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Free antivirus AVG

AVG free antivirus is free, complete and easy -to -use antivirus software that offers a user -friendly and intuitive interface to ensure the safety of your files on all your devices.

Free antivirus AVG

AVG Antivirus Free is one of the most popular antivirus on the market.

With AVG Antivirus Free by your side, you are protected on two levels:

  • Computer protection: real -time protection helps you protect your computer from viruses, spy software, ransom software, rootkits, Trojan horses and other malicious software. It also uses advanced artificial intelligence and real -time analysis to even prevent the most recent threats from reaching you.
  • Web and email protection: all links, downloads and attached e-mail attachments you meet are blocked so that you can enjoy your online life without worries.


  • It is free: although its diffusion method has changed, you can always get a free version
  • Modular installation: AVG has separate components that can monitor your desktop messaging client and web browser to detect threats, and you can choose not to install both, if you have other software that already cover these bases.


  • Gotchas installer: If you do not intervene using a “personalized” installation, the installer will offer you a 30 -day trial of one of the products of the company. And it will change the home page of your web browser and the default search engine by putting
  • PC analyzer has problems: AVG Antivirus has a PC PC analyzer, which checks registry errors, unwanted files and broken shortcuts that can be deleted, as well as disk defraction. The problem is that you are not supposed to hit a hard drive, but the PC analyzer does not seem to have noticed what type of disc it is. The analyzer is also of the type “all or nothing”; You cannot skip the defragmentation or cleaning of the registry and just delete unnecessary files and shortcuts, for example.


According to independent test laboratories such as AV-Test and AV-comparative, AVG uses a solid antivirus engine. But the obstacles you need to overcome with the installer and the technical error of the analyzer analyzer have an impact on confidence in the product.

Free antivirus AVG

AVG free antivirus is free, complete and easy -to -use antivirus software that offers a user -friendly and intuitive interface to ensure the safety of your files on all your devices.

Why use free antivirus avg ?

What are the new features of the latest version of free antivirus AVG ?

With which free antivirus bones is it compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to free antivirus AVG ?


AVG Antivirus is free, easy -to -use antivirus software, which provides overall protection of your system. It includes real -time security updates that allow its analysis engine to effectively detect all the most common malware: viruses, spy software, Trojan horses, etc. It also analyzes the whole system in order to identify all potential performance problems.

AVG Antivirus is also equipped with a functionality detecting malicious downloads before they are stored on your computer. Email or messages attachments are also analyzed before being downloaded.

Its simple user interface even allows the most novice to easily protect their computer. The main screen indicates the system of protection of the system and also presents a scan option which analyzes the whole computer with one click.

One of the advantages of this security software is that, despite its powerful features, it does not require too much resources and can be installed on any type of computer, even the least efficient. Its lightness guarantees operation of your PC without slowdowns, unlike many other antivirus software.

In case your computer is already infected before you have installed AVG anti-virus, the software will help you delete the malicious programs (s).

Why use free antivirus avg ?

When installing the program, the AVG Secure Browser secure browser is offered as a default browser. You can completely refuse this option by setting the corresponding box. The latter makes the confidentiality of your data and your navigation, his priority. Users have a private navigation mode, an advertising blocker, protection against monitoring of your online activity, a masking system for the browser and other features that strengthen the safety of your Internet browsing.

Then, AVG Antivirus offers you to personalize the installation of components according to your digital habits and your needs. Three types of protections are offered: minimum protection which primarily deals with secure your files, the recommended protection which also protects against ransomware, monitors your emails, passwords, incorporates a file grinder, etc; and the personalized protection that offers the user to select the components he wishes to use.

Smart Scan

The Smart Scan analysis reviews your entire system and files and alerts you in the event of threats detected. It performs a system check and detects sensitive documents (such as invoices and identity documents) that it would be preferable to secure. To do this, the user must go to a higher level by subscribing to a subscription to take advantage of the AVG Internet Security security suite. Of course, just ignore the threats detected to continue using the simple antivirus.

Smart Scan D analysis

The home screen then invites you to navigate between the different menus. The interface is functional, clear and intuitive and, outside the Smart Scan, no user intervention is necessary by default. Basic settings are ensured, but it is possible to personalize them to obtain protection adapted to your activities and your needs.

Note that the home screen is divided into 4 main sections: IT, Web and Email, Pirate attack and personal data. AVG Antivirus provides basic IT, web and email protection, and to benefit from full protection (pirate attack and personal data), you will need to subscribe to an AVG Internet Security subscription.


Computer section

In the free computer section, users will find all the main defenses of the system to block threats in real time. They will thus have a file agent who analyzes all added or open files, a suspicious actions agent that detects any suspicious behavior and alerts you, protection against ransomware and a network inspector that analyzes your network and warns you in the event of issue.

Computer section D

Ransomware protection ensures file safety by preventing scripts and malicious applications to modify or delete them. By default, AVG Antivirus protects documents documents, images, video, music, the office, and some other files deemed important. But users have the possibility of adding other files to the list of directories to be secured, or to specify the authorized applications and those which must be blocked.

Ransomware protection functionality

Web and email section

In the web and email section, users will be able to take advantage of defenses against threats from the web and their email.

Web and email D Cection

A web agent blocks attacks from the Internet and suspicious downloads that can contain malicious scripts, and an email agent analyzes and blocks attachments of messages arriving in the reception box of your mailbox.

Improved firewall is one of the novelties of AVG Antivirus. It lists all the applications connected to the Internet and allows you to block them or activate them.

In hacking alerts, users will have the possibility of connecting their accounts online (via a free online account) in order to be alerted in case of hacking. If your personal connection data is published, AVG Antivirus warns you so that you can quickly change your identifiers and your passwords.

What are the new features of the latest version of free antivirus AVG ?

The latest AVG Antivirus update includes improved firewall that lists all programs connected to the web and allows you to block or activate them.

With which free antivirus bones is it compatible ?

AVG Antivirus is compatible with Windows 7 and subsequent versions and available in French. You can also download and install AVG Antivirus on computers under Mac OS X (10.10 mavericks and subsequent versions) and in mobile application for Android (version 5.0 or later) and iOS 10.0 or later.

What are the best alternatives to free antivirus AVG ?

There are many protective solutions. You can opt for a conventional antivirus or take advantage of an all-in-one solution offered by safety suites. In most cases, simple antiviruses are free, but offer (for the most popular publishers) limited additional tools to encourage the user to prefer a complete safety sequence with subscription.

Free antivirus avast is a popular tool that ensures the safety of your device. It works in the background, constantly monitoring your computer to detect viruses, malware and spy software so that you don’t have to worry. In addition, Avast offers functions that help you optimize and configure your device, which allows it to improve its performance while benefiting from high level protection.

Avira Free Antivirus is an essential tool for those who wish to stress their system against all kinds of malware without stress. Whatever your operating system, whether you use Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, you can take advantage of the full protection that Avira offers. It is full of features to secure your data, such as the search for malware in real time and the detection of suspicious files. All this is associated with a simple user experience which requires no advanced technical skills.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is also an interesting alternative to ensure complete protection against all viruses, spywares and malware or malware likely to cause wreaking havoc on your system. Not only does he analyze your device permanently and quarantined all suspects, but he even adds an additional layer of protection thanks to a series of functions designed to preserve the security of confidential information, such as protection of personal data, social networks and bank details. In addition, the automatic update of virus definitions allows you to keep one step in advance and permanently protect your device.