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Free Photoshop? The 18 best equivalent photo editing software


In the end, the choice between Photoshop and Premiere Pro depends on the type of projects you plan to work on and the time you have to learn the software.

Free Express Photoshop for iOS, Android Apk

Download Express Photoshop in progress

You will be automatically redirected to the home page in 30 seconds.

Android devices will be able to benefit from the famous Photoshop software. Indeed, Photoshop Express for Android is an application to touch up images via your tablet.

Main features

  • Retouching: being a photo facing tool, it gives the user the possibility of correcting errors in photos such as red eyes or imperfections. It can also add automatic filters.
  • Adding images: the user can download images on the canvas and modify them with the application. Of course, he can import his own photos stored in his mobile.
  • Border: the difference with Photoshop Express for Android, is that it incorporates a lot of very practical features. An option is integrated authorizing the user to add borders to each photo and to adjust the colors.
  • Sharing: As file sharing is a native function of the application, the user will have the opportunity to broadcast the clichés retouched on social networks where friends and families will be able to look at them. Photoshop Express for Android support Facebook and Twitter.


  • This application is completely free.
  • The French interface makes the start -up easy.

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Free Photoshop ? The 18 best equivalent photo editing software

You are looking for free photo editing software as an alternative to Photoshop ? Here is our selection of the 18 best.

Our selection of the 3 best free alternatives to Photoshop

The best free alternative to Photoshop

A completely free OpenSource tool

The best online photo editing software

You are looking for a free alternative to Photoshop ? You like to take photos, but you find them disappointing without retouching ? Despite your efforts, your photos are not as beautiful as you would like the first time ? Never mind ! We have the solution to have professional quality photos: good photo editing software. Discover our top 18 free alternatives to Photoshop.

Free photo retouching software

Quick access (summary):

How to touch up a photo without Photoshop ? in shorts

Here are 18 free alternatives to Photoshop:

Where to find free photoshop ?

Free online photoshop: Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Good news for those who wish to enhance their photos for free ! Adobe now offers a free and lightened version of the famous Photoshop photo retouching software: Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.

This tool is accessible to all directly from the usual browser, But requires the installation of the Flash Player module beforehand.

The interface of this Free photo editing software is much simpler and accessible than that of the original tool.

Even users that are not used to Photoshop can easily access the retouching tools: automatic correction, reframing, light adjustment, rotation, white balance adjustment, deletion of unwanted elements ..

In addition, you can highlight certain elements of your photo by adding stickers, bubbles or text.

Join the Beta version of Photoshop by clicking on this link.

free online photoshop

Is it possible to have free photoshop 2021 ?

There is a more than simple way to have access to everything you can offer you Photoshop for free: Subscribe to the test version. This gives you the keys to all the software tools during 7 days.

If you only need Photoshop to perform a single fast tasks, that’s enough.

In addition, this can help you decide if you want to go to buy or rather go to a free alternative according to your needs and skills.

To take advantage of this version, go to Adobe’s website, and subscribe to the Photoshop test version. This will normally force you to install the Creative Cloud on your computer, which centralizes Adobe software.

If you don’t want to pay, remember to terminate your subscription at the end of the 7 days !

Photoshop Elements test version

Version D

Photoshop elements is a slightly basic version of Photoshop.

It does not give access to all the tools of Photoshop experts, but it can already be of great service to you if you are an occasional user of photo editing software.

Again, you can enjoy it completely free ! And this time, this is a 30 -day trial period.

In addition, unlike the trial version of Photoshop 2021, you do not have No need to enter your bank details, So 0 stress at the end of the trial period.

Concretely, you will not be debited at the end of the test if you forget to terminate.

What free software to replace Photoshop ?

1 – Gimp, the best free equivalent to Photoshop

Gimp interface

Gimp is the Free photo retouching software The most powerful and the most popular, placing itself up to paid photo editing software like the world known Photoshop.

Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux, it offers a Multitude of tools essential for photo editing as well as photo editing and graphic creations.

G IMPROSS INSTRICTES Classic tools like cropping, color balance or saturation, but also more advanced tools such as the Corrector Tool or the Cloning Tool which allow to delete annoying elements in a photo.

It also presents itself as a digital painting and drawing tool.

Many professionals recognize him as a excellent Alternative to Photoshop. And like Photoshop, each opening is done through a tab. This facilitates the opening of several documents.

To download Gimp, go here.

2 – Gimpshop

After Gimp, there is Gimpshop.

This is a completely free open source tool, Developed by volunteers and who has a big advantage on Gimp: it takes up the features of the Photoshop interface.

That is to say that the passage from Photoshop to Gimpsyop will not make you a “shock”.

Of course, the number of features is not as advanced as on Adobe software, but it is more than enough for conventional touch -ups.

The little concern for this tool is that it is not Available only in English, which can make the grip difficult for some.

To download Gimpshop, you can click on this link.

3 – Photopaa


True Photoshop alternative accessible directly online, Photopea is free photo editing software Accessible to anyone wants to touch up their photos in a few clicks, without having to download dedicated software on their computer.

The interface looks like Photoshop.

The main difference, the tool displays advertising to finance its free online service.

4 – Paint

THE Free photo retouching software Paint is available exclusively on Windows.

Its interface allowsEasily access publishing tools.

All basic touch -ups are possible with paint.Net:

  • The deletion of unwanted elements
  • Photo cropping
  • Image adjustments in terms of brightness, levels or curves

These settings can be made as well individually and authorally.

THE Photo retouching software Paint also offers you to use layers to work on your photos.

You can apply a large number of effects on your images to modify the content. So for example, you can transform a landscape as you wish to get a pencil, ink or oil painting sketch.

5 – Photofiltre 7

This Photo retouching software is to download for free for Windows.

Photofiltre 7 presents All essential features to retouch your photos from a Very simple interface To tame: change contrasts, brightness or even color balance in all your photos.

The software can even automatically manage the contrast and levels.

THE Free photo retouching software Photofiltre7 also offers you some predefined filters which will allow you to put your photos in black and white, blur part of the photo you want to hide or to transform the rendering of the image as you wish thanks to an artistic film.

If you want to download Photofiltre 7, go to this link.

6 – Photoworks

Photoworks Alternative Photoshop

Photoworks is a Photo retouching software smart and easy to use.

It can be used as an excellent alternative to Photoshop For beginner photographers who would like easy to take charge software as for experienced users who are looking for a powerful photo editor but not requiring a monthly subscription.

Although Photoworks is paid software, its price is quite affordable. In addition, it offers a Free trial version which makes it possible to assess all its features.

This software to touch up the photos is Available in French and offers many tutorials Writings and video.

The clear and well thought out interface as well as many presets (3D Lut, automatic color and light correction, Portraits improvement styles, photo filters) facilitate work.

All parameters can also be adjusted using intuitive sliders.

Photoworks allows you to change your photos in several ways:

  • Crop
  • Correct a leaning horizon and the distortions
  • Remove noise
  • Delete all unwanted elements
  • Replace the background easily
  • Retouch the portraits
  • Overlap
  • Add texts and frames
  • Apply stylish effects
  • And many others

The program treats RAW files and allows a non-destructive photo edition.

The Photoworks site, accessible here.

7 – Photoscape

Photoscape is a Free photo retouching software which is among the easiest to use.

It adapts to Windows and Mac systems.

It is highly appreciated by laymen thanks to its automated modules. Predefined and simple parameters allow you to apply different adjustment levels by a single click: high, medium and low.

Photoscape can also be used as printing module, layout tool, image viewer, and even lots of lots to adjust several shots simultaneously.

And finally, you have the possibility of modifying the general aspect of your photos thanks to the many filters offered by this photo retouching software.

8 – Pixlr

Pixlr is a Free photo retouching software Available on web and iOS and Android mobiles, so no download required.

It is a photo editor that happens to be a good Alternative to Photoshop, very popular to be a powerful tool while being free.

Despite that gratuitousness, Pixlr offers a large number of features. The most remarkable and the most used are, among other things, the automatic processing of the photo, the exposure level and a very sophisticated color selector. You can import a photo from several options.

THE Photo retouching software Pixlr is available in two versions:

  • A simplified “express” version: Pixlr X for minor adjustments
  • A paid professional version: the Pixlr Pro

9 – Affinity Photo by Serif

Affinity Photo

If the software Affinity Photo is not 100% free like the others that we present to you in this article, it is however a very powerful alternative and very comparable to Photoshop which costs much less, of the order of a sixty of euros only.

Go here to visit the Affinity Photo website.

10 – Picasa, now Google Photos

THE Free photo retouching software Google Photos is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is image management software that is also available in the form of application. Having been bought by Google, it allows you to easily import your photos, manage them on your PlayStation and tag your contacts and friends with albums on the cloud.

Other features have been added such as faces recognition option and geolocation via Maps and Earth as well as comment management.

You can also develop photos in RAW format and store an infinite number of images and videos.

Picasa has recently become Google Photos. If you had stored photos on Picasa and you do not know how to recover it, this information should help you.

11 – Krita

Basic, Krita is rather a Drawing and graphic design -oriented tool, But it will also allow you to do photo retouching without worries, especially using layers.

This is a Open Source Software and so completely free. Krita offers many tools retouching and creation such as textures, patterns, many drawing and selection tools.

Krita also has the quality of supporting many file types, including PSD, Adobe Photoshop format.

To download Krita, click on this link.

12 – Inpixio

Inpixio is available on OS X, Windows and iOS, which allows novice users to create beautiful photos and share them with their friends or contacts on social networks in one click.

This Free photo retouching software is mainly intended to make quick and creative changes before sharing them online.

THE 6 Inpixio programs allow you respectively to:

  • Make basic images of: Photo Editor
  • Create Net photos: Focus photo
  • Delete unwanted elements: Photo Erase
  • Change the background: photo cutter
  • Make photomontages: Photo Clip
  • Zoom in as well as create HD photos: Photo Maximizer


POS PO PHOTOS is the best Free photo retouching software Created for beginners who wish to know more.

Therefore, it offers two interfaces:

  1. The first is a platform dedicated to advanced manual retouching thanks to tools such as brushes, textures, layers with the possibility of processing photos by lots.
  2. The second interface allows you, in a few clicks, to obtain a quality rendering for your photos, this thanks to the use of filters.

POS Pro Photo Photo Photo software is to download for free for Windows.

If you want to go to their website, click here.

14 – Darktable

Darktable is a Free photo retouching software that works under Windows, Mac and Linux.

Its creators, who are professional photographers, keep improving it and offering free updates to always expand its features.

Her User interface is very pleasant to use And will allow you to deal with photos in RAW and HDR format, but also to other standard photo formats like JPG or PNG.

Your photo bookstore can be organized by keywords or collections, very practical for research in hundreds, or even thousands of photos !

You can also carry out research with filters in your image database !

15 – Befunky

Among the online photo editing software, we can also cite Befunky.

This software will allow you to do all the touch -ups you need.

In terms of features, you will be very well provided:

  • Doing and resizing photos
  • Use artistic filters on the photos to transform them into paintings, sketches, drawings, etc..
  • Retouching photos by lots, as on Photoshop
  • Remove holders thanks to their automatic tool
  • Retouch portraits to improve the result
  • Create photo collages
  • Use design models to personalize
  • Take advantage of Pixabay or UNSPLASH images banks (which are associated with Befunky)
  • Take advantage of thousands of icons and vector graphics

Free online retouching software: befunky

The tool is accessible for free, but It must be considered that certain features will be blocked, as they are available only with the more version.

Anyway, the tool has a Very easy to use interface.

We find on the left bar the fundamental tools which are highlighted to access it more easily.

Then everything works as on conventional tools.

16 – Fix the photo: alternative to online photoshop

Fix The Photo

Fix The Photo, Photoshop Online Editor, is one of the best tools to edit photos, resize images, as well as to design simple web pages, online illustrations.

No advertisements boring and many tools basic photo editing for beginners.

This alternative to Photoshop offers advanced layers, a filtering and works with all your image files such as .PSD and RAW.

As in Adobe Photoshop, you can also create layers that allow you to better organize your layers as you wish. Here you can apply 3D, blur, noise, pixelate, stylizing and others to give your photos a nice appearance on Instagram.

17 – Photofancy

Photofancy is another free photo editing software free.

So it works online, without having to install anything.

Free online photo retouching: Photofancy

Compared to other tools that we have seen, it is a bit aging but it allows basic touch -ups.

It is possible to do classic touch -up: to cut, to pivot, reverse, etc ..

You can also add effects on the photos, whether basic or more fanciful. There is also the possibility of making photo collages for various occasions.

In addition to that, we find their magicname tool which allows you to add a first name on images as if it were really integrated into it.

18 – Polarr

Polarr is a very interesting tool since it is available not only online, on their site, but also on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and even on Chromebook.

The tool has an appearance very professional, And offers you a step -by -step tutorial to understand it well.

We find all the classic tools of a retouching tool: filters, texts, shapes, visual retouching, cropping, layers management, etc.

It is also possible to manage the adjustments linked to the colors in a very precise manner.

Free online photo editing: Polarr

FAQ on photo retouching software

What is the best free photo editing software ?

The best free photo editing software is generally determined by your personal needs and preferences.

Among the popular options, let us quote Gimp, paint.Net and Adobe Photoshop Express:

  • Gimp is a powerful image manipulation program with a wide range of tools and filters
  • is easy to use and offers basic functionalities in image editing
  • Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent choice for advanced users who need more control over their images.

All these free photo editors have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to take into account the features you will need to choose the one that suits you.

Is it necessary to pay for photo editing software ?

For amateur photographers, it is not necessary to pay for photo editing software, because there are many free options.

However, if you are a professional photographer or if you want to create high quality images, it may be necessary to pay for more powerful and more advanced photo editing software.

Paid software has generally More features and capacities that free versions, which can help you get better results.

Investing in the right photo editing software can make you save time and money in the long term by avoiding expensive errors or retouching.

What is the photo editing software for beginners ?

Photo retouching software for beginners is a great way to get into the world of digital photography. There are many different software, ranging from free programs to more professional level programs.

Among the most popular photo retouching software among beginners are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Painshop Pro And Gimp.

Each of these programs has its own features and tools that can help you easily create amazing images.

With each program, users can handle photos in various ways, including cropping them, correcting colors and adding special effects.

You can also customize the appearance and friendliness of your photos by adding text or graphics.

With so many options available for beginner photographers, find the right photo editing software for your needs should be easy !

Which software to choose to do photo and video editing ?

In terms of publishing photos and videos, there is a wide variety of software.

Each program has its own strengths and weaknesses, it is therefore important to determine the one that best meets your needs.

Adobe Photoshop And First pro are two of the most popular choices for photo and video editing:

  • Photoshop is a Image editing software which allows you to make adjustments to the photos, such as cropping, color correction, resizing, etc. It also includes basic video editing tools to add transitions or titles, for example.
  • First pro is a video editor More advanced which offers functions such as assembly based on chronology, color correction, audio mixing, etc.

Both programs have a wide range of functions that can be used to create professional appearance results.

In the end, the choice between Photoshop and Premiere Pro depends on the type of projects you plan to work on and the time you have to learn the software.

If you want to learn more about the best video editing software, read our article on this subject.

Are online photo editing software effective ?

Yes, online photo editing software can be an effective way to modify photos.

These programs offer a wide range of functions which allow users to quickly and easily adjust the appearance of their photos.

They can also be used to improve or modify the composition, lighting and color of the images, which allows users to create professional aspect results.

Many online photo editing software is Free or inexpensive, which makes them accessible to a large audience. Thanks to these tools, everyone can easily pass their skills in digital photography at the upper level.

What features are the most important for photo editing software ?

When it comes to photo retouching software, there is a variety of features that can make or undo the user experience.

The most important functions of photo retouching software are image handling tools, layers and masks, color correction, retouching capacities, user -friendly interface, the possibility of saving in different formats and share online images.

  • THE Image handling tools allow users to easily adjust brightness, contrast and saturation levels.
  • THE layers and masks allow users to selectively modify certain parts of an image without affecting the whole.
  • There Color correction Allows users to adjust the shade and tone of an image to give it a more natural appearance.
  • THE retouching functions offer features such as reducing red eyes and removal of imperfections so that the photos are perfect.
  • A user -friendly interface is essential, because it allows you to navigate more easily and more effectively among all the functions.
  • There Possibility to record in different formats such as JPEG or PNG is also important, as it allows users to use their images in various applications.
  • There Possibility to share online images with friends or family members is essential, because it allows people around the world to be brought together.

What are the key differences between Photoshop and free photo editing software mentioned ?

  • Advanced features: Photoshop is recognized for its advanced features and its wide range of professional photo retouching tools. It offers precise color and exposure correction options, sophisticated layers and masks, as well as complex manipulation and processing features. Free alternatives can offer similar basic features, but they are generally less advanced and can miss certain specialized tools.
  • User interface : Adobe’s photo software has a well -established user interface, with an intuitive provision and a clear organization of the tools. Free software can vary in terms of interface, some imitating the appearance of Photoshop, while others have a more unique approach. The Photoshop interface is often considered more user -friendly for experienced users, but it also depends on the personal preferences of each individual.
  • Technical support : Adobe offers professional technical support for Photoshop users. This includes online resources such as tutorials, help forums and assistance by email or phone. On the other hand, free alternatives can have an active community of user which provides similar support through forums and online tutorials, but the level of support may vary.
  • Integration with other Adobe tools: Photoshop is a key element in Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, which means that it is closely integrated into other professional software such as Illustrator and Indesign. This integration facilitates workflow and collaboration between different software. Free alternatives do not always offer such integration, which can lead to more complex management of files and work processes.
  • Updates and evolution: As a commercial product, Photoshop benefits from regular updates and improvements from Adobe. This ensures that users have access to the latest features and technologies. Free alternatives can also offer updates, but they can be less frequent or have more limited resources for their continuous development.

It is important to note that free photo editing software mentioned in the article present solutions viable alternatives for users who have less advanced needs or who have a limited budget. On the other hand, for professionals in photo retouching or those who require advanced features, Photoshop remains largely considered as the reference tool.

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