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B. TV for Android

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Bbox TV app

With B.Mobile TV, Find more than 50 TV channels accessible directly on your PC. With this application, you can access a full TV programs guide and add reminders to your favorite programs. Download B.Mobile TV allows you to listen to the radio and the podcasts directly from the application.

BBOX customers can watch live TV and find exclusive services to interact with the Bbox TV decoder. Remote their TV records remotely and use their mobile as a remote control of their BBOX TV decoder.


Last update 09/22/2023
Licence Free
Size 46.71 MB
Operating systems Android 8.0 or later, iOS 13.0 or later, Windows 10/11
LANGUAGES English French
App Store note 4.2 • 23,532 votes
Play Store note 4 • 124,562 votes

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The alternatives to B.TV

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To remove vocal parts on some pieces

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The lyrics of your favorite songs live !

DSP, VST or DirectX plug-in which allows you to recreate the sound “vinyl” ..

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    B.TV for Android

    Application B.TV was developed by Bouygues Telecom to allow its customers to look at their favorite channels when they wish, on their smartphone or tablet.

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    B.TV is the Bouygues Telecom mobile application which allows its subscribers to watch their favorite TV programs anywhere, on their smartphone, tablet or connected TV (via Chromecast). It offers many live programs, but also the replay of the most popular emissions, as well as radios in digital quality.

    • Why use B.TV ?
    • How to use B.TV ?
    • What are the alternatives to B.TV ?

    Why use B.TV ?

    Application B.TV provides more than 70 channels live and unlimited. Its particularity is that it allows you to watch TV in 4G/5G on your smartphone, without this being deducted from your Bouygues mobile internet envelope.

    Over 70 TV and Podcasts channels

    The main advantage of B.TV is that it allows you to watch TV programs and emissions on your smartphone and on your tablet, live and unlimited, in 4G/5G or Wi-Fi. For BBOX customers, it is even possible to benefit from more than 120 channels via their B application.TV, if they have subscribed to the optional bouquets.

    Application B.TV gives access to the most watched channels, such as TF1, M6, C8, W9, etc. In addition, it is also supplied with radios and podcasts channels to satisfy all tastes.

    The application is compatible with smartphones and tablets, but also with Chromecast and Googlecast.

    Replays and direct control

    B.TV offers a multitude of features, in addition to the simple viewing of TV programs. This application of Bouygues Telecom allows in particular:

    • Control of direct on a selection of channels.
    • The replay to review many programs.
    • The “Read from the start” function to resume a program being broadcast.
    • Video service on demand.
    • Programming of remote TV records for BBOX customers.
    • The use of the smartphone as a remote control of the Bbox decoder.

    How to use B.TV ?

    B.TV is a mobile application for Android and iOS reserved for Bouygues Telecom customers. More specifically, it is accessible to customers packages and packages blocked Bouygues Telecom, Bouygues Telecom, B & You and Bbox prepaid cards. Note that for BBOX customers, the application is available regardless of their mobile operator.

    Side prices, subscription B.TV is € 6 per month. You have to take out service B.Unlimited TV from your Bouygues Telecom customer area, before downloading the application.

    What are the alternatives to B.TV ?

    To watch your favorite TV channels on your smartphone, Molotov.TV is an advantageous platform which provides more than 80 channels (including TNT channels). The little extra is that it offers a free version that gives access to a good thirty channels.

    Alternatively, there is MyCanal, the Orange TV application as well as SFR TV, which are interesting for those who are subscribed to these Internet, Box or Telecom services.


    Editor Bouygues Telecom
    Size 108.30 MB
    Downloads 729 (last 7 days)
    Licence Commercial software
    Version 12.120.4
    Last update 05/11/2023
    Operating system Android, iOS
    Categories Series & television

    This summer, your TV follows you everywhere

    –> ->

    Chez Bouygues Telecom, We accompany you All summer to satisfy all your desires, at home, in the countryside or on vacation !
    It’s a bit like taking your Bbox on vacation with you ��

    With a summer that promises to be sporty, you will be happy to find Our multi-TV option With a second Bbox decoder to connect your second TV. And to simplify your life, CPLs are included.

    Whether at home or outside, with Free application B.TV You find your Bbox TV channels on your smartphone or tablet, And even your optional bouquets (cinema, youth, family, bein sports, etc.)).

    Many channels are casable, That is to say that you can also look at them on a TV (with a chromecast key, or an integrated chromecast like that of certain boxes).

    And the b.TV is not that live TV !

    Also find dozens of channels in replay , To watch the programs where you want, when you want ! Easy to follow your series, serials, but also youth programs, cinema, etc.

    And if you want radio or podcasts, B.TV is there too !

    To identify yourself on the application, simply indicate the Your customer area identifiers.

    With B.TV, your TV is everywhere with you !

    Did you know ?
    You can connect up to 4 devices with your identifier ! ��