will only have to launch it ! To do this, nothing could be simpler: when creating the playlist, a new button appears on the screen that allows you to add users. Note also that the user’s avatar who added the song will appear in front of this !


Listen to music and podcasts for free and unlimited with the Swedish streaming platform !

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The Spotify streaming application is essential to listen to music and podcasts for free. Also available on Android, it is accessible for free download on Windows and even accessible via a web player.

Easy to use, the Spotify app for Windows not only has a huge catalog powered by the largest record companies but also has various personalization options. In addition, its users accuse its premium subscription because it has very interesting advantages. A safe bet to discover without further delay !

Why use Spotify ?

Created in Stockholm in 2006, the SPotify music and podcast streaming platform was born from the will of the young computer scientist Daniel Ek and the entrepreneur Martin Lorentzon to answer the problems of illegal download.

With a very well-tied algorithm, it allows you to listen to music and podcasts instantly using a simple internet connection. Its exhaustive and regularly updated catalog is made up of more than 70 million titles – music and podcasts combined – and 8 million artists.

Direct competitor of other streaming platforms such as Deezer, Pandora, Tidal or Apple Music, the Spotify giant now has a community of more than 350 million users around the world.


Spotify features for PC

In order to use Spotify, it is essential to create a personal account. This step is free and only takes a minute or two. For its first steps on the platform, the web player is an excellent option because it has a neat, intuitive interface and available in French. The user profile can also be modified in a few seconds, in particular to add a profile photo or change your pseudonym.

From its left navigation bar, it is notably possible to access the home screen which is full of suggestions, research or even consult your personal “library” and its favorite elements. The left navigation bar also allows you to create a listening list (playlist) in one click.

The listening bar also has interesting features. In addition to the classic options (reading, break, previous song/Next etc.), it displays the title and the cover during reading, the option of adding to the favorites, the tab of the waiting list, connection to other devices and volume adjustment.


For the most diligent users, it is however recommended to download the application for Windows. Apparently very similar to the web player, it has the same features mentioned above with additional advantages. Indeed, it has not only its own navigation window but also gives access to adjustment settings.

From the settings menu, it is notably possible to modify the sound quality, to personalize the transition between the songs, to display local files or to open the application automatically when Windows starters. Whatever the version used, the Spotify interface remains neat, intuitive and available in French.

A social application

Encouraging community spirit, the application for PC stands out from its smartphone version thanks to its “activity of your friends” feature. By linking their Spotify account to their Facebook account, each user can register for the profile of relatives registered on the platform. This allows not only to see in real time the songs listened to by the latter, but also to share your own listening lists. A clever way and discover new titles.

Other functions also make it possible to share songs, podcasts or even artists and even to create collaborative lists. Users who, on the other hand, wish to take advantage of their musical experience in complete privacy, have the possibility of making their listening lists secret or even launching private sessions.

The benefits of Spotify Premium

If the free version of Spotify is sufficient for occasional users, it can quickly tire due to its ubiquitous advertising cuts and inserts, reading titles in random mode and its other limitations.

For listening to music and podcasts on a daily basis, the Spotify Premium subscription really draws well from the game. It allows not only to take advantage of the app without advertisements, but also to opt for the highest sound quality and for listening to the songs in the desired order. The premium subscription also allows you to download titles and launch them via the offline mode.

If the price for the Spotify Premium subscription is not negligible, the platform also offers premium subscriptions at very attractive prices for students, couples or families. Most of them have additional functions, such as musical mix or even the “Spotify Kids” application specially designed for small.

Spotify on connected devices

For optimal listening experience, users can also use the Spotify application as a remote control. This allows you to read remote content on a television, speakers, a game console or a connected screen. That functionality, called Spotify Connect, wins all the votes thanks to its great ease of use.

For devices not compatible with Spotify Connect, it is also possible to use the application on other devices using voice assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant etc.), Bluetooth or a cable to or USB. To go further and use Spotify outside of your home, it is also possible to connect your account with a connected or car watch. To ensure the compatibility of its devices with the application, go to the Spotify Everywhere website.

The Spotify application owes its planetary success to its extraordinary catalog and its personalization, sharing and connection features to other devices. On PC, she stands out as one of the references to listen to music and podcasts in all simplicity. Its free version, however, has embarrassing limitations that it is possible to correct itself by one of the Spotify Premium offers.


Spotify is a streaming music broadcasting platform that allows you to listen to music, radio and podcasts unlimited either without subscription (with advertising) or with a subscription.

  • Online service
  • iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch
  • Android
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • Linux
  • macos
  • Google Chrome extension

Why use Spotify ?

What are the news of the latest version of Spotify ?

With which spotify bones is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Spotify ?


Spotify is a music streaming service, a direct competitor of French Deezer. Both are based on the same type of features, which are also found on almost all streaming services (whether audio or video). The most important functionality being the possibility of offering content adapted to the tastes of its user.

It is a service available in the form of a downloadable application or a website in free version (advertisements are included during listening) or paid (premium version which does not contain any ad). Spotify is compatible with most devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, smart televisions, internet compatible autoradios, game consoles, smart watches, etc.

Among its flagship features, we find random reading, the creation of reading lists, the possibility of downloading reading lists and podcasts to listen to offline, the display of album covers and even song lyrics, Daily Mix (reading lists adapted to your tastes created daily by the application), and more.

Why use Spotify ?

Spotify will evolve with you and your musical tastes in order to always offer you what suits you best in terms of listening.

During the first loading of the application, after the creation of your free account (but compulsory to save your preferences), Spotify asks you to choose 3 artists from the current scene in order to start understanding your musical tastes. When you select one, the list grows with other artists of the same kind.

Then Spotify offers you a series of lists of listening (or playlist) which are based on what you have just told him. The application will continue to get to know you as you add favorites.

Spotify screen D

The application interface is simple. As is fashionable on all streaming services (whether video or musical) you have access to online categories, with what the application advises you, followed by other types of playlists, Podcasts of the moment, still recommendations, then the latest popular outings and playlists, rankings and playlists of the moment.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a menu in four inputs. First of all, the welcome (which we have just described), the research function, the library (where you will find all your favorites: playlists, artists and albums) and the management of your subscriptions.

The free version of Spotify allows you to listen to music according to your choices, but still poses a certain number of limitations. First of all your music will be interspersed with advertisements, then you can only read in random mode and not the titles of your choice, you can only zap 6 pieces every hour, you cannot download the songs for offline listening and, finally, audio quality is reduced.

Spotify is also based on a community concept that facilitates sharing between users. You can indeed follow other users whose tastes correspond to you and thus know what they listen to, or even subscribe to their reading lists. You can share your reading lists and create a contact list. If you want to remain more discreet, you can connect in private session and choose to keep your private reading lists.

In addition to the millions of songs available on Spotify servers, you can read your own local files directly in the application.

Spotify subscriptions therefore allow you to get rid of free limitations. Note that there is an offer for students. There are then several subscriptions depending on, in particular, the number of people you want to connect.

What are the news of the latest version of Spotify ?

Since July 2020, Spotify has been offering not only audio podcasts (as it already did), but also video podcasts.

October 2020: Spotify allows you to create collaborative reading lists between users, ideal for sharing your playlists directly with friends and family and allow everyone to add music to it. Practical when you plan a themed evening, create the reading list in advance and share it with everyone present so that they can enrich it with their ideas, and the same evening you will only have to launch it ! To do this, nothing could be simpler: when creating the playlist, a new button appears on the screen that allows you to add users. Note also that the user’s avatar who added the song will appear in front of this !

And it’s not over, surfing on the wave of novelties, Spotify now offers an intelligent research function that is capable of getting your keywords directly in the words of the songs ! No need to do a Google search first to find the title of a song before looking for it on Spotify, you will be able to do everything directly in your music application.

In February 2021, Spotify announced a new type of subscription on the platform. Indeed, a special offer intended for music lovers appears, it is Spotify Hifi. The idea is to offer a subscription where the sound quality would be lossless, as if you were listening to a CD. It is also provided that the application will allow you to read your own musical files (like a simple MP3 player).

In July 2021, Spotify added a new discovery feature on its network. Click on the bell and discover new things related to your favorite artists ! What’s new ? Spotify adds a new discovery flow

In October 2021, Spotify offered you to enrich your playlists by activating the Enriching option at the top of your Playlist. The platform will automatically take care of recommending songs compatible with the style of other Playlist titles. They are identifiable with a specific icon, so as to locate them and possibly delete them quickly if they do not suit you. Only for premium subscribers.

November 2021: Spotify continues to diversify and begins to offer new content: digital books. The platform now offers the lyrics function that display the words of songs in real time. In addition, the default random reading mode has changed and retains the order to read songs in an album.

December 2021: When you listen to a podcast, you can now give it a note (ranging from 1 to 5 stars). On the other hand, you must have listened to more than 30 seconds from the podcast so that the functionality is accessible.

At the end of March in early April 2022 a new mode on the Spotify mobile application: car mode. He replaces the old car display disappeared at the end of 2021. This new display sets off as soon as your smartphone is connected in Bluetooth to your vehicle. It offers a clear screen with the icons you really need and not more. Practical !

For the start of the school year in September 2022, Spotify announces the deployment of audio books on the platform. For the moment, this feature is only available in the United States. To find out more about this subject, consult our article: Spotify is embarking on audio books.

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In January 2023, a CNM report has just been published on fraudulent listening. To find out more, read our article: Audio streaming: between 1 and 3 billion listening to musical platforms in 2021.

At the beginning of 2023, Spotify will integrate a revolutionary functionality called DJ, and powered by AI, and available only for premium members. Your DJ will concoct you a playlist according to your tastes, your previous listening and many other factors, but above all, it will ensure the transition between the pieces by talking to you. Of course, you will be able to pass the song if it does not match your desires of the moment, allowing AI to get to know you better.

In March 2023, Spotify changed their look and offered a “tiktok” design. More interminable categories on the home page, but videos and images that will illustrate podcasts, playlists, album covers, etc. To go further: Spotify crosses 500 million users

With which spotify bones is compatible ?

Spotify is first available as a free online service for any Internet browser, which can therefore be opened whatever your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)).

You can also download and install the mobile application, available for iOS and Android.

Finally, a desktop version (for computer) can also be downloaded for Windows, Mac and even Linux.

What are the best alternatives to Spotify ?

Most musical streaming services offer a free offer (with advertising) that get an idea of ​​the catalog and available features available. They also offer the same types of functions to their users: proposition according to tastes, new features, playlists, etc. Note that they all offer offline playback (download) but always in premium versions with subscription.

Deezer is the French alternative to Spotify. The catalog of the platform has nothing to envy to its competitor and the features are almost identical in terms of listening proposal, and favorites. To download directly to your computer (Windows and Mac), your Android or iPhone smartphone, your connected watch (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Wear OS, etc.), your connected audio system, your smarttv, your car, your connected assistant, etc.

YouTube Music is the latest addition to the Google firm. Like his counterpart for videos (Youtube) Here is a streaming platform for music. Of course, nothing has been put aside and the platform looks like its competitors. To download your Android or Apple smartphone for free and accessible online.

The outsider is Amazon Music, Indeed no free version for this platform, but two different subscriptions: a premium subscription for holders of an Amazon Prime license (free delivery and access to the platform Video premium), this subscription offers a hundred thousand songs and a specific Amazon music subscription which gives access to the entire catalog (several million songs). Available free of charge in mobile applications for Android and iPhone, and online service.

Tidal is also a multi-platform musical streaming service which has several million titles in its catalog and especially offers them in FLAC format, offering superior sound quality for optimal user experience. You will not only find music to listen to but also additional content on your favorite artists.