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Free Illustrator Adobe for PC

Adobe Illustrator is software published in the Photo management which allows vector drawing. It is a complete vector drawing environment whose multiple work plans and degraded transparency effects allow users to work more effectively.

Download Adobe Illustrator 27.5

Adobe Illustrator is a very popular vector drawing tool with professionals. Here is the latest awaited version.


Adobe Illustrator is software published in the Photo management which allows vector drawing. It is a complete vector drawing environment whose multiple work plans and degraded transparency effects allow users to work more effectively.

Adobe Illustrator CC propose many improvements and features, the user will for example be able to create files containing up to 100 work plans of different sizes and which can be arranged and display as he pleases. It can also save them, export and print them separately or together, it is even possible to save all or part of them in the form of PDF files of several pages.

You also have the possibility with Adobe Illustrator De define the opacity of the different colors of a gradient. We find the tool ” Task shape “Like for example the brush that produces an impeccable vector shape even if the lines overlap. You can draw as on paper using the tools form of task, erased and rounded but also intervene on the gradients directly at the object level. The user can define an outline and its size, the angle of the gradient, its position and its elliptical dimensions, etc.

Among the new featuresAdobe Illustrator CC, We find the drawing in perspective which allows for example to draw forms and scenes respecting the linear perspective at 1, 2 or 3 points to create effects of depth and distance; A tool for making aesthetic and fully configurable contours; A form designer tool simply allowing to associate, modify, etc. forms directly on the worktop. Adobe Illustrator Also allows the creation of precise graphics for the web and mobile terminals, in particular thanks to the display of a pixel grid of your files.

In addition, a new tool appears in Adobe Illustrator, The brush point, which allows you to draw with vector tools resembling real brushes and whose characteristics are modifiable. Enrich your drawings and save time by connecting routes by simple support on a key and use the rear drawing and interior design options.

Finally, with Adobe Illustrator, You can apply pixelization effects to your drawings (rated shadows, blurring, etc.) Without any impact on the display resolution of the various existing supports (screen, laptop, etc.)). In addition, the use of multiple work plans has been optimized.

Adobe Illustrator is compatible with the rest of Adobe’s suite, especially Flash Catalyst. You can import your drawings Illustrator and create interactive content without any programming. Likewise, you can change your illustrations in Illustrator By retaining the structure and interactivity added in Flash Catalyst.

Note that you benefit from integration with new online services Adobe CS Live (such as sharing online revisions of your illustrations and consultation of comments, etc.) but these services are only offered free of charge for a limited period.


Version 27.5
Last update June 28, 2023
Licence Commercial license
Downloads 215 (last 30 days)
Author Adobe
Operating systems Windows, macOS, iOS iPad
Category Photo

Free Illustrator Adobe for PC

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Illustrator is the essential reference software for illustration and vector drawing, like Photoshp, of the same publisher. A professional tool with unlimited possibilities.

The current version of Adobe Illustrator is the 25.0, She published the 19/10/2020. This major update deploys several new highly requested features and improvements: the color redefinition function has been reviewed and allows you to change color theme from an image or illustration thanks to the color selector. The functionality Anchor the glyphs now makes it possible to align or automatically anchor the components of the illustration on the limits of the glyph. For text entry, it is now possible to define the reference of the real height of the font from the character panel and to align a text block vertically. Finally, Adobe Illustrator now offers more possibility of using the Adobe online document: we can now pass them more easily offline, view and modify the previous versions of a document and integrate photoshop online documents in Illustrator. For the past year, there have been four other updates, including that of the major version 24 in November 2019. Among the significant changes note the implementation of an extended work zone for large format creations, a four-time display faster when starting and recording document, automatic spelling verification, automatic recording in the background of the files .have, .PNG and .JPG; and and the addition of new functions as simplification of the route or drawing and edition in real time. Courses to learn the subtleties of Illustrator have also been added to the home screen

Another flagship software from Adobe’s famous creative suite, Adobe Illustrator is software designed to draw vector images. This graphic creation tool has several features to edit various types of illustrations. Since 2013, Adobe Illustrator is no longer distributed in physical format but only online via the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

Main features

It is possible to add images to the processing interface of this software. To do this, the user can drag the file on the window or select it in a folder through data explorer. With Adobe Illustrator, Changes on the images can be made. It allows for example to add gradients or edit the shade and saturation. A color palette is also made available to the user. Adobe Illustrator supports all types of characters contained in the computer resources. The user may insert a text vertically, horizontally or according to the layout of a curve. The texts can then be vectorized. We can save creation in the type of file specific to the software, which is none other than .HAVE. The user will also be able to choose other popular formats whether vector or not.