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Linux Mint

Linux Mint, a GNU/Linux operating system created from Ubuntu. Easy to use, it is aimed at beginner users as well as others. To download and use for free.


Linux Mint is a GNU/Linux operating system created fromUbuntu and of Debian. Completely free, it is more for beginner users who wish to discover Linux while retaining the comfort of Windows or MacOS. Equipped with a graphical interface derived from GNOME, Distribution offers an elegant, practical and complete environment in terms of applications. It takes on default all the components necessary for the use of a modern personal computer, in particular many codecs to support most multimedia files.

Linux Mint is a free operating system for office computers (desktop) and laptops. It is designed to operate as soon as it is installed. Indeed, it offers practical integrated applications such as web browser Firefox, The messaging client Thunderbird, The office suite LIBEROFICE, drawing software Gimp, The video editor blender, etc.

The graphical interface (named Cinnamon) is modern and intuitive. It allows management of programs by windows (as under Windows or MacOS), the use of keyboard shortcuts, etc. Thus, Linux Mint offers a classic work experience, but with practical personalized tools. In addition, it is easy to install and use, which makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

In addition to the default applications, users can also benefit from a large number of applications available on the Snap Store (Linux Applications Store), which offers a variety of free and open source software.

The major interest in using a Linux system, like Mint, instead of Windows or MacOS, is that the Linux nucleus is lighter and more reactive. So you can install and use Linux Mint on any computer, even if its technical characteristics are not very high. This allows you to give a second life to your PC.

Linux Mint is a very interesting alternative to usual operating systems. It allows you to use advanced office tools, including for video and audio assembly or photo editing. In addition, thanks to your web browser, you have access to all your online accounts as well as to all the platforms on which you are registered. And if you like to play, know that with Steam, you can directly access Linux games. Otherwise, you can use Wine to launch Windows software directly in Linux Mint (depending on compatibility).


The best Linux software, choose your favorite distribution, have specific Linux software or the equivalent of other operating systems.

Software recommended today for Linux


Multifunction linux distribution


Make your favorite games walk on Linux


  • Linux Distros most private Tails
  • War Thunder War Game on the Second World War online
  • Wine starting Windows Software on Linux
  • Ubuntu The best Linux distribution
  • Debian Multifunction Linux Distribution
  • Kubuntu the best Linux, in KDE version
  • Lubuntu a rapid distro and minimum resource consumption
  • Fedora Distribution Linux inspired on Red Hat
  • Fotoxx Image Editor with many options to improve your photos
  • QMMP music reader resembling Winamp and XMMS



  • Linux Lite a Linux Light for beginners
  • Wine starting Windows Software on Linux
  • Wifite automate wireless network audit
  • Centos Distribution Linux for servers
  • Debian Multifunction Linux Distribution
  • SUBCATUX Restore the MBR of the hard drive
  • Minecraft raise a virtual world with LEGO style blocks
  • Ubuntu The best Linux distribution
  • Fedora Distribution Linux inspired on Red Hat
  • Bodhi Linux A different Linux distribution



  • Playonlinux make your favorite games walk on Linux
  • Linux Distros most private Tails
  • OpenMandriva Take advantage of the free version of this powerful operating system
  • Darktable Image processing in RAW format
  • KTON Create impressive 2D animations
  • Xubuntu distro Ubuntu with an XFCE environment
  • Kubuntu the best Linux, in KDE version
  • Midori a light and fast web browser
  • Bittorrent Download files from one of the fastest P2P networks
  • Inlightenment Personalize the Linux office environment


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Linux Mint – 64 bits

Presentation of Linux Mint – 64 bits by

Download Linux Mint offers aficionados of Linux systems a new successful distribution which tends to supplant the famous Ubuntu. This works under the Gnome environment and is based on its direct competitor. Linux Mint A stands out of his kinship by adding many free software, codecs (MP3, DIVX), plugins (Java, Flash) and also owner pilots such as those of NVIDIA and AMD/ATI graphics cards.

Linux Mint is a turnkey distribution, usable from the installation completed without having to install a whole multitude of third -party software. The Blueman manager and the status icon provide many features that were not available in Blueberry and much more information that can be used to monitor your connection or solve Bluetooth problems.

Finally, know that Linux Mint is compatible with Ubuntu packages.