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Easy tits to download MacOS Ventura

Download and install current or previous versions of the Mac operating system on compatible Mac computers.

Download and install MacOS

Download and install current or previous versions of the Mac operating system on compatible Mac computers.

To ensure the security, stability and compatibility of your computer, Apple recommends you to use the latest version of MacOS compatible with your Mac. Updates and macOS updates also include the latest features and integrated applications such as Safari.

Use of software update functionality

Software update feature is the fastest and easiest way to get updates and macOS upgrades. It can also require less storage space to download and install them. The software updated functionality only shows software compatible with your Mac. If the software updated feature indicates that your Mac is up to date, it means that no new software is currently available for your Mac model. Update MacOS on your Mac using software update

Use macOS recovery feature

If you need to reinstall MacOS on your Mac, you can use its integrated recovery system. Resettlement of macOS

Use the App Store

To download MacOS from the App Store, use a mac compatible with this version of MacOS. If your Mac is not compatible, the App Store blurs the obtain button, indicates that MacOS is not compatible with this device or indicates that the requested version of MacOS is not available. If these links do not work as planned, try again using Safari, which is in your apps folder.

  1. Use these links to find macOS in the App Store.
  2. Press the GAT button in the App Store to start the download. Software update could open and ask you to use it for download.
  3. Once download in your apps folder, the installation program opens automatically. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen. You can also leave without installing, allowing you to keep the installation program in your Applications folder to use it later.

Use a web browser

These old macOS versions are available in the form of disk images that you can download using your web browser. To obtain the installation program from the disk image, use a mac compatible with this version of MacOS.

If these links do not work as planned, try again using Safari, which is in your apps folder.

  1. Use these links to download an disk image file for macOS (.DMG).
  2. Double-click the file .DMG to open it and see the file .PKG it contains.
  3. Double-click the file .PKG, then follow the instructions displayed to install the macOS installation program in your apps folder.
  4. Open the Applications and Double-Click on the MacOS installation program, named installing [version of the version]. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen.

Use a Torçable Installation Program

A amorçable installation program can be useful if you want to install MacOS on several computers without downloading the installation program each time, or when you cannot install it using other methods. To download an installation program adapted to the creation of a moving installation program, use the App Store or use a web browser from a compatible mac for download. The Mac must also use MacOS High Sierra or a later version, the latest version of MacOS Sierra or the latest version of OS X El Capita.

Easy steps to download MacOS Ventura

This article describes the download of MacOS 13 Ventura with care and without fault.

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Yvette Bonnet

Sep 20, 2023 • Via: Mac solutions • proven solutions

MacOS 13 Ventura Beta

MacOS 13 Ventura is Apple’s office operating system for Macintosh computers and is the 19th major version. On June 6, 2022, Apple presented the successor to MacOS Monterey during the WWDC 2022. He follows the home name system which made his debut with Osx Mavericks and bears the name of the city of Ventura, California.

The public beta will be accessible in July after the release of the first development version on June 6, 2022. In addition, the final version will be available by the end of 2022.

For users who cannot wait for the public version of MacOS 13 Ventura, you must access it as a developer, and here is how to proceed.

Availability of MacOS 13 Ventura

Here are the Mac systems with which MacOS 13 Ventura is compatible;

  1. IMAC – 2017 and subsequent versions
  2. Mac Studio – 2022
  3. Mac Pro – 2019 and subsequent versions
  4. IMAC PRO – 2017 and subsequent versions
  5. Mac Mini – 2018 and subsequent versions
  6. MacBook Air – 2018 and subsequent versions
  7. MacBook – 2017 and subsequent versions
  8. MacBook Pro – 2017 and subsequent versions

In this article

Part 1. Before going to MacOS Ventura

Above all, you must protect your data before installing beta software on your device. This would help if you do not get on board without understanding the risks, because beta software is notoriously problematic and can cause difficulties such as blocking, overheating and even data loss. Therefore, make a backup of your Mac before continuing the procedure.

In the event of a problem, you can restore your data and even demo to MacOS 12 from MacOS 13 using the latest macOS backup.

  1. Cloning your hard drive
  2. Download all your data on a cloud
  3. Use of time machine.

Part 2. How to download and install MacOS 13 Ventura on your Mac ?

Users should know that to take advantage of this experience, you must become a Apple developer or wait for the public beta version.

How to become a Apple developer ?

1. Access the program page. On, click on the account button marked below.

press the account

2. Create a new Apple identifier for this company by clicking on “Create yours now” below on the page connect to Apple Developer.


3. Fill out the form to create your new Apple identifier.

4. Check the validity of your new Apple identifier. You must first validate your email then your mobile device.

5. Then accept the Apple developer contract.

6. Click on “Join the Apple developer program” down of the page.

7. Select “Register” On the next page

8. Personal information will be requested on the next page so that Apple can check your identity.

9. Go to the next page, where Apple will ask you to select your type of entity after providing this information.

10. After choosing your registration, you will be redirected to the program license contract page for Apple developers, where you can consult and accept the conditions before going to the payment confirmation page. This page contains your license number and confirmation of payment due.

Prepare to download and install MacOS 13 Ventura Beta

1. First, open the browser of your Mac and access

2. Connect to your developer account by clicking on the link ” Account “.

3. Then, in the left sidebar, select “Downloads. “”

Select the downloads from the options

4. Select “Install the profile” In the drop -down menu after scrolling to the section “MacOS 13 Beta”.

Install the beta profile of Mac OS 13

5. A contextual window will appear on the screen. Select Authorize in the drop -down list to continue.

Select authorize to continue

6. Then enter the “Downloads” folder in the Finder and choose macOS 13DEVERTIBERBETAACESSTILITY.

Enter the downloads and choose the folder

7. Double-click on the beta installation program of the MacOS Ventura developer to run the file Macosdeveloperbetaaccessing.pkg.

8. Make sure to accept Apple’s terms and conditions.

9. Then, to finish the installation, follow the instructions on the screen. For Download MacOS Ventura, You must first enter your administrator password and click on “Install the software. “”

10. To continue, click on ” Continue “ in the beta installation program of MacOS Ventura.

Click Continue in the D program

11. Accept Apple’s terms and conditions now.

accept the conditions

12. Finally, to start The installation of Ventura macOS On your Mac, click “Install” and follow the instructions.

Click Install to continue

13. You will be invited to restart your Mac once the installation is completed. Press the REDARMER button.

Restart your Mac

Video tutorial on how to install macOS 13 Ventura on pc ?

Part 3. Alternative to try MacOS Ventura by updating your service

The beta version of software is subject to bugs and other difficulties. To protect your data, install the beta version on a backup device or create a partition in the storage of your Mac. Here’s how to install Ventura on a system partition.

  1. After downloading, go to the installation window and select Continue.
  2. Confirm your agreement by clicking on Accept.
  3. Now choose the partition by pressing on display all discs.
  4. To start the installation, click Install.

Update services as alternative

How to download the beta version of MacOS Ventura and install it on a disk partition ?

We have provided you with the traditional method for downloading and installing macOS 13 Ventura on your mac. However, another method allows you to prevent your crucial data from being corrupted by Ventura beta. Most people prefer to clean their mac and start, but that includes abandoning your file. The creation of a partition allows you to run the new macOS while using your current mac OS.

  • A partition is the best option for you because you can try the Mac OS 13 Ventura while it is still in beta without abandoning your current operating system. Below are the steps to help you install MacOS on a new hard drive.
  • First, open “disk utility” and select your hard drive to continue.
  • Then select the Partition tab and add a new score; You can choose to customize the size before clicking on “Apply. “”
  • Now download the Ventura macOS installation program to your device and click “Install” to start the installation process.
  • Click on “Continue” in the installation process and accept its terms and services.
  • Now choose “Show all discs” to select the score on which you want to install.
  • After choosing, click Install.
  • The installation assistant will transfer information from your current operating system. Alternatively, you can opt for a new installation to start using the new operating system from zero.

Part 4. How to start with MacOS 13 Ventura ?

The new wallpaper and the macOS 13 locking screen will welcome you to restart your Mac. After that, it’s time to configure your Mac and personalize new features according to your preferences.

Customize macOS 13 Ventura Beta

Explore new features

News of update

Go ahead and explore all the incredible features and hidden secrets of the last upgraded office operating system now that you have got your hands on MacOS 13 Beta. Of course, you will appreciate MacOS Ventura, which includes several new essential additional modules. The tests started on the most recent version of MacOS, in particular the internship manager function, so you can expect more Ventura.

here are some novelties ;

Tray manager

This is a new feature provided with MacOS Ventura 13. It automatically organizes the windows and applications of your Mac in a single view. This simplifies the use of your PC by allowing you to easily switch between different tasks. The stage manager also allows you to create different groups of applications that you use for various tasks.

Continuity camera

This is another interesting feature that we look forward. When you bring the iPhone closer to your Mac, the Mac goes to the iPhone as a camera input and works wirelessly. It also has a central scene that allows you to use the ultra-large sensor on the iPhone.


Mail is also accompanied by several updates in the beta version of MacOS Ventura 13. This includes a more precise search for your messages. We also appreciate the fact that it now has a “sending button”. The “programmed shipment” function reminds you of monitoring if you have not received an answer to your email and the application thinks that you are waiting for a response.


Spotlight is another feature provided with this new beta version of Ventura. It offers users an improved image search. This allows users to easily locate messages, the Finder, the photos, the web directly and the spotlight notes. You can also use the live text function to search for an image according to the text there. In addition, you can use fast actions that will allow you to do things like starting a direct development or adjusting the alarm.