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CCleaner Mobile invites you to use all the cleaning tools it provides you with a swift smartphone and gain storage space. It offers you, initially, to carry out a quick cleaning which cleanses the cache of installed applications, empty the download folder, deletes the navigation history and the content of the clipboard, erase obsolete or residual files, etc.

Download CCleaner 6.16.10662

Ccleaner is software allowing you to effectively clean your computer under windows, but also your mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) under Android system.

Price : € 29.95 per year


Summary :

  • Why use CCleaner ?
  • What does the CCLEANER mobile application offer ?
  • What are the latest free ccleaner news ?
  • What does CCLEANER PRO do more than CCLEANER FREE ?
  • With which bones is it compatible ?

Developed by the Piriform publishing and development company, Ccleaner is a free software that allows you to Clean completely what has been accumulated over time on your machine. Indeed, after having installed and uninstalled many applications, the hard drive is often crowded with obsolete files which can, with accumulation, occupy space unnecessarily on the system. Ccleaner was therefore developed to delete them. It has a clear interface which offers menus quickly accessible laterally on the left and two essential tabs in the personalized cleaning menu: operating system detected (Windows or Mac) and applications.

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Why use CCleaner ?

Ccleaner First of all offers a “health assessment” of your machine or “health check”, functionality added in March 2020. At the first use, you are invited to launch an in -depth analysis of your data and applications to determine which important positions to be cleaned and repaired to optimize your computer performance. We appreciate the translation of the interface in French which allows all users to quickly take control of the different features.

Free ccleaner health assessment

The first tab of Ccleaner is used to erase all traces such as cookies, navigation history or that of downloads, as well as recent documents of your operating system. This cleaner also removes unnecessary elements such as bone newspapers, temporary files and automatically empty your basket. This list utility detects all the programs installed and offers you different options for each browser and each compatible program. Just check the data boxes to be deleted and Ccleaner takes care of the rest.

The second tab allows users to remove the traces of software such as Mozilla Firefox, Acrobat Reader, Opera, Emule, Bluestacks, VLC Media Player, Adobe Illustrator or Media Player. Web browsers, utilities, download software, multimedia players, and many types of programs are supported.

Personalized cleaning of CCleaner applications

Finally, the Registry option gives you the possibility of cleaning the data registry base and correcting errors, for example nonexistent files, obsolete, activex programs and invalid classes or file extensions.

CCleaner register cleaner

Ccleaner Also allows you to uninstall the software on your machine and manage those that launch out the bone start -up. In the end, the computer gains power as in disk space. Finally, it is possible to define the launch of a cleaning when you start your computer or automate processing by affecting the folders to be cleaned.

What does the CCLEANER mobile application offer ?

Download and install mobile applications on your smartphone and tablet also leaves residual files, the browser leaves navigation traces, the clipboard keeps certain data and all of this decreases the storage space of your mobile device and amends them Performance little by little.

CCleaner Mobile invites you to use all the cleaning tools it provides you with a swift smartphone and gain storage space. It offers you, initially, to carry out a quick cleaning which cleanses the cache of installed applications, empty the download folder, deletes the navigation history and the content of the clipboard, erase obsolete or residual files, etc.

In a second step, the free mobile version of CCleaner analyzes your smartphone or tablet in order to identify unwanted applications which can compromise the security of your device and your data, the applications too greedy in resources, the applications that work behind -plan and which remain permanently active, unused applications, etc. A “task kill” option allows you to stop the tasks in progress and the “passive app” functionality passes in standby the applications carried out in the background and which you do not need permanently.

One of the major differences between software and mobile application lies in media analysis, which detects similar or poor quality photos and invites you to delete them to gain storage space. For games and videos, an optimization and compression system saves resources and space, without harming visual quality.

Although the application does not take care of your register such as Desktop software, it nevertheless allows you to monitor the processor, RAM, storage space, battery level and temperature of the device.

What are the latest free ccleaner news ?

The health record is one of the major novelties of Ccleaner, Available in limited version in the free edition of CCleaner. It makes it possible to establish a first analysis of your installation and brings you solutions to improve the confidentiality of your data, gain disk space, accelerate the loading and use of your programs and optimize the safety of your computer.

With the multiplication of internet navigation solutions, Ccleaner regularly enriches new programs and in particular internet browsers, as Brave And Vivaldi, Lately added to the compatible software list.

What does CCLEANER PRO do more than CCLEANER FREE ?

Free edition of Ccleaner offers many essential tools for cleaning and optimizing your computer. But it remains limited in particular in the contribution of the solutions provided by PC Health Check.

If the health record has detected obsolete software that can cause safety flaws, CCleaner Professional will take care of immediately. Free ccleaner only report them.

Also available for Windows and Mac, the pro version of Ccleaner also offers you a real -time monitoring tool and the possibility of planning and automating your cleaning after each navigation session for considerable time saving.

The CCleaner Pro license has incorporated, since the deployment of version 6, a new module called performance optimizer. With this patented system, old and new PC owners can improve the start -up time of their machine, its autonomy and its overall performance. Your laptop will be able to gain up to 30 % more battery life, and will start faster (up to 72 %). The performance optimizer analyzes your computer (Windows or Mac) and detects all the programs that are launched, but which do not require being permanently active, and which consume unnecessarily resources. He automatically goes into standby mode until you need them.

With which bones is it compatible ?

You can download and install Ccleaner On computers equipped with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.14, but also on Android 5 tablets and smartphones.0 or superior.

The portable version, meanwhile, allows you to transport Ccleaner on your USB key and use it on other computers, without having to install it directly.


Version 6.16.10662
Last update September 22, 2023
Licence Free license
Downloads 752 (last 30 days)
Author Piriform Ltd
Operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11, MacOS, Android, Windows Portable – XP/Vista/7/8/11 11
Category Utility


CCleaner is a PC cleaning tool that deletes unnecessary files, releases disk space and improves the performance of your system.

Windows, MacOS, Android

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4.5 (14489 notes)
File_Download 85897 (30 days)

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CCleaner, with 20 years of experience, is renowned cleaning software. It offers a variety of features, from cache cleaning to registers analysis, offering a complete solution with an effective free version. Available on Windows, Android and other platforms, Piriform Ccleaner is a reliable choice to maintain your healthy system.

  • Why use CCleaner ?
  • How to use CCleaner ?
  • What are the alternatives to ccleaner ?

Why use CCleaner ?

During the classic uninstall of software, some files or folders remain present on the computer and sometimes end up slowing the performance of the latter. He specializes in erasing obsolete files that clutter the computer and slow down his performance. The name CCLEANER is a contraction of “crap cleaner”, which means “dirt cleaner”. This software, signed Piriform, has the mission of detecting and erasing unnecessary files and applications that brake the operation of the PC. It is suitable for both private and professional users. In addition, specific modules and a portable version of CCleaner facilitate their work by offering optimal security for privacy protection.

The main modules of CCleaner

CCleaner, compatible with Windows, MacOS and Android, has several modules that facilitate system cleaning. The objective is to speed up the operating system and erase traces of use and internet navigation. Computer optimization is carried out thanks to the erasure of obsolete files and keys in the system register. In addition, CCleaner allows the uninstalling of superfluous software and the deactivation of unnecessary services or programs when starting the computer, thus contributing to better performance and security for users.

The cleaner

The main module of CCleaner, in addition to freeing space on the hard drive, plays a crucial role in protecting the user’s privacy. The software is capable of detecting and erasing temporary files, cookies and navigation history of the main browsers, including Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, as well as other compatible browsers such as Pale Moon or Seamonkey.

CCleaner also performs an in -depth analysis of Windows System Files, including the basket, the list of recent files, the Systems newspapers, the Cache, etc. It extends its cleaner cleaning to third -party software, in particular Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Winrar, Nero or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, thus erasing unnecessary files and optimizing the disk of the computer.

The register tool

CCLEANER offers essential feature to optimize your computer performance: Windows registry cleaning. The latter can often be congested by redundant or invalid inputs, which can slow down your system. With CCleaner, you can easily start an analysis of the Windows registry of a single click. Once the analysis is completed, the software provides you with a detailed report in the problems detected. You can then choose to solve all these problems at once or treat them individually.

Program management

CCleaner incorporates software management tools, including uninstaller, a software update utility and a browser plugin manager. Unlike standard Windows tools, CCleaner has the advantage of also references preinstalled Windows applications, often not referenced by the configuration panel. These are native applications like Cortana, tips, movies and TV, messages, or even Microsoft Solitaire Collection, which can clutter the hard drive without being really used. This also applies to preinstalled software on the PC by the manufacturer.

The tool for updating CCLEANER SEPHORY software and offers to install the latest versions of the applications installed on your PC directly from the software. It is a particularly useful option for software whose automatic update is deactivated or non -existent. As for the plugin manager, it lists the extensions added to the various browsers installed on your PC, allowing you to activate, deactivate and delete the chosen plugins.

The integrated tool kit

Ccleaner does not stop on such a good path and provides several additional features via the Tools tab:

  • Uninstalling programs: Useful software uninstallation interface for renamed or delete an input;
  • Starting: Three tabs allowing to activate, deactivate or erase inputs concerning the execution of applications when starting Windows, planned tasks as well as the Windows context menu accessible via a right click;
  • Browser plugins to activate or deactivate extensions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera web browsers;
  • Disk analysis in order to analyze hard drives to find out more about the largest files;
  • Double file search allows you to detect and delete duplicate files;
  • System restoration to remove the non -necessary catering points and therefore save storage space;
  • Disk eraser, a module to make secure disc formatages or storage device thanks to several methods.

Advanced deletion options

In addition to detection of hidden files in system folders, CCleaner identifies the voluminous elements to be deleted. Although a manual deletion of browser data and the basket emptying can be performed without specific software, CCleaner is distinguished by its ability to centralize cleaning. It saves time by removing everything from a single platform.

CCleaner is not limited to basic tasks. In addition to the default checked locations, users can add other directories to the CCleaner cleaning list for hunting unnecessary files. However, some files, such as prefectch, must be manipulated with caution. A dialog warns you of potential risks and asks you to confirm your choice. It is important to note that most of these additional options aim to empty various caches (DNS, display, parameters). Without these covers, the system can take longer to start the services and processes cleaned. A reparation will probably be necessary and these cache files will automatically be regenerated afterwards.

CCleaner can also carry out an in -depth analysis of browsers to delete all locally stored personal information, such as recorded passwords, pre -filled forms and saved map numbers. The only risk associated with this type of CCLEANER cleaning is the potential oblivion of this information. So make sure to memorize this information before erasing it.

How to use CCleaner ?

CCleaner exists in several versions: for Windows PCs, for macOS and for tablets and smartphones under Android. We also underline a paid license called Professional and a version Professional Plus are also available with more features. Finally CCleaner is available in a portable version for a USB key installation.

As mentioned earlier, CCleaner is free, but Piriform also offers a professional edition from € 24.95 for a one -year license for a single PC, making it one of the cheapest PC cleaners. This version includes advanced features such as smartcleaning which allows you to launch cleaning when you reach a certain amount of unwanted files (500 MB by default but it is possible to modify this value). Is also integrated into this version the possibility of programming a cleaning in an occasion or recurrent manner.

You can also opt for Professional Plus, which includes the Deffragler, Recuva and Speccy applications. Its price is € 34.95 for three PCs for one year, or € 54.95 for two years.

What are the alternatives to ccleaner ?

Although it is the most popular cleaning software, Ccleaner is not the only one. Other equally efficient software is to download from Clubic and have a free version:


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