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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Many image and photos retouching software is currently available.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a photo editing tool for photographers and photography enthusiasts including an impressive features catalog.

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Why use Lightroom ?

What are the news of the latest version of Lightroom ?

With which Lightroom OS is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Lightroom ?

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Adobe Lightroom CC is a photo editor for photographers and photography lovers. It is software in French, with many features, which provides everything users need to touch up, organize, store and share their photos.

Available in Classic edition for computers only equipped with the Windows or Mac OS X system, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic is specially dedicated to major projects with, in particular, local recording on the computer. Optimized for high-performance equipment, this Classic edition offers a full version with manual system for the keyword allocation.

The software is also available in its standard version, for Windows and Mac OS X desktop computers, but also for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This version saves all your work in your cloud storage space, allowing you to access it from any workstation. Optimized for less sophisticated devices, it offers a more simplified interface and many options, such as the allocation of keywords and backup, are automated.

It has a wide range of parameters to improve your shots, which you can apply or delete at any time. You can adjust the exposure of your photos, correct perspectives, manage noise, adjust the complete resolution of your photos and easily share them on various platforms and social networks.

Why use Lightroom ?

We will deal here mainly in the latest, more modern version, which you can also find all the functions in its classic edition for PC.

Users will first have to import images, saved in a directory of their computer or in the gallery of their smartphone or tablet. Very simple to add, they just have to select the files where their shots are stored and check the vignettes of the images to import. In a few clicks, they are added to the application gallery and saved in your online storage space. Note that the application detects duplicates and will not offer you to import photos that are already there.

How to use Lightroom Photo Manager ?

Whether you work on a computer or smartphone, the application provides you with a photo manager, which facilitates the organization of your shots. You can sort them by date of addition or organize them in the form of albums, but also carry out a search according to the characteristics of the camera, the markers, the keywords or the notation assigned.

As Photoshop, Lightroom is setting up a system of non-destructive touch-ups, which allows you to always keep your original photos and then save your various creative projects in other formats, automatically synchronized in your Adobe Cloud storage space.

Retouching tools are accessible directly from the main interface. No need to get out of your photo manager. Simply select the image to touch up and click on one of the right icons to deploy the lateral panel of the different available settings.

What are the main Lightroom retouching features ?

Users will be able to quickly access the image cropping controls, and delete unwanted elements of the photo. Note that touch -ups can be applied to the entire photo or only on a localized and targeted part. Another very practical order allows you to compare the photo before and after the retouching, in order to obtain a global overview of the modifications. To simplify the touch -up of your images, the publisher provides you with predefined parameters in order to automatically apply settings to a specific theme. These filters offer a particular visual rendering: high contrast, natural colors, black and white, sepia, grain accentuation … Some filters can be cumulated.

The first right icon concentrates the main retouching tools. You can adjust, in the first drop -down menu, all the parameters related to light. You can in particular accentuate or increase exposure, contrast to bring out the reliefs, the shadows, the light zones, the light tones and the dark tones. Thanks to the car button, AI applies optimal light settings.

The second menu has all colorimetric parameters. The white balance is obviously present with the pipette tool, click on a precise pixel of your photo to recover the color. Temperature, shade, vibrance and saturation will be adjusted immediately. Less experienced users can select the AUTO option, to automatically adjust these settings, while the most advanced can adjust them manually using the various sliders.

White balance Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

The Effects menu gives you access to the clarity adjustment sliders and the correction of the veil which allow you to energize your images by applying more contrasts, affirming certain details and deleting the fog veil from dull photos.

Flog correction on your photos with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Please note, Lightroom does not use the layer system (layer), as in Photoshop For example. You must therefore cancel your modifications if you do not want to combine the settings, or save a copy of your modified image if you want to do different effect tests on the same image.

Other tools such as the radial or linear degraded tool, the brush or the corrector will facilitate the processing of your photos according to your artistic tastes.

Presets are also part of the interesting technological advances in this image processing application in RAW format. Indeed, the presets are sets of parameters and configurations saved and which allow these effects to be applied to photos without having to pass individually on each file. It is possible to export a catalog of presets in file format .lrtemplate. Note that many users offer to download and use their catalog of presets for considerable time saving.

The other Lightroom Services

The service offers up to 1 to storage in your storage space that allows you to save all your photos. It also automatically back up the original version and the modified version of your work. Thanks to online backup, you can access your library and modify your photos anywhere with your mobile devices or your computer. When you change a photo with the application from your computer screen, changes are automatically reflected on all your other platforms.

The application also has a tool that allows people to be recognized on your photos, then automatically apply keywords that can be used to search. Its automatic marking feature will allow you to search for a photo easily using keywords (for example: “beach photo”).

With this tool, you can also make web galleries and slideshow, as well as define personalized printing parameters for all types of visuals. Note that a direct command allows you to transfer your image to Photoshop in order to make retouching impossible to do in Lightroom such as the addition of text or the panoramic fusion of images.

Available with a subscription Creative Cloud specially dedicated to photo (with Photoshop and an online storage space) or in the Full Creative Cloud version Who offers you more than twenty Adobe applications, Lightroom is accessible in demonstration version for 7 days. It offers several pricing and user membership plans. The most high -end plan is the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, which gives you access to all Lightroom functions, including the latest updates and upgrades. This plan also allows you to access other Adobe Creative Suite products such as Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition, there are unique application packages for software alone. You can also buy a perpetual license for a single royalty. Finally, if you are part of a company or an organization, you can benefit from reduced prices subscriptions for team licenses or business licenses.

What are the news of the latest version of Lightroom ?

In addition, in order to always simplify your life a little more, the interface has undergone changes in the workstation and other practical tools. In particular, you can add photos and videos more simply to a shared album.

In December 2020, a new update was deployed, more oriented towards Apple users with a macOS computer. This update allows better compatibility of the software with the brand new M1 chip of the new Apple brand processor.

The March 2021 update finally allows Lightroom (Desktop and Mobile) to support Apple Proraw images. The Desktop version incorporates a new “for you” tab, which includes interactive guides and tutorials for more advanced training.

It was not until the June 2021 update to finally see the M1 processor supported by Lightroom Classic. In addition, the different editions all include the Super Resolution mode, which has already been found since March 2021 on Camera RAW and which increases the resolution of an image up to 4 times. To find out more: Lightroom wins the super-resolution and Adobe extends its compatibility with Apple M1 processors

The Adobe Max conference of October 2022 presents the new software: Adobe Max: an ever more efficient AI on Lightroom and Photoshop.

With which Lightroom OS is compatible ?

It is available for download from Windows 10 with 4 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.13 or later, Android 5.0 or superior and iOS 12.3 or superior. You can therefore download it and test it on Android smartphones and tablets but also iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets, via our direct download links on the App Store and the Play Store).

You must have an internet connection and an account for access to the online storage service.

Do not hesitate to consult the subscription offerings and paid license Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for unlimited access to software Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

What are the best alternatives to Lightroom ?

Many image and photos retouching software is currently available.

darktable, Luminar, Affinity Photo, And Rawtherapee all offer interesting features and obvious performance. The interfaces differ somewhat but the essential tools for retouching and reframing images are there and functional. Many tutorials are available for faster grip.

At the same publisher, we can cite Adobe Photoshop, which is more complete and remains a reference for graphic designers and photographers.

In the world of open source software to download for free, the well -known Gimp and his competitor Krita are also good alternatives since they offer equivalent features, but with storage services and compatibility with other less software.

If you are looking for a mobile and free alternative to the publisher, you can test the application for Android and iOS Snapsed.

And if you want to put more AI in your visual treatments, you can lean towards On1 photo RAW, DXO Photolab and Topaz photo ai, available in a few days.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom for Android mobile devices is an official application that lets you organize your photos, synchronize them with other devices and work with RAW files of DSLR cameras.

You can create as many folders as you want and synchronize them with other devices, all from an elegant interface and easy to use. Aside from that, you can edit any photo using the available Adobe tools. The best thing is that you can use a large selection of shortcuts to do the most common actions more easily.

For those who do not have a Lightroom account or another Adobe plan, this application is simply a trial version, so for thirty days you can use Adobe Lightroom Mobile freely, but after this period you must pay.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is undoubtedly excellent photography application; It uses an elegant interface and offers high quality features. The registration price, however, could be too high for what it does.

Review by Andrés López translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Required conditions (latest version)

  • Requires Android 8.0 or more

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