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Google Play Store for Android

The official Google Play Store store gives access to many content: games, utilities, educational apps, films, music, books, etc. These can be free or paid.

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The Google Play Store offers more than 2.5 million references downloadable in a secure manner. This is the largest store of digital products and Android applications in the world. The Google Play Store store is available in the form of a app, but also in the form of an internet portal. It allows the download of apps, books, music, films and series. It covers a wide range of categories, which allows it to respond, in a fun and intuitive way, by the majority of requests from Android Android users.

  • Why use the Google Play Store ?
  • How to use Google Play Store ?
  • What are the alternatives to Google Play Store ?

Why use the Google Play Store ?

THE Google Play Store is the Official Android Apps and Chrome OS store. It currently gives access to more than 2.5 million applications. This number is down, following the abolition in 2021 many content deemed malicious or whose development was inactive.

Secure official applications

Each application sheet present on the Google Play Store Specifies precisely all the information related to personal security: collection and/or any data of data, encryption of exchanges, security practices, developer’s confidentiality rules, etc. Other application portals exist and allow you to download the installation APK files. However, the Google Play Store is the official Android store (a subsidiary of the Google group). As such, it guarantees secure purchases, downloading a stable version, as well as optimal installation on the chosen device (tablet or smartphone). Paid apps, as well as those incorporating in-app purchases are secure in terms of transactions. The integrated Google Play Protect tool performs safety control before download. He is also able to detect any potentially malicious application, present on the user’s device.

An effective and intuitive interface

The search interface of Google Play Store has been recently modified: the main search tab quickly makes it possible to find the desired content allowed millions of available references. You just have to write or dictate the name of the application, the author or the work, to access a synthetic presentation of the most relevant results. It is also possible to select a category (games, apps, books), then a subcategory, to obtain specific results. The description of each content is very complete. It informs not only about how the publisher uses our personal data, but also indicates the PEGI classification of each application. Some applications are even designed to meet the specific needs of certain age groups (children, adolescents, adults, seniors).

The largest application store in the world

The online application of the application Google Play Store, Rich with more than 2.5 million references, offers various content in download. We can thus download in complete safety, digital books, games, apps related to social networks, daily life, well-being. Utilities are not to be outdone, as well as films, music and other media. The different contents offered on the Google Play Store are noted by users, which allows you to quickly discover attractive content. Lists of recommendations also orient the user to applications probably able to please him. If many apps are free, they mostly contain many advertisements. It is however possible to get out of it, thanks to the paid service Google Play Pass .

How to use Google Play Store ?

The application Google Play Pass can be downloaded for free. It is nevertheless necessary to have a Google account to access the various content listed and share opinions. Once identified, it is possible to synchronize your purchases and downloads from the web portal Google Play Store. The latter is accessible via the main web browsers, both in Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Navigation between the different categories listed on the application store is very intuitive and quickly masters. The ergonomics of Google Play Store is designed to be accessible and encourage the user to remain faithful to the official shop. The Google Play Point loyalty program thus collects rewards and points. These can then be used on the Google Play Store To obtain paid elements integrated into the apps, obtain credits, make a donation, etc.

The search bar proposes to use text or vocal entry. The proposed Android applications take into account the preferences and the user geographic area. Many parameters are customizable (age restriction, language preferences, safety, update adjustment, etc.)). The presence of filters makes it possible to better target research. To download paid content, it is necessary to have sufficient Google Play credits, or to enter a valid means of payment.

The integrated application manager displays a summary of downloaded applications and thus makes it possible to control the storage space and protect yourself from safety flaws. It facilitates updates and visualization of the various authorizations granted to the apps installed.

Downloads and different updates are configurable and can be made via any network or via Wi-Fi only. Biometric authentication can be activated to increase purchases made on the Google Play Store.

A way Family offers advanced parental control. A guide to parents’ use informs about the practices to be favored. We can thus look for content adapted to the youngest (films, series, books, apps). It is also possible to supervise your child’s account to secure navigation and prevent accidental purchases. Parental control makes it possible to restrict access to the content reserved for an informed audience.

To control the Google Play Protect certification statement of the device, just open the app Google Play Store, Then click on Profile, Then Settings. The Google Play Pass service, offered in the form of a monthly or annual subscription, provides access to hundreds of games and applications devoid of any advertising.

What are the alternatives to Google Play Store ?

If you want to download an Android app, other alternative sources to the Google official store exist. Among the best known, we can quote uptodown which identifies many APK files, of apps sometimes become not found on the Google Play Store.

A word to evoke the Amazon App Store: the application of the American e-commerce giant is installed by default on the Kindle readers . The shop lists more than 700.000 apps and has enormous development potential.

To go further on the subject, we recommend reading our file dedicated to the best alternative sources to Google Play Store . You will find a list of Android application stores not affiliated with the Mountain View firm.

Buy a Google Play card on StarstSelect

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A Google Play gift card is a prepaid card with which you can make purchases on Play Store. You can choose Google Play prepaid cards from different amounts: 15 euros, 25 euros, 50 euros and 100 euros. In addition, you can also buy Google Play cards with a variable amount. These Google Play gift cards allow you to choose a value between 15 and 500 euros. You can use the Google Play Store code yourself or offer it to a third party. The Play Store card has no expiration date.

What are the Google PLAY credits for ?

Google cards allow you to easily recharge your Play Store account. You will find everything you need for your Android and Chromebooks devices in the Google Play Store. For example, you can buy games, movies, music and other applications for your phone or tablet. You can also use your Google Play Store credit to pay your subscriptions, like Google Play Music’s.

How to get my Google Play card ?

You get your Play Store card directly after having made your order on our site in the form of a digital code. This code will be displayed on your screen and you will also receive it on your mailbox. The Google Play gift code that you will receive will include the instructions for use, activate your Play Store code is therefore always simple.

How to use my Google Play code ?

You can use your Google Play card in different ways:

  • Click on the code and follow the procedure indicated to automatically recharge your Google Play credit.
  • You can also activate your code on play.Google.Com/Redeem.
  • Finally, you can activate your code in the Play Store application. In the Play Store application menu, select ‘Use a code’.

The value of your code is directly added to your Google Play Store credit. You need help activating your Google Play card ? Our customer service is at your disposal seven days a week.

How to consult my Google Play credit ?

You wish to consult your Google Play Store credit ? Launch the Google Play Store app and select the “Payment methods” menu. From this menu, you can directly see your credit and recharge it with a Play Store gift card.

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