Download simple sticky notes for windows., Save Sticky Notes on a Windows computer

How to save sticks notes on a windows computer

These were therefore the ultimate steps you would need to save the notes notes under Windows 10 and Windows 7, respectively. These two methods are both comfortable and stimulating. However, we hope that this article will help you choose the method that will allow you to easily save your Sticky Notes.

Simple Sticky Notes

Simple Sticky Notes

Presentation of simple sticky notes by

Simple sticky notes is a very basic notes taking software, it allows you to create notes and stick to the desktop of your computer so that they look like post-notes that you can easily find.

Simple sticky notes operation

Downloading simple sticky notes is simple, its use is part of this same logic. Unlike other more advanced applications, you do not need to open the software and choose a folder to create a note there, the goal is to save you time through a very simple service.

With simple sticky notes, all notes can be displayed directly on the desktop of your computer, the application therefore acts as a digital thinking, except that you do not consume papers and that you are not likely to lose information that you write there.

Thus, you can use simple sticky notes by clicking from the displayed icon in the hidden icon bar or from the keyboard shortcut Alt+N via the Windows desktop. Thus, you access the service discreetly and easily so that the notes do not invade you when you don’t need them.

Otherwise, simple sticky notes is accompanied by several personalization options, this is also what makes this application interest. First, you can change the color, style or opacity of each note. What is also interesting is being able to configure a level of priority between low, normal and high. In the same way, it is possible to define an alarm with ease.

Finally, know that simple sticky notes allows you to share the notes of your choice by email so that other users can consult or modify a note according to your choices. In parallel, you can also protect and lock each note.


It is possible to download simple sticky notes to a computer equipped with the Windows operating system. The software does not work with macOS and Linux, there is also no mobile application available for iOS or Android.


You can download simple sticky notes and use the software free of charge, because it is free. You don’t need to create an account or take a subscription to use it.

Alternatives to simple sticky notes

Simple sticky notes is simple and easy to use software, it is one of the most to handle to create memoir aid that you can easily find from your desk without having to open an application. Especially since you can customize them using different colors, priority levels or alarms. However, you are free to choose alternatives that offer similar or more advanced features.

Rather than downloading simple sticky notes, you can choose 7 sticky notes. Again, this is free software and available on Windows only, it does not work with MacOS and Linux. With this one, you can create notes that are very similar to post-notes, it is possible to store them in groups or by categories, but also to share them to other users.

Like simple sticky notes, 7 Sticky Notes includes several personalization features. So you can choose the color, the ink or the style. In parallel, you can also add multimedia elements such as images, sound and attached documents. These can be accompanied by a reminder.

If you want to orient yourself towards a much more advanced application than simple notes Sticky, Evernote presents itself as an excellent option. First, this software is compatible with Windows and MacOS, but you can also access it from iOS and Android or any web browser. There are several paid formulas, but the free version is quite complete and it supports two devices, which allows synchronization between a smartphone and a computer, for example.

With Evernote, you can create notes or tasks which then arise in personalized folders which are designated as notebooks. If you can use it as a simple notes taking tool, it can also be accompanied by more advanced options for text or adds documents (images, sound, link, file, file. )). Once again, you are free to add reminders or other users who can view or modify the content.

How to save sticks notes on a windows computer

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How to keep the notes notes in safety ? Restore and save the Sticky Notes with this step -by -step guide for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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Sticky notes are short and memorable attachments you would never want to lose. It is therefore essential to safeguard the notes and be safe, that you restart your PC or that you fight other shortcomings. Microsoft notes are well known for their ability to easily save something for later. Recently, Microsoft has transformed the Sticky Notes application to add many other features such as text formatting, adding ink or images, etc. In addition, adhesive notes are known to be a practical and light alternative to OneNote.

The question is how to save the notes notes and avoid regretting later to have lost them during various computer flaws operations, because it is a common problem when repairing bugs, updating Windows or Restarting a PC.

Let’s start by reading the final step by step on backup of the Windows 10 adhesive notes, Windows 7, and the transfer of Windows 7 backup to Windows 10.

Part 1: how to save the notes notes on Windows 10

In general, there are two methods to save adhesive notes on Windows 10 and also restore them. The first method is quite easy, while the other is a bit complicated.

So let’s start with the easy method !

The easiest way: use integrated synchronization of the “Sticky Notes” application

This is an easy way to use integrated synchronization of the “Sticky Notes” application. To do this, just two or three steps, as shown below.

Step 1: Connection to Microsoft Windows 10

The very first step is to get into Windows 10 with Microsoft account identification information. Open the notes sticks by typing in the search bar.

To open the settings, click on the icon representing a gear in the upper right corner.

Backup of Sticky Notes 2

Step 2: Synchronization

Click on the “Syncronization” button after scrolling a little down. Synchronization will allow you to access these sticky notes on any device that connects using a similar Microsoft account.

Press the arrow key located next to the settings to return to normal.

Difficult method: transfer the file from the SQLite database

It is a bit complicated to transfer the “sticky notes” file to another folder or device that you want to save. You can also save the notes notes under Windows 10 by first locating the file at the bottom of the folder section. You will find below a few steps to save the Sticky Notes.

Step 1: Connect to Windows 10

Enter your Microsoft account identifiers to connect to Windows 10. Go to the file explorer and open this name named: C: \ users \ Username \ Appdata \ Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.Microsoftickynotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ Localstate

Use the Windows + R keyboard keyboard shortcut to open the Executing command. Type the next location and press the OK button.

Step 2: Transfer the adhesive notes file

The second step is to manually copy the Sticky Notes file to any reader, folder or storage space in the cloud to which you have access. The file in question is an SQLite database file named Plum.sqlite.

Backup of Sticky Notes 3

Copy this plum file.SQLITE and save the Sticky Notes.

Easy steps to restore sticky notes in windows

It is relatively easy to restore sticker tickets, as shown in the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the task manager

First of all, you must open the task manager and search for sticky notes in the list of current applications.

Click on the “Finish task” button after clicking on the Sticky Notes.

Step 2: Open the file explorer

After clicking on the “end of the task” button, it will leave you the plum file.Sqlite. Now you have to close this task manager and go to the file explorer.

Navigate to the following folder:

Paste the PLUM backup file here.Sqlite to restore the backyard notes on Windows 10. Click the yes button to replace the current file with the same name in the destination folder.

Part 2: how to save the notes notes under Windows 7

Just like under Windows 10, the process of backup of sticky notes under Windows 7 is almost the same.

However, we will discuss two methods to achieve it.

First method: synchronization

The very first way is to synchronize the notes notes so that you can access them in any device with the same Microsoft references. As usual, connect to your Microsoft account by clicking on the Settings icon in Sticky Notes.

Second method: Copy the Sticky Notes file to a backup location

Step 1: Locate Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Go to tools> folder options and click on the Display tab.

Then click on the “Show files, folders and hidden readers” option.

Backup of Sticky Notes 4

Step 2: backup of Windows 7 Sticky Notes

It depends on the desktop version of your computer system to locate file storage. You can find the old version of the Sticky Notes at the next place.

Backup of Sticky Notes 5

Here you will see a single file called Stickynotes.SNT, whose backup location you can copy.

Part 3: How to save adhesive notes from Windows 7 to Windows 10

To save Windows 7 adhesive notes to Windows 10, you must first migrate the adhesive notes file.

The steps of the backup of the notes notes from Windows 7 are quite simple, as shown in the table below.

Step 1: Copy the Sticky Notes file under Windows 7

Copy the following location of the adhesive notes file on Windows 7:

Step 2: Enter Windows 10 to stick this file

Now enter the same Microsoft identification information to connect to Windows 10 and stick the file mentioned above at the following location.

Step 3: rename the Sticky Notes file

Rename the name of the Stickynotes file.snt in easily find the location.

Step 4: Open and save the adhesive notes

Now you can open these sticks notes and create a backup via the method mentioned above. You can either click on the Settings icon to use integrated synchronization of the Sticky Notes application, or manually copy the Sticky Notes file to a backup location.

We have already discussed the detailed steps in the first part: how to save the Sticky Notes under Windows 10.


These were therefore the ultimate steps you would need to save the notes notes under Windows 10 and Windows 7, respectively. These two methods are both comfortable and stimulating. However, we hope that this article will help you choose the method that will allow you to easily save your Sticky Notes.

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