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Besides, download MyCanal is necessarily payable, there is no free offer. You must therefore direct yourself to the subscription from 19.90 euros per month, knowing that there are several formulas, some of which mix this service with Disney+ and Paramount+, for example.



Come and download MyCanal, the channel streaming platform+. French Distribution Distribution Service by Internet created in 2013 by the Canal group, this allows live and replay access to all the programs of Canal+ subscribed, as well as to all French TNT channels.

How to benefit from MyCanal ?

MyCanal is available by subscription and accessible from any Internet box (SFR, Bouygues, Orange and Free). The application offers up to 140 channels, depending on the subscription to which you have subscribed, and also offers access to CLAN CLAIR emissions+. The channels are grouped according to different themes such as cinema, information, sport, music, documentaries, series as well as different youth content for children. Some streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+ are also offered.


MyCanal offers a “Direct Control” function. Using it, you will be able to stop the broadcast of a live program and resume (until 8 a.m.) where you interrupted it. This function allows you to go back in time and resume reading the start. Ideal when you arrive along the way and your program has already started.

In the same style, but still simple, the “replay” function, allows you to be able to catch up or view at any time a sporting event, an original series, an entertainment, a documentary or a film already broadcast. You can also opt for the “download” function, which allows you to record your programs in different qualities (up to the HD 720p quality) and to be able to view them later even without internet connection. Now missing a program is no longer a problem.

The “Multi-Live”, meanwhile, allows you to look up to 4 programs simultaneously, on the same screen. This service is one of all subscriptions to Canal+ with one or two years of commitment. If you have subscribed to a non-binding offer, you can also take advantage of Multi-Ecrans MyCanal, but only on your mobile screens (computer, tablet and smartphone).


Compatible with all operating systems, you will be able to enjoy its content on all your screens (tablet, computer, smart tv, console. )). To do this, just download MyCanal, to connect via your identifiers and voila. You will benefit from all the content of your subscription whatever place where you are. If you don’t have a smart TV, no problem. There are many other options for that to be able to take advantage of mycanal live or on demand on your TV. It is enough to connect your TV with a Chromecast, Apple TV device or one of your devices (smartphone, PC) via an HDMI cable. The process is simple, quick and guarantees.

Mycanal price

Finally, to subscribe and download MyCanal, you must hold a subscription to Canal+ channels: this is a paid subscription. This varies according to the bouquets to which you want to subscribe. The offer starts from € 99 / year and is available with or without commitment. Can be added to this different subscriptions that will come to combine with your basic subscription. We invite you to go directly to the Canal+ site to obtain all the details on the offers associated with the download of MyCanal.



Canal+ streaming service to watch live or replay TV as well as a multitude of content (series, films and documentaries).


Update date 05/09/2023
Licence Free
Operating systems Android, iPhone, online service
Category Audio and video broadcasting

Mycanal presentation

MyCanal is a video streaming service. It was founded by the French channel Canal+ during 2013, it allows users to enjoy live and replay channels as well as channel+ programs such as films, series and documentaries. Finally, you are entitled to an SVOD offer to rent or buy content.

The MyCanal service is very popular in France because its offer is completed, the streaming platform demanded more than 6 million subscribers in France during 2021.

How to use MyCanal ?

Download MyCanal is very easy, you must first create an account with an email address and a password then connect. Therefore, you access an interface that remains easy to handle, the menu allows you to divide the different categories so that the use is fluid.

First, MyCanal displays all live TV channels since the live category. Among these, there is logically Canal+, but also TF1, France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, Arte, M6, C8, W9, TFX, TMC, Gulli. You can see the progress of a program then click on it to start the direct and find out more about the content being broadcast.

Otherwise, MyCanal counts on the TV program tab so that you can discover all the content that will be broadcast the same or later evening, you can filter the search results according to the TV channel, the date or time of the day.

With the channels and apps category, you discover the details of all TV channels, including those of the Canal group, just click on the dedicated icon to display all the information in detail. From the my videos tab, you will find your playlist, your rentals and purchases, your content seen recently or your opinions.

The mycanal reception section is very useful, because it allows access to the streaming content of the platform, namely films, series and documentaries. To do this, you will find buttons to see the content by genre (cinema, youth, music. )). Below, you will find the films freshly arrived on the streaming service. Overall, this tab presents itself as Netflix, because the application suggests content according to your research, your history or your opinions.

Finally, MyCanal is entitled to a search bar, you can type the name of a film, an actor or other to find the content of your choice. Remember that the service is on an SVOD offer, which means that it also lists content that you can rent or buy in addition to the monthly subscription.

Besides, download MyCanal is necessarily payable, there is no free offer. You must therefore direct yourself to the subscription from 19.90 euros per month, knowing that there are several formulas, some of which mix this service with Disney+ and Paramount+, for example.

What is the compatibility of the streaming platform ?

You are free to download MyCanal to a smartphone or tablet, because the mobile application works with Android and iOS.

From a computer, you can take advantage of MyCanal thanks to the online service compatible with any Internet browser, this applies to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome.

What are the alternatives to MyCanal ?

MyCanal is an excellent video streaming service. The platform has the merit of offering many live TV channels, but also a large section dedicated to films, series or documentaries. With its SVOD offer, it also allows users to rent or buy content with ease. If it is interesting, it is possible to choose alternatives that can also be relevant, like Molotov.

If you don’t want to download MyCanal, France.TV is a good option. First, you can take advantage of the platform via online service on a computer or mobile application on Android and iOS. One of its major qualities is in the fact that it is entirely free, which is not the case for its counterpart.

Otherwise, France.TV is counting on features quite similar to MyCanal. As a reminder, this is the France Télévisions streaming platform, so that you access all the channels in the live group and replays. In addition, you also enjoy films, series and documentaries on service, including original productions like France.Slash TV.

Rather than MyCanal, you can also orient yourself towards Arte TV. Like the France Télévisions service, this is a free platform from start to finish. You can benefit from the mobile application on iOS and Android and the web version on a computer.

With Arte, you access all the contents of the Franco-German chain live or in replay. Once again, you also benefit from a large catalog of films, series and documentaries on various and varied subjects.

To conclude, you can finally choose Amazon Prime Video to replace MyCanal. The service is payable, this is an annual subscription which includes free and fast delivery on the eCommerce site, priority access to certain flash sales or even the Musical Streaming Service Prime Music. You can download the application on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS or find it on smarttv, game consoles or Fire TV Stick and Chromecast. Otherwise, the online version is accessible from a web browser.

More generally, Amazon Prime Video is a fairly classic video streaming service with films, series and documentaries, including original creations. What is interesting is that the company has acquired part of the rights of Ligue 1, so that you find all the biggest posters in the championship every weekend live live. This sport pass is back a few euros more every month.