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The 10 best applications to improve your Instagram Story slideshow

By far, you have gone a long way by reading credibility, use and tools to create free A Slideshow of Instagram Story as well as paid subscriptions. In the following section of this article, let’s focus on learning some of the most amazing tips and tricks to upgrade your STOR INSI slideshow at the next level:

7 applications to create Instagram stories

7 apps to create stories

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Stories are everywhere ! On social networks, but no longer only. While the format was popularized by Snapchat, then copied by Instagram today more than 500 million accounts use Instagram stories every day. Applications like Spotify offer stories, but also Google with its web stories.

The format is today popular both in native and via advertising. It is therefore essential to take advantage of it, in order to sell via stories or even develop the visibility of its brand.

Any social media manager or community manager must have the right tools to create content for social networks. While we have already presented the free tools to you that any Community Manager must use, today it is a focus on the Instagram stories that is made.

No need to remember how stories work, nor all the options available in this format. If you want to take advantage of tips to become a professional stories pro, the recap is there.

Discover below, 7 tools to create relevant, unique Instagram stories without complicating life !

1- UNFOLD for collage stories

Unfold is a very popular application for creating Instagram stories, available under iOS and Android.. The concept is simple, many templates are offered to create unique stories, highlight your products, your teams your new features … The photos or videos to be inserted into stories can be published with effects, filters, adding text and many other options. UNFOLD differentiates in particular via stories type collage.

Unfold, L

Once the story is ready, just export it either directly on Instagram or record it to plan or publish it later.

Unfold is a free tool, however paid subscriptions are available to enjoy additional publishing tools, more templates, have preview templates or have a brand kit as well as the possibility of sharing stories on the web.

The tool is used by many brands and personalities (Cuckoo Selena Gomez) and allows you to obtain very professional renderings, in just a few minutes.

2- Over for animated stories

Over Stories Application

Available on the two flagship platforms: iOS and Android, Over is an application that allows you to create Instagram stories as well as collages.

The operation of the application is quite simple. Just choose from the many available templates, more than 1,700 (free or paid). In addition to offering stories templates, postal, calendar templates and many other assets are offered.

On Instagram stories, whether photos or videos, text can be added, touch -ups can be made … Over can also be used to create memes, montages, collages ..

Over can for example serve in case you want to share a creative story, for example a quote or words on a phtoos or videos.

The 10 best applications to improve your Instagram Story slideshow

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The coils and the Instagram story have become practical ways to explore your skills in video creation with pleasure. Read the continuation to find out the 10 best applications to create incredible Insta Story slideshow !

In this article

Part 1 What is the instagram slideshow

With the growing influence of social media on world life and work culture at present, each event on these platforms becomes the new trend of current society impacted by IT. Speaking in the light of the latest developments, Instagram story slideshow have become the last subject of discussion of the diversity of social media communities on the web.

Since entering communication in Gogo, the Instagram application has established itself as the absolute favorite of social media fans, thanks to its already captivating features. Continuing its usual efforts to attract users, the latter recently introduced the slideshow function to update and improvise its story and its coins of content.

By working with the same thing, you can now integrate your Instagram story that is also simple and elementary in impressive slideshow. This obviously means that your story and conventional coils on the application will now obtain this missing sparkle with a plethora of customizable animated graphics functionalities. An Instagram slideshow can allow you to earn a large number of subscribers, thus increasing your social creativity quotient and your attraction for entertainment.

These 15 -second creative extracts are significantly the most amazing trends to increase your assistance as market organization, business, influencer or rising star, all thanks to an excellent strategy of presentation of content and catchy prospects. Try to use this high -end graphic presentation utility to attract the most awaited appreciation of your publications on social networks.

Part 2 How to use Instagram slideshow

Now that you are aware of the excitement and the social buzz that your Instagram Slideshow Story can create with an immediate effect, the reasoned reason is sufficient to motivate you to dive more deeply in the interesting ways to work with the functionality to your maximum advantage. Adhering to concern, let’s continue to discover the most attractive trends to use an Instagram slideshow in the following section:

Step -by -step tutorials and visual guides

The usefulness of Instagram slideshow to merge several images and videos together blocked the interruption of additional flows in the middle of the presentation of content, giving you the freedom to publish a set of videos and related videos in one go, this who can be of great help when you meet a need to share tutorial videos, recipe follow -up and similar content which essentially requires a sequential presentation.

Story Instagram slideshow can be useful to DIY creators who wish to demonstrate or guide their subscribers to create superb examples of self-designed masterpieces. The publication of step -by -step guides with clear instructions to work or use something, like that of a new product, can also be accompanied Instagram slideshow.

Didacticiel guide on the Instagram slideshow

Advertising and sale of products

If you are looking for impressive and profitable solutions to launch your products with potential customers, plan to take the help of Instagram slideshow. This feature is known to provide excellent results in promoting the brand of certain particular products, such as the design of jewelry and clothing.

Jewelers, furniture retailers and textile designers can work with slideshow to download a series of images and videos for a clear and lively demonstration of the product. Considering the fact that these goods can differ considerably in their visual and real appearance, the products can be shown from different angles in order to facilitate visualization with the most complete and almost exact presentation of the different aspects that a product claims to have.

Instagram slideshow advertising

Part 3 Top 10 applications to create an Instagram (iOS and Android) slide slideshow

Currently, you must have a global understanding of the importance of Instagram story slideshow by raising different aspects of your content service, as well as effectively responding to your large -scale and diversified information sharing needs. Let’s continue our discussion, let’s go through some of the best software solutions to create the most attractive Instagram slideshow in the following section:

01 slidelab

Starting with the list, the first application to hope to create the best STORY Instagram slideshow with the greatest ease. The software package has a wide range of edition effects and filters, audiovisual transitions and additional design elements, which promise you a high -resolution and professional quality slideshow output.

By working with the software, you can easily customize the sequence in which the images appear in the slideshow, by authorizing a time of display on the maximum screen of 3 seconds for each image. Slideshow created can be easily shared on various multimedia handles and platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Although you can undertake a free trial of the tool, a paid subscription of the same cost of $ 4.99 is required to access the full range of features associated with the program. The software is however exclusively compatible with iOS compatible devices.

Creator of Instagram Slidelab Story Slideshow

02 Vivavideo

This is an excellent video editor and graphic design tool, which you can use to create and share incredible slideshow to complete your story and Instagram flow. By working with the aforementioned software, you don’t have to worry about the problems of devices compatibility, because the program works well with your favorite systems and devices supported by MacOS and Windows.

Speaking of the specific features that the software promises to offer, you can use its integrated camera to capture high -resolution videos and complete them with more than 60 high -end personalization utilities, such as sound effects and transitions, as well as video dubbing. The basic version of the tool is available for free use and allows you to choose between pro and fast modes, respectively for great flexibility and an automated climbing response.

The free version is however known to leave watermarks on the videos created, is full of advertisements appearing frequently and allows a presentation time of 5 minutes. You can escape these hassles at any time by subscribing to the pay version of Vivavideo for $ 2.99.

Vivavideo Creator of Instagram Story Slideshow

03 Inshot

The Inshot images and videos editing program is another potential candidate to be employed as an Instagram story slideshow creator. The software effect library is full of design and functionality elements easily usable to create the most beautiful Instagram slideshow. The application can be used to effectively design Story Instagram in order to respond to personal and professional concerns.

Some of the most important features of the tool include the flexibility of cropping, cutting, cutting and merge video files, and improving them with a range of effects, filters, transitions and backgrounds. The exclusive audio flexibility of the software allows you to add catchy sounds and music, while allowing a chained melted choice.

The software also makes it possible to adjust the speed control of your videos, by rotating them in slow motion or accelerated according to the content requirements. There are also a variety of graphic elements, such as texts, emojis, stickers, etc., that you can add to your images and videos to make them more pronounced.

Diaporama creator Inshot Instagram Story

04 Storyart

Benefiting from the highest user notes on a number of leading software assessment platforms, the Storyart software is among the most popular and favorite applications to work with the creation of slideshow for Instagram Story. The most attractive features of the software include a wide range of more than 200 predefined slideshow models which can be directly modified to create incredible flows and S INSTORYTAGRAM.

Among the other attractive features of the slideshow creation tool, let us quote a plethora of design effects with different diversity of fonts, colors, filters and about 20 elusive background themes, which are updated each week with new additions. The program is delivered with a clean and responsive interface, is free to use and compliant with Windows and MacOS devices.

Storyart creator of Instagram Sloconies of Story


Unfold is a software tool reliable to create elegant Instagram story slideshow from a warehouse for predefined design models, while adding a series of video editing and online effects. The tool’s slideshow creation package is delivered with a mixture of free and premium features, and does not require the account creation formality to start working.

The main attractions of the program consist in 25 free slideshow design models and more than 60 premium models, 5 different police styles and improved text customizations, a high -resolution slideshow output and a direct sharing function. You may prefer to download the software application from the different iOS and Android application stores, and work with the same on your laptops, desktop computers and favorite smartphones, without worrying about the compatibility of the devices.

Unfold Instagram Story Slideshow Creator

06 Canva

Canva is conveniently counted among the best creation tools for Instagram slideshow and has Probably the largest inventory of more than 60,000 magnificent models of predefined slides. By working with the tool, you have the freedom to choose from a treasure of around 1 million stock images to define the most perfect background for the slideshow being created.

Additional software features include high -end image customization effects, fonts, transitions, texts and filters, with an infinite variety of frames, textures, icons, badges and stickers. If that is not enough, you access a diversified library of high -end design elements, such as photo vignette, design grids, image booster and blur photo, to complete your Instagram slideshow story with visual effects more appreciated.

Speaking of platform cohesion, you can work with the tool download as a free installation from one of the Android or Apple application stores.

CANVA Instagram STORY slideshow creator

07 Adobe Spark

This is a family of graphic design software and tools which boasts conveniently of its extended credibility towards the facilitation of the creation of high resolution and attractive image slideshow to raise conventional flows and story Instagram. After the creation process, you can add a diversity of audiovisual effects, such as animations, sounds, fonts, text arrangements, cutouts and design elements to further improve your graphic illustration.

The application welcomes you with the most pleasant and easiest to use workspace, which would never force you to be a graphic design expert to start working on slideshow. If you want to create Instagram story slideshow focused on video, you can choose to work with animated videos and prefer to select the media in the gallery of your device as well as in the huge collection of internal software videos. Another entertainment model of models is, with an incalculable number of themes centered on the story and the message.


08 Photogrid

If you explicitly want to create collages of videos and photos for a breathtaking Instagram story, consider working with the aforementioned application without hesitation. What is more exciting is that the software is delivered with a large set of more than 300 predefined design models to create exclusively magnificent slideshow for Instagram Story on any iOS and Android device.

Speaking of all of the application editing features, apart from being packed with several text fonts, more than 60 image filters and 90 slideshow backgrounds, the most striking characteristic of the tool is, it allows you to cut an object from an image and delete the background of the latter. The other software utilities include a real -time selfie camera, which automatically clicks and embellishes the captured image, beauty improvement features that can apply and delete makeup of profile photos and selfies.

Photogrid Slideshow of Instagram Story Slideshow

09 Typorama

The next entry into the list is the Typorama software tool, which you can use to create textual slideshow for your Instagram story. The software font library is full of elusive typographical conceptions to choose the one that best suits your content style and at your disposal in the slideshow. When you choose to work with this software feature, simply select an appropriate background and start typing. That’s it!

By extending the credibility of the text style of the tool a little more, you can choose from more than 50 different typographic layouts and more than 100 choices of fonts and characters, a huge collection of quotes based on the story and a shadows, distortion effects and degraded to improvise your text. The program also includes more than 1000 stock models, image filters, overlays and correction tools to improve the background of your slideshow.

Creator of Instagram Story Typorama Slideshow

10 Microsoft Hyperlapse

This is an advanced program to create slideshow that allows you to design Instagram story slideshow accelerated. You can work with the tool to modify the speed of the slideshow up to 32 times compared to normal and create accelerated story for a maximum of 20 minutes directly on your smartphone.

The application specializes in the creation of high -end video slideshow for story and Instagram flows, while showing great compatibility with high -resolution videos. The work interface is super easy to understand and use, without requiring high -level technical expertise. Do not hesitate to use the application on any iOS or Android compatible smartphone.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Instagram Story Microsoft Slodth

Part 4 Tips to improve your insta story slideshow

By far, you have gone a long way by reading credibility, use and tools to create free A Slideshow of Instagram Story as well as paid subscriptions. In the following section of this article, let’s focus on learning some of the most amazing tips and tricks to upgrade your STOR INSI slideshow at the next level:

A compact photo album

Are you among these social media monsters who want to share every moment of your day with your peers, or are you confused on the selection of the best photos and videos of a darling event, vacation or to bring a new service home public and end up displaying a bunch of media on your social media handles?

If your answer is a guilty “yes”, you can try to abandon the habit now by creating A Slideshow of Story Instagram To share a mini album of your most popular images of the event or vacation. You can also use this feature to create a collection of amazing videos and also share it with your friends on social networks without feeling guilty to become a feeder.

You want a practical experience in using Instagram slideshow ? Consult the following tutorial to understand the exact creation process:

Step 1: Choose the first image

Start by selecting the first image of your slideshow, as you would ideally for a normal Instagram flow in one image and press the same thing for a long time.

Step 2: Confirmation of the selection

Access to the lower right corner of the image selected to locate a button similar to a photo slideshow. Press the button to see a “1” appeared in a blue circle on the image you have chosen.

Step 3: Make other selections

You can now select other images or videos for slideshow, in the same way as the first. You are authorized to include a maximum of 10 multimedia files in the slideshow.

Step 4: Personalize your creation

Press the “Next” button when you have finished doing the required selections. The editor’s interface will now open to allow you to personalize the selected images with a series of effects and filters, one at a time, as well as the full set. You can also work by modifying the order of appearance of photos and videos if necessary.

Step 5: The final keys

Once you have finished the editing process, continue to follow the remaining steps, as you would create a normal Instagram publication. You can include legends, locations and tag your peers on the platform.

Step 6: It’s time to share !

Your Instagram slideshow is ready to be published. Download it in your flow or story to receive a multitude of likes and comments !

Animated text superimpositions

If your Instagram story slideshow lack visual cum, try to complete their images and videos with animated transitions and text superimpositions. Short and fast animations are the best ways to improve a slideshow story with a catchy effect. The application of a variety of text superimpositions would help keep the public curious about the next visual pleasure.

Prefer a vertical image format

While the landscape mode tends to remove certain parts of the visual support from a slideshow read on several size screens, the use of the portrait mode with a vertical appearance ratio is better suited to almost all sizes. By taking care of this fact, you will make sure that your audience will not be distracted by the semi-visible content of Story of the slideshow.

Choose your editing effects judiciously

Whatever the slideshow creation tool you prefer, there is a diversity of effects, models, design elements and filters to enhance your work with the perfect look. However, you must be cautious enough when you choose so that the balance of colors, fonts and themes are maintained at an affordable price, for fear of ending up with a disorderly and noisy instagram slideshow, which would not be not very attractive.

Creation of Instagramy story slideshow with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is the undisputed leader in the creation of superb slideshows for Instagram story, containing a large number of graphic design tools. Starting to discuss the functional reserve that the software promises to offer, the application library of the application is a trunk of the most expressive and elegant slideshow images and images of slideshow images.

For Win 7 or later (64 bits)

For macOS 10.12 or later

To go further, the application recently added the appearance report 1: 1 to its image and video resolution alternatives to adhere exclusively to the design of slideshow, allowing the perfect display of your job on a Variety of screen dimensions. Filmorago, an advanced version of Filmora’s basic editing program, is known to respond most effectively to the concern of creating Instagram Story slideshow.

By working with this program creative program, you can explore your editing skills to your heart content and complete the images and videos of your slideshow with the most extensive range of audio-visual effects, transparent animated transitions, overlays of Text, thematic backgrounds and creative image filters. The application is offered to you for free and welcomes you with a pleasant and clean interface, and is compatible with all your Mac, iOS and Windows supported devices and Android smartphones.

Put an end to thoughts

Instagram story slideshow are the latest trends in the sharing of professional and commercial information and personalized entertainment and entertainment.

When you are looking for alternatives to create An Instagram slideshow online or via application software, there is a lot of creation tools.

Choose the Wondershare Filmora slideshow creation program to design the most sparkling slideshow for your Instagram story.