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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Note also that to use Adobe Acrobat Reader in Desktop (for computer) or mobile application, you must create an Adobe Creative Cloud account (free). This will allow you to have a cloud storage space (reduced in its free version) and save your PDF files in order to find them on all your devices if you need them. Your data is then synchronized on all the devices on which you use your account.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Available on all Adobe Acrobat Reader platforms allows you to read files published in PDF format, print them and insert comments.


Summary :

  • What are the main features of Adobe Acrobat Reader ?
  • Is Adobe Acrobat Reader ?
  • Are there free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC ?

Adobe Acrobat Reader (DC) is a free software For Windows and Mac (MacOS) and a free application for Android And iOS, which allows you to read files published at PDF Format as also offers programs Foxit Reader And PDFCREATOR. This file format created by Adobe System makes it possible to preserve the formatting of the text, images or objects defined by its author. Became one of the standard documents for the Internet documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is today an essential tool on the web.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has evolved with its time and today brings many tools and especially better fluidity and speed when opening PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader which was known to be relatively heavy as software has found its lightness.

You can also download the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader in the form of an extension for Internet browser for Google Chrome Or Microsoft Edge, It allows you to open the PDF files encountered on the Internet directly in your browser (sometimes without needing to download them before).

Note also that to use Adobe Acrobat Reader in Desktop (for computer) or mobile application, you must create an Adobe Creative Cloud account (free). This will allow you to have a cloud storage space (reduced in its free version) and save your PDF files in order to find them on all your devices if you need them. Your data is then synchronized on all the devices on which you use your account.

What are the main features of Adobe Acrobat Reader ?

The software offers several features: PDF can be displayed, printed, digitally signed with the possibility of collaboration on files. The forms can be completed (thanks to field detection). Users will also be able to take advantage of the extensions installed on their web browser. Note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is compatible with most most popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

In terms of navigation, Adobe Acrobat Reader offers functions of zoom, rotation and display of bookmarks. An internal search engine allows you to quickly find a word or expression in the document. Several display modes are available: adjust to the width with scrolling, adjust to an entire page or reading mode (full screen).

Adobe Acrobat Reader also incorporates annotation tools. Users can add text or comments, highlight paragraphs or add geometric shapes, frame elements, etc. It is even possible to apply a stamp to approve or invalidate a document. Several types of stamps are available to you: signature stamp, dynamic stamps, standard pads or personalized stamp that you have created.

For interactive forms, know that it is possible to fill out a form, save it and send it by email in particular. Combined with Adobe Sign, Adobe Acrobat Reader also offers signature features. You can enter text in a text box, add a initial at the bottom of each page and sign your document, either by entering your name, tracing your signature by hand or adding an image of your signature.

Conversion tools are also accessible to export a PDF document to another file format. You can convert a PDF document to Docx, RTF, XLSX, PPTX or image format (PNG, TIFF or JPG). It is even possible to select the language language to configure the text recognition system.

Conversely, Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to create a PDF document from other file formats. Select the “Create a PDF document” tool and the files to convert. The software supports Doc, Docx, XLSX, PPTX, TXT, RTF, JPG, PNG and even documents in PSD format (Photoshop), HAVE (Illustrator) or indd (Indesign)).

Is Adobe Acrobat Reader ?

You can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on Windows 7/8/10 computers in 32 and 64 -bit architecture, and macOS X 10.12 or later. Adobe Acrobat Reader is also available for free in the form of mobile applications for Android smartphones and tablets (Android 5.0 or later), iPhone and iPad (iOS 12.0 or later).

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free, but is limited to the functionalities of reading your PDF documents. If you want to go further, there is a paid edition, but offering PDF editing and creation features: Adobe Acrobat Pro. The software is available on Windows and Mac, and offers predefined documents of documents to save you time. It also authorizes collaborative work and supports a system of comments and revisions to distinguish the modifications made by the various employees. It is also possible to consult and store files in storage spaces in the cloud.

Acrobat Pro DC also proposes to reorganize your pages, to merge, to combine or, on the contrary, to divide the pages of a PDF document in several files. Like the Reader, it requires the use of a Creative Cloud account (the same account if you have already created one) where you can find all of your data. Note that the Pro and Reader interface is the same.

Are there free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC ?

Other software has the same players in reading and reorganizing Adobe Acrobat Reader pages. Here is a small selection of the most popular alternatives.

Foxit Reader is available for all platforms, including Linux, unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader who is not. This viewer has some tools to edit comments and annotations.

We no longer present PDFCREATOR who also has a free viewer and a paid editor. It also has office conversion functions in PDF format, as well as a fusion mode of several PDF files in one.

Available only for Windows, Sumatra PDF is the simplest, lightest and least rich in functionality viewer. You are looking for a simple and light PDF viewer, without unnecessary tools ? You will adopt Sumatra PDF in a few clicks.

Open Source and Ultra Simple Viewer, Pdfsam (Pdf split and merge) will be your darling if you are looking for a tool capable of cutting the pages of a PDF document in several files or vice versa to merge them into a single document. You can also reorganize the pages in the order you prefer. You can download Desktop software for free Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Operating systems Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11, macOS, Android, iOS iPhone/iPad, Google Chrome extension, Microsoft Edge extension, online service
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Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Or Adobe Reader) is an application that allows you to read and print files in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, independently or from your browser. The PDF format being used in many websites and emails, Adobe Reader is available in all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.).

Adobe Reader has a search engine to quickly find a text in a document. He can also search for all the PDF documents found in a particular file, and apply additional criteria in research (keywords, XMP metadata, date of modification of the document, author, title, subject, etc.).

Adobe Reader offer several options to view a document. Thus, we can reduce the view, enlarge it, rotate it, adjust it to the width of the window, visualize one or two pages,…

Those in whom Adobe Reader takes time to open PDF files can try Foxit PDF Reader, A free and light PDF player.

Adobe Reader Windows

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Free For Windows PC (7/10/8, 32/64-bit) is reliable and reliable software to display, annotate and print a PDF document according to your needs. Connected to Adobe Cloud, the program allows you to open multimedia content, forms and all other related data using PDF formats. You can use different reading modes and easy access to the PDF at any time, anywhere to share, comment, modify and organize the export of PDF files with self -adhesive notes and colored boosts. The program offers an automatic filling function to sing different agreements as well as documents.

How to download and install Adobe Reader in PDF format

You can install the program from the browser you use. Just follow the simple steps;

Adobe Reader for PC

  • Before installing the version, close any type of program installed.
  • Click on the “Download” button.
  • Then press the “Install now” button.
  • Click on the “Save” button and save the file in a dialog box.
  • The installation process comprising two steps; Download and run the PDF player. A progression bar is used to facilitate the task.
  • A confirmation notification will appear on the screen and simply click the “Finish” button.

Adobe Reader Characteristic

Simple interface

Open the simple and user -friendly interface via the fast starter file manager which gives easy access to any recently open file. Click on the “Open” button and search for the PDF folder. The program provides complete details on the required document. Press the “Sign” icon which allows you to digitally sign documents by adding text or attach a signature. Printing and attachment of documents by e-mail are also possible.

Support Adobe Cloud

Adobe Reader has complete integration with its cloud services which allows you to create, visualize, edit, combine, compress, export and collaborate PDF files.


Easy to use process

The Link mobile function allows you to easily access documents recently viewed from any type of device, at any time and anywhere. Subscription to activate additional PDF file creation features and export them to MS Word and MS Excel. From now on, filling the digital form, adding an electronic signature and electronic submission are very easy with Adobe Reader.

Free access

Adobe Acrobat Reader with free license available for the 32 -bit Windows 32 -bit operating system on a laptop and a PC, presented to all software users as a free trial for a specific period, free download with potential restrictions. It is developed by PDF software.

Compatible with Windows

With variable compatibility with all types of devices, the application has special compatibility with all types of Windows ———- Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 are mainly operating systems to execute the application in a very fluid and reliable way . In addition, it requires a 32 -bit and 64 -bit configuration.

Annotation and view

Annotation options allow you to easily consult your documents. These options help you highlight the text in different styles such as highlighting with a yellow color, underlint or barred. Join related information via self -adhesive notes, audio / video recording and a digital approval stamp may be attached. You can save documents by adding comments, or in raw text, and share them by e-mail. The zoom option helps you display the document from the upper and lower or left and right edges, unrolled and presented one or two at the same time.

Multiple tools

The program offers various additional tools that have incomparable performance with competitors.


  • The Read Out Loud tool reads the text with a correct pronunciation in the event of the existence of the sound capacities of your device.
  • The Tracker tool verifies the updates of opinions and forms.
  • Protection, analysis and accessibility offer complete protection and secure documents, monitor the accessibility of documents.
  • The Object Data tool is used to analyze data.
  • Geospatial location tool sharing.
  • Click Tools to open online extras.

Protected fashion

Protected mode with sandbox technology activated by default puts an end to third parties of the installation of suspicious content as well as blocking all access to your personal information, and their deletion. You can define the security setting to allow favorite people to read, open, print, copy and modify your documents. You can also use a password.

Navigation and edition

Several navigation and editing options such as hide unnecessary menus to eliminate distractions and concentrate the text, go out in full screen, automatic player that will read the text aloud and easily reissue the previous text. Digitized the documents captured using the free Adobe scan tool for filling forms, downloading, signature of documents, revision and sharing with your friends or collogues.

main Features

  • Show, print and collaborate PDF files
  • Simple installation method
  • Simple interface
  • Support Adobe Cloud
  • Easy to use process
  • Free access
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Annotation and view
  • Multiple tools
  • Protected fashion
  • Navigation and edition